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Zurga, Žurga, Zarga

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Zurga, Žurga, Zarga

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Surnames: Zurga, Žurga, Zarga, Zarraga, Sarraga

Zurga, Žurga, Zarga

Names can be traced back to name Zarraga.
Family name Zarraga is of Jewish - Sephardic medieval tradition.

It's roots are in Marocco (Town Dar Ben Zarga),

With coming to Iberian penisula , name was written mostly as Zarraga (also Saragga/Sarraga/Saraga - region Laredo, Spain).

On March 31, 1492 - The Edict of Expulsion of the Jews was signed by Ferdinand and Isabella. Spanish inquisition expelled Jews from Spain and Portugal.

In other parts of Europe name transcription addopted to new homeland in the way to preserve original vocal pronunciation : Sirge, Sierge (Germany), England (Zurga), Zarga (Hungary), Zurga, Surga, Shurga (Bosnia), Žurga (Slovenia). (In Hungary this surname is still there today , but is not from that region by it's origin.There was strong jewish community in Hungary , but today much is forgotten , because holokaust wiped out people and much of heitage. (For example name Varga (today in Hungary and Slovenia) comes from sephardic name Vargas.) In Croatia name Žurga spread from town Čabar near Slovenian border.. Unlike Croatia , where was much hatered toward Jews from croatian Ustaši (deportation of Banja Luka and other Bosnian Jews to Jasenovac nazi camp), there were places also in Europe , where Jews could settle in peacefully, but usually in communities , where there were no synagogues and were not chased. During turbulent time in Bosnia (18/19 ct. pravoslav pressure on Jewish well organised communities), families found new home in Slovenia, America,...

With time, names blended in with local names of certain region, especially under pressure of political unrest.

With time ancertry was forgotten also.

Sephardic Jews, those who originated in Spain, first began using hereditary surnames in the 1500s. The Arab and Spanish cultures were the two major influences on Sephardic surnames. Spain was under Moorish Moslem rule from the 700s to the 1200s, and Jewish family names developed under the influence of Arab custom. After the Arabs were driven out of Spain, Jews made their Arabic-sounding names sound more like Spanish.
After the Inquisition (at the end of the 15th century and throughout the 16th ) Sephardic Jews immigrated from Iberian peninsula to other countries, and their surnames came to fit the language and culture of their new homelands: Greece, Italy, Holland, France, England, Germany, Hungary, Bosnia …Throughout the medieval period in Europe, the Sephards were treated as elites among Jews. They had education and often great wealth. They traditionally had big families.
From the arrival of twenty-three Jews in the New World in 1654 (book: A New Promised Land: A History of Jews in America), the biggest number of Jews immigrated to America in so called Century of immigration :1820 – 1924.
Under the threat of nazi pressure Jews also immigrated from European counties to America (South America, US), Australia, ...
During WWII from about nine million Jews who had resided in Europe before the Holocaust, approximately two-thirds were killed.

To research ancestry also DNA testing is available today.
It shows specific y chromosome to person with sephardic heritage.

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