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The Genealogical Super Highway 600s To 1500s Royality&Royal Cousins

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The Genealogical Super Highway 600s To 1500s Royality&Royal Cousins

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Genealogical Super Highway 600s-1500s Royality&Royal Cousins:

(1)Braut-Ount Ingvarsson, King Of Sweden b. 638AD

(2)Ingjald Braut Onundsson, King Of Sweden b. 660AD
(I am unsure when either of these men died.)
Wife: Gatidhid Algautsson b.664AD Sweden

(3)Olaf "Tree Hewer" Ingjald, King Of Vestfold b. 682AD Vermaland, Vestfold, Norway
Wife: Solveig Halfdandatters b. 684AD Soleyum, Sweden

(4)Halfdan "White Leg" Olafsson, King Of The Upplanders b. 704AD Remerike, Norway
Wife: Asa Eysteinsdotter b. 705AD Uppland, Norway

(5)Eystein I, Halfdansson, King Of Vestfold, Norway
Brother: Godfrey Halfdansson, King Of Heidark

(6)Eystein I b. 725AD Raumarik, Vestfold d. 780AD, & Wife Hilda Eriksdatter b. 730AD Vestfold, Norway

(7)Halfdan II Milldi Eysteinsson, King Of Vestfold b. 750AD Western Scandinava d. 800 Borre, Vestfold, Norway
Wife: Hilf Dagdatter b. 755 Holturn, Norway

(8)Ivar I, Oplaendinge Halfdansson, Jarl Of Norway b. 778AD Uppland, Norway
Wife: Miss Eysteindatter b. 780AD Trondhiem Of Norway

(9)Eystein Glumra Ivarsson, Jarl Of the Upplands b. 810AD Denmark d. 890AD Maer Nord, Trondelag, Norway
Wife: Aseda Rognvaldsdatter b. 812AD Tondelag, Norway

(10)Rognvald "The Wise" Eystein, Jarl Of More b. 830Ad Maer, Nordtondel, Norway d. 890 Orkney Islands, Scotland
Wife: Hiltrude Raginhilde Hrolfsdottir b. 740 Orkney Islands, Scotland

(11)Rollo Rognvaldsson, Duke Of Normandy b. 360 Maer Nord-Trondeleg, Norway d. 932 Notre Dame, Roue, France

(12)William I "Longsword", Duke Of Normandy b. 891AD Roue, Normandy, France d. in battle 942AD, Picardy, France

(13)Richard I "The Fearless", Duke Of France b. 933AD Normandy, France d. 996AD Fecamp, Seine-Inferieure, France
Wife: Gunnora de Crepon b. 936AD Normandy, France d. 1031AD France

(14)Richard II, "The Good" Duke of Normandy b. 963AD Normandy, France d. 1026 Fecamp, Seine-Inferieure, France
Wife: Judith Of Normany b. 956AD Bretange, France d. 1017AD Normandy, France

(15)Robert I "The Magnificent" Duke Of Normandy b. 999AD Normandy, France d. 1035AD Nicea, Bithynia, Turkey
Wife: Herleve de Falais b. 1003 Falaise, Calvadose, France
d. 1050AD
Children: Alice Of Normandy, Richard III Duke Of Normandy,

(16)William I, "The Conqueror" King Of England b. 1024AD, Falaise,Calvados, Normandy d. 1087 Seine-Inferieure, France

(18)Father: Richard I "The Fearless" Duke Of France b. 933AD d. 996AD Fecamp, Seine, France
Spouse: Mistress Of Richard I

(19)Geoffrey Brionne b. 953AD Brionne, Normandy, France d. 996 Fecamp, Seine, Inferieue, France

(20)Gilbert FitzGodfrey Crispin, Count d'Eu & Brionne b. 1000AD Normandy, France- was assassinated 1040AD France
Wife: Gunnora d' Anjou b. 984AD France
Children: Richard FitzGilbert 1st Earl de Clare, Esilia Crispin

(21)Reginald Braose de Mohun b. 1002AD Paignton, Devon, England
Wife: Alice Briwere b. 1009AD Devonport, Devon, England -married about 1030AD
Children: Mary Braose Briwere I b. 1031AD (I would like to note here that this child in question was given to Gunnora d' Anjou whom renames the child Marie de' Anjou Brienne I.)

(22)Louis IV de Brienne Vicomte Of Beaumont b. 1024AD marries Marie d' Anjou Brienne (Age19) 1049AD
Children: Jean de Brienne Count Vicomte Of Beaumont b. 1050Ad Acre, Palestine d. 1236-37AD Constantinople, Turkey
Wife: Berengaria Alfonsez Of Leon, Spain

(23) Jean de Brienne, Count Vicomte Of Beaumont II married Berengere Castile de Leon; Jean de Brienne becomes the King Consort of Jerusalem and Emperor-Regient of Constantinople

(24)Robert Le Brus (The Bear) b. 1025 Normandy, France d. 1098AD Wife: Gunnora b. 1025 (I would note the date is unusual here and I have no information on this.)
Children: Roger de Pitres, William I Baron de Braose

(25)William I Baron de Braose b. 1040AD Briouze, Argentan, France, Normandy d. 1099AD Bramber, Sussex, England
Wife: Agnes de St. Clare b. 1048AD Normandy, France d. 1135 Holyland, Palestine
Children: Phillip I Baron de Braose, b. 1073AD Bramber, Sussex, England
Wife: Aenor de Totnes b. 1094AD Barnstable, Devon, England

(26)William II de Braouse 1st Baron Of Gwentland b. 1100AD Bramber, Sussex, England d. 1192 England
Wife: Bertha de Gloucester d. 1130AD Glouscester, Gloustershire, England
Children: William III 5th Baron de Braose, Lord Bramber b. 1153AD Bramber, Sussex, England d. 1210AD Corbenill, Marne, France

(27)William III 5th Baron de Braose Lord Of Bramber Wife: Maude de St. Valery b. 1155 Bramber, Sussex, England d. 1210 Corfe, Windsor, England; was nicknamed "The Org of Abergavenny" for having murdered several Welsh Princes and their families in Abergavenny about 1175AD. Both he and his wife fell out of favor with King John Lackland I and King John had his wife and eldest son arrested, they were taken to Windsor Castle where they were starved to death, William III fled to France and died there an broken man.

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