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Can this website please enable special Polish language letters?

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Re: Can this website please enable special Polish language letters?

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Well, that did work...eventually. So thanks a lot.

I didn't know much about character sets.

I went to the link you provided:

If you scroll down that long list of special characters, and hover the pointer over a special character you want to get the html code for, then in addition to the code listed, two other codes pop up to the right. But you can't "copy" the two codes on the right, because moving the pointer over those two codes makes them disappear. That's very strange. So you have to memorize them or otherwise copy them.

But I was assuming that the "less than" symbol, a.k.a. left arrow symbol, and its opposite, the "more than" symbol, a.k.a. right arrow symbol, were supposed to placed immediately to the left and right, respectively, of the code. Because every bit of html that I am familiar with has always been typed within arrows.

So I copied the
& L s t r o k ;
code, (but without any spaces. Also, I can't even post that code in this message without spaces. I tried, but then this entire message gets rejected by the system). Then I added a left and right arrow symbol to each end, without spaces, and added that into my "notes" and uploaded it. But that did not work to render a special Polish L with the line through it.

Then I tried it again, but without the arrow symbols. That did not work either.

Then I finally tried both of the other two codes, without the arrow symbols, and both DID work to render the Polish L. The codes also work in the names of the places where people were born, married, and died.

I used the third of three html codes in my notes because it is only 6 characters long;
& # 3 2 1 ;
(but without any spaces).
The second html code was 9 characters long.

If anybody wants to insert any html codes in their notes to render a special letter or symbol, then I suggest you copy the third html code. You can then test that code here, to see what it will render:

There is another way to find out what the html code for a special non-English language letter or symbol is. If, using your mouse, you copy a special letter from a website, then you paste that one letter into the surname field on then click on "GO", then the next page will show the html code for that special letter.

Like you said, John, the special letters can only be rendered in the "notes" and not the person's name as listed in the chart. But that is better anyway, because a person using English, and searching for a name, would search, for example, for Labuz, not the version using the special Polish L.

Here's how my "notes" for one person named Labuz (but using the special Polish L that won't render in this message) now looks:

I was able to shorten my explanation about the Polish letter, and I was able to delete the photo of that name.

I think somebody at rootsweb World Connect should write a story explaining how people can insert special characters into their notes. Then put a link to that on the main page here:

The link would be entitled something like:

How to insert non-English letters and special characters into notes
Edited to add:

Actually, I see that special foreign language letters CAN be included in a person's name in the chart itself. Without thinking, I added the html code for a Polish letter in a new person's name that I just added to a different chart. A couple of days later, I was looking at the chart online here, and I saw that the special Polish "l" DID show up on the chart. I don't know why I was able to insert a foreign letter in a name this time, but previously, it did not work.

But I found that the name with the special letter does not show up when the name is searched using the standard English letter. So I changed the spelling of that name back to English letters, because someone would be far more likely to search for the name using only English letters.
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