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County Meath: Landowners, Circa 1870s [INFORMATION ONLY - DO NOT REPLY]

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County Meath: Landowners, Circa 1870s [INFORMATION ONLY - DO NOT REPLY]

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Surnames: Tucker, Tuite, Twohill, Tyrrell, Urquhart, Vandeleur, Van Homrigh, Vaux, Verdon, Verschoyle, Vigors, Wade, Walker, Wallace, Walsh, Ward, Wardell, Waring, Warner, Warren, Webb, Wellington, Westenra, Whelan, White, Whitshed, Whitty, Wilkinson, Williams, Williamson, Wilson, Wilson-Slator, Winter, Wisdom, Wogan, Woods, Woulfe, Wybrant, Wynne, Young, Yourell, Bligh, Hamilton, Ball, La Nauze, Netterville, Charlton, Taylor, Pollard, Ormsby, Noble, Spencer, Slator, Kerr, Lewis
Abstracted from genealogy library reference book, the following individuals owned one or more acres of land in Co. Meath, Ireland, the latter part of the 1870s. Note, an unusual first or middle name may be the surname of a related family.

1. "Trinity College, Dublin," no address given, owned 345 acres.
2. "Trustees, Blue Coat Hospital," address Dublin,
owned 586 acres.
3. Trustees of Edward Bligh: Charles William Hamilton and Arthur Hamilton, address 40, Lower Dominick-street, Dublin, owned 5,289 acres.
4. Trustees of Geo. Ball, address Dublin, owned 136 acres.
5. Trustees of Thos. Bligh, address 40, Lower Dominick-street, Dublin, owned 2,154 acres.
6. Trustees of G. Hamilton, address Chester-place, Chester-square, London, owned 1,333 acres.
7. Trustees of La Nauze (first name not given),
address 15, Molesworth-street, Dublin, owned 197 acres.
8. "Trustees of Netterville Institution," address Dowth, Drogheda, owned 86 acres.
9. "Trustees of Poor of St. John's," address Drogheda, owned 23 acres.
10. Trustees of Thomas Charlton, address Court of Chancery, Dublin, owned 329 acres.
11. "Trustees, Royal College of Maynooth," address Maynooth, owned 438 acres.
12. "Trustees of South Commons Fund," address Drogheda, owned 27 acres.
13. Trustees of T. T. Taylor, address North George's-street, Dublin, owned 272 acres.
14. Martin Tucker (In Chancery), address Petersville, Moynalty, owned 421 acres.
15. Mrs. F. Tuite, no address given, owned 104 acres.
16. Thomas Tuite, address Granard, Co. Longford, owned 70 acres.
17. Jeremiah Twohill, address Dublin, owned 141 acres.
18. James Tyrrell, address 5, Dawson-st., Dublin,
owned 990 acres.
19. John Tyrrell, no address given, owned 283 acres.
10. Pollard Urquhart, address Castlepollard, Co. Westmeath, owned 558 acres.
11. Richard J. Ormsby Vandeleur, address Baden-Baden, Germany, owned 598 acres.
12. John Van Homrigh, Reps. of, address Upper Mount-street, Dublin, owned 465 acres.
13. Lord Vaux, address Rosmead, owned 677 acres.
14. Thomas Verdon, address 18, James'-st., Liverpool, owned 221 acres.
15. Lt.-Col. H. Verschoyle, no address given, owned 257 acres.
16. Mrs. Verschoyle, address Eden-square, London,
owned 1,137 acres.
17. Mrs. Julia Vigors, no address given, owned 306 acres.
18. Rev. Edward Wade, address Derby, England, owned 206 acres.
19. Robert C. Wade, address Clonabraney, Crossakeel,
owned 4,160 acres.
20. Thomas Wade, address Shrubbery, Kilcock, owned 158 acres.
21. Thomas F. Wade, address Pekin, China, owned 314 acres. (?Peking).
22. W. B. Wade, address Clonabreney, Co. Meath, owned 14 acres.
23. Alexander Walker, address Bellair, Moynalty, owned 119 acres.
24. Charles Walker, address Baskinagh, Kildalkey,
owned 141 acres.
25. G. Walker, address Gardiner-st., Dublin, owned 60 acres.
26. George Walker, address Bonmahon, Pilltown, owned 27 acres.
27. Gerald Walker, address Ballynadrimna, Kildalkey,
owned 222 acres.
28. Rev. Thomas Wallace, address 19, Leeson-st., Dublin, owned 48 acres.
29. James Noble Waller, address Allenstown, Navan,
owned 2,687 acres.
30. James Walsh, address Commons, Navan, owned 1 acre.
31. Jane M. Walsh, address Balrathe, Navan, owned 29 acres.
32. Peter Walsh, address Mooretown, Ardcath, owned 5 acres.
33. Richard Walsh, address Dublin, owned 536 acres.
34. Samuel Walsh, address 21, Longwood-avenue, Dublin, owned 306 acres.
35. Rev. Spencer Walsh, address Clonard Glebe, Hill-of-Down, owned 8 acres.
36. Thomas Walsh, address Larch Hill, Kilcock, Co. Kildare, owned 275 acres.
37. William Walsh, address Stadalt, Julianstown, owned 445 acres.
38. Christopher Ward, address Norman's Grove, Clonee, Co. Meath, owned 84 acres.
39. John Ward, address Gunnock, Clonee, Co. Meath, owned 5 acres.
40. William Ward, address Fieldstown, Oldtown, Co. Dublin, owned 11 acres.
41. John Wardell, address Thorncliffe, Rathgar, Co. Dublin, owned 123 acres.
42. Lucius Waring, address Lisburn, owned 429 acres.
43. Mrs. Patience Warner, address Dublin, owned 267 acres.
44. Anne Warren, address Drummiskin, Duleek, owned 164 acres.
45. Charles Warren, address Commons, Duleek, owned 2 acres.
46. William Warren, address Leggan Hall, Bellews-town, owned 168 acres.
47. Noah Webb, address Belleville, Tara, Navan, owned 6 acres.
48. Capt. Wellington, address Parsonstown, Wicklow,
owned 226 acres.
49. Capt. J. J. Westenra, address United Service Club, Dublin, owned 2,164 acres.
50. James Whelan, address Mount Tallant House, Harold's-cross, Co. Dublin, owned 475 acres.
51. John White, address Painestown, Dunshaughlin, owned 16 acres.
52. George White, same address, owned 1 acre.
53. The Misses White, address Brighton, England, owned 168 acres.
54. Samuel White, address Painestown, Dunshaughlin,
owned 2 acres.
55. Thomas White, same address, also owned 2 acres.
56. William White, address Nenagh, Tipperary, owned 36 acres.
57. Miss E. Whitshed, address Collon House, Co. Louth, owned 2,470 acres.
58. Jeremiah G. Whitty, address Castleblayney, owned 53 acres.
59. John Wilkinson, address Newtown, Trim, owned 158 acres.
60. John Wilkinson, address Curtistown House, Kilmessan, Navan, owned 368 acres.
61. John Wilkinson, address Trim, Co. Meath, owned 274 acres.
62. Mrs. Wilkinson, address Baronstown, Tara, Navan, Co. Meath, owned 71 acres.
63. Mary Wilkinson, address United States, America,
owned 7 acres.
64. Peter Wilkinson, address Skreen Castle, Tara, Navan, Co. Meath, owned 586 acres.
65. Robert Wilkinson, address Ringlestown, Kilmessan, Navan, owned 124 acres.
66. James Lewis Williams, address Boyneview, Navan,
owned 422 acres.
67. John Williams, address Arodstown, Summerhill, Co. Meath, owned 296 acres.
68. John Kerr Williams, same address, owned 97 acres.
69. Maria Jane Williams, address 49, Clarinda-park, East, Kingstown, owned 76 acres.
70. Mrs. R. Williams, address 31, Lower Gardiner-st., Dublin, owned 114 acres.
71. Miss M. A. Williamson, address Longford, owned 154 acres.
72. Edward Wilson, address 1, Belgrave-squaure, Monkstown, owned 454 acres.
73. Ellizabeth Wilson, address 9, Lower Mountjoy-st., Dublin, owned 153 acres.
74. George Wilson, address Oberstown, Tara, Navan, Co. Meath, owned 304 acres.
75. John Wilson, address Ruisk, Dunboyne, Meath, owned 668 acres.
76. Rachel Wilson, address Proudstown, Tara, Navan, Meath, owned 41 acres.
77. Wilson, Reps. of, (first name not given), address 1, Capel-st., Dublin, owned 20 acres.
78. Thomas Wilson, address Oberstown, Tara, Navan, Meath, owned 41 acres.
79. G. W. Wilson-Slator, address Belleville, Tara, Navan, owned 582 acres.
80. James S. Winter, address Agher, Enfield, owned 1,640 acres.
81. Obadiah Wisdom, Reps. of, no address given, owned 216 acres.
82. Simon Wogan, address Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath, owned 1 acre.
83. George Woods, address Milverton House, Balbriggan, owned 1,585 acres.
84. George Woods, address Celbridge, Co. Kildare,
owned 244 acres.
85. Hans H. Woods, address Milverton, Balbriggan,
owned 2,572 acres.
86. John Woods, address Mornington, Drogheda, owned 42 acres.
87. Stephen Woulfe, address Dublin, owned 448 acres.
88. Robert Wybrant, address Dublin, owned 294 acres.
89. James Wynne, address 25, Earl-st., Dublin, owned 185 acres.
90. Anna S. Young, address Philpotstown, Navan, owned 548 acres.
91. John Yourell, address Philipstown Ho., Trim, owned 227 acres.
92. John J. Yourell, address Caulstown, Dunboyne, owned 63 acres.
93. Mary Yourell, address Piercetown, Dunboyne, owned 12 acres.
94. Mary Anne Yourell, address Quarryland, Dunboyne,
owned 245 acres.
95. Patk. Yourell, Reps of, address 22, Smithfield, Dublin, owned 140 acres.
96. William Yourell, address Piercetown, Clonee, Co. Meath, owned 28 acres.

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