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Cannot import large GEDCOM files - FTM says not enough memory.

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Re: Cannot import large GEDCOM files - FTM says not enough memory.

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FTM 2012 will no longer sync with my AMT of 84,000+ folks and 163,000 sources and the Tree Settings in my AMT will no longer create a downloadable GEDCOM file, I was between a rock and a hard place. I use Windows XP and 4 meg RAM. After trying various alternatives in FTM2012 I was finally able to create a 191MB GEDCOM file from my AMT. I did so by:
1. open FTM 2012
2. select to create a new tree
3. Download from Ancestry
4. DO NOT Link to Ancestry
5. Select the tree (AMT) to Export

The time stamp on the newly created 191 MB GEDCOM indicated that is was done in 15 hours but FTM did not indicate that it was 100% complete for 19 hours.

Naturally FTM is online during this download process. Any pdf, jpg, txt, doc files linked to your AMT are also part of this download process and in fact saved to your hard drive.

When the initial process is 100% complete and before proceeding in FTM 2012 you want to browse in the folder
C:\Documents and Settings\{YOUR USERNAME}\\Local Settings\Temp\FTM.
In there you should see the ged file you downloaded, a gedz file (zipped gedcom) and another folder in which you will find the media files, if any, that had been downloaded. You want to copy these items (ged, gedz and media folder) and paste them someplace convenient as these will be the ones you actually import into FTM.

The first time I imported the GEDCOM into FTM it took 50 hours. It seems that as part of the gedcom import process involving AMT, FTM is back and forth with AMT verifying the correct placement of the downloaded media files. The second time I imported a GEDCOM from AMT into FTM somewhere around 45 hours an error message popped up and the files downloaded into C:\Documents and Settings\{YOUR USERNAME}\\Local Settings\Temp\FTM were all erased when I "x"ed the error message and closed FTM. If you are keeping track that was 2 1/2 days down the drain.

The third time it again took 15-20 hours to create a GEDCOM file from my AMT. At this point I went into C:\Documents and Settings\{YOUR USERNAME}\\Local Settings\Temp\FTM; copied the ged and media folder and pasted them onto my desktop. I then told FTM top Go Offline (Under the Menu item: File) Once I did this the import process ceased and I closed FTM.

I reopened FTM and this time told it to import from an existing file and selected the saved GED file on my desktop. It took about five hours to import the 191 MB gedcom file which included 84,000+ folks and the links to my sources (but not images of those ACOM sources). The Media folder and images will need to be copied into C:\Documents and Settings\{YOUR USERNAME}\My Documents\Family Tree Maker and renamed {Your FTM filename} Media folder. Media image file names have been associated with individuals in the tree and the link to those files can be reestablished when you open the Media tab in FTM. How long it takes is determined by the number of media files. My 5000 media files took several hours to relink once I got my gedcom imported. Doing this online was what took most of the 50 hours of my first gedcom import and I believe it was what triggered the error after 45 hours in my second import.

I can't say if this will help with your issues. This is what I have resorted to. ACOM support has told me that my AMT is too big to sync or create a gedcom. My tree has evolved into a demonstration of the interconnections of families in a specific area of New Jersey over the years. Splitting the file into smaller pieces would not allow this. Upgrading to FTM 2014 in hopes that sync will work seems foolish. And in light of ACOM's recent track record with FTM, AMT, server response and access, problems and AncestryDNA's absence these days, I decided to let my ACOM World Deluxe subscription expire a week ago.With everything that's been happening with ACOM, $30/yr for a subscription seems exorbitant let alone $300/yr I had been paying.
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