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County Meath: Landowners, Circa 1870s [INFORMATION ONLY - DO NOT REPLY]

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County Meath: Landowners, Circa 1870s [INFORMATION ONLY - DO NOT REPLY]

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Surnames: Johnston, Joly, Jones, Kavanagh, Kearney, Keating, Keeffe, Keirnan, Kellett, Kelly, Kenna, Kennedy, Kent, Keogh, Keoghan, Kiernan, Kimmins, King, Kingston, Kinshella, Knaggs, Ladley, Lambart, Landy, Langan, Langdale, Langford, Lansdowne, Larkin, Leathley, Lee, Leeson, Lefroy, Leinster, Leland, Lennon, Leonard, Leslie, Levinge, Levins, Lewis, Lightholder, Little, Littledale, Logan, Longfield, Loughran, Louth, Lube, Luby, Lusi, Lynch, Lyons, M'Ardle, M'Cabe, Macann, M'Cann
Abstracted from genealogy library reference book, the following individuals owned one or more acres of land in Co. Meath, Ireland, the latter part of the 1870s. Note, an unusual first or middle name may be a surname of a related family.

1. Eliza M. Johnston, address Wanestown, Dunsany, Navan, owned 1,503 acres.
2. Mrs. Johnston, address Parc-na-Grier, Loughlinstown, Co. Dublin, owned 72 acres.
3. Mrs. Johnston, no address given, owned 30 acres.
4. Jasper R. Joly, address 38, Rathmines-road, Co. Dublin, owned 1,346 acres.
5. Gilbert P. Jones, address Bellvue, Clifton, England, owned 975 acres.
6. John C. Jones, address Naher, Belturbet, owned 479 acres.
7. Patrick Jones, address Trim, owned 297 acres.
8. Theobald Jones, address 22, Leeson-st., Dublin,
owned 216 acres.
9. Catherine Kavanagh, address Commons, Navan, owed 7 acres.
10. George Kavanagh, address Kingstown, owned 286 acres.
11. Patrick Kavanagh, address Commons, Navan, owned 9 acres.
12. Mrs. Thos. Kavanagh, same address, owned 13 acres.
13. Patrick J. Kearney, address Miltown House, Clonmellon, Co. Meath, owned 2,374 acres.
14. Thomas Kearney, address Wallerstown, Moynalty, owned 8 acres.
15. Geo. Keating, Reps. of, address Dublin, owned 253 acres.
16. Marcus Keeffe, address Laracor, owned 7 acres.
17. Nicholas Keiran, address Eccles-street, Dublin,
owned 33 acres.
18. John Kellett, address Ballynadrimna, Kildalkey,
owned 180 acres.
19. Richard Kellett, address Ballynakill, Enfield,
owned 390 acres.
20. Rich. Kellett, Reps. of, address Barleyhill, Kingscourt, owned 760 acres.
21. Eleanor Kelly, address Clontarf, Co. Dublin, owned 117 acres.
22. Francis James Kelly, address Thomastown, Duleek,
owned 146 acres.
23. Mrs. Margaret Kelly, address Painestown, Navan,
owned 115 acres.
24. Margaret M. Kelly, address Rathmullan, Drogheda,
owned 134 acres.
25. Maria Kelly, address Seneschalstown, Slane, owned 457 acres.
26. Martin Kelly, address Greenogue, Ashbourne, Co. Meath, owned 7 acres.
27. Patrick Kenna, address Larch Hill, Kilcock, owned 730 acres.
28. Bryan Kennedy, address Rathcore, Enfield, owned 293 acres.
29. Patrick Kennedy, no address given, owned 936 acres.
30. Bryan Kennedy, address Rathcore, Enfield, owned 293 acres.
31. Patrick Kennedy, no address given, owned 936 acres.
32. Patrick J. Kennedy, address Dunboyne Castle, Dunboyne, owned 330 acres.
33. Richard Kennedy, address Drogheda, owned 17 acres.
34. Thomas Kennedy, address The Mills, Trim, owned 417 acres.
35. William J. Kent, address Trommon, Rathmolyon,
owned 103 acres.
36. Catherine E. Keogh, address Turner's Buildings, 43, Upper Rathmines, Dublin, owned 604 acres.
37. George Keogh, address 50, Westland-row, Dublin,
owned 491 acres.
38. Mary Anne Keogh, address Turner's Buildings, 43, Upper Rathmines, Dublin, owned 250 acres.
39. Thomas Keogh, address 3, White's-lane, South, Burgh-quay, Dublin, owned 147 acres.
40. Patrick Keoghan, address Knockumber, Navan, owned 7 acres.
41. Francis Kiernan, address Ballynadrimna, Kildalkey, owned 216 acres.
42. Henry Kimmins, address Dublin, owned 100 acres.
43. Bryan King, address Kilmurry, Trim, owned 125 acres.
44. Margaret King, address Crickstown, Ashbourne, Co. Meath, owned 188 acres.
45. Mrs. Jane Kingston, no address given, owned 1,166 acres.
46. John Kinshella, address Peldonstown, Navan, owned 445 acres.
47. Laurence Kinshella, address Knockharley, Navan,
owned 458 acres.
48. George Knaggs, address West-street, Drogheda, owned 22 acres.
49. Essy Ladley, address Kilmainham, Kells, owned 81 acres.
50. Gustavus W. Lambart, address Beauparc, Slane,
owned 512 acres.
51. Bridget Landy, address Crickstown, Ashbourne, Co. Meath, owned 14 acres.
52. Kate Landy, address Westfield Cottage, Kells, owned 66 acres.
53. Frederick H. Langan, address Mount Heavy, Hill of Down, owned 929 acres.
54. John Langan, address Bartramstown, Ardcath, owned 88 acres.
55. Mrs. Langan, address Bellewstown, Co. Meath, owned 5 acres.
56. Richard Langan, address Bellewstown, owned 240 acres.
57. Robert Langan, address Kiltale, Dunsany, Navan,
owned 74 acres.
58. Charles Langdale, address The Abbey, Celbridge,
owned 486 acres.
59. Lord Langford, address Summer-hill Castle, Summer-hill, co. Meath, owned 2,231 acres.
60. Marquis of Lansdowne, address Berkeley Square, London, W., owned 12,995 acres.
61. Philip Larkin, address Red Bog, Dunshauglin, owned 1 acre.
62. Rev. J. F. Leathley, no address given, owned 157 acres.
63. Thomas Lee, address Kildare, owned 269 acres.
64. Hon. Robert Leeson, address England, owned 82 acres.
65. Sir William Leeson, address London, owned 252 acres.
66. Mrs. Lefroy, address Dublin, owned 773 acres.
67. Duke of Leinster, address Carton, Maynooth,
owned 1,044 acres.
68. Francis W. Leland, address Beltichburne, Drogheda, owned 239 acres.
69. Charles Lennon, address Newcastle, Enfield, owned 266 acres.
70. John Leonard, address 27, Rutland-sq., North, Dublin, owned 694 acres.
71. Richard Leonard, address Kilmore, Co. Meath, owned 210 acres.
72. John Leslie, address Glasslough, Monaghan, owned 2,344 acres.
73. Anne Levinge, no address given, owned 446 acres.
74. Marcus H. Levinige, address Enniscoffey, Milltown pass owned 421 acres.
75. Thomas N. Levins, address Newtown, Bellewstown,
owned 105 acres.
76. Harvey John Lewis, address 24 Grovenor-sq., London, owned 90 acres.
77. Henry O. Lewis, address Inniskeen, Co. Monaghan,
owned 173 acres.
78. George Lightholder, address Knockumber, Navan,
owned 10 acres.
79. Hon. Judge Little, address New Brighton, Monkstown, owned 437 acres.
80. W. F. Littledale, address 3, Sydenham Villas, Bray, owned 12 acres.
81. "Local Government Board," address Custom House, Dublin, owned 52 acres.
82. Nicholas R. Logan, address Smithstown, Dunshaughlin, owned 294 acres.
83. Wm. and Thos. Longfield, address Ashgrove, Queenstown, Co. Cork, owned 975 acres.
84. Mary Loughran, address Gaskinstown, Duleek, owned 2 acres.
85. Pat and John Loughran, same address, owned 1 acre.
86. Lady Louth, address Louth Hall, Ardee, Co. Louth, owned 161 acres.
87. William F. Lube, address 30, Mountjoy-square, East, Dublin, owned 130 acres.
88. John Henry Luby, address Lake View, Kingscourt,
owned 497 acres.
89. Countess Lusi, no address given, owned 555 acres.
90. David Lynch, address Belphere, Tara, Navan, Co. Meath, owned 64 acres.
91. Miss Lynch, same address, owned 26 acres.
92. Philip J. Lynch, address 14, Suffolk-st., Dublin, owned 346 acres.
93. Thomas J. Lynch, address Belphere, Tara, Navan, Co. Meath, owned 75 acres.
94. Thomas R. Lynch, addrss Headfort-place, Kells,
owned 122 acres.
95. John C. Lyons, address Leddistown, Mullingar,
owned 397 acres.
96. Eliza M'Ardle, no address given, owned 74 acres.
97. James M'Ardle, address Commons, Navan, owned 1 acre.
98. John M'Ardle, same address, owned 2 acres.
99. Bryan J. M'Cabe, address Doghty, Ratoath, Co. Meath, owned 56 acres.
100. Felix M'Cabe, address Kingstown, Co. Dublin, owned 26 acres.
101. James Macann, Reps. of, address Drogheda, owned 1,072 acres.
102. James M'Cann, address Castlemartin, Navan, owned 676 acres.
103. John M'Cann, address Beaumont, Duleek, owned 73 acres.
104. Joseph M'Cann, address Herberton, Blackrock, Co. Dublin, owned 276 acres.

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