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Venting about the org. Family Tree that now has merged with Family Tree

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Re: The Family Tree Program by Broderbund NOT the ancestry Family Tree.

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After reading all of these posts, I think I should weigh in here too. I've been using FTM since 1999 (bought the Borderbund "Windows sitting on DOS version", starter CDs ... pretty much the whole kit and kabootle deluxe kit. Oh boy did I love it.

I quickly out grew the CDs, milked Ancestry for everything it had when it had free weekends back then (can we say all nighters?) and spent an untold amount of money on 3rd party records or services to fetch 'em for me (like death certificates).

Throughout all of this, the biggest unpleasant getting used to was when Ancestry changed the FTM interface to its current form. Yes, I surely liked the older one better at first and this current version took some getting used to. I stuck with it and learned the little ins and outs. Maneuvering though the various views and panes in the Post 2008 version is now 2nd nature ... sufficiently so that I would be unhappy to have to adjust back to the old FTM interface. It is far more powerful and more useful.

So, I guess I am saying, if you stick with using it - maybe groaning once in a while doing it - you might just get to like it ... a lot.

I bit the bullet and subscribed to Ancestry two years ago. Somebody said it costs like $300. I pay about $160 for the deluxe US membership (I do not care about the European/world subscription). With it, I've grown my tree 50% from two years ago from sheer research alone. (Remember, I started 11 years ago). I spent a lot more money than that building the first half of my tree buying reference CDs, paper records, microfilm, etc.

When I think I have now exhausted Ancestry, I find new reasons to plow through their records again when a long lost cousin & I connect and they open a hole in one of many brick walls that have been encountered... so I'm planning on keeping them around a while longer.

For me, Ancestry is not the whole solution, but they are very cost effective source of records in my research.
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