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FYI: Jan. 1897 Chickasaw citizenship cases

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FYI: Jan. 1897 Chickasaw citizenship cases

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The Daily Ardmoreite
First published in Ardmore, Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, now published in Ardmore, Carter County, Oklahoma.

January 24, 1897

Chickasaw Citizens
Admitted and Rejected Applicants for Citizenship as Officially Reported by the Dawes Commission

Fanny Moore Case
The Dawes commission in deciding this case, admits 17 persons, as given below, but do not say whether they are citizens by blood or adoption; simply admits those who were admitted by the Chickasaw District Court, July 23, 1884, and those born since their admission, and those whom they admit have intermarried since July 23, 1884.
John S. Layman
Gladis Layman
Mary Pack
Harvey B. Moore
Wyatt Moore
Mary Hamlet, nee Chapel
Charles E. Parker
D. A. Parker
Minnie Chapel
Lillian Womack, nee Layman
John F. Moore
Alfred Morron (Moran?)
Fred Moore
Elizabeth Parker nee Chapel
Adgenes G. Parker
Wesley Beem
F. A. Beavers

Intermarried Citizens
C. E. Adkins
J. W. Archard, sr.
J. W. Archard, jr.
Penie Archard
W. V. (Red) Alexander
J. E. C. Albright
J. C. Bradshaw
T. S. parker
B. N. Bynum
Charles A. Burns
W. P. Bradley
E. H. Bounds
S. T. Bishop
O. S. Bailey
F. E. Barker
Dora Bethoe
Abel D. Chase
Newton H. Casey
Minnie Christian
Joe Cawdell
Lee Cruce
Lorena Colbert
James Oleonner
Charles E. Casteele
Henry Conrady
Mattie Z. Colbert
Jno. H. Cornish
Nettie R. Colbert
James Daniels
L. D. Dickerson
Sallie Duncan
James Doak
A. B. Dennis
J. M. Dorchester
T. H. East
Mary Ellis
E. Ann Evans
F. M. Fox
J. M. F. Tyhugh
Columbus Feland
J. E. Biggons
Sadie Goldsby
Mary Greenwood
T. M. Graham
Charles Goode
G. M. D. Holdford
Mary I. James
J. P. Jones
Frank Jones
W. G. Jordon
Charles L. Jones
Oliver L. King
W. S. Keys
Pear Kell
Perry N. Keer
W. F. Lancaster
B. F. Lillard
E. W. Lester
G. P. Laughlin
James Left wick (Leftwich)
Amanda J. Love
A. H. Law
Clay McCoy
Dave Mays
Charles S. Maupin
Joe F. Myers
E. M. Moore
J. C. Miller
E. E. Merchant
Selden Lallimer
J. C. Womack
Lee Norton
N. H. Norman
Jno. L. Noland
Haynes Nelms
Dora Phillips

Boy Pybus
Mary J. Patterson
C. C. Passmore
Charles Patterson
S. J. Reynolds
H. L. Ray
G. A. Ramsey
Z. W. Raines
W. C. Randolph
Jane Reynolds
C. A. Reynolds
James F. Ross
J. P. Scott
C. W. Seay
Frank Standifer
C. A. Skeen
William F. Siefliad
J. B. Sparks
O. E. Scoby
W. T. Shannon
J. R. Shannon
J. W. Sparks
George W. Sparks
Zula S. Story
J. W. Thompson
B. S. Trentham
Mrs. R. Turnbull
B. J. Vaughn (Vaughn)
R. C. Wiggs
Lilly L. Wilson
G. W. Wallthall
J. C. Washington
N. B Woolsey
J. C. Washington
N. B. Woolsey
Emma Wilson
G. W. Watkins (George Washington Wadkins/Watkins)
Sarah L. Waite
William G. Wallace
J. W. Weaver
S. L. Williams
James I yancy.

I, Richard McLish, as secretary for the Chickasaw commission on citizenship cases before the Dawes commission, certify that he above list and decisions are correct and exact copies of the judgment rendered in said cases for citizenship by the Dawes commission.
Respectfully submitted,
Richard McLish,
Sec. Chickasaw Commission
January 5, 1897

As Chickasaw Citizens by Blood.
Where a * appears in front of the name, the children are also admitted.

*Mrs. J. W. Archard, jr.
* Mrs. Penie Archard
Lucy Anglin, * Annie May Anglin
T. S. Burk’s children
*Mrs. B. M. Bynum
Mollie and Annie Burns, children of W. P. and Tevana Bradley
Frankl Colbert, Clara Hicks, Ernest, Nellie and Homer Bradley
Mrs. O. S. Bailey
* Mrs. F. E. Baker
* Vesta Buttah
* Ed Christian, by Mintie Christian
Mrs. N. H. Casey
Jay Cowdell
Chickie and Lorena Cruce
* Joe E. Colbert by Lorena Colbert
Clo Inez Costello
(Martin Colbert, Mattie Z. Colbert, Lula E. Doak
Cecil Ray Dickerson
*Mrs. A. B . Dennis
Susie Carter and Pocahontus Edwards
Sallie Fox
Lovie Lee Fitzhugh
*Mrs. Columbus Feland
*Mrs. James Gibbon
*John E. Goldsby by Sadie Goldsby
*Mrs. Charles Good
*W. H. Jamses by Mary L. James
Hettie Laura Jones
*Mrs. Frank Jones
Robert, Oliver, and Lou May King,
Ella Keys
Lock Harte Kerr (Lockhart?)
*Minnie C. Leftwick (Minnie C. Leftwich)
Margaret Law, daughter of A. H. Law
*Mrs. Dave Mays
*Ella McSwain, Harry, Minnie and Bessie McSwain
*Bell Mc Sawain
Cla Mayers
Jesie E. Moore
*Mrs. J. C. Miller
*Mrs. Boy Pybus
James Patterson
Robert Potts
Lillie Rains
Mattie Love Randolph
*Mrs. Charles A. Reynolds
Jospeh Ross
*William F. Suffraid
Nellie Gaines Sparks
Mrs. W. T. Shannon
Nona Shannon
Cythia Sparks
Mrs. George W. Sparks
Frank Criner
Charles W. Thompson
Richard Turnbull
Edward A., Grover C., Benjamin C. and Oscar S. Vaughn, children of F. and Emily Vaughn
John D. Wilson by Lilly L. Wilson
Children of George W. Walthall
Jeremiah (Jeremiah( and Russell Love Washington
Children of Emma Wilson
*Mrs. George Watkins
*Mrs. G. Wallace
*Mrs. S. L. Williams


Alfred Alred
Sally Alred
Laben Alred
Malen Alred
Caledonia Alred
Lee Alred et al
Alson Alred
Martah A. Archard
Sarah Archard
Dennis Allen et al
Ada Alison et al
J. Anderson et al
William Arnold et al
Martha Armstrong
G. D. Arnold et al
M. E. O, D. Burt
S. W. Leslie
R. A. Alexander
Lottie Albright
Lycurgus F. Byrd
Delbert L. Byrd
Maryann Byrd
Louisa Block (there is ‘nee Fooy et al’ between Byrd and Block)
J. H. Brown et al
N. L. Bradley
Blanch Bradley
Nancyann Butler
B. E. W. Georgie
Fannie Guy
Louise Bounds
R. J. Barnett et all
Wilson Batwsell
S. M. Ball et al
Oscar Casey
Mrs. J. C. Calhoun
M. D. Carson
E. S. Conway
L. Stephenson
E. Cannon et al (there is “nee Colbert et al’ between Cannon and Stephenson)
Blair D. Cook et al
Lela Cornish
Anna Cornish
J. Christian et al
S. Chynotubby
W. Colbert
J. C. Decker
Mrs. Duncan
*Martha Dulin (Doolin?)
Luther Donis et al
Laura Doak nee Stpehens
W. E. Ellis
Celie Ellis et al
E. J. Edwards et al
Ann Evans
G. W. Fisher et al
P. E. Fish
Mrs. A. C. Flethcer
Nannie Fitzhugh
W. C. Kate (there is ‘nee Jones’ between Fitzhugh and Kate)
Bettie Mamie
Calvin Fitzhugh
Polly Finn et al
Rose Goldsmith
Henry Goldsmith
Ella Graves
D. F. Goodwin et al
M. Goos et al
Albertha Horton nee Byrd
A. B. Hill et al
A. J.. Hamilton
W. G Howard et al
C. C. Hooks et al
E. hill et al
S. Howard et al
A. h. Agnes
Ina Holdford (Holford?)
F. O. Holford
J. P. Holder et al
Dora Harris
James Ivey et al
u. S. Jonis et al
A. Johnson
J. Johnson et al
Susan Jester
C. Jenkins/Jinkins et al
Sarah Jones et al
Sarah Johnson
Sallie Lewis
Mark B. Lewis
J. M. Laxton
J. H. Lee
J. H. Lee et al
j. J. Lewis et al
Derriett C. Lee
Mary L. lee
Jessie W. lee
D. C. Lee
Ben F. Lee
Bettie Ligon
Mrs. S. F. Monks
Walker Martin
Mary Martin
Alfred Wood
Robert Morgan
C. J. McKinney
Mary Jane Moore
Jno. R. may
David McDuffey
James M. Moore
Callin Newberry
Mason Newberry
William Newby
Andy Orr
Baring Priest
Sarah palmer et al
Bridie Nichols
Smith Paul
W. R. Pittman
Caledonia Phillips
Eliza Peery
Mary L. Rider et al
A. B. Roff et al
J. W. Ragland
Julia Springer
Mary L. Steff
John Sartin
Thomas Stephenson
James F. Shields
Sally Sims
George Varner
J. R. Tinney et al
Marion Williams
Harvey Webb
Manuel Williams
H. Williams et al
John Wilson et al
Susan Yocubby
Goranita Mczkinney et al
Millie Maines et al
James Furgeson Phillips et al
N. H. Norman for his wife and children
Nancy V. Pearson et al
Minerva Powell et al
W. L. Poons et al
Charles Palmer et al
Althea Paul and Samuel Paul
W. B. Perkins et al
George W. Phillips for his children
Emma and Marian Packard
Samuel L. Reynolds and his children, Charles S., Marian E., and Anna Laura Reynolds

Sarah E. Ralston et al
Mary Elizabeth Stinnett et al
Cleine Clay Stinnett et al
Mary A. Shanks et al
Mary E. Swinney et al
May, George C. and Clifford Sparks
Annie E. Stamphill et al
Martha A. Stillwell et al
Georgian Stephenson et al
W. R. Story, Cleo, Raymond, Ada and Ola Story
William C. Strickland et al
James K. Strickland
Williamd M. Richard Vand
James Thomason et al
Amanda E. Vinyard
Tennessee Vaughn, freedman
Richard C. Wiggs for Josie and Mary Eda Wiggs, his wife and daughter
William M. Perry Thompson
Eliza Walker et al
Elizara J. Wood et al
Bell P. Woolsey and her children, Bertha B. and Napoleon B. Woolsey jr.
Aranow Woody, John L. Woody jr.
Hannah Wilson et al, wife of John D. Wilson
James Blessingame et at
William h. Burch et al
W. J. Bundick et al
Susie Clark et al (Choctaw)
Pardie Clark, Negro
Katie Duncan,her children, her husband and Otis Priddey, her brother
Mary Dorchester nee Minor and her child Mack
May, Fannie, and Charles M. Dorchester
Fred Evans and his children if any by Elizabeth Ann Evans
Sarah Hughes et al
J. W. F. Howard et al
Nellie Worley/Wortey and Annie James
Sibbyor Harriet White et al
Nanie Wadkins and her children, Alamarine, Robert, Grant, Ben T., and William Wadkins, children of William Rankin Wadkins, dead (in 1894)
J. C. Washington for Lou Cross, his wife and George and Rosella, his two children by Lou Cross
Mrs. M A. Hunt et al
J. L. Hargroves et al
Joseph Igianchutubby
James W. Journeyman, et al
Charles L. Jones for his wife and children
Oliver L. King for benefit of Lula King et al
Amanda Kirk for Jno. R. Kirk
Joe Nituchacha Love
Mary E., Bertha, Ann and Nancy A. Laughlin
M. E. Lan, Sue E., Albert H., Kate B., and Charles H. Lan
S. P. Montgomery

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