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How can there be so much royalty?

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Re: How can there be so much royalty?

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"Actually there is some chatter that Marie Antonette's oungest son did NOT die in jail but rather was saved by Albert Gallatin and place in the care of Father Prince Gallitzin in a super secret hightly funded US operation ordered by Thomas Jefferson."

Marie Antionette´s children:
Marie Thérèse Charlotte (* 19. Dezember 1778; † 19. Oktober 1851) ∞ Louis-Antoine de Bourbon, duc d’Angoulême (* 6. August 1775; † 3. Juni 1844)
Fehlgeburt/Miscarriage (1780)
Louis Joseph Xavier François (* 22. Oktober 1781; † 4. Juni 1789)
Fehlgeburt/Miscarriage (1783)
Louis Charles (* 27. März 1785; † 8. Juni 1795)
Sophie Helene Beatrice (* 9. Juli 1786; † 18. Juni 1787)

Louis Charles de Bourbon, dauphin de Viennois
for Antoinettes younger son in Europe another story which shows him in Switzerland not USA:
Marti's paternal grandmother, the second wife of the Forgemaster and longtime Versamer Messmer Martin Bonadurer (1844 - 1879) was a Margaretha Rassel (1815 - 1894) of St.Antönien, a daughter of the acting in Trimmis, where 1834 died schoolmaster Josef Franz Rassel, and this - that sounds pretty incredible - was the son of 1793 during the French Revolution in Paris who died royal couple Louis XVI. and Marie-Antoinette. Her two children, the Dauphin (crown prince) Louis XVII. and his sister, the horrors of the revolutionary period have survived. They were kept under close guard in the notorious Temple Prison caught. The boy is abducted from there by royalists and with all due secrecy to the Grisons, to a secluded place as possible - has been spent - even after St.Antönien. In France it was called later, the crown prince died in prison of tuberculosis. He had just been swapped with any other seriously ill boy. Thus, the French heir lived undetected under the alias Franz Josef rattle St.Antönien and later as a schoolmaster in Trimmis, where he got married and the father of a nine-member group of children.

what Wikipedia says:
After the execution of his parents in 1793 was the cobbler Antoine Simon, a Jacobin, instructed him to bring up a "good citizen". After Simon on the same day as Robespierre and other Jacobins 28th July 1794 was also executed on the guillotine was the child lived in the Temple prison on alone on his and died in June 1795 aged ten years. The cause of his early death is not known with certainty, it is suspected tuberculosis.
Ludwigs heart
heart grave of Louis XVII. Saint-Denis
After Louis died, cut the royalist physician Jean-Philippe Pelletan out his heart and preserved it in alcohol. It came in a roundabout way through Austria, Italy and Spain in 1975 in the chapel of Saint-Denis, where it has since been kept in a chamber filled with alcohol crystal urn. In 2000, Belgian and German researchers presented based on genetic comparisons of cardiac DNA with genetic material from another, now living descendants of Maria Theresa, firm that the heart actually Louis XVII. belonged. The heart was eighth after a long odyssey on June 2004 buried in the Basilica of Saint-Denis.,_dauph...
his sister, oldest daughter of Marie Antoinette - about her person and life also different stories:

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