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The schooner Jane Gray, wrecked 1898

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The schooner Jane Gray, wrecked 1898

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Surnames: Livengood
I AM LOOKING FOR A PHOTOGRAPH THAT BELONGED TO SILAS LIVENGOOD. Court records indicate that this photo was returned to him after Admiralty case 1398 was settled.

For a complete list of all survivors and lost, continue reading. If anyone would like further information, I have over 1000 pages of court records and newpaper articles related to the sinking of the Jane Gray.

While Monday’s (June 1, 1898) column in the Seattle Daily Times declares that thirty-four were lost, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer provides the most comprehensive coverage of the tragedy, adding the names of U. S. Hamilton, Andrew Carlson, and John Hawco while omitting C. C. Aikins and Nick Hederlund from the list of missing men. Charles Chard and George Boak do not appear on the list of survivors. Even more confusing, the head count does not add up. Were sixty-three on board, sixty-four or sixty-one?


Thirty-Six Lives Lost in the Foundering of the Schooner Jane Gray.


Most of the Victims Are From Seattle—Of Major Ingraham’s Expedition of Fourteen But Four Survive—Complete List of Victims—Disaster Happened Sunday Morning, May 22, at 2 O’Clock, While the Vessel Was Hove-to Ninety Miles Off Cape Flattery—No Storm at the Time—Occurs So Suddenly That Many Had Not Even Time to Leave Their Bunks—Refuge Taken in a Launch, in Which Vancouver Island Was Reached—From There to Victoria by Schooner—Heartrending Scene on the City of Kingston’s Arrival With the Survivors of the Wreck.

The schooner Jane Gray, freighted with lives precious to this city, foundered ninety miles off Cape Flattery Sunday morning, May 22. The ship and thirty-six people were lost. Twenty-seven, including a number of Seattle men, were saved. Following is a complete list of the lost and the survivors:

William H. Gleason, of Seattle.
W. Arnot Johnston, of Seattle.
Philip C. Little, of Seattle.
Spencer W. Young, of Seattle.
Ben E. Snipes, Jr., of Seattle.
Claudius Brown, of Seattle.
S. Gaia, of Biella, Italy.
Secundo Bissetta, of Biella.
V. J. Schmid, of Mercer Island, Wash.
C. G. Schmid, of Mercer Island.
W. D. Maloy, of La Conner, Wash.
John J. Lindsay, of Everett, Wash.
Horace Palmer, of Lebanon, O.
U. S. Hamilton, of Illinois.
A. B. Dunlap, of Dwight, Ill.
F. G. Saulsbury, of Minnesota.
John M. Stutzman, of Plainfield, N. J.
B. D. Ranney, of Kalamazoo, Mich.
E. M. Taylor, of San Francisco.
F. S. Taylor, of San Francisco.
B. S. Spencer of San Francisco.
W. P. Doxey, of New York.
Edw. F. Ritter, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y.
F. W. Ginther, of Harrisburg, Pa.
B. S. Frost, of San Francisco.
W. F. Deterling, of Pennsylvania.
William Otter, of Pennsylvania.
O. F. McKelvey, residence unknown.
Charles Williams, residence unknown.
Wm. C. Gambel, St. Lawrence Island, Bering Sea.
Mrs. Wm. C. Gambel and child.
Andrew Carlson, seaman, of Seattle.
John Hawco, water, of Seattle.

Major E. S. Ingraham, of Seattle.
J. E. Blackwell, of Seattle.
Capt. Ezekial Crockett, of Seattle.
Silas Livengood, of Seattle.
M. F. Roberts, of Seattle.
Dr. L. M. Lessey, of Seattle.
C. H. Packard, of Snohomish, Washington.
George Pennington, of Snohomish, Washington.
W. S. Weaver, of Muncy, Pennsylvania.
C. J. Reilly, of Hartford, Conn.
J. H. Conture, of Hartford, Conn.
George Hiller, of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
P. J. Davenport, of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
A. G. Kingsbury, of Boston.
Coney Weston, of Skowhegan, Me.
C. W. Wilkinson, of San Francisco, California.
Erminio Sella, of Biella, Italy.
Secondo Biancaetto, of Biella.
A. Ceria, of Biella.
Hans Wachter, of Tyrol.
John Hanson, mate, of Ballard.
Charles Olson, cook, of Seattle.
Albert Johnson, waiter, of Seattle.
Charles Carlson, seaman, of Seattle.
Job Johnson, seaman, of Long Island, New York.

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