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County Meath: Landowners, Circa 1870s [INFORMATION ONLY - DO NOT REPLY]

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County Meath: Landowners, Circa 1870s [INFORMATION ONLY - DO NOT REPLY]

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Surnames: Newman, Nicholson, Nicholls, Nixon, Norman, Norris, Nugent, Nulty, O'Beirne, O'Brien, O'Connor, O'Ferrall, Ogle, O'Grady, O'Hara, O'Leary, O'Reilly, O'Reilly-Dease, Osbourne, Oswald, Owens, Palles, Palmer, Patrick, Patten, Pentland, Pentony, Pepper, Perrin, Pierce, Plunkett, Pollock, Potterton, Powell, Pratt, Preston, Purcell, Purdon, Quinn, Quirke, Radcliff, Rafferty, Ramadge, Rathbourne, Rathburne, Read, Reddy, Reeves, Reid, Reilly, Rennie, Reynell, Rich, Rippon, Roberts, Robinson, Rochford, Rochfort, Roe, Rooney, Rotheram, Rothwell, Rotten, Rotton, Rowley, Russell, Rutherford, Ryan, Rynd, Sadlier, Sallary, Sandford, Saunderson, Scott, Scriver, Shannon, Shaw, Sheel, Sheffield, Sheppard, Lennox, More, Sterling, Farrell, Dease, Blundell, St George, Mervyn, Grey, Standish, Gregg, Todd, Burns, Morgan, Smith
Abstracted from genealogy library reference book, the following individuals owned one or more acres of land in Co. Meath, Ireland, the latter part of the 1870s. Note, an unusual first or middle name may be the surname of a related family.

1. Henry Newman, address Kilmainham, Kells, owned 28 acres.
2. James Newman, same address, owned 26 acres.
3. Mary P. Newman, same address, owned 5 acres.
4. Matthew Newman, same address, owned 6 acres.
5. Patrick Newman, same address, owned 5 acres.
6. Thomas Newman, same address, owned 21 acres.
7. William Newman, same address, owned 9 acres.
8. Patk. J.M.D. Nicholls, address Belmont, Navan, owned 28 acres.
9. Christr. A. Nicholson, address Balrath, Burry, Kells, owned 7,693 acres. (?Bury)
10. Gilbert Nicholson, address Glenmore, Drogheda,
owned 493 acres.
11. Rev. Wm. Nicholson, address Wycombe, Newbury, Berks., owned 686 acres.
12. William N. Nicholson, address Balrath, Bury, Kells, owned 232 acres.
13. Mrs. Nixon, address Dublin, owned 84 acres.
14. Alexander C. Norman, address Rutland Square, Dublin, also owned 84 acres.
15. Thomas Lee Norman, address Corballis, Ardee, Co. Louth, owned 886 acres.
16. Edwd. M. Norris, Reps. of, address England, owned 171 acres.
17. C. E. Nugent, address Swanbourne, Winslow, England, owned 526 acres.
18. George Nugent, no address given, owned 1,013 acres.
19. Sir John Nugent, bart., Reps. of, no address given, owned 400 acres.
20. Lady Nugent, address Ballinlough Castle, owned 283 acres.
21. Richard Nugent, address 32, Charing Cross, London, SW, owned 211 acres.
22. Right Rev. Dr. Nulty, address Mullingar, owned 83 acres.
23. Edmond O'Beirne, address Headfort-place, Kells,
owned 52 acres.
24. James O'Brien, address Howth, Co. Dublin, owned 38 acres.
25. Jos. P. O'Brien, address Bonnianstown House, Duleek, Co. Meath, owned 127 acres.
26. Miss O'Brien, address Bennettstown, Dunboyne, owned 2 acres.
27. Denis O'Connor, address Corrig-av., Kingstown,
owned 287 acres.
28. Capt. George O'Connor, address Royal Artillery, 16th Brigade, India, owned 342 acres.
29. Edwd. More O'Ferrall, address Monasterevan,
owned 2,598 acres.
30. Right Hon. Richard More O'Ferrall, address Ballyna House, Enfield, owned 380 acres.
31. Arthur Ogle, no address given, owned 88 acres.
32. William A. Ogle, address England, owned 599 acres.
33. Mrs. M. O'Grady, no address given, owned 57 acres.
34. William O'Hara, address Dublin, owned 77 acres.
35. H. O'Leary, Reps. of, address Bachelor's-walk, Dublin, owned 24 acres.
36. Anthony O'Reilly, address Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, owned 138 acres.
37. Anthony O'Reilly, Reps. of, address Baltrasna, Oldcastle, owned 1,536 acres.
38. D. C. O'Reilly, address Boyne Lodge, Trim, owned 123 acres.
39. Edward O'Reilly, address Gregg's Navan, owned 446 acres. (Punct. as on index, ?poss. surname Gregg, in Navan).
40. Edwd. Sterling O'Reilly, address Woodfort House, Kingscourt, owned 91 acres.
41. Farrell O'Reilly, address Kilbeg, Carlanstown, Kells, owned 344 acres.
43. Hugh O'Reilly, Reps. of, address Rathaldron, Navan, owned 243 acres.
44. James W. O'Reilly, address 88, Lower Gardiner-st., Dublin, owned 5 acres.
45. John O'Reilly, address Moynalty, owned 266 acres.
46. Laurence O'Reilly, no address given, owned 176 acres.
47. Louisa O'Reilly, no address given, owned 46 acres.
48. Richard O'Reilly, address Sackville-street, Dublin, owned 704 acres.
49. Matt. O'Reilly-Dease, address Drogheda, Co. Louth, owned 184 acres.
50. Charles W. Osbourne, address Rosnaree Slane, owned 689 acres.
51. Francis C. Osbourne, address Smithstown, Julianstown, owned 717 acres.
52. Henry St. George Osbourne, address Dardistown Castle, Julianstown, owned 970 acres.
53. Mrs. Oswald, address Rathkeale, Co. Limerick, owned 1 acre.
54. Anne Owens, address Commons, Navan, owned 7 acres.
55. Christopher Palles, address Dublin, owned 353 acres.
56. William Palmer, address Dromahair, Co. Leitrim,
owned 130 acres.
57. Mrs. Eliza Patrick, no address given, owned 251 acres.
58. Rev. F. Patten, A.M., no address given, owned 148 acres.
59. George H. Pentland, address Blackhall, Termonfeckin, owned 457 acres.
60. Dr. Henry Pentland, address Maudlin-street, Kells, owned 33 acres.
61. Patrick Pentony, address Commons, Navan, owned 10 acres.
62. Thomas Pentony, address Platten, Co. Meath, owned 38 acres.
63. Blundell Pepper, address Lancashire, England,
owned 526 acres.
64. Thomas St. George Pepper, address Ballygarth Castle, Co. Meath, owned 1,884 acres.
65. William Perrin, address Northumberland, Dublin,
owned 11 acres.
66. William Pierce, address Clonycavan, Ballivor,
owned 296 acres.
67. George Plunkett, address Arrigal, Nobber, owned 110 acres.
68. James Plunkett, address Trim, owned 81 acres.
69. Jos. Plunkett, address Red Bog, Dunshaughlin, owned 21 acres.
70. Arthur Pollock, address 21s Fusileers, Hythe,
owned 848 acres.
71. Louisa Pollock, address Oatlands, Navan, owned 65 acres.
72. Maria Pollock, address Mountainstown, Navan,
owned 1,174 acres.
73. Rev. John Potterton, Reps. of, no address given,
owned 377 acres.
74. Thomas Potterton, address Moyrath, Kildalkey,
owned 966 acres.
75. William Potterton, address Kildalkey, owned 422 acres.
76. Nathaniel R. Powell, address Newtown Park, Blackrock, Co. Dublin, owned 182 acres.
77. Edwina Rebecca Pratt, no address given, owned 89 acres.
78. Mervyn Pratt, address Cabra Castle, Kingscourt,
owned 1,014 acres.
79. Rev. Arthur Preston, Reps of, address Kilmeague, Naas, Co. Kildare, owned 826 acres.
80. John Joseph Preston, address Bellinter, Navan,
owned 7,415 acres.
81. Nathaniel F. Preston, address Swainstown, Dunsany, Navan, owned 1,234 acres.
82. Hon. Thomas Preston, address Silverstream, Balbriggan, owned 166 acres.
83. Rev. Francis Purcell, address Tradley, Lichfield, England, owned 1,217 acres.
84. Henry Purdon, address Ballynakill, Enfield, owned 395 acres.
85. Philip E. Purdon, address Kilcooley, Trim, owned 63 acres.
86. Elizabeth Quinn, address Commons, Navan, owned 1 acre.
87. Sylvester Quinn, same address, owned 2 acres.
88. Edward Quirke, address Montebello, Newtown-avenue, Blackrock, owned 186 acres.
89. Henry Radcliff, address Meadsbrook, Duleek, Co. Meath, owned 405 acres.
90. John Radcliff, address Wilmount, Kells, owned 911 acres.
91. Thomas Radcliff, same address, owned 539 acres.
92. Michael Rafferty, address Ratoath, Ashbourne, Co. Meath, owned 22 acres.
93. "Dublin and Drogheda Railway Co.," address Amiens-street, Dublin, owned 463 acres.
94. "Dublin and Meath Railway Co.," address Broadstone, Dublin, owned 368 acres.
95. "Midland Great Western Railway Co." same address, owned 435 acres.
96. "Navan and Kingscourt Railway Co.," same address, owned 135 acres.
97. Henry Ramadge, address Clare-street, Dublin, owned 116 acres.
98. Smith Ramadge, address Woodhouse, Newry, owned 909 acres.
99. Henry T. Rathbourne, address Belturbet, Cavan,
owned 157 acres.
100. John Rathburne, address Annesbrook, Mullagh,
owned 217 acres.
101. Philip Read, address Co. Clare, owned 57 acres.
102. Thomas Reddy, address Commons, Duleek, owned 1 acre.
103. Edward Reeves, address Stephen's-green, South, Dublin, owned 28 acres.
104. Robert Reeves, address 17, Merrion-sq., East, Dublin, owned 252 acres.
105. Ignatius Reid, address Ballymacoll, Dunboyne, Co. Meath, owned 147 acres.
106. Anne Reilly, address Baskinagh, Kildalkey, owned 34 acres.
107. Charles Reilly, address Knockbrack, Co. Dublin,
owned 52 acres.
108. Farrell Reilly, address Kilbeg, Carolanstown,
owned 322 acres.
109. Mrs. Frances Reilly, address Mullingar, Westmeath, owned 204 acres.
110. Hugh Reilly, address Baskinagh, Kildalkey, owned 59 acres.
111. Luke Reilly, address Commons, Duleek, owned 3 acres.
112. Patrick Reilly, address Killeen, Dunshaughlin,
owned 2 acres.
113. Patrick Reilly, address Riggans, Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath, owned 95 acres.
114. Peter Reilly, address Peircetown, Kilcock, owned 146 acres. (Sp. as on index).
115. W.A.A. Reilly, no address given, owned 356 acres.
116. Mrs. Rennie, address Grangend Commons, Dunshaughlin, owned 63 acres.
117. Richard Reynell, address Killynan, Killucan,
owned 152 acres.
118. Samuel A. Reynell, address Archerstown, Killucan, owned 1,519 acres.
119. George W. Rich, no address given, owned 1,294 acres.
120. Mrs. Rippon, address Glenbawn, Co. Wicklow, owned 260 acres.
121. Thomas L. Roberts, address Dormstown, Navan,
owned 505 acres.
122. William H. Robinson, address Todd and Burns, Dublin, owned 129 acres.
123. Michael Rochford, address Kilcock, owned 89 acres.
124. Francis Rochfort, address Cunaghtown, Cullmullen, Dunshaughlin, owned 125 acres.
125. Joseph Roe, address Stokestown, Laracor, owned 32 acres.
126. Edward Rooney, address Sutherland, Ratoath, Co. Meath, owned 540 acres.
127. James Rooney, address Red Bog, Dunshaughlin, owned 2 acres.
128. Edward Rotheram, address Crossdrum, Oldcastle,
owned 5,046 acres.
129. George A. Rotheram, address Kilbride Castle, Trim, owned 262 acres.
130. George S. Rotheram, address Fairy Hill, Blackrock, owned 1,701 acres.
131. Morgan F. Rotheram, address Belview, Crossakiel, owned 725 acres.
132. Thomas Rothwell, address Rockfield, Kells, Co. Meath, owned 3,161 acres.
133. Col. Grey Rotten, no address given, owned 661 acres.
134. John Rotton, address Royal Artillery, Sheffield, owned 911 acres.
136. Henry Rowley, address Maperath, Kells, owned 684 acres.
137. Hon. H. L. Rowley, address Carlton Club, London, owned 1,492 acres.
138. Hon. Richard Rowley, no address given, owned 1,144 acres.
139. Standish G. Rowley, addrses Sylvan Park, Crossakeel, owned 1,165 acres.
140. Earl Russell, address 37, Chesham-pl., London, SW, owned 3,167 acres.
141. Mary Russell, address Fringestown, Navan, owned 164 acres.
142. Thomas Russell, address Thurstianstown, Slane,
owned 117 acres.
143. Mrs. Rutherford, address Mooretown, Ardee, also
owned 117 acres.
144. James Ryan, address Newtownmoyaghy, Kilcock, owned 50 acres.
145. R. F. Rynd, Reps. of, address Ryndville, Enfield, owned 1,426 acres.
146. Rev. Francis Sadlier, address Hyde Park, London, owned 518 acres.
147. Charles Sallary, address Platten, Drogheda, owned 41 acres.
148. Rev. Samuel Sandford, address Killdollary, Co. Cork, owned 14 acres.
149. Rev. J. W. Saunderson, address Killeshandra,
owned 324 acres.
150. Rev. Charles B. Scott, address Deansyard, Westminster, owned 1,390 acres.
151. William B. Scriver, address 33, Stephen's-green, North, Dublin, owned 70 acres.
152. George W. Shannon, address 17, Ormond-quay, Dublin, owned 3 acres.
153. Major Wm. Alex., Shaw, address Inch Ho., Balbriggan, owned 644 acres.
154. William J. A Shaw, address Travellers' Club, London, owned 1,673 acres.
155. Robert Sheel, address 19, Upper Sackville-st., Dublin, owned 56 acres.
156. Earl of Sheffield, address England, owned 1,085 acres.
157. Harriett Sheppard, Reps. of, no address given,
owned 85 acres.
158. Mrs. Sheppard, address Bettystown, Co. Meath,
owned 439 acres.

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