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One Great Family

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One Great Family

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I complained about them to the Better Business Bureau for ages no response then the response below. I find them very unprofessional in their dealings with customers and in my book if I am not happy and did not want to use the service they should be up front and refund my money.

'We are sorry to hear that the customer is dissatisfied, but our terms and conditions are very clear and contrary to what the customer has claimed we are not in the business of ripping people off. We provide a 7-day, no-obligation free trial to allow customers to try out our service. They are free to cancel the service at any time and can do so automatically on our website. By signing up for the ANNUAL subscription option, this customer saved $100.00 over the normal MONTHLY subscription rate of $14.95.
We did not force the customer to select the ANNUAL subscription but she did so freely at her own choice. If she had truly read our terms and conditions prior to registering her account she would have been clearly aware of our terms and conditions.
Much like signing up for an extended magazine subscription, customer's receive a significant discount off the 'newsstand' price. Likewise, if a person sign's up for cable TV but never turns on their television, you would not expect the cable company to issue a refund.
Bottom line is that we understand that our service does not meet everyone's needs and that our service will not be of benefit to all people but we do in fact have thousands of active subscribers who are very happy with the service and we believe that our service, for those who value it, is unique and very beneficial to committed genealogists.
If we were in business to just rip people off than I don't think we would have stayed in business for the past ten years nor survived in the current economy. We have gone ahead and added 3 free months of service to the customer's account. The customer will now have access until 10/31/2012
We would more than happy to provide any assistance to the customer during this time to try and change her current perception and have individual's here that would be most happy to do so.
Our customer service can be reached at 877-643-8733.
Thank you
06/04/2012 BB EMAIL Forward Business response to Consumer
06/05/2012 WEB BBB RECEIVED CONSUMER REBUTTAL : (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I may have signed up for the trial but the site is of no use to my research and it was not obvious what I had to do to make sure I cancelled and they did not take my money again. When they took it there was no warning, an email would have been a good way to prove they are above board and honest in their intentions. It would have prompted me to take a action and stop money being taken. I am not alone, many others have posted on websites such as Ancestry about their own experiences and having money taken without consent. I found the service of no use to me and in my book that means you should not have to pay for something you don't and won't use. If they are so above board let them prove it by refunding my money. Any company worth a good reputation makes sure it's customers are happy and treated properly. Hiding behind a complication cancellation process and then refusing to refund a customer their money does not earn them a good reputation. Personal recommendation goes a long way as does good will. If they are proud of their company and the service they provide they would not be afraid of giving me a refund and I would then report that I had a positive experience. The service is nothing like magasine subscription or cable tv it is veiled and there are hidden penalties and if you are not careful you will be caught out and be on the loosing side. They have provided me with NOTHING and have obtained money by stealth and tried to make out I am the bad guy. Some people may value their service but I do not
I find the way I have been treated very unprofessional and not at all business like. It has become a personal thing them against me. I know something about customer care and on the courses I have been on it is always important to make sure the customer is happy. It should be 'sorry you don't want to use our site and we will of course refund your money as this was all a big misunderstanding' after all if they have so many satisfied customer paying up freely and happily why would it hurt to give little old stupid me my money back. I supose I should congratulate them for finding a way of getting people to fall into their trap.In great Britain if you sign up for a loan or cable tv there are things called 'cooling off' periods which give you chance to change your mind just before the end of the period you are reminded. Now that is what I call honest and above board no small print to trip you up.
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