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“Successful Conversion Tips” ~ Family Tree Maker 2012 to 2014

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“Successful Conversion Tips” ~ Family Tree Maker 2012 to 2014

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Read through all the instructions before you start or print this out before you start.

Install Family Tree Maker 2014 (FTM2014) from your download or CD. [Note: I had to turn off my virus program during the install because it gave an error message when I tried to install the first time].

After a successful install of FTM 2014, restart your computer.

BEFORE running FTM 2014 for the first time, do these things:
1. Go to FTM 2012 and make sure your tree(s) in FTM 2012 is up-to-date and sync’d if you use the sync feature with
2. Compact your tree(s).
3. Make a backup of your tree(s), preferably to an external source like a USB drive or external hard drive.
4. Write down the “before” counts from the tree(s). You can find detailed counts in FTM by clicking on the More button above the home person’s name. On your online tree, from any person, at the top of your tree, just to the right of the tree name is a link called “Tree pages” – hover over that link and you will see “Tree Overview,” which will give you detailed counts for your online tree. The number of people should be the same with FTM and Some of the other counts are different.

Running FTM 2014 for the first time:
1. Register the program, if you didn’t do it during the install.
2. Sign on to your account, if you didn’t do it during the install.
3. At the bottom of the Plan screen, on the line called “Ancestry Web Dashboard” to the right is a button called “Options.” In Options, make sure that the box next to “Automatically update every xxx minutes” is UNCHECKED during tree conversion. Doing this will prevent FTM 2014 from refreshing the screen while you are converting your tree(s), which can interrupt the tree conversion.
4. FTM 2014 will initially open to the New Tree window and show a list of your existing trees. You have the option to convert your EXISTING FTM 2012 tree or convert a COPY of your existing FTM 2012 tree. I highly recommend converting a COPY of your existing tree. That way, you can use FTM 2012 on your old tree or go back easily if for any reason FTM 2014 has problems.
5. If you choose to put your new FTM 2014 tree into the same folder on your hard drive as your FTM 2012 tree, you will have to choose a new name for your tree. For example, if you old tree is called “FamilyTree” you could name the new tree “FamilyTree2014.” FTM trees seem to work best if the names are one word, with no spaces or special characters in the FTM tree name. Your online tree name can be whatever name you want.
6. Or, you could do something like the way I did mine:
a. I created a new folder on my hard drive called “FamilyTreeMaker2014” to hold my new FTM 2014 trees.
b. When I opened FTM 2014, I changed the default location to point to my new folder, using the Tools Menu, then Options (at the bottom).
c. When I wanted to convert my FTM 2012 trees, I went to the File menu, then OPENed the OLD tree location on my hard drive, then I selected each tree to be converted.
d. I saved the converted tree to my NEW location on my hard drive, and used the same tree name as I had before.
7. NOTE: One thing to be aware of — if you have large a large tree, once FTM 2014 starts the conversion, you will not see a scrolling bar or other progress indicator, so it may “appear” to be hung or even say "not responding." Just wait. It really is working behind the scenes. You can check the new folder location’s media file to see that it is copying files. Be patient.
8. While FTM 2014 is converting your tree, you will not be able to access it in FTM 2012 either as a “lock” will be set on the tree.
9. If you are impatient while converting a large tree, go out for a while or take a walk. Large trees may take several hours to finish the conversion process and copy all the files. Be patient. Be patient.
10. At the end, I told FTM 2014 to keep my link to All the trees I converted are linked to Ancestry.
11. When the conversion is finished, compare you new counts with your “before” counts to make sure the number of people in your tree remains the same.
12. COMPACT your new FTM 2014 tree(s) to make sure they start out right.
13. Close FTM 2014 so that it finishes updating the name index.
14. If it goes as well as mine did, you are now ready to use FTM 2014 for your tree(s). You can still go back to FTM 2012 if you need to see something, though the link with will be broken on the 2012 tree.
15. Be aware: if you have both FTM 2012 and FTM 2014 open at the same time, the 2nd program to open will open to the “New tree” window, instead of to the last tree you used. This is a protection to keep you from accidentally working on the same tree with both programs.

ps: This are my own tips, and are not "official " or approved by Ancestry. I am a customer just like everyone else.
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