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Alumni from Hamilton High School in the year 1949

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Alumni from Hamilton High School in the year 1949

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List of Alumni from Hamilton High School, Steuben County, Indiana as recorded in the 1949 Anchor Yearbook

Corinne Everetts, college, Lagrange, IL
Imogene Sanxter, student, E.B.U., Elkhart, Ind.
Barbara Newcomer, student, E.B.U., Elkhart, Ind.
Alice Myers, student, E.B.U., Elkhart, Ind.
Lyle Cary, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.
Donald Johnson, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.
Charles Dull, Hamilton, Ind.
Dale Hammon, mink farmer, Hamilton, Ind.
Wayne Hagerty, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.
Kenneth Taylor, Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Ind.
Wendell Phillips, International Business College, Fort Wayne, Ind.
June Mills Barrett, dentist asst., Hamilton, Ind.
Maryjane Blair, International Business Dollege, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Gene Dean, at home, Hamilton, Ind.
Mary Lou Houlton Mountz, housewife, Garrett, Ind.
Twila Mae Lautzenhiser, student, Methodist Hospital, Indianapolis, Ind.

Donner Kepler, student, Purdue, Lafayette, Ind.
Beverly Aldrich, factory worker, Auburn, Ind.
Ruth Brooks Myers, housewife, Angola, Ind.
Dorothy Beardsley Penland, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Raymond Henney, farmer, Angola, Ind.
Thomas Hagerty, factory worker, Fort Wayne Ind.
Lorinne Robinett, office worker, Butler, Ind.
Orrin Jinnings
Wanda Dirr, at home, Hamilton, Ind.
Leon Burch, mechanic, Angola, Ind.
Donald Myers, laborer, Hamilton, Ind.
Delores Harger Kepler, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Dean Harger, locker plant, Hamilton, Ind.
Lenore Musser, married, housewife
Robert Till, factoryworker, Hamilton, Ind.
Harold Douglas, clerk, Kinderhook, Mich.
Dean Baker, laborer, Hamilton, Ind.
DeLos Penland, carpenter, Hamilton, Ind.
Richard Sanders, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.
Norman Taylor, Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Ind.
Donald Crowl, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.
Francis Shortgen, mechanic, Waterloo, Ind.

Dewan Rozell, farmer, Angola, Ind.
Ida Lou Simon Hammon, housewife, Lafayette, Ind.
Jeanne Gessinger, office worker, Auburn, Ind.
Lela Lucille Hagerty Jackson, housewife, Butler, Ind.
Donna Gene Oberlin Hamman, clerk, Hamilton, Ind.
Bonnie Louise Haughey Brandon, office worker, Auburn, Ind.
Anna Mae Oberlin, office worker, Auburn, Ind.
Lois Marie Newcomer, office worker, Butler, Ind.
Gene Hamman, laborer, Hamilton, Ind.

Marjorie Emerson Augubright, housewife, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Marvin Jackson, farmer, Butler, Ind.
Ella Lou Sanxter Frighner, housewife
Helen Dirrim Booth, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Virginia Hutchins Zimmer, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
LaMar Sutton
Barbara Lingle, modeling, Detroit, Mich.
Robert Zimmer, Symphonic Orchestra, Ft. Wayne, Ind.
Donna Thrush Ireland, Anchorage, Alaska
Robert Cary, deceased
Anna Aldrich Reeder, factory worker, Auburn, Ind.
Wilber Albright, laborer, Hamilton, Ind.
Betty Jean Schmitt, secretary, Auburn, Ind.
Jeanette Rose Kolszvnski, housewife, So. Bend, Ind.
LeRoy Sanders, factory worker, Auburn, Ind.
Joan Clark Moore, housewife, Angola, Ind.
Robert Hamman, clerk, Hamilton, Ind.
Betty Baker, clerk, Hamilton, Ind.
Jerry Kepler, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.

Mary Benjamin, bank clerk, Medaryville, Ind.
Bonnie Dirr, Auburn, Ind.
Leona Everitts Manahan, housewife, Angola, Ind.
Eleanor Hagerty Style, housewife, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Richard Friend, laborer, Hamilton, Ind.
Harold Keller, laborer, Hicksville, O.
Evelyn Musser Beach, housewife, Ft. Wayne, Ind.
Mac Lynn Oberlin, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.
Maxine Oberlin, marrid, housewife, Butler, Ind.
Arlene Robinett Upp, office worker, Butler, Ind.
Quentin Watkins, college, Hillsdale, Mich.
Marvin Jennings, laborer, Hamilton, Ind.
Phyllis Harger, R.N., Toledo, O.

Mary Ellen Baker Bradtmiller, housewife, New Haven, Ind.
Ross Baxter, railroad, Deshler, O.
Ora Clark, Tri-State College, Angola, Ind.
Ora Cosper, Montpelier, O.
Bill Cox, garage attendant, Edgerton, O.
Margaret Griffith Vaughn, Fremont, Ind.
Bernard Hagerty, farmer, Burr Oaks, Mich.
Denver Hamman, college, Lafayette, Ind.
Louiseen Hutchins Ingledue, housewife, Pleasant Lake, Ind.
Barbara Hanselman Black, housewife, Garrett, Ind.
Wilford Jennings, farmer, Pleasant Lake, Ind.
June Keck Haskins, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Jack Nickols, Standard Oil Co., Hamilton, Ind.
Max Oberlin, Coast Guard, Conn.
Janice Rose Bredemeier, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Evelyn Rozell Osborne, clerk, Angola, Ind.
Estell Snyder, laborer, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Carl Swift, college, Ball State, Muncie, Ind.
Carlton VanAuken, laborer, Hamilton, Ind.
Betty Kunce Derrow, housewife, Ashley, Ind.
Donna Bonecutter Kunkle, housewife, Ohio

Charles Barrett,laborer, Hamilton, Ind.
Los Benjamin McCarter, housewife, Indianapolis, Ind.
Don Clear, laborer, Auburn, Ind.
Gene Dirr, laborer, Alaska
Donna Henny Ingram, housewife, Angola, Ind.
Mary Ann Jaques, at home, Hamilton, Ind.
Charlene Kepler Keeps, housewife, Auburn, Ind.
Betty Little Yanka, housewife, Chicago, Ill.
Earl Maier, laborer, Hamilton, Ind.
Mazie Morton Larson, housewife, Blaseslee, O.
Robert Musser, laborer, Hamilton, Ind.
Lenore Nickols, laborer, South Bend, Ind.
Kathryn Petre Alleshouse, Pleasant Lake, Ind.
Rolland Priest, laborer, Reading, Pa.
Arthur Ryan, laborer, Reading, Pa.
Madeline Sutton Rockey, housewife, Angola, Ind.
Helen Till Cox, housewife, Edgerton, O.
Joan White Hagerty, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.

Mary Allwood Rodeheffer, housewife, Merlin, Ind.
Phyllis Baxter Aldrich, housewife, Angola, Ind.
Wendell Burch, laborer, Hamilton, Ind.
Ted Cool, college, Tri-State, Angola, Ind.
Wayne Cosper, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.
June Gnagy Myers, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Christine Griffith Williams, housewife, Greenville, S.C.
Robert Jackson, farmer, Pleasant Lake, Ind.
Donald Myers, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.
Dale Nickols, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.
James Oberlin, laboer, Auburn, Ind.
Phyllis Stout Hanes, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Betty Till Moore, housewife, Fort Wayne, Ind.

Max Alwood, student, Hamilton, Ind.
Wendell Davis, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.
Gretchen Fee Fee, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Ruby Fee Stomm, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Laura Gessinger Hall, housewife, South Bend, Ind.
Celesta Hanselman Sparks, housewife, Dayton, O.
Jerry Hartlieb, laborer, Pleasant Lake, Ind.
Robert Hollinger, farmer, Angola, Ind.
Lora Lee Kepler Dole, housewife, Alma, Mich.
Rodger Lautzenhiser, Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Ind.
Thelma Myers Hill, housewife, Marco, Ind.
Nellie Jean Petre Winebunner, housewife, Angola, Ind.
L.D. Sanxter, Tri-State College, Angola, Ind.
Betty White Blodgett, housewife, New Haven, Ind.
Mary Watkins Lowe, housewife, Bryan, O.

Mahlon Maxton, car salesman, Bryan, Ohio
Dean Cary, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.
Blaine Crowl, Pardue U., instructor, Lafayette, Ind.
Billie Fee, teacher, Hamilton, Ind.
Duane Wilson, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.
Mary Henney Sanxter, housewife, Angola, Ind.
Helen Morton Betts, housewife, Blaksley, O.
Jeannette Till Nelson, housewife, Edgerton, O.
Estel Sewell, Hamilton, Ind.
Neva Hicks Muller, Arizona
Kathleen Lemmon Fee, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Marilarine Evans, Kalamazoo, Mich.
Kay Sanxter, laborer, Angola, Ind.
Dale Brown, Texas
Robert Heath, laborer, Detroit, Mich.
Martin Hammon, laborer, Waterloo, Ind.
Richard Hartlieb, U.A.A. radio airforce, Scott Field, Ill.
Donald Kunkle, farmer, Angola, Ind.
Earl Sharp, Spencerville, Ind.
John Grill, Pleasant Lake, Ind.

Lu Reign Sutton
Lurene Griffith Kunkle, housewife, Angola, Ind.
Mary Teegardin, missionary, China
Virginia Burkhart, Hamilton, Ind.
Keith Clark, laborer, Hamilton, Ind.
Jerald Gnagy, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.
Annabel Wells Ruth, housewife, Hammond, Ind.
Lucille Crowl Burch, housewife, Pleasant Lake, Ind.
John Clark, Angola, Ind.
Donald Sanxter, service
June Baker Robinett, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Janis Kepler Layman, housewife, Maryland
Russell Warner, factory, Fort Wayne, Ind.

Irene Oberlin Koch, Pleasant Lake, Ind.
Basil Petre, insulator, Angola, Ind.
Marie Oberlin Harmon, Angola, Ind.
Leo Zimmeman, laborer, Angola, Ind.
Alice Dirrim Weinhild, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Joan Vance Myers, houswife, Garrett, Ind.
Kathryn Till Fee, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Cleo Frederick, laborer, Detroit, Mich.
Reba Lemmon Crowl, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Leland Fee, radar instructor, Scott Field, Ill.
Donald Myers, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.
June Kepler Jennings, housewife, Butler, Ind.
Mildred Baxter Davis, housewife, Auburn, Ind.
Kenneth Burch, mechanic, Angola, Ind.
Mabel Mann David, housewife, Butler, Ind.
Irene Clavoer
Reba Wagner Critten
Elineen Wagner Douglas, Kalamazoo, Mich.
Frederick Egbert, engineer, Indianapolis, Ind.
Ruth Cosper Holley, houswife, Hillsdale, Mich.
Phylliss Bollinger Burton, housewife, Compton, Cal.
Marian Hamman, Kendallville, Ind.
Geraldine VanPelt, beauty operator, Angola, Ind.
Herman Burch, farmer, Pleasant Lake, Ind.
Glen Douglas, bus driver, Detroit, Mich.

George Beattie, discharged, St. Petersburg, Fla.
Linda Lautzenhiser Lorimer, houswife, Chicago, Ill.
Keith Gnagy, music instructor, Lapaz, Ind.
Raymond Hagerty, Army, Texas
Edward Sanxter, laborer, Hamilton, Ind.
Ainsworth Sewell, farmer, Pleasant Lake, Ind.
Frank Jakobi, Cleveland, Ohio
Russell McClellan, farmer, Butler, Ind.
Helen Kunkle Brokaw, housewife, Angola, Ind.
Maxine Sanders Cool, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Helen Teegardin Mahrt, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Maxine Teegardin White, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Mable Maier Rohrbaugh, Elkhart, Ind.
Ruth Baker Sutton, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Avada Nickols Morris, housewife, Hamilton Ind.
Betty Swift Morris, housewife, Pontiac, Mich.
Evelyn Teegardin Moody, housewife, Fremont, Ind.

Dorothy Alwood McConnel, South Bend, Ind.
Doris Campbell, Butler, Ind.
Kathryn Swift Gyllsdorff, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Kathleen Wells
Mary Jane Haines Griffith, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Marian Sanxter, secretary, Auburn, Ind.
Marie Warner Kepler, housewife, Auburn, Ind.
Mrs. John Shoudel, Auburn, Ind.
LaVerne Dirr Stetler, Britton, Mich.
Thelma Mortoff Kass, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Arlo Douglas, railroad conductor, Fort Wayne, Ind.
George William Cassell, Angola, Ind.
Herman Teegardin, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.
Francis Crain Parks, Pierceton, Ind.
Donald Sutton, grocery store, Hamilton, Ind.
Ga Wayne Kinsey, Wolcottville, Ind.
Max Gates, Hamilton, Ind.
Marion Dirrim, carpenter, Hamilton, Ind.
Lloyd Lautzenhiser, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.
Ronald Beard, Indianapolis, Ind.
Margretta Zimmerman Cosper, deceased
Ronald Lockwood, farmer, Waterloo, Ind.
Roy Sharp, Gov. work, Panama Canal Zone, Panama

Thelma Cosper Gates, housewife, Plymouth, Ind.
Wayne Dirrim, garage owner, Hamilton, Ind.
Marie Kepler Schoudel, housewife, Auburn, Ind.
Evelyn Everitt Teegardin, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Ruth Maxton Kester, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Marie McCellan Douglas, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Vera Parker Leedy
Reba Musser Lucas,housewife, Waterloo, Ind.
Virginia Oberlin Hanna, Angola, Ind.
Wayland Robinett, Montpelier, O.
Mildred Rozell Nanna, housewife, Angola, Ind.
Wayne Teegardin, college student, Fairbanks, Alaska
Marlin Wilson, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.

Alta Musser Knubuhler, housewife, Waterloo, Ind.
Robert Watkins, summer resort, hamilton, Ind.
Raymond Wilson, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.
Evelyn Campbell, teacher, Butler, Ind.
Lyle Sutton, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.
Lavoyle Headley Lockwood, housewife, Waterloo, Ind.
Georgianna Barr Blecha, housewife, California
Paul Hagerty, Garrett, Ind.
Marvin Schall, groceryman, Hamilton, Ind.
Ivan Willebey, Bronson, Mich.
Wauneta Alwood Somerlott, housewife, Metz, Ind.
Otto Gates, Plymouth, Ind.
Carl Kepler, apprentice, Lansing, Mich.
Milton Hamman, Ind. & Mich. electrification, Butler, Ind.
Marion Dirrim, carpenter, Hamilton, Ind.
Harry Wilson, farmer, Angola, Ind.
Keith Baker, laborer, Hamilton, Ind.
Eleanor Earnest Slaymaker
Helen Jakobi, Cleveland, Ohio
Bernard Lockwood, farmer, Waterloo, Ind.
Ruth Hoffman Harter, housewife, Niagara Falls, Buffalo, N.Y.
Bennie Crowl, farmer, Butler, Ind.
Doris Hagerty Matson, housewife, Corunna, Ind.
Charles Sharp, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.
Marie Parks Fox, teacher, Pleasant Lake, Ind.
Lois Hinkle King, housewife, Butler, Ind.
Anna Stoy Bridge, housewife, Ashley, Ind.
Cecil Cosper, deceased
Izora Teegardin, Angola, Ind.

Graydon Headley, factory worker, Auburn, Ind.
Gilda Jackson, clerk, Pleasant Lake, Ind.
Sarah Rozell Aldrich, housewife, Angola, Ind.
Lawana Sanxter Meiser, housewife, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Ray Heath, N.B.C. Staff Orchestra, Hollywood, Cal.
Marshall Musser, Detroit, Mich.
Velda Clark Erwin, housewife, Ashley, Ind.
Amber Murray Wyatt, housewife, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Harry Aldrich, doctor, Indianapolis, Ind.
Daniel Wells, farmer, Metz, Ind.
Wilma Mae Schmitt Day, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Orville Teegardin, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.
Lois McCool Goodrich, housewife, Hudson, Ind.
Evelyn Robinette, Edgerton, Ohio
Robert Mortoff, farm bureau, Angola, Ind.
Shelda Ford, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.

Ilene Schmitt Shrider, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Dora Snyder Heath, housewife, Hamilton, Ind
Doris Leason Freed, housewife, Ashley, Ind.
Geraldine Sanxter West, housewife, Auburn, Ind.
Ruth Teegardein Easterday, housewife, Denver, Colo.
Marjorie Watkins Friend, housewife, Norfolk, N.J.
Florence McClellan Crowl, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Robert Swift, mortician, Gas City, Ind.
Irma Russel Bercaw, housewife, Butler, Ind.
Robert Fee, factory worker, Auburn, Ind.
Kenneth Vance, Muncie, Ind.
Evelyn Foutz Stalker, housewife, Detroit, Mich.
Roger Malone, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.
Vanita Burch Buell, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Harold Powers, factory worker, Dearborn, Mich.
Frank Snyder, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Mildred VanAuken Smith, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Marguerite Barr, nurse, Hamilton, Ind.
Vera Sekler Everitts, housewife, Butler, Ind.
Hazel Cosper Willibey, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Ralph Goodrich, farmer, Hudson, Ind.
Don Griffith, milk carrier, Hamilton, Ind.
Paul Lautzenhiser, factory worker, Auburn, Ind.
Dawson Metz, farmer, Pleasant Lake, Ind.
Dorothy Leason Hammon, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Florence Oberlin Aldrich, housewife, Angola, Ind.
Lloyd McCellan

Ruth Beard Hamman, housewife, Greencastle, Ind.
Willis Taylor, milk carrier, Hamilton, Ind.
Oliver Hagerty, factory worker, Hamilton, Ind.
Lyle Gnagy, contractor, St. Petersburg, Fla.
Elizabeth Wells Ginsberry, housewife, New Mexico, Ind.
Juanita Oberlin Berryhill, Warsaw St. Fort Wayne
Helen Oberlin Subber, Upper Darby, Pa.
Dora Radabough Mock, housewife, Bryan, Ohio
Gilda Greenwood Lockamire, housewife, Plesant Lake, Ind.
Hazel Sewell Heston, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Lilian Avery, Toledo, Ohio
Charlotte McClellan, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Lyle Watkins, summer resort, Hamilton, Ind.
Gaylord Willebey, laborer, Hamilton, Ind.
Joe Seman, Waterloo, Ind.
Glen Heath, factory worker, Detroit, Mich.

Leander Brown, Bergs pop attendant, Anola, Ind.
Edith Cosper Kunkle, housewife, Angola, Ind.
Gerald Day, amil carrier, Hamilton, Ind.
Stanley Heath, laborer, Hamilton, Ind.
Ercell Oberlin Beebe, teacher, Butler, Ind.
Henrietta Parks, deceased
Pauline Vance Richardson, housewife, Auburn, Ind.
Dorothy Everitt Buell, housewife, Edon, Ohio
Orpheus Everitt, factory worker, No. 2, Laura Court, Eyqria, Ohio
Hugh Enfield, instructor
Ned Fee, laborer, Hamilton, Ind.
Mabel Gurtner, deceased
John Aldrich, carpenter, Angola, Ind.
Eva Richey Wood, housewife, Waterloo, Ind.
Clete Willibey Wolfe, housewife, Adrian, Mich.
Juanita Teegardin, teacher, Crown Point, Ind.
Joseph Zeaman, farmer, Waterloo, Ind.
Waldo McCool, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.
Zelda Chapman Ziegler, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Mildred Leason Leanred, housewife, Montpelier, O.
Paul Swift, Hamilton, Ind.
Lowell Teegardin, mortician, Artic, Ind.
Isabelle Griffith Davis, housewife, Ashley, Ind.
Dorothy Howard Ridge, housewife, Waterloo, Ind.
Dona Radabough Shultz, Butler, Ind.
Donald Dirrim, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.

Harold Dirrim, factory worker, Angola, Ind.
Walter Hamman, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.
Carl Cameron, Pleasant, Lake, Ind.
Clarence Cameron, farmer, Pleasant Lake, Ind.
Fred Crowl, state highway, Angola, Ind.
Ronald Kissinger, draftsman, Detroit, Mich.
Donald Fee, laborer, Hamilton, Ind.
Glen Little, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.
Alice Chilcote Houlton, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Ronald Hoffman, gas station, Roanoke, Mich.
Roscoe McCool, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.

Florence Dimmir Robinett, housewife, Butler, Ind.
Isabel Lingle Ashelman, housewife, Detroit, Mich.
Florence Chapman Brokaw, housewife, Angola, Ind.
Josephine Getts Holsinger, teacher, Auburn, Ind.
Margaret Ball Fee, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Floyd Clark, laborer, Hamilton, Ind.
Claude Sickles, Bronson, Mich.
Donald Gnagy, filling st. operator, Hamilton, Ind.
Paul Fee, railroad, Hamilton, Ind.
Alvada Brown LaRowe, housewife, Edgerton, Ohio
Luella Duncan Gurtner, housewife, Waterloo, Ind.
Mildred Brown Hoyer, housewife, Pleasant Lake, Ind.
Lola Keyes Moore, housewife, Powhatan Point, O.
Velma Fee Keyes, housewife, Fremont, Ind.
Georgia Harger Westfall, housewife, Garrett, Ind.
Emma Radabaugh Donaldson, housewife, Waterloo, Ind.
Wilma Blair Deetz, housewife, Montpelier, O.

Thelma Myers Emerson, housewife, Rome City, Ind.
Gladys Newcomer, worker, Garrett, Ind.
George Burkhart,bookkeeper, St. Petersburg, Fla.
Arnold fee, teacher, Hamilton, Ind.
Clifford Fee, laborer, Hamilton, Ind.
Clarence Dirrim, teacher, Hamilton, Ind.
Wier Fee, truck driver, Edgerton, Ohio
Waneta Wells Hammond, housewife, Hammond, Ind.
Rector Parks, Indianapolis, Ind.
Raymond Rench, teacher, Hudson, Ind.
Harold Richey, farmer, Waterloo, Ind.
William Keyes, barber, Fremont, Ind.
Bruce Gurtner, teacher, Waterloo, Ind.
Mrs. Raymond Getts, West Covington, Ky.
Sarah Metz, Hamilton, Ind.

Alice Dirrim Hutchins, Detroit, Mich.
Oscar Taylor, filling sta. operator, Hamilton, Ind.
Oscar Vance, factory worker, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Gerald Everits, blacksmith, Hamilton, Ind.
Lucy Beard Newcomer, housewife, Ashley, Ind.
Marie Easterday Norman, Chicago, Ill.
Dorothy Wright Conrad, Darlington, Ind.
Anna Radabaugh Smith, housewife, Garrett, Ind.
Paul Everitts, laborer, Toledo, Ohio
Edna Ziegler Hopkins, housweife, Garrett, Ind.
Wayne Waterman, surveyor, Worthington, Ind.
Clarence Hamman, mink raiser, Hamilton, Ind.
Lois Sanxter Huxell, teacher, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Mildred Opdycke Oberlin, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Estel Easterday, Fort Wayne, Ind.

Frank Hammond, teach, Hammond, Ind.
Frank Carpenter, sheriff, Auburn, Ind.
Raymond Lingle, Chevrolet garage, Plymouth, Ind.
Wilbur Camp, professor, West Lafayette, Ind.
Edgar Willennar, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.
Waldo Stout, barber, Hamilton, Ind.
Knight Kissinger, doctor, M.D., Angola, Ind.
Verald Teegardin, deceased
Dena Younge Bright, housewife, Pleasant Lake, Ind.
Gertrude Learned Crain, teacher, Hamilton, Ind.
Loretta Dailey Snyder, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Isabelle Chapman, nurse, Detroit, Mich.
Fred Goudy, Attorney-at-Law, Angola, Ind.
Harold Lockamire, teacher, Pleasant Lake, Ind.
Cameron Parks, coach, Garrett, Ind.
Viola Crowl Beard, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.

Virgil Hagerty, attendance office, Butler, Ind.
Bernice Ziegler Hamman, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
George Fee, service repair manager, Mishawaka, Ind.
Julius Jakobi, public accountant, Cleveland, O.
Cleo Dirrim, teacher, Hamilton, Ind.
Violet Platt Lingle, housewife, Plymouth, Ind.
Charler Radabough, office worker, Lima, Ohio
Ester Hurraw Kiester, housewife, Van Wert, Ohio
Orla Willenar, teacher, Hamilton, Ind.
Caroline Gates Fee, housewife, Mishawaka, Ind.
Florence Kepler Bechtol, housewife, Butler, Ind.
Merle Westfall, Commander of Fillipino Scouts, Manila Philippines
George Enfield, Lafayette, Ind.

Glen Crow, Detroit, Mich.
Eleanor Keyes, housewife, Powhatan, Ohio
Gaylord Wing, railroad, Toledo, Ohio
Dorothy Goudy Zimmer, housewife, Pleasant Lake, Ind.
Raymond Duncan, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Grace Richey Rosenberry, deceased
Alta Wright Teegardin, housewife, Madison, Wis.
Hollis Brown, deceased
Pauline Metz, teacher, Butler, Ind.
Zamma Eddy Dohner, housewife, Butler, Ind.
Laura Sickles Eddy, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Virgil Foutz, businessman, Angola, Ind.

Olive Gurter Wagner, teacher, Butler, Ind.
Mary J. Chilcotte Bapp, teacher, Hamilton, Ind.
Irene Penick Hobson, housewife, Pleasant Lake, Ind.
Vella Dirrim, deceased
Eugene Griffith, dentist, Jacksonville, Fla.
Herbert Howard, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.
Angus Mock, factory worker, Jackson, Fla.
Claude Richey, farmer, Garrett, Ind.

Howard Aldrich, doctor, Indianapolis, Ind.
Blaine Dailey, deceased
Rex Dirrim, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Wayne Dixon, Denver, Colo.
Charles Eddy, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.
Lloyd Sewell, Kalamazoo, Mich.
Anne Baxter Carrie, housewife, Ontario, Canada
Waneta Brown Kuhlman, housewife, Auburn, Ind.
Murel Dirrim Healey, Detroit, Mich.
Hilda Gates Rader, Florida
Reba Helms Rohleder, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Prentice Teegardin, teacher, Madison, Wis.
Erdine Jackson, housewife, Pleasant Lake, Ind.

Theda Oberlin Chapman, housewife, Honolulu, Hawaii
Olus Everhart, laborer, Hamilton, Ind.
Frances Kepler Fee, merchant, Hamilton, Ind.
Wilma Russell Houserr, Montpelier, Ohio
Nettie Kugler Orewiller, housewife, Angola, Ind.
Omer Worthington, deceased

Wilmet Aldrich Rose, housewife, Angola, Ind.
Shirley Hammon, plumber, Ypsilanti, Mich.
Paul Bullard, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Lester Teegardin, factory worker, Jackson, Mich.
Frances Hutchins Porter, housewife, Angola, Ind.
Eunice Kushmaull Ford, Blissfield, Mich.
Ruth Lautzenhiser Petty, deceased
Oliver Learned, grocery, Van Wert, O.
Dwight Haughey, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.
Ralph Haines, Jackson, Mich.
Oral Obrlin, laborer, Edgerton, Ohio

Myrtle Baxter, teacher, Walkerton, Ind.
Thelma Aldrich Harman, housewife, Edon, Ohio
Alta Brown White, deceased
Loren Dixon, farmer, Angola, Ind.
Everitt Dixon, postal clerk, Angola, Ind.
Orpha Gates Wilber, housewife, Bronson, Mich.
Lota Haggerty Everitts, housewife Willard, Ohio
Bert Kepler, teacher, Bremen, Ind.
Trevalyn Omstead, doctor, West Wood, N.J.
Hale Miller, deceased

Wayne Miller, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Irvin Cary, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.
Ora Baker, businessman, Bluffton, Ind.
Lythwin Gates, Chevrolet Garage, Mishawaka, Ind.
Ora Clark, laborer, Angola, Ind.
Francis Dargue, mercantile, Hamilton, Ind.
Genevieve Haughey Isenhart, Elkhart, Ind.
Olive Sharp White, housewife, Angola, Ind.
Irma Sharp Sunday, housewife, Spencerville, Ind.
Earl Sewell, deceased
Olen Sanxter, deceased
Don Foutz, Supt. of street car lines, Fort Wayne, Ind.

Kenneth Gnagy, mailcarrier, Hamilton, Ind.
Russell Taylor, banker, Hamilton, Ind.
George Sattison, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.
Edith Wiler Plaster, housewife, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Zelma Teegardin Cary, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Harry Radabough, farmer, Hudson, Ind.
Walter Kepler, deceased
Harry Hammon, laborer, Hamilton, Ind.
Myrtle Sevits, Stouts
Ruth Waterman Harrison, housewife, Bloomfield, N.J.
Ethel Hoffman
Charles Jackson

Bryan Baxter, railroad, Hamilton, Ind.
Ralph Houlton, deceased
Olive Aldrich Rockey, housewife, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Harold Hammond, deceased
Marcia Bell Maier, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.

Seth Cary, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.
Orris Renner, railroad, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Weir Kepler, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.
Harry Hammond, Detroit, Mich.
Roscoe Lautzenhiser, teacher, Phoenix, Ariz.
Alza Oberlin Day, housewife, Edgerton, Ohio
Ives Hagerty Mills, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Marie Lemmon Kepler, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Faye Brown Greenberg, housewife, Jackson, Mich.
Thelma Fee Oberlin, housewife, DeKalb, Ill.
Hellyn Haughey Kohl, housewife, Topeka, Ind.

Walter Griffith, deceased
Walter Oberlin, nurseryman, DeKalb, Ill.
Joseph Sewell, deceased
Oleva Lewis Watkins, teacher, Angola, Ind.
Oliva Chard Gerfin, Butler, Ind.
Ella Brown Nugen, deceased
Irma Cary Imhoff, housewife, Edon, Ohio
Howard Beard, laborer, Farmington, Ill.
Eula Beard Wood, housewife, Waterloo, Ind.

Eula Teegardin Sanxter, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Georgia Todd Watkins, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Myrtie Lemmon Oberlin, housewife, Pleasant Lake, Ind.
Pearl Lautzenhiser Brown, housewife, Angola, Ind.
Claire Crowl, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.
Grace Waterman Cameron, deceased
Justin Morrison, teacher, Middleburg, Ind.
Virgil Metz, Angola, Ind.
Mabel Crow Pfiefie, housewife, Hillsdale, Mich.
Harold Watkins, convalescent hospital, Hillsdale, Mich.

Samuel Ziegler, deceased
Paul Dargue, Hamilton, Ind.
Marian Jackman, farmer, Milford, Mich.
Wendell Scott, Detroit, Mich.
Carl Chilcotte Brown, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Andra Chilcotte Brown, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Shirley Sanxter, farmer, Hamilton, Ind.
Ottis Dirrim, laborer, Hamilton, Ind.
Leta Eddy Hinkle, housewife, Butler, Ind.
Sim Aldrich, dentist, Angola, Ind.
Luna Sattison, homemaker, Hamilton, Ind.
Lloyd Oster, deceased

Orla Fee, deceased
Ruth Brown Ellis, teacher, housewife, Cleveland, O.
Velma Swift Griger, housewife, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Dorcas Butts Langley, housewife, Taft, Fla.
Arthur Hagerty, deceased
Lena Cameron Doty, housewife, Brooks, Ind.
Achsa Peachey Mann, deceased
Odie Watkins, deceased
Hiram Oberlin, deceased

Elsie Dirrim Johnson, housewife, Walkerton, Ind.
Lloyd Oberlin, farmer, Edon, Ohio
Ella Sanxter, deceased
Wesley Langley, carpenter, Taft, Ohio
Ethel Dirrim Lemmon, housewife, Pleasant Lake, Ind.
Albert Butts, Tampa, Fla.
Angus Cameron, Surgeon M.D., Minot, N. Dakota
Ray Teegardin, postmaster, Hamilton, Ind.

Leon Oberlin, deceased
Carl Peachey, farmer, Angola, Ind.

Vella Griffith Mortoff, housewife, Metz, Ind.
Ethel Brown, homemaker, Hamilton, Ind.
Hazel Armstrong Carter, housewife, Macy, Ind.
Earl Hagerty, clerk, Elkhart, Ind.

Lulu Oberlin Parsell, housewife, Pleasant Lake, Ind.
Hattie Albright Gilgax, housewife, Pleasant Lake, Ind.
Edna Oberlin Taylor, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Meda Dargue, saleswoman, Hamilton, Ohio

Don Cameron, surgeon M.D., Fort Wayne, Ind.
Belle White Carris, housewife, W. Palm Beach, Fla.
Carrie Dirrim Hinkle, housewife, Montpelier, O.
Joyce Gibbs Hagerty, housewife, Elkhart, Ind.
Myra Scott, teacher, Elkhart, Ind.
Roscoe White, deceased
Eva Good, deceased

Lee Hagerty, deceased
Ina Curtner Forney, housewife, Terre Haute, Ind.

Roscoe Watkins, deceased
Lulu Albright Camp, deceased
Cordia Herrick Allwood, deceased
Etta Griffin Crowl, housewife, Hamilton, Ind.
Elva Albright Wiltrout, deceased

Eska Sewell Skelton, housewife, Angola, Ind.
Lee Griffith, salesman, Tipton, Ind.

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