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Ringling Eagle 1922 Some Items

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Ringling Eagle 1922 Some Items

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The Ringling Eagle
Ringling, Jefferson County, Oklahoma

Some Items

Thursday, January 5, 1922

Charley Bradford
CHARLEY BRADFORD, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. BRADFORD, died at his fathers house near Ringling last Saturday after a brief illness. He has been afflicted a long time with asthma, which was no doubt the indirect cause of his death. He was a good man, devoted to his parents…. He was baptized into the Christian Church about five years ago. His remains were laid to rest in the Cornish Cemetery on Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. Suitor Dies at Prairie Pump Station
Mrs. HODNEY SUITOR died Friday at the Prairie Pump Station three miles east of Ringling. Mrs. Suitor was the wife of an employee of the Prairie Pipe Line Company and had resided at the station for only a few months. She died suddenly from blood poison. Her remains were laid to rest in the Ardmore Cemetery on Saturday where they were accompanied by friends and neighbors from this section. A husband and three children are left to mourn her loss. REV. A. E. WATFORD, pastor of the M. E. Church here, administered the funeral rites at the gravesite.

Old Folks Remembered
Mr. and Mrs. GEORGE W. RACHELL, our good friends and neighbors of Cornish, are well in the lead for good things for Christmas gifts. From their daughters, MRS. CALLIE KIRKLAND, MRS. PEARL LEVERETTE, MRS. ABBIE LEVERETTE and granddaughter EUNICE PHILLIPS, all of whom live in Muskogee, came boxes and packages filled with clothing, shoes, Christmas eats, past numbering. MRS. WILLIE RACHELL, their daughter-in-law, presented them with a fine cured ham. To make their pleasure complete, MRS. R. L. MAY prepared for them and other relatives an abundant Christmas dinner.

Three Hogs Make Big Returns
W. S. GILLEY reports to the Eagle that he killed three hogs last week that make him 1000 pounds of meat and 54 gallons of lard. Mr. Gilley is not in the livestock business but grew the hogs on the scraps and leavings from his table with bran and chops added.

Mrs. Evans Entertains
One Tuesday night, MRS. J. L. EVANS entertained a large number of her young friends. MISSES REED, who are attending school here, were central to the Mrs. Evans’ program. The rooms were beautifully and fitting decorated for the occasion… MRS. FLOYCE RATTAN assisted the hostess.

Mrs. CHARLES E. GARRETT Entertains
MISS MONTIE JACKSON and MISS MARGARETTE BOTES were favored Tuesday night by an entertainment in their home given at her home by MRS. CHARLES E. GARRETT. Elaborate plans were tastefully planned and carried out with Christmas amusements and dainty refreshments. MISS JACKSON and MISS BOTES reside in Ardmore but have lived in Cornish and Ringling. They returned to Ringling to spend part of the holiday with friends and former school mates.

Local News Items

W. S. BILLINGSLEY of Madill, formerly of Ringling, was among the visitors this week.

Professor and Mrs. J. B. MONICAL and son LEWIS of Loco were Ringling visitors during the holidays.

MISS EUNICE LONG arrived in Ringling Sunday from Durant where she visited with home folks.

The Eagle acknowledges this week a New Year’s gift in the form of a year’s subscription form N. G. JACKSON, formerly an officer of the First National Bank of Ringling, now at Floydada, Texas. Mr. Jackson reports dry weather in his country but the wheat is still growing.

W. B. HUTTON of Tulsa is visiting his sister, MRS. C. A. CULBERTSON, who resides near Ringling. The brother and sister had not visited in 26 years and this Christmas is the first one they have spent together in 35 years. Mr. Hutton is 74 years old and will spend the winter here.

DR. PAUL HENDRIX and Q. M. SPRADLING were in Loco on business last week.

ORVILLE FISH returned to his studies at Abilene Christian College at Abilene, Texas.

MISS OMA CORNISH and MISS GRACE CORNISH spent Christmas with relatives in Oklahoma City.

S. T. MORGAN, L. S. DENNIS, and FRANK CRAWFORD, postmaster of Grady, were Ringling visitors Sunday.

DRE. L. B. SUTHERLAND has moved to Wilson and will take charge of the Wilson Sanitarium.

RILEY HOGAN and D. F. SPRADLING motored to Peter’s Ridge, a new oil town in Garvin County.

W. L. HILTON and family of Ardmore spent several days last week visiting in Ringling and Loco.

EARL ADAMS of the City Drug Store was in Oklahoma City on business.

ERNEST HALL of Tucumcari, New Mexico, spent Tuesday with the BRYAN family in Ringling.

MRS. M. CARR was baptized in the Christian Church on Sunday night.

REV. W. J. STEWART of Walters, formerly presiding elder of Ardmore district, was in Ringling Saturday.

The Sunbeams will present ‘Mother Goose Village Missionary Meeting,’ a nice little play, at the Baptist Church next Sunday at 8 p.m.

MRS. G. M. FORD spent last weekend with her sister in Wynnewood.


Following a short but pleasant vacation with home folks at Amity, Arkansas, MISS OLIVIA TEAGUE answered roll call Monday morning and took up the school work.

MISS DOROTHY YOUNG returned from the cooler climate of Enid and settled down at Ringling for the rest of the winter with classes.

A. C. SPANNEGAL and W. E. SPANNEGAL and families of Randlett visited with I. HARMON family during the holiday. They are old friends.

Professor and Mrs. S. L. STEALEY, who spent the holidays with relatives at Wynnewood and Oklahoma City, are back in Ringling.

MRS. W. H. HURST and granddaughters, ELIZABETH and LOUISE BOWRING, have returned from their visit with relatives in Norman and are with MRS. HURST’s sister, MRS. N. A DULANEY, this week.

MISS BERNICE DULANEY, one of our home teachers who has held a position in the Ringling school for six years, visited friends in Healdton during the holidays.

C. M. WOOTEN and family moved to Ringling Saturday from Pike and Mr. Wooten will take charge of the ALLEN Wagon Yard.

MISS HATTIE LANCE returned Sunday from her holiday visit with friends in Lawton.

C. W. RAMSEY and J. L. EVANS, who own and operate the Liberty Café at Peter’s Ridge in the new Garvin County oil field, were in Saturday winding up some unfinished business here.

Professor and Mrs. D. E. ROLLER returned Sunday from Chickasha where they visited during the holidays.

RICHARD HOGAN, who has been holding a position with W. R. HARRIS, left for Dallas where he will find employment.

Car tools found. For more information, see Q.M. SPRADLING at the Eagle Office.

Our good friend, J.H. GILLISPIE, will open a restaurant at Dillard next week while Mrs. GILLISPIE will conduct a rooming house in Wilson. They are not selling their home in Ringling.

G. T. GARDNER and son, THOMAS, paid the Eagle office a pleasant call Saturday.

MISS BONNIE TURNER returned to her studies at Edmond where she is taking the teacher training course.

C. C. GRIGGS and family of Comanche moved to Ringling last week where they will now make their home. Mr. Griggs will function as enforcement officer.

MISS VELMA ELLIOTT, MISS EDNA DRISKILL and WILLIAM RIDDLE came in Sunday afternoon from Ada where they visited friends and home folks.

For Insurance, call Phone 7, HARPER & ROFF.

Ringling Mattress Factory, G. M. SEHORNE, proprietor.

JOHN R. DULANEY, who holds a position in Duncan, spent the holidays with his mother and sister in Ringling.

MRS. LARUA CARTER was on time for the opening of school after she spent her holidays in Cheyenne.

MISS JUHRE ROBBERSON spent a few days of the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. ROBBERSON.

MISS JOSEPHINE WAINSCOTT returned from her Texas home and was at her teacher’s desk Monday morning.

MISS JEANNE NICHOLAS called the 2nd and 3rd grade pupils of the Cornish school to order in due time Monday morning after her vacation with home folks in Snyder.

Thursday, January 12, 1922

Z. T. REED Crossed the River
A. T. REED, father of O. A. REED and C. Z. REED of this place, quietly passed away January 6, 1922 at the Hardy Sanitarium in Ardmore at the age of 74 years. MR. REED had bee very feeble for several months, and in order that he might have proper medical attention, he was taken to the Hardy Sanitarium. Mr. Reed was born in Nixon, Tennessee, moved to Texas in 1898 and a few years ago, came to Oklahoma to live with his son O. A. at Ringling. He was a devoted Christian and delighted to talk about his home o the other side of the river of death. For 58 years, he was a member of the Methodist Church. He leaves six children and many grandchildren to mourn his loss.

Mrs. Bertha McDonald and A. Stotts, both residents of Ringling for several years, were united in marriage at Wilson on the 5th day of this month. Mrs. McDonald was formerly a member of the Kidwell Mercantile Company, but sold her interests several weeks ago. Mr. Stotts was marshal of Ringling in her early days and deputy sheriff. They will make their home in Sherman, Texas.

MISS EDNA HART and JESS STANLEY of Wirt were happily married in Ringling on Saturday morning, REV. M. A. COOK, officiating.

MISS BUSTER Entertains
MISS GALA BUSTER entertained in her home Wednesday evening with a ‘kid party,’ the guests present being arrayed in fine imitation of Penrod and Marjory. … Present were: MISSES TEAGUE, FURGESON, DRISKILL, ELLIOT, INEZ ORRF, ANNA ROFF, DULANEY, YOUNG, LONG, BUSTER, STEELE and MESSRS. SPRADLING, HANNA, RIDDLE, PEDERSON, ROBERTS, EVANS, WILSON, ROFF, MCCRORY, CORNISH, MORISON, and BUSTER.

Office Candidates
G. M. BENTON for Tax Assessor
MRS. ORA TROLLINGER for County Clerk
R. B. ‘UNCLE BOB’ TRICE for Sheriff
W. C. SAPPINGTON for County Treasurer
Local News Items

REV. A. E. WATFORD, pastor of the M. E. Church, made a business trip to Ardmore.

Mr. and Mrs. L.P. FREE returned Wednesday to Mexia, Texas after visiting MRS. KATE HEFNER and family.

Mr. and Mrs. J. A STORY, who recently married, made a business trip to Wilson.

P. F. BUTLER and J. C. PHILLIPS motored to Loco and landed a contract for a large two story building with BOB WHITTEN to be used as a store and W. O. W. hall.

W. T. STEWART, formerly of Ringling, has returned here to live.


REV. P. E. TALIAFERRO and REV. and Mrs. M. A. COOK attended the Baptist Workers’ Conference at the Joiner Baptist Church.

J. H. GILLISPIE, who has a residence in Ringling for rent, was over from Wilson and reported business improving there.

C. A BOLDING and GEORGE PURKHISER left for Cleburne, Texas where they have employment in the oil fields.

JOHN IRBY, A. E. WATFORD, M. G. MOORE, J. L. MCKASSON, C. A. CULBERTSON and D. F. SPRADLING attended the Masonic Lodge at Grady Friday evening.

J. L. EVANS, proprietor of the Liberty Café, visited home Sunday and returned with his daughter MRS. FRED RATTAN to the new oil town, Peter’s Ridge in Grady County where Mr. Evans and C. W. Ramey are operating a café.

Thursday, January 19, 1922

AARON DANIEL PRUITT died at his home in Cornish, January 18, 1922 at 3:30 a.m., aged 69 years, 7 months, and 18 days. Funeral services were conducted by REV. M. A. COOK. Deceased leaves to mourn his loss, a wife, MRS. SARAH PRUITT, and four children, N. W. PRUITT of Burkburnett, Texas, J. W. PRUITT, F. H. PRUITT, and MRS. LAVINA PERKINS, all of Ringling, who wish to thank the friends and neighbors for their sympathy and help during the illness of their father and husband.

MRS. WELLS Entertains Musical Appreciation Club
The Musical Appreciation Club met in the home of MRS. TOM WELL, assisted in entertaining by MISS BERNICE DULANEY. MISS THELMA FERGUSON was leader of the lesson on ‘national music.’ MRS. BUSTER read an article about ‘music and life.’ A beautiful art calendar, hand painted, was awarded to MRS. J. C. KRUMTUM to filled the ‘musical’ story with appropriate musical terms.

MRS. W. F. MOORE Entertains W. M. S.
A large number of the ladies attended the Women’s Missionary Society meeting at the beautiful home of MRS. W. F. MOORE on Monday afternoon. A number of interesting Kodak pictures furnished by MRS. JOHN HARVELL, sent directly from Africa by her daughter who is now a resident in Africa, were greatly enjoyed by the entire company. Signed MRS. A. E. WATFORD, supt. Pub.

Enon Association Met at Joiner
The workers of the Enon Association met in their regular monthly meeting with the Joiner Baptist Church, January 9 and 10. Monday evening session began with a devotional by BRO. LEE YORK. At 8, the pulpit was filled by BRO. SUMMER, who preached. Tuesday morning was devoted to Sunday School work. BRO. M. A. COOK of Ringling, associational Sunday School superintendent, was in charge. BRO. W. M. BALTHROP, a princely layman from Marietta, discussed the place of devotion in the laymen’s meeting. BRO. E. T. COLE of Wilson discussed ‘Christian Citizenship.’ BRO. J. C. VANDIVER of Emmanuel, Ardmore, preached on the subject, ‘seeking the lost.’ The women’s program was led by MRS. E. MAYFIELD, associational W. M. U. president. Bro. J. E. SMITH, pastor of the Joiner church, is doing splendid work. Signed MRS. C. A BAXTER, publicity director.

Epworth League
MISS EUNICE LONG entertained the Epworth League last Friday with a line party at the picture show. After the show, the party went to MRS. A. MATTHEWS where several games were played. A box of chocolates were given to MISS GALA BUSTER as a prize for guessing the most number of advertisements. Those present: GELA BUSTER, ELAINE BUSTER, ANNA ROFF, INEZ ROFF, HAZEL BRYAN, OMA CORNISH, EUNICE LONG, BERNICE RICKETTS, MR. WILSON, MR. EVANS, MR. HANNA, MR. ROBERTS, MR. BAILEY, and MR. SPRADLING.

J. D. JOHNSON Leads in Fine Hogs
A week or so ago the Eagle carried the facts and figures covering the yield of three hogs killed by W. S. GILLEY, and now come J. D. JOHNSON with reports on two hogs which yielded 1000 pounds of meet and 30 gallons of lard. Mr. Johnson estimated that his meat and lard cost him less than ½ of its value. He has moved to one of the WAHEJO farms near Ringling where he can have improved advantages for 1922.

CLYDE J. MARCH and ROBERT TANNER of the Healdton Herald force were callers at the Eagle office Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. L. M. LONDON’s child was run over in a Ringling street but not seriously injured.

Drunks Are Scarce
Both Christmas and New Year were the most quiet ever passed in Cornish and Ringling. We had fewer drunks, fewer fights, and fewer disturbances of every kind. Much of this improvement must be attributed to the unusual activity of the part of the officers for a few weeks before the holidays which resulted in the captured of stills and parcels of ‘fluid corn’ here and there over in the country between Red River and Wild Horse Creek.

MISS LENNIE MCPHERSON, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. W. MCPHERSON, and J. P. ALLEN of McKinney, Texas, were united in marriage on Friday, January 23, 1922, REV. M. A. COOK, pastor of the Baptist Church, administering the ceremony. MR. ALLEN is unknown here but MISS MCPHERSON is well and favorably known here. The Eagle, with the friends, in wishing happiness and prosperity for the new union.

In last week’s issue, G. M. BENTON announced his candidacy for Tax Assessor. He has always been a loyal Democrat and loyal to the best interests of this county. The citizens of Wray’s Chapel community, seven miles south of Ryan, where Mr. Benton lives, can convince you of his honesty and up rightfulness of character and fitness for the office he seeks.

Local News Items

LAWRENCE DUNLAP of Ardmore visited Cornish.

MISS GRACE CORNISH, one of Wilson’s teachers, visited home folks Sunday.

L. M. LONDON made a business trip to Courtney

JOHN CARTER and family spent Friday night with the family of W. H. HACKLER in Cornish.

D. F. SPRADLING was in Waurika on legal business and spent Saturday night with his daughter, MRS. E. W. CAPPS.

For sale or trade--1920 model Ford Truck in A-1 condition. See E. J. BEAN or R. F. MOORE.

Mr. and Mrs. O. O. HOLLINGSWORTH are the proud parents of a fine boy who arrived Sunday morning.

SILAS LESTER of the Grady neighborhood, was in Ringling on business.

MISS LENA B. STOTTS, who has been under treatment for several weeks at the Von Keller Sanitarium, is reported improving and she hopes to be able to come home in a few more weeks.

ORVILLE FISH, who is a student at A. C. C. in Abilene, Texas, reports excessive dry weather and scarcity of water in a letter to his father L. FISH.

MRS. MARY STEPHENS of Woodworth, wife of J. H. STEPHENS, last Thursday and was buried in the Oddfellows’ Cemetery near Ringling Friday.

MRS. LOICE/LOIS RATTAN has returned to Ringling from Magnolia City, one of the new towns in Garvin County oil district, where her father, J. L. EVANS, owns and operates the Liberty Café.

H. M. KIDWELL, one of our most progressive and enterprising merchants, makes a good report of trade conditions in the Garvin County oil fields.

Mr. and Mrs. L. JOURNIGAN arrived in Ringling from Groesbeck, Texas Sunday. He is superintendent of the Warren City Tank and Boiler Co., over construction work in this section. The construction of the oil storage tanks near Ringling brought them back here for a season.

MRS. STORY and MRS. DONA P. HALL visited the Eagle office last week and reported good attendance at the West Plainview and the East Plainview schools where they are teaching.

MISS LENA EWING of Carver is visiting here visiting her sister, MRS. BEN BUGG. She did live in Ringling until recently.

Mr. and Mrs. C. R. MURRAY returned Sunday from Groesbeck, Texas where Mr. Murray has employment with the warren City Tank and Boiler Co. which will construct oil storage tanks near Ringling.

JAMES WILKERSON of Marlow preaches at Prairie Chapel school house Sunday.

Thursday, January 26, 1922

Double Marriages in Ringling
Last Thursday evening two happy couples journeyed here from Healdton in quest of marriage licenses and some priest, parson or squire to speak the solemn words that would blend four lives into two unions. These happy pilgrims were MRS. LYDA THACKER, MISS AGNES HOLIDAY, CHARLIE FEATHERSTON, all of Healdton, and JESSE DRURY who resides at Fox. The necessary licenses were obtained by Friday morning and J. P.WADE, justice of the peace, spoke the solemn words that started the four on life’s pilgrimage as the heads of two families.

MRS. SUSIE J. LEWIS, who has been gradually declining in health for several months, quietly passed away at her home in Ringling on January 22, 1922 at the age of 39 years, 2 months and 24 days. Tuberculosis caused her death. MRS. LEWIS leaves four children to miss her care and a husband to mourn her death. Funeral services were conducted Sunday afternoon by REV. M. A COOK, pastor of the Baptist Church, and the body laid to rest in the Cornish cemetery.

Local News Items

W. H. ROFF was in Loco on business.

Mr. and Mrs. FRED PERRY and family spent last weekend in Wilson.

MRS. EMMITT GOODE visited friends in Wilson Saturday and Sunday.

W. H. ROFF made a business trip to Courtney.

MRS. JAMES LEFTWICH and family of Comanche returned home Monday after visiting with her father , W. H. ROFF and family in Ringling.

MRS. J. E. MCCRORY is just recovering from a long spell of lagrippe.

TOM STEWART has contracted to do the hauling for the Warren City people who are building oil storage tanks.

W. L. JACKSON has moved to the home recently vacated by WESLEY HARRIS in Cornish.

DR. CLAYTON BROOKS of Ardmore and the Christian Church in Ringling ordained three deacons and two elders on Monday night. The service was very impressive.

MRS. EFFIE LYLE, who spent the past two weeks in Ringling visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. A. TURNBOUGH, returned to her home in Swink.

MISS LENA B. STOTTS has returned home from the Von Keller Sanitarium where she has received treatment for 10 weeks.

Mr. and Mrs. L. R RAMSEY received the glad tidings last week of the return of their son, HOWARD, to New York, who has been in Germany for three years.

MRS. JAMES DRAUGHON and daughters MARGURETTE and LETA MAY of Ardmore spent the weekend with MRS. BUSTER in Ringling.

Thursday, February 2, 1922

Fatal Nitroglycerine Explosion
On Sunday afternoon one mile south of Healdton at the storage station of the Independent Nitroglycerine Company: CHARLES VANDELL, the manager, and HARDY OGLESBY, it seems, had just arrived at the magazine with a load of nitroglycerine from their company’s factory near Ringling and by some means that may be conjectured but never known, this highly explosive substance was touched off. The magazine, the hut, the trucks, the men and everything else were blown into bits. Glass windows, glass fronts of business houses in Healdton a mile away were shattered to pieces. Many people were heavily shocked by the concussion. …

Local News Items

MRS. G. A SAUNDERS spent Sunday in Healdton visiting her daughter, MRS. VIVIAN CHANDLER.

W. L. HORN made a flying trip to Healdton Sunday.

E. L. DILLARD, county judge, was in Ringling Friday and ordered a term of court here for February.

SHIRLEY HOLMAN of Ardmore was shaking hand with his friends and former neighbors on our streets Saturday.

Courtney Flat people were in justice court here in an effort to determine who should farm a certain tract of land in the Flat.

W. J. HOGGARD of Courtney paid the Eagle a pleasant call and had a petition formed seeking the county commissioners to appoint him constable of the Wright township.

W. R. CARTER received the sad word that his aunt, MISS JANE CARTER, of Pooleville, Texas, was dead. Miss Carter was the only sister of W. R. CARTER’s father and had reached the ripe old age of 102 years.

M. P. VAUGHN and family who have been residents of Ringling for a few years have moved to Dillard where Mr. Vaughn has opened a dry goods store. These were among our finest citizens and the good wishes of their many friends follow them.

MRS. ANNIE CORNISH was called tot the bedside of her son, JOHN H. CORNISH, in Wilson who is reported in a serious condition.

Though the storm clouds and the rain gathered over the country the past Sabbath, causing a blue day, the weather does not stop Dan Cupid or the wedding bells from ringing. The Methodist parsonage was stormed Sunday, 7 p.m., by a wedding party from South Center Point. MR. JOHN LOCKWOOD and MISS ETHEL MCDOWEL, popular young people of Center Point, were married, REV. A. E. WATFORD performing the ceremony. Also Mr. HAMMONDS and MISS MARIE HARRIS, and more friend witnessed the ceremony. The happy couple received many congratulations and wishes for a bright and happy future.

Thursday, February 9, 1922

On February 3, 1922, MRS. DOSHA EWING parted this life at her home in Cornish at the age of 80 years. Mrs. Ewing leaves a large number of children and grandchildren to miss her and mourn her death; they number 49. Her remains were quietly buried laid to rest in the Cornish cemetery on Sunday, L. FISH acting as undertaker.

Professor WILLIAM RIDDLE and three of our high school students, HUGH ROFF, CARMAN HARRIS and STATEN MCCRORY, have just returned from Lawton where the students engaged in debate.

H. M. KIDWELL is visiting with friends and relatives in Sherman, Texas.

HENRY PRUITT of the Loco community was in Ringling on business.

MRS. TOM DORSETT was taken seriously ill Saturday and for a while it was thought she might not recover, however, at last reports she was improving some.

MRS. R. CASSIL received word of the serious illness of one of her sisters, who resides in Texas. She took the train Monday in response to the call.

T. C. GRAHAM, wife and family of Ardmore visited the JERRY L. MORRIS who reside a few miles north of Ringling.

J. C. SISE, water superintendent, was seriously injured Saturday by breaking of a belt on the drive wheel of the machinery.

West Texas Letter from Miami, Texas, Feb. 1, 1922

To the old home town paper and its many residents:

As many of my old friends have asked me to write a description of this county and sent it to the Eagle, I will try to do so now.

At first I did not like West Texas, but the longer one if here, the better they like it. Our chief crops are wheat, oats, and row crops of cane and kaffir corn. Our prospect of wheat is not good at present time but when a fellow does make wheat here, he makes enough to run his family if it fails the next year. There are lots of hogs raised in this country. We are one mile from town. Our farm consists of about 250 acres. We will have to admit times are a bit hard ‘in the west,’ but we have seen them harder elsewhere. No one is wondering how he is going to get by. Our town’s population is about 1200 or 1400. They do not fail to raise the chickens here The chickens we brought with us to west Texas are babies besides the those here. West Texas is also noted for good milk cows. Some of hem sell now for $100 to $200.

Well, I guess I have described this place enough for this time, so here’s my best wishes to the Eagle and its many readers.

Very respectfully
Miami, Texas

Local News Items

Mr. and Mrs. EMMET GOODE were Wilson visitors last Thursday.

ROY SPRADLING of Claypool was in Ringling transacting business Saturday.

A. L. GREER of near Healdton was in Ringling on business on Friday.

JIM DUMFORD of Grady was in Ringling transacting business.

Mr. and Mrs. PETE PEMBERTON are the proud parents of another fine girl.

Water is wet
Sand is dry
Times are short
And so am I.

H. M. KIDWELL, general merchant, made a business trip to Magnolia City in the Garvin County oil fields.

Mr. and Mrs. H. A SHAW of San Antonio, Texas, formerly of Ringling, have been spending a few days visiting friends and relatives here.

L. S. RAINES, superintendent of the water and light plant at Healdton, and his father-in-law, MR. DODGE, were callers at the Eagle office last Friday.

J. J. WILLINGHAM of Oklahoma City passed through Ringling Friday en route to Ryan where he formerly resided.

The Eagle office received a very interesting and instructive letter from WILLIAM R. MCLISH, Technical Sgt., I. M. C. who is now at Fort Sam Houston, Texas.

Card of Thanks
We desire to thank our friends for their many kind words and acts during the sickness and death of our dear little daughter, ELLA MORRIS, who was called home on January 19, 1922. J. L.MORRIS and MRS. LOLA MORRIS.

MRS.J. A LEAVER, who holds a position with the Kidwell Mercantile Co. at Magnolia City in the oil fields of Garvin County, spent the weekend with homefolks in Ringling.

Mr. and Mrs. M. L. GIPSON of Alpers are spending a few days with REV. GEORGE G. HAMILTON and family.

Miss LOUZELLE ASHBY who is teaching at Asphaltum visited homefolks in Ringling.

FRANK CRAWFORD, postmaster at Grady, was in Ringling.

Thursday, February 16, 1922

Ringling W. M. S. Wins Banner
The Baptist W. M. S. rally day of the Enon Association was held at Wilson Baptist Church last Thursday… Seven churches were represented, Ringling winning the banner for attendance. Those present from Ringling were: REV. M. A COOK, MR. DANRELL, MRS. DARNELL, MRS. HENSON, MRS. KYKER, MRS. BAKER, MRS. COOK, MRS. ALLEN, MRS. ROBERSON, RMS. GILCREASE, RMS. MCCRORY, MRS. MCANULTY, MRS. SPRADLING, MRS. KRUMTUM, and JOHN KENNARD.

O. O.HOLLINGSWORTH Completes Double Driveway Service Station
A double driveway service station is at the corner of Main Street and Sixth Street, an ideal location for convenient service. . Holly’s Service Station

Baby Died
On Monday morning, Mr. and Mrs. AVERY DYE, who reside in the Mountain Home neighborhood north of Ringling, found their five-months baby girl dead, the cause of death unknown. The remains were laid to rest in the Atlee cemetery on Tuesday, ELDER ROE administering the services.

Local News Items
MISS MADIE HALBROOKS visited in Wilson Sunday.

MRS. H. J. ALLEN spent the weekend with relatives in Ardmore.

Mr. and Mrs. AUDA MEANS of Wilson visited with relatives in Cornish.

MRS. W. S. GILEY and MRS. FRED MORRIS spent last Saturday with friends in Wilson.

MRS. OLA HARRINGTON visited her mother, MRS. GILLISPIE, who resides at Junction.

VENUS PARKER and MYRNA FANCHER spent last weekend wit the W. I. T HILTON and family in Ardmore.

MRS. ELLA GAMBEL, MRS. C. B. PAREKR, MRS. J. C.PHILLIPS, and MRS. R E. L. WORSHAM motored to Wilson last week.

N. E. BROOK of Sulphur spent a few days last week looking over the oil and gas prospects near Ringling.

ASA GILCREASE motored to Brock where his wife is attending the bedside of her mother, MRS. E. L. MCCASKILL.

SIM STOTTS of Sherman, Texas spent a few days in Ringling, finishing some business.

J. L. EVANS, proprietor of the Liberty Café, was with home folks Saturday, from Magnolia City in the oil fields of Garvin County.

J. C. PHILLIPS drove home Friday night from Magnolia City where he is putting into operation, a lumberyard for the Hudson Huston Lumber Co.

J. M. NICHOLS, who assisted in getting out the Eagle last week, returned to Waurika. We acknowledge ourselves under obligations to Mr. Nichols for the assistance he rendered us.

MRS. W. W. WOODWORTH is making an extended visit to her mother, MRS. SNYDER and other relatives in Beaumont, Texas.

Mr. and Mrs. ROY E. WALLACE of Fort Towson motored to Ringling, arriving Saturday on business, and Mr. Wallace soon accepted an engagement for an active part in the real estate business with the Ringling Realty Agency.

Thursday, February 23, 1922

MRS. R. E. L. WORSHAM Holds ‘Open House’ for W. M. Society
A goodly number of the W. M. S. and several visitors, including MRS. T. W SNYDER of Maquoketa, Iowa, were present Monday at 3 p.m. at the home of Mrs. R. E. L. WORSHAM.

MISS THELMA FURGERSON was sick from school Monday and Tuesday.

REV. WILLIAM SMITH of Haileyville is expected in Ringling to assist in the revival meeting now in progress at the Baptist Church.

Thoroughbred White Orbington eggs for sale at $1 per setting of 15 eggs. See MRS. C. A. CUMBIE.

L. M. LONDON was in Wilson on business.

CLAUD RICKETTS of Healdton was the guest of his sister, MRS. A. MATTHEWS Monday.

REV. A. E. WATFORD is assisting CHARLES MANN, pastor of the Verden Methodist Church, in a meeting this week.

REV. G. R. NAYLOR, general missionary, is assisting in the services at the Baptist Church.

W. P. EARLES, orchard and garden expert, is pruning and dressing J.H. DILLARD’s orchard and vineyard near Ringling.

Mrs. L. FISH left for Abilene, Texas to attend a series of Bible lectures at A. C. C.

MRS. ROY E. WALLACE arrived from Fort Towson and joined her husband here who holds a position with the Eagle and is interested in the Ringling Realty Agency.

Mr. and Mrs. WILLIAM DULANEY and H. M. DULANEY were driven to Grady by JAMES DULANEY where they attended the Primitive Baptist church.

W. L. HORN of the Wilson Gazette visited the Eagle office.

G. A. WILLIAMSON and MISS K. H. CHASE of Dillard motored to Ringling and visited us Sunday afternoon.

MRS. ORA RANKIN of Weatherford, Texas is visiting relatives in Ringling.

J. GILSTRAP of Ardmore is spending a few days with J. H. DILLARD, helping to check Mr. Dillard’s accounts and business records.

MRS. H. C. JAMESON and MRS. MINNIE DAVIS of Hastings visited a few hours in Ringling enroute to points in Carter County.

W. H. BAKER of Grady was in Ringling transacting business and subscribed to the Eagle.

G. W. ENGLISH of Ryan, candidate for county treasurer, visited the Eagle office.

MRS. FANNIE COTNER and MRS. MOSS WEAER of Waurika accompanied MRS. ORA TROLLINGER, candidate for county clerk, on her first campaign in Ringling last Saturday. Professor and Mrs. SUTHERLAND of Mountain Home presented the ladies to our voters.

MISS MAE WHITTINGTON of Ringling and MR. W. L. HORN of Wilson were united in marriage in Ringling on Monday evening. MISS WHITTINGTON had just recently moved to Ringling from Orr and Mr. Horn holds a good position with the Wilson Gazette since the first day of the this month. He was formerly with the Ringling Eagle. All the friends and acquaintances of these affable young people join in best wishes for their success and happiness in their new life.

March 2, 1922

MISS CARRIE JACKSON, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. JACKSON, and NATHAN MAYFIELD, whose relatives live in Hill County, Texas, stole a march on the old folks last Saturday afternoon and through the services of the justice of the peace J. P. WADE were united as man and wife. Mr. and Mrs. Mayfield boarded the evening train for Hubbard City, Texas where they plan to make their home. The Eagle joins with friends in good wishes for their happiness and prosperity in this new adventure.

Mr. and Mrs. WILLIE BURCH welcomed to their home in Ringling on February 22 a fine ten pound boy. All parties, even to the grandfather W. S. GILLISPIE, are doing well.

Local News Items

G. A. YOAKUM will do your shoe, saddle and harness repairing.

RICHARD HOGAN who has been holding a position as clerk in Comanche came home Monday.

HAMP HARWELL, W. B. HARWELL, T. A. HARWELL, and D. F. SPRADLING were in Ardmore Monday attending to legal business.

MRS. L. FISH returned Monday from Abilene where she visited her son Orville at the Abilene Christian College.

MRS. W. J. DOSSEY and baby boy ORVILLE , wife and son of DR. DOSSEY, have been sick for several days, but are now improving.

MISS WAINSCOTT has taken a wise turn in her plans for the remainder of the school term and moved to MRS. SUSIE CUMMINS for board where she will be near her school.

The many friends of MRS. C. M. ELDER, who left Ringling for Clovis, New Mexico a few months ago for her health improvement, will be glad to learn that she has the encouraging report from her physicians that she is well on her way to recovery of good health.

ROY WALLACE has sold the Fort Towson News to A. G. HARDIN of Fort Towson. Mr. Wallace will be missed from the newspaper field in Choctaw County. He gave the people of Fort Towson one of the best papers in the county… printed in the Valiant Tribune.

Thursday, March 9, 1922

Ragtown’s Contest for Supremacy
Elmore City, March 4--With activity rapidly increasing in the Elmore City district, an interesting contest for ‘rag town supremacy’ has arisen between Carver and Peters Ridge, with the odds on March 1 in favor of the latter. Carver sprang up somewhat like magic after the Magnolia Petroleum Co. discovered oil in Section 14-1n=3w and Peters Ridge grew because of the Robberson gas field on the one hand and the developing oil territory on the other. Peters Ridge now has 50 more buildings, including two or more three hotels and a supply house….

REV. and MRS. COOK Go to Madill
Rev. M. A. COOK closed his pastorate at Ringling Baptist Church with the month of February and he and Mrs. Cook will go to Madill. …

Thursday, March 23, 1922

MRS. J. W. DALLAS Entertains
On last Saturday evening, MRS. J. W. DALLAS entertained with a six o’clock dinner, after which guests played games. Those present: Mr. and Mrs. WOODWORTH, MISS MAGGIE WILSON, MISS DOT YOUNG, MISS BERNICE DULANEY, MISS ANNA ROFF, MISS INEZ ROFF, MISS EDNA DRISKEL, MISS EUNICE LONG, MISS VELMA ELLIOTT.

MISS MAE STEVENS and MR. GEORGE CRAIN were married Monday, March 12. Miss Stevens has been reared in this vicinity and has many friends here. Mr. Crain for the past few months has held the position of clerk in a dry goods store here. They will move to Comanche and go into business there.

MISS ONA MCINTYRE, daughter of JAMES J. MCINTYRE, our night watchman, and OTTIE BRAZILE of Healdton were united in marriage Sunday afternoon. Mr. Brazile holds a position in the Healdton oil fields and has taken his bride there to make their home.

Local News Items

J. L.HARPER is assessing taxes at Oscar and Woodrow this week.

T. A. HARWELL reports oil prospects looking very fine in the Robberson fields.

MRS. D. F. SPRANDING is spending a few days with her daughter, MRS. CAPPS near Waurika.

REV. J. W. BULLIS of Stratford preached two very able sermons at the Baptist church.

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. CORNISH of Wilson are visiting friends and relatives in Ringling.

THOMAS TAYLOR of Marietta returned home from a visit with DR. W. J. DOSSEY and family.

MRS. J. A LEAVER of Magnolia City visited relatives in Ringling.

G. M. ROBERTS was recommended Sunday for admission to district conference for license to preach.

DR. J. S. LAMAR, presiding elder of the Ardmore conference, held quarterly conference and preached at the M. E. Church Sunday.

R. E. RAGSDALE, one of Wirt’s most enterprising merchants, paid the Eagle office a pleasant call recently.

Mrs. JACK URE, who has been a Magnolia City visitor for a few weeks, returned to Ringling.

R. B. TRICE of Ryan, candidate for sheriff, was shaking hands with old friends and meeting the voters in this vicinity last week.

JACK STIDHAM, candidate for county commissioner, made a friendly call Saturday and subscribed to the Eagle.

Mr. and Mrs. S. A. PRICE was called to the beside of a baby relative, the little child of W. E. CECIL of Duncan on Monday.

PERCY NEWTON and ARTHUR SAMPLES of Loco were business callers in Ringling.

H. J. ALLEN, the leading druggist of Atlee, spent the weekend with his family in Ringling.

J. C. ROBINSON, candidate for sheriff, and R. J. PARKER of Waurika were among the Ringling visitors Tuesday.

W. E. RUTLEDGE of Atlee made us a call last Saturday and subscribed to the Eagle.

MARY MCANULTY and HAZEL BRYAN won first and second prizes, respectively, in the Jefferson County contest on the best written discourse on themes assigned in high school work. Miss McAnulty got $7.50 and Miss Bryan $5.00

C. C. GRIGGS was on the streets of Ringling Monday exhibiting a pair of registered blood hounds. Hen houses, fruit cellars, watermelon patches, etc. and petty thieves will not be associates during the coming season.

Thursday, March 30, 1922

C. C. STROUD Loses Barn and Contents
Monday morning an hour or so before daybreak, C. C. STROUD’s barn was discovered on fire. … Mr. Stroud had recently sheared his fifty head of sheep and all the wool was in the bar. Besides the wool, his feed, automobile, farm implements, harness, fine bull and other articles of property were lost.

Healdton Christian Church Dedication
REV. GEORGE G. HAMILTON, principal of the Cornish school, assisted in the dedication of the new Christian Church at Healdton last Sunday, which has just been completed.

MISS GUSSIE NEWCOMB, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. V. T. NEWCOMB, farmers near Ringling, and ARTHUR BROWN of Wilson were married Saturday night at the Holiness Church in Ringling. Miss Newcomb is well known here and Mr. Brown is to be congratulated on his selection of this young lady as his life mate.

MISS MYRON WALCOTT of Madill and MR. IVY BARNARD of Dillard, formerly of Ringling, were married in Ringling Sunday afternoon. Mr. Barnard is a mechanic and holds a good position with the Texas Company at Dillard and will take his beautiful bride there to live.

The Healdton Herald Changes Ownership
Last week’s issue of the Healdton Herald carried the farewell message of GEORGE H. WYATT as editor and the first greetings of FRED L. YATES who succeeds him. MR. YATES goes from Wilson to Healdton and carries with him a rich fund of newspaper experience and ability that should serve a good purpose in Healdton.

Local News Items

MRS. J. C. COX is reported ill this week.

MRS. FRANK BLEVINS and children are visiting relatives at Watonga.

MRS. JORDON RIGBY returned to her home in Shawnee after visiting DR. and MRS. BURGESS.

MRS. JOHN FOTHEREE is reported ill.

T. T. GOLDSMITH, our veteran mail carrier on Route 3, was in the Eagle office, planning the map for the proposed extension of his route to Grady.

Mr. and Mrs. J. F. GARDNER are giving a large portion of their time and attention to poultry this season.

EDGAR ROY FOLSOM, Pentecostal evangelist, has returned from a two month’s trip in Missouri where he conducted several revival meetings.

JAMES S. HARWELL of Los Angeles, California, has been with his brothers and sisters at Hatfield, Arkansas for a few days, having been called here by the death of his father, W. A. HARWELL.

Mr. and Mrs. ROY E. WALLACE motored to Iowa Park, Texas Saturday where they visited CLYDE H. SLATON and family, relatives of Mr. Wallace. MR. E. WALLACE returned with them to Ringling and is spending a few days with his son.

Music Appreciation Club
MRS. FAGERQUIST assisted by her daughter, MRS. J. F. SMALLEY, entertained the Musical Appreciation Club Saturday afternoon, March 18 with most members present. The club will meet in the home of MRS. J. M. ROBERTSON Saturday, April 1 with MISS TEAGUE and MISS FERGUSON as hostesses, MISS BLANCHE HARRIS will be leader of the lesson.

MRS. LOYCE RATTAN, plaintiff, is suing her husband FRED. M. RATTAN for divorce.

Thursday, April 13, 1922

MISS LOLA REED, daughter of O. A. REED of Ringling, and EARL GRISSOM were married in Wilson last Tuesday. Miss Reed is well known in Ringling where she has many friends, as also young Mr. Grissom who formerly lived in Ringling. The newly weds will made their home in Ardmore and we join with their many friends in wishing them much happiness.

Sophomore Class Will Stage Play
Next Tuesday night at 7:45 p.m. in the high school auditorium, ‘Neighbors,’ a play by Zona Gale, will be presented by the sophomore class of Ringling High School. The play is representative of a village life. When you see Mrs. Able played by JANETTE VIASAK, you will see a typical Mrs. Able, managing the affairs with the strong arm of the mainstay of the village. Mrs. Moran, played by HANNAH ASHBY, will show you the woman of kind heart, weak back and ailing legs, who can, in case of excitement, forget her ailments and enter with zest into the enterprise on foot. Mrs. Trot and her buffalo bug will make you see yourself with small troubles as monster Mrs. Trot, played by TINA HARWELL.

Grandma is one of those dear old souls the world loves and needs more of. THELMA CUMMINS plays this role. ELMER NICHOLS as the shy awkward village boy and IRENE MOORE as Mrs. Able’s daughter who wonders if Peter has any lungs or brains. Ezra William, alias GLENN TURNER, is the blustering village man. However Ezra has a heart as well be seen by poor little Mrs. Ellinsworth, played by LUCILLE MCCRORY. Before the play, the following program will be presented: Spanish Costume Song by HANNAH ASBY, JEANETTE VISAK, IRENE MOORE; Scottish Dance by LUCILE MCCRORY and REBECCA STIDHAM; Cello solo by JACKIE JACKSON; Recipe for pessimism by HANNAH ASHBY and JEANETTE VIASK; Minstrel by MORRIS HAMMOND, SHIRLEY WILLIAMS and JOE HENRY; Song by LUCILE MCCRORY; and Piano solo by MILDRED DAVIS.

MISS JEANE NICKLAS, one of the Cornish teachers, was married to HENRY PRUITT Saturday afternoon in Wilson. Miss Nicklas has been teaching here since last September and is very much liked by her pupils, patrons, and friends. Mr. Pruitt belongs to one of the best known pioneer families in this section. We join with the many friends in wishing Mr. and Mrs. Pruitt a happy and prosperous voyage over the matrimonial seas.

Dr. Hardy Flies from Ardmore to Ringling
Dr. WALTER HARDY of Ardmore made an air visit to Ringling Saturday at the call of KERN DILLARD who was injured a few days ago by the capers of a spirited horse. Professional call by air are becoming more and more common. Even at the time Dr. Hardy began the practice of medicine, it is doubtful that he would have entertained the idea of flying 50 or 100 miles on professional calls. Now, it is nothing out of the ordinary.

Music Appreciation Club
On Sunday evening, the Musical Appreciation Club will render the Cantata ‘The Gospel of Easter’ in the high school auditorium. The pastors will dismiss their regular services to take part in the devotional services. The solo parts will be sung by: MRS. J. F. SMALLEY, MRS. E. C. GARNER, MRS. BLANCHE HARRIS, MRS. BIRD BUSTER, MR. O. C. CLOUGH and MR. G. W. DANIELS. The chorus will be assisted by: JOE WILLIAMS, W. H. RIDDLE, STATION MCCRORY, J. W. PEDERSON, J. ALLEN, R. EVANS and MRS. G. W. DANIELS will play accompaniment.

Local News Items

DR. S. O. TAYLOR was able to be out from home for a short time Sunday.

R. J. CREEL shipped a nice car of hogs from his ranch south of Cornish last week. (He was a law officer in the 1890’s in the old Chagris/Dixie area.)

O. H. RYAN of Claypool marketed a load of choice cotton seed.

Baseball opened on the Ringling field Sunday and the home team took the honors over the Texas Company’s team.

Mr. and Mrs. TOBIE GIBSON welcomed a fine baby girl at their home Sunday afternoon.

REV. GEORGE G. HAMILTON, principal of the Cornish school, preached at Homer Sunday.

Thursday, April 20, 1922

MRS. ROSA E. FATHEREE (Featheree?), wife of JOHN FATHEREE, quietly passed away at their home in Ringling, Saturday, April 15, after a lingering illness of several months. MRS. FATHEREE was born at Hillham, Tennessee, December 14, 1883, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. and M. T. PRICE. She was married to JOHN FATHEREE September 25, 1904 near Rock Bluff Ferry, Texas. By her death, six small children, one of whom is a baby, are left without their mother’s care. Her husband and a large family of connections survive her. Her remains were laid to rest at the Oddfellows’ Cemetery near Ringling Sunday evening.

A. C. GILCREASE, G. C. GARNER, M. G. MOORE, O. O. HOLLINGSOWORTH, and J. C. M. KRUMTUM attended the K. P. Lodge in Wilson last week.

D. H. DILLARD of Claypool called at the Eagle office and subscribed to the Eagle.

Local News Items

LEE M. LONDON made a business trip to Ardmore Saturday.

J. M. ROBERSON and A. MCCRORY transacted business in Ardmore recently.

J. F. ROSE of Sulphur was visiting his Ringling friends last week.

MRS. J. F. STOTTS of Mulhall visited with her friends in Ringling this week.

Mr. and Mrs. JOE WILLIAMS were in Ardmore doing their spring shopping.

B. M. WILLINGHAM of Ardmore drove over a nice lot of cattle to Ringling pastures a few days ago.

MISS JUHREE ROBERSON, student at O. W. C. at Chickasha, spent the Easter holiday with her family.

MRS. O. S. DAVIS, MRS. J. C. PHILLIPS, and MISS OLA JONES went to Ardmore last week for their spring shopping.

MISS JEANNE STEELE, instructor of English at Ringling High School, left the office copy for the sophomore class play Saturday and paid the bill in advance.

C. B. SNELL of Comanche is visiting his daughter MRS. C. C. GRIGGS this week.

MRS. JOYCE RATTAN who has been visiting at Magnolia City in the Garvin County oil fields returned home.

Mr. and Mrs. O. A. REED were among the many shoppers in Ardmore last week.

MRS. J. L. LEAVER, formerly of Ringling, now of Sulphur, spent the weekend in Ringling.

PROF. E. W. GILCREASE of near Summit, Utah, has been visiting his son, A. C. GILCREASE and other relatives in this section. Mr. Gilcrease’s home is in northern Colorado near the Utah post office. He praises his neighbors and their way of doing business. He was once cotton weigher in Love County.

MRS. C. W. WALLCE and MRS. SMITH HARWELL represented the Rose Chapter O. E.’s of Ringling in the Grand Chapter which was in session in Oklahoma City. Also Mr. and Mrs. E. J. BEAN were among the visiting attendance at this meeting.

HENRY G. GOMER arrived in Ringling Friday afternoon from the U. S. P. Hospital in Tucson, Arizona where he has been a patient since March 1921. The hard service in Siberia as a member of the 31 Infantry, Medical Department, was more than Henry could stand, and it became necessary to return to the states for treatment.

A large procession of Wirt friends passed through Ringling and Cornish Friday en route to the Ringgold Cemetery in Texas with the remains of BERTHA TURNER, who was killed on Wednesday before as the result of falling from an over-loaded truck from the Dundee school. Bertha was the daughter of W. A. TURNER of Wirt and the Ringold cemetery is the burial place of her mother who preceded her in death a few years.

UNCLE POMP PORTER died at his home near Atlee last Sunday, April 16. Mr. Porter was one of the old pioneers and a fine old gentleman, who will be greatly missed.

TOMMIE GILSTRAP, son of JEFF GILSTRAP, died April 12, leaving a widow and six children with a bread winner. We regret that the death report reached us too late to note them in the current paper issue.

The Chamber of Commerce, the Mayor and Board of Trustees and all good citizens are again reminded that Health Promotion Week begins next Sunday. Our alleys and backyards need attention worse than ever before in the history of Ringling. If every person in Ringling who is guilty of violating the sanitary and health ordinance was fined, the city would soon have money in the treasury.

Thursday, April 27, 1922

Earl Township Infested by Ticks
A tick infested district has been located in the Earl Township and steps are being taken to stamp them out at once.

JOHN ROGER REYNOLDS for County Treasurer

MISS ADA JONES, MRS. J. L. HARPER, and MRS. C. W. WALLACE recently received their certificate in efficiency in the Eastern Star work from the Grand Matron.

Local News Items

ARTHUR SAMBLES of Loco was transacting business in Ringling.

RILEY HOGAN of Waurika visited home folks this weekend.

MRS. J. C. M. KRUMTUM and children are spending a few days in Atoka with relatives.

MRS. ELLA RICE of Simon, Texas is visiting her father, J. M. COULSON, and family this week.

MRS. AUDREY JONES and her friend MISS DORA WILLIE TALIAFERRO motored to Waurika.

LEONARD HORN and O. F. VAUGHAN of Wilson drove to Ringling on business.

MRS. A. A. WHITE left Tuesday for Stephenville, Texas for a visit with friends and relatives.

MRS. JAMES LEFTWICH and children of Comanche returned home Saturday after visiting with W. H. ROFF and family in Ringling.

MISS DORA WILLIS TALIAFERRO has been spending a few days with friends in Cornish. Miss Taliaferro was once connected with the Cornish Home.

Mr. and Mrs. G. W. DANIEL left Ringling Monday for Hobart where they will live with relatives before moving to California. We are sorry to lose these good citizens but hope for them pleasant surroundings there.

A. E. MORRIS and family of near Loco moved to Ringling last week. Mr. Morris has never failed to plant a crop but age has rendered him unable to work and he has come to Ringling where he can be cared for by his children.

Thursday, May 4, 1922

Remains of IRA PHILLIPS Returned

Another flag-draped casket arrived in Ringling from the battle fields of France on Monday. It contained the remains of one of our brave boys who crossed the seas early in the great war at the call of his country.

IRA PHILLIPS, Mechanic, Co. L, 85th Infantry, was killed in action, August 5, 1918, in the ranks of the American Expeditionary Force in France. His body was returned for final interment in his native land at the request of relatives. He was reared in this country and had many friends here. His parents, G. W. and DORA PHILLIPS, a sister, several brothers, and his baby girl survived him, but his father died in the following year.

Appropriate funeral services were conducted at the Methodist Church on Tuesday afternoon, led by REV. GEORGE G. HAMILTON, pastor of the Christian Church. The fine congregation of friends and neighbors present at the service evidence the Ringling’s esteem for our fallen heroes. ‘We have not forgotten to honor those who paid the price for the world’s liberties.’

Ira Phillips’ remains now rest in the family plot of the Oddfellows’ Cemetery near Ringling and will some day be marked by marble erected by the government whose orders brought him back to us.

Little G. C. HARRIS Drowned Tuesday.
On Tuesday afternoon occurred another sad death in our midst. This time a dear boy of tender years answered the call. G. C. HARRIS Jr., son of Mr. and MRS. G. C. HARRIS, was drowned in a small water tank a few yards east of the city limits… the little fellow decided to wade the tank and fell into fall over his head and no one was near to save him. He was 8 years and 9 months old. Funeral services were held at the Baptist Church Wednesday led by REV. M. A. COOK, and the remains were laid to rest in the Cornish Cemetery. A doting father and mother, three brothers and two sisters with a host of other relatives are left to mourn his sad fate.

Ringling Court of Inquiry
On last Thursday morning, a number of Wright Township farmers began to make their appearance in Ringling. The next thing that attracted attention was the arrival of County Judge E. L. DILLARD, County Attorney ROBERT DUNN, County Court Reporter MRS. ETHEL ANDERSON and then we began to look around and inquire among the bystanders…what had we done? Confusion reigned for a time, but one of the farmers being friendly toward ‘our bunch’ gave us ease and comfort. The court of inquiry was not concerning violation of prohibition or gambling, but concerning the failure of a county officer to do his duty, and caused the delay of the workers in getting their pay for road work. This information relieved our fears and released a number of our boys and men from their hiding places, permitting a resumption of business about the grounds with horseshoes and in the pool halls….

M. E. TEAGUE of Ranger, Texas spent from Sunday to Tuesday with his father who is teaching here.

Thursday, May 11, 1922

MRS. K. C. DILLARD Passed Away at Hardy Sanitarium
MRS. K. C. DILLARD whose home was just east of Ringling died at the Hardy Sanitarium in Ardmore last Saturday afternoon. On March 27, a baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Dillard, and complications resulted indirectly to her death. After Dr. Hardy had treated Mrs. Dillard at home, he advised that she be removed to the sanitarium where every effort failed to help her improve. MRS. DILLARD was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. JOE TAYLOR of Wilson and her remains were laid to rest in the family burial grounds in the old Bonham (Boman?) Cemetery near Wilson on Tuesday. In her death , a young home is broken up, a baby left with her mother’s care and many relatives to mourn her untimely death.

Violent Wind Storm
Early Saturday night the Orr neighborhood was visited by a violent wind storm that destroyed one farm home and badly wrecked several others. One little girl was seriously injured, but not fatally. W. F. WALKER and family, seeing the angry looking cloud, took refuge in their storm house only moments before their house was blown away. The family and the storm cellar are all that were left to the farmer about the premises. LEE RUSSOM, another farmer living near the Walkers, on the Alexander farm, sustained considerable loss as did several others whose names have been not learned.

Local News Items
MRS. JEFF GILSTRAP is reported very ill this week.

W. R. HARRIS was transacting business in Wynnewood Monday.

E. C. MORRIS spent Sunday in Ardmore.

M. E. HARRIS of Chickasha spent a few days at the Cornish Home.

MRS. BAILEY GAUNCE is visiting her mother, MRS. ELLA GAMBEL for a few days.

Mr. and Mrs. C. W. HINKLE spent Sunday with relatives in Wilson.

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. CORNISH returned to Wilson after visiting in Ringling.

C. C. GRIGGS transported WRESTLER WELLS to Waurika on a petty larceny charge.

EDGAR WILLIAMS of Des Moines, Iowa, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. WILLIAMS, is on a visit with them and other relatives in and around Ringling.

O. S. DAVIS, P. H. CARTER, ACE GILCREASE, and CHARLES HOPKINS suffered a heavy stroke of lightning Saturday night on Cache Creek where they had gone in quest of the finny tribe.

Mr. and Mrs. CHARLIE HOPKINS with their friend MRS. LORA TOWNLEY of Wilson motored to Ringling Tuesday evening of last week and the two ladies attended the meeting of the Eastern Star here.

O.O. HOLLINGSWORTH is in attendance at the grand lodge of the Knights of Pythias in convention at El Reno as the representative of the Ringling lodge.

MRS. LESTER TURNBOUGH was called to Ardmore Friday where Mr. Turnbough is very ill at the home of a relative.

W. H. BAKER and GRANT REID were among the Grady farmers to transact business in Ringling Saturday.

H. M. DORSETT of the South Center Point Community paid the Eagle office a friendly call and subscribed for a year.

E. WALLACE, who has been visiting his son ROY E. WALLACE in Ringling, returned to his home in Wright City.

Mr. and Mrs. J. T. TRIMBLE and daughter DEMNIE left home last week on an extended trip covering Oklahoma and Texas points where they will conduct revival meetings, ending at Sherman, Texas.

Last week, the Eagle was in error in saying that IRA PHILLIPS was laid to rest in the Oddfellows Cemetery. He was interred at the Soldiers’ Plot donated by the Oddfellows for the burial of those who fell in the World War.

Local News Items

AUDA HEFNER visited friends in Wilson last weekend.

VERA JOHNSON visited relatives near Healdton Saturday.

MRS. IDA HOPKINS of Wilson attended church here Sunday.

WEBSTER MITCHELL of Cornish made a business trip to Ardmore Saturday.

MR. EVANS and MR. OVERTURF are recovering from an attack of smallpox.

W. R. HARRIS and G. C. HARRIS with their families motored to Sulphur last Sunday.

L. B. GORDON of Wynnewood has taken employment as sales clerk with W. R. HARRIS.

MRS. EPPERSON and granddaughter OVELLA visited relatives in Wilson Saturday.

MRS. FRANK CHANDLER of Healdton spent last weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. SAUNDERS.

MISS IMA GALAWAY and MISS MYRNA FANCHER spent last weekend with MRS. JOHN CORNISH in Wilson.

A. J. JONES of Mountain Peak is spending a few days here with his daughter, MRS. MARVIN HOWSE and family.

HARRY DELANEY of Ardmore visited home folks last weekend.

G. A TURNBOW/TURNBOUGH who has been visiting relatives at Eldorado returned home.

DAVID K. SPRADLING spent the weekend with his sister MRS. A. L. MEANS in Wilson.

J. W. LUPER of Aurora, Missouri is visiting his daughter RMS. J. F. STEVENS and family.

MRS. FRANK GILBERT of Wirt spent last weekend with her mother MRS. J. F. STEVENS of Cornish.

REV. and MRS. JAMES W. BULLIS returned last Friday from Oklahoma City bringing their new daughter BILLIE LOUISE with them; she was born April 19. Papa Bullis is all smile.

MRS. C. M. CAGLE entertained with a dinner Sunday for MISSES LONG, TEAGUE, ELLIS and YOUNG. The afternoon was spent in kodaking (taking photos).

J. W. WHITTLE, W. L. LOCKWOOD, D. F. SPRADLING, and MRS. AUDREY MCGUIRE motored to Sulphur Sunday where they transacted legal business. L. M. LAMBETH was the motorman.

J. T. WESTBERRY made the Eagle office a pleasant call Tuesday and left us one year’s subscription to the paper.

The Cornish Orphans Home was visited last Sunday by a talented musician, MRS. ELLA SPENCER who is a Chicago graduate.

G. C. KNIGHT motored to Ardmore Saturday night where he met his daughter MISS RUTH who has been attending school at Centrahoma.

F. C. PASCHALL, age 51 years, of Alma was happily married last Saturday to MRS. ALICE SHEPARD of Zita, age 49 years. Justice WADE performed the martial rites. The newlyweds returned to their home at Alma where they will reside.

Mr. and Mrs. ELLIS STEPHENS moved to Magnolia City (in the Garvin County oil fields) where Mrs. Stephens will have charge of the Kidwell Mercantile Company’s branch store.

J. D. PHILLIPS came form Magnolia City after his children JOE E and CLARA DELL who have been visiting their grandparents Mr. and Mrs. J. F JONES.

May 25, 1922

GEORGE W. MURRAY of Ranger, Texas, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. MURRAY, who for several years were residents of Cornish, was buried in the Cornish Cemetery Monday beside his little sister who preceded him a few years. After leaving this vicinity, the Murray family moved to Ardmore and later George married and make his home in Ranger, Texas. He leaves a widow, two small children, father, mother, and other relatives to mourn his death.

Mr. and Mrs. ROY E. WALLACE go tot Sayre after this week where conditions are such that he can get the wages that he deserves. Our relations and associations with Mr. Wallace as a printer, job man and gentleman, have been such that we are extremely regretful that they must go and we trust that their position with the Sayre Headlight will be pleasant and profitable.

SPENCER MELTON brought to the Eagle office two of the finest cabbage heads thus far seen during the season. Mr. Melton is giving MRS. WILSON PARKER credit for this fine product. They grew in a Cornish garden.

Will sell or rent my house. Will sell all furniture and odd and ends, including full blood Rhode Island Red chickens, and almost new incubator. Cash. S.L. STEALEY

A. J. JONES returned Tuesday from Ardmore where he spend a couple of days with his son BENJAMIN JONES.

MISS OLA RAMSEY and MISS LUCILE CUMBIE entertained with a six o’clock dinner at R. L. RAMSEY’s home on Wednesday evening. The young hostesses are just graduating in Ringling High School and displayed much tact in their manner of entertaining their friends.

Mrs. WREN BUGG is visiting J. A LEAVER and family in Sulphur this week.

MRS. W. E. STEPHENS returned from Magnolia City.

J. E. ROBISON of Waurika was in Ringling Friday warming up his friend in the race for sheriff.

J. M. ROBBERSON reports the roads from Ringling to Loco exceptionally good considering the heavy and almost continuous raining for several weeks.

W. H. SPARKMAN and HENRY DAVENPORT of Ryan were among the business visitors this week.

MRS. J. L. EVANS is in Magnolia City where she is charge of the Liberty Café.

The 52 foot bridge across Red Oak Creek was let to Ardmore contractors last week and work thereon is moving rapidly this week.

GEORGE ROBERTS will preach his first sermon next Sunday morning at 11:00.

M. H. GILMORE of Dundee attended services at the Baptist Church in Ringling Sunday and remained over with friends through Monday.

MISS MATTIE HOLCOMB and MISS BLANCHE DULANEY of Chickasha and CECIL DULANEY of Duncan visited friends and relatives in Ringling Sunday.

The Epworth League enjoyed a cross county hike Tuesday morning and partook of a sunrise breakfast just as the sun came peeping over the hilltops.

DR. STRATTON BROOKS of Ardmore conducted the funeral services of GEORGE MURRAY in Ardmore on Monday and accompanied the body to the Cornish Cemetery for interment.

A. L. DUNKIN and E. L. DILLARD of Waurika were in Ringling one day last week on official business and were in conference with TOM DORSETT on the matter of tax valuation in the Earl Township.

DR. T. F. ALLEN, veterinary surgeon and dentist of Atlee, made the Eagle office a highly appreciative call Saturday and reported the symptoms of leaf poisoning among the cattle in the timber pastures.

MISS ANNA ROFF and MISS INEZ ROFF entertained their friends at a six o’clock dinner on Monday evening. The guests feasted on the choicest delicacies and charmingly entertained.

MRS. F. E. FAGUERQUIST and MRS. J. F. SMALLEY entertained with a six o’clock dinner Wednesday, May 17. Those present: MISSES FERGUSON, TEAGUE, LONG and Mr. J. W. PEDERSON.

WALTER SCOTT who came to Cornish a few months ago from eastern Oklahoma is critically ill and his family needs help. Let the neighbors heed this call. WILL HACKLER or DR. DORSEY can tell how badly help is needed.

Mr. and Mrs. D. F. SPRADLING and WALTER M. WILSON were among the attendees from Ringling at the burial of E. T. CAPPS, who departed this life on Tuesday, May 16, in an El Reno hospital and was laid to rest in the Waurika Cemetery on the following Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. DEWEY DENSON and Mr. and Mrs. CLYDE SLATON of Burkburnett, Texas motored to Ringling and spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. ROY E. WALLACE. Mrs. SLATON, who is Mr. Wallace’s sister, is spending the week in Ringling.

MRS. BESSIE WALTERS spent a few days last week with her husband, P. D. WALTERS, in Denison, Texas. Mrs. Walters returned to Ringling but will leave in a few days to join Mr. Walters at Port Arthur, Texas where he has a position with the Mexico Refining Co.

MRS. CLAUDE HAMILTON of Denison, Texas accompanied MRS. BESSIE WALTERS home last week and they visited with MRS. MILT ADAMS in Healdton. Later they all went to Port Arthur, Texas.

JIM ELLIOTT, marshal of Terral, was shot in the right shoulder last Saturday evening by one of the two prisoners he was transporting to the Waurika jail on criminal charges. The wound is serious but not fatal. The prisoners made their escape and have not been captured at last reports.

OSCAR W. SEAY, candidate for county commissioner of district no. 2 on the Republican ticket, was in Ringling on business and incidentally mentioned his candidacy. Mr. Seay is a big property owner and tax payer of Jefferson County and the Republican party could not find in its ranks a more suitable man for county commissioner.

Several members of the Cornish Primitive Baptist Church and their friends and relatives attended communion services and preaching at Grady Sunday. Among the members present: Mr. and Mrs. WILLIAM DULANEY, H. M. DULANEY, JIMMIE DULANEY, MRS. ALLEN, MRS. CHARLIE HERALD/HERELD, MISS GLADY HERALD, MISS RUBIE HESTER, WESS HERALD and family, D. HERALD and family, all of Wilson, REV. C. H. QUINT?/CUINTET, and REV. CASH of Charley, Texas.

Thursday, June 1, 1922

MISS GLADYS BOWMAN of the Union Hill community and HENRY AUSTIN of Montague County, Texas were joined in the holy bonds of matrimony at the home of W. A. GOODE on May 20. REV. N. O. GOODE officiated. The contracting parties are well and favorably well known to their communities and will make their home in Texas.

Garage and Auto Damaged by Fire
On Wednesday night of last week when the school patrons were gathering at the high school auditorium, the fire alarm range out. Soon it was learned that C. D. GRIGG’s garage was in flames and almost that moment word came that the flames had been checked.

SHINN’s Store at Cornish Broken Into
Last Thursday, C. L. SHINN’s Cornish store was entered in the day time and several dollars stolen from a money purse.

BERTHA MOX, little nine year old daughter of MRS. DORA MOX, who resides in North Cornish, departed this life on the night of May 27. She had been very sick for several days when the attending physician advised the mother that he had no hopes for the child’s recovery. Mrs. Mox is a widow and Bertha was her only daughter. She has two bright little boys. Her husband died a few months ago. The body of this bright little girl was buried in the Cornish cemetery. The Eagle joins with the friends of the widow and dear little boys ins expressions of sympathy.

Two Injured by Lightning
During Sunday, a local rain storm a few miles south of Ringling, MISS HARRIS, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. C. HARRIS, was shocked by lightning and also ALEX HAMMON jr. who was approaching the Harris home when he was knocked from his horse and so badly injured that is it was thought for awhile that he would not recover.

Baby Found Dead
On Friday morning, a dead baby boy was found on the front porch of a vacant house about ½ miles east of Ringling, in plain view of the D. C. D. highway. The baby was dressed and had been dead for several days. Beside the baby was a paste board box filled with baby garments, suggestive of care and consideration for the baby’s welfare. J. P. WADE, justice of the peace, summoned a jury of six men and held an inquest over the body. The baby was not a newborn….

Big Annual Picnic at Old BROWN’s Crossing on Mud Creek
W. B. STAFFORD, commonly known as ‘MUD CREEK BILL,’ made us a call on Saturday and asked us to announce that about July 20 a big picnic and barbecue will be given by his community for the special benefit and accommodations for the candidates. The Browns’ Crossing grounds are the finest in the country for a two days’ picnic and barbecue and Mr. Stafford’s community and section have never failed to entertain their friends and visitors at this annual picnic. Plans are under advisement now and in due time they will be announced, according to Mr. Stafford.

As an answer to the criticism that no road work is going on in commissioner’s district no. 2, W. E. ROSS, road supervisor, showed us on Wednesday 120 claims held by farmers for road service performed in May. These May claims range from $10 to $50.

Our good friend, I. HARMON, place an exhibition in the Eagle office Saturday morning the finest specimen of oats shown in this section. Mr. Harmon has 60 acres of the kind shown us, which are three feet high and heading out nicely.

Fine baby boy arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. GRADY LEWIS in Ringling last Sunday morning.

Thursday, June 8, 1922

Big Picnic at Belleville
On Friday and Saturday, June 23 and 24, the Belleville community which includes both Courtney and Petersburg school districts will entertain all the country everywhere with a big two days’ picnic. The committee and community invite everybody to come and bring well filled baskets. Free ice water and plenty of fish and barbecue are promised. This is a regular old timers picnic and will be interesting every hour of eh two days. Both preaching and public speaking are on the program. .. Signed W. E. EAKIN of Grady and W. R. WATKINS of Courtney.

IRA R. DEASON of Fleetwood is a candidate for Tax Assessor. I am a native of Georgia, have been a citizen of this country 11 years and am familiar with the conditions of the county. Signatures for his support: WINNINGHAM BROS. Grocers at Terral; BUD REED, farmer near Fleetwood; L. G HIGHTOWER Drug Store at Terral; P. F BRISCOE Dry Goods at Terral; J. F. ROARK, farmer near Terral; W. E. CLEVELAND Groceries at Terral; J.H. PEALOR and Son Hardware at Terral; O. C. WALKER General Merchandise at Fleetwood; T. R.HARPER, blacksmith at Fleetwood; E. J. HORTON, gin man at Fleetwood; T.J. SMART, farmer and stockman at Fleetwood; H. G. MARSHALL, vice president of the First State Bank at Terral; S.G. TROUT, president of the First State Bank at Terral; G. W. MITCHELL, farmer near Ryan; A. F FUKE, director of Cotton Growers’ Association at Terral; J. E ENGLAND, farmer at Fleetwood; FULGHUM & EPPERSON Grocery at Ryan.

There is an article about R. B TRICE when he was deputy sheriff, explaining a sad situation. The following signatures reflect the support of the people of Ryan: ROBERT HUGHES of the Ryan Leader, MRS. ANNA HUGHES of the Ryan Leader, E. L. WORRELL of the First National Bank, TYSON, COBB, & NESMITH Grocery, R.H. MILLER barber shop, W. L. GIVENS as manager of the Brown Bros. Dry Goods, G. W. EPPERSON’s café, FULGHUM & EPPERSON Groceries, C. N. NORMAN of the Cashier Peoples Bank & Trust Co., W. I. REED Groceries, O. B. GARRISON as merchant, FRANK ARNER as agent for Pierce Oil Corp., R. H. HILLERY & Sons Hardware, Ryan Oil and Supply Co., A. L. MAINS Dry Goods, North Side Café with C. ATKINS, T. E EDMONDSON Furniture, CHAFFIN BROS. Saddlery, THOMAS & Son Groceries, BORUM & ROBERTS Insurance, C. L. PURVIANCE & SON Drugs, TALBOTT & MANNIN Drugs, STANFIELD Motor Co., City Barber Shop with T. B. SMITH, Brick Hotel with T. B. SMITH as manager, WILLIAM CAMERON Lumber Co. with E. C. TAYS, Chaffin Garage with J. W. CHAFFIN, Antrim Lumber Co. with L. R. COPPICK as manager, J. A. ROGERS of Rogers & Williams Groceries, BEASON GRANTHAM as president of the Chamber of Commerce.

In Quest of Health
Mr. and Mrs. A. F. EPPERSON, granddaughter OVELLA and J. H. MORRIS left Tuesday for an extended trip to New Mexico and Colorado. They will first go to Clovis, N. M. where a rest will be taken with friends and acquaintances, then they will turn northwest to Colorado. As the tour is taken for health, they will take their time. HERBERT PIGMAN is driving them.

R. PARISH of Bennington was making acquaintances in Ringling Saturday in the interest of the Farmer Labor League.

L. B. JACKSON and family are moving into the residence vacated by H. J. HALBROOK.

Saturday evening, MRS. O. O. HOLLINGSWORTH entertained honoring MRS. SABRA H. CLOUGHLEY and daughter MISS FLORENCE who are visiting their old friends and neighbors for a week.

MRS. L. B JACKSON Entertains
On last Friday evening, MRS. L. B. JACKSON and family entertained in honor of MRS. SABRA H. CLOUGHLEY and daughter MISS FLORENCE. Several friends and neighbors were guests and were delightfully entertained with dancing and games.

N. H. ARNER who was principal of Belleville school near Courtney was renewing acquaintances here Saturday.

Local News Items

MRS. W. E. CAPPS of Rose Hill farm is visiting in Cornish.

MISS VERNIE MORELOCK left for an extended visit with relatives and friends in Madill.

MISS ERA WHISENANT of Wilson is visiting her sister, MRS. MARVIN DAVIS.

MRS. M. E. GILCREASE is visiting with her son, A. GILCREASE this week.

R. F. BROWN, state health inspector, made Ringling a business visit Monday and placed us in better sanitary condition.

MISS EMMA BLAINE, who has been attending school here, will spend the summer with relatives at Stewart.

H. J. HALBROOK and family who have resided in Ringling several years are moving to Henryetta this week.

HUGH ROFF is in Marlow and Walters on business.

MISS BERNICE DULANEY returned from visiting her aunt, MRS. MORGAN.

MRS. S. F. DUNLAP of Wilson is spending a few days with friends in Cornish and Ringling.

PARUL R. HEDLUND has purchased the S. L. STEALEY property and is adding substantial improvements.

TOM TAYLOR of Marietta, who has been visiting relatives in Healdton, is visiting with DR. DOSSEY this week.

Mr. and Mrs. H. M. KIDWELL with their children are in Magnolia City this week.

MISS ANNIE ROFF returned from Norman where she visited MRS. A. G. ROBBERSON and daughters.

MRS. RAYMOND STEWART of Madill is visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. SMITH HARWELL this week.

DR. T. F. ALLEN of Atlee shipped out the third load of hogs from Ringling to Fort Worth.

J. M. RICHARDS, age about 90 years, died Sunday a few miles north of Ringling and was buried in the Dixie Cemetery on Monday, as we were informed.

Mr. and Mrs. A. L. MEANS of Wilson spent a few hours Sunday with relatives in Cornish and MRS. E. W. CAPPS returned to Wilson with them for a short visit.

Mr. and Mrs. M. E. HARRIS of Chickasha have come to the Cornish Orphans Home for the summer and will give Mr. and Mrs. W.H. HACKLER an opportunity to rest.

MRS. W. F. KERR and her two daughters of Oklahoma City are visiting her mother and sister, MRS. LOVELACE and MISS LOVELACE.

MISS RANDA BALLARD, MRS. E. T. CAPPS, MRS. E. W. CAPPS, HARDIN BALLARD and E. W. CAPPS of Waurika were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. SPRADLING Sunday.

M. L. NEWMAN who had an operation on his neck performed last Thursday in the Von Keller Sanitarium is reported doing as well as could be expected, which all his friends and neighbors will be glad to learn.

Mr. and Mrs. ZACK STIDHAM with their daughter MISS REBECCA motored to Magnolia City and Foster last Friday where they visited relatives.

G. J. WILLIAMS, superintendent of the Ryan High School, and ROBERT HUGHES of the Ryan Leader were among the many visitors and friends at our Saturday Trades Day. We are always delighted to have such affable gentlemen among us.

PAUL HARRIS, who is a student at A. & M. College at Stillwater and son of Mr. and Mrs. M. E. HARRIS, has joined the boys at the Cornish Home for the summer.

PROF. S. L. STEALEY left Wednesday for Wynnewood where the will spend a few days before taking up his summer’s work.

JOE BRYAN’s family leave Ringling today for their new home in Norman.

MRS. LERON ARTHUR of Henryetta, Texas is visiting her mother MRS. WRIGHT.

The community working on the Cornish Cemetery, which was planned for Monday, was continued to June 14 when everybody is requested to gather at the cemetery and care for the graves.

A good concrete bridge is being constructed across Mountain Creek north of Asphaltum. This bridge is on the Asphaltum to Loco road and will be a great convenience to the traveling public.

O. S. DAVIS, manager of the Hudson-Huston Lumber Co. and S. L. NYE of Ardmore left for a few days rest at Medicine Park. Mr. Davis says he can not risk another fishing trip to Cache Creek because the elements are too violent on the stream. It will be remembered that Mr. Davis and several of his friends were struck by lightning on Cache Creek a few weeks ago.

Mr. and Mrs. E. W. KENDALL and family have just returned from a visit with relatives in Wichita Falls. Mr. Kendall witnessed the big fire at the Wichita Falls ball park Saturday afternoon when about 75 automobiles were caught in the jam and burned, but he got out safely with his car.

MRS. J. C. PHILLIPS and her little daughter CLARA DELL who reside now at Magnolia City are spending the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. J. F. JONES.

MRS. W. M. COLSON and children are visiting her father, S. M. DIXON in Ardmore this week.

Mr. and Mrs. T. F. MORRIS are the proud parents of a fine ten pound baby girl who arrived on Wednesday morning. Mother, baby, and even Terry are reported doing well.

REV. FRANK COCHRAN of Ardmore is conducting a series of revival services at the pavilion this week under the auspices of the Methodist Church.
MRS. S. L. STEALY is visiting in Wynnewood.

Professor and MRS. D. E. ROLLER are spending a few days with relatives in Chickasha.

Card of Thanks
We take this method of thanking our friends for the many kindnesses shown us during the late sickness and death of our dear little daughter and sister, BERTHA MOX, who died May 27. Signed MRS. DORA MOX, MARION MOX and BURTON MOX.

Thursday, June 15, 1922

MISS MARIE HARRIS, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. C. HARRIS of the South Center Point community, and ALEXANDER HAMMONS, jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. HAMMONS of the same vicinity, were quietly married Sunday in Cornish. These young people are well and favorably known here and their parents are among the best farmers in the section. Their many friends feel a just pride in their marriage and hope for them every happiness life can afford. Mr. and Mrs. HAMMONS will make their home near here and will thus remain a part of our community.

To the Citizens of Jefferson County…A candidate for county superintendent… I am American by birth, having been born at Tracy, Iowa, in 1885, that my father was born in that same town and my grandmother was a native of Virginia and that my ancestry has been American for five generations…CHARLES G. MORRIS

MRS. BESSIE THOMPSON of Cornish and WHEELER WILSON of Durant were married Sunday in Ringling. Mrs. Thompson and her family have resided near Cornish for several years and is well and favorably known. Mr. Wilson is a native of Bryan County and comes well recommended. The newlyweds will make their home on the farm near here where she owns valuable lands for both farming and grazing purposes.

Star Line to Grady
DR. A. G CRANFIL and F. A. CRAWFORD, postmaster at Grady, ere in Ringling recently to talk over the extension of the Ringling-Atlee Star mail route to Grady.

Mr. and Mrs. PAT HUNTER lost their infant last Saturday. Its remains were laid to rest in the Cornish cemetery on the following Sunday.

There is a sad story about the baby’s body found on the porch of the deserted house… the parties who were involved in the murder case were jailed.

On Tuesday night, June 13, ANDERSON FELIX ORMSBY passed away at the home of his daughter, MRS. CHARLES WRIGHT, of this city, from cancer of which he had suffered for months. Mr. Ormsby was born in Alabama On June 30, 1836 and was a veteran of the Civil War. He was twice married. Tow children were born from the first marriage and five of the second, of whom Mrs. CHARLES WRIGHT is one. He spent may years at Orr and Waurika before coming to the home of MRS. WRIGHT where he died and was well and favorably know among the old timers. His remains were buried Wednesday in the Oddfellows cemetery.

MISS EREBEL CREEL spent last week visiting with Mr. and Mrs. RICHARD J. CREEL in Ringling, leaving Sunday for her summer vacation in Wisconsin and at the close of her vacation, Miss Creel will return to her work in Oklahoma City as head of the Routine Department of the State University Hospital where her work consists of blood analysis, preparation of vaccines and serums, and the chemistry of all physiological exudates.

GRIGGS Still Busy
Deputy Sheriff C. C. GRIGGS broke in on the cattle thieves this week and apparently played havoc with their business. Somebody said Griggs could not catch a thief, but such talk will have to change now for he can catch both the thief and murderer.

Card of Thanks
We thanks our many friends and neighbors who so kindly remembered us in the last sickness and death of our dear father. Especially do we thank Mr. and Mrs. JOURNIGAN for administering to his every want. Only those who have suffered such a loss can understand our feelings… Mr. and Mrs. CHARLES WRIGHT, MRS. ELIZABETH HAHN and children, MISS BELLE ORMSBY.

Local News Items

J. A. LEAVER made a business trip to Ryan.

LLOYD SAPPINGTON of Grady was a business visitor to Ringling.

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. BAKER of Grady were Ringling visitors.

MRS. FRANK GILBERT of Wirt visited homefolks in Cornish.

C. W. WALLACE made a business trip to Waurika.

D. D. SHINN, our Cornish merchant, say he is ready for the picnic.

FRANK DRISKELL of Waurika transacted business in Ringling Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. JAMES COWAN of Dillard visited friends here Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. IVY BARNARD of Dillard visiting friends and relatives here.

JOE MYERS favored the Eagle office with a visit and subscribed for 2 year to the paper.

A. L. DUNCAN and EDGAR LEVERETTE of Waurika were business visitors.

G. C. HARRIS is having valuable improvements made in the concrete sidewalk in front of his dry goods store.

T. R. BATES of Mena, Arkansas was in Ringling last week, looking after his property here and is considering moving here.

REV. and Mrs. J. M. SIMMONS accompanied by MRS. S. J. DAVENPORT of Wirt paid the Eagle office a pleasant call.

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. STEPHENS and daughter AGNES spent the weekend with relatives in Cornish.

MRS. R. J. CREEL left Sunday for Oklahoma City where she will visit her daughters MISS ERCHEL CREEL and MRS. LELA FUGIT.

WESLEY PARKER was among the nearby citizens who were on our streets last week with fine peaches to sell.

F. E. DRISKILL of Waurika is the delinquent tax collector on the eastside.

HENRY HAMMONS who has been in service in France for several months returned home Tuesday.

J. T. LITTLE who has been visiting his daughter MRS. ANNIE CORNISH returned to Duncan.

RMS. R. S. URE who has spent several months in Sulphur returned home.

ARCH ACRE of Grady was in Ringling and presented the Eagle force with a fine present of June peaches for which we all join in thanking him.

Mr. and Mrs. D. MILT GRIFFIN who moved a few months ago from the Prairie Pump Station in Weatherford, Texas are visiting here.

PROF. CHARLES G. MORRIS of Sugden, the leading candidate for county superintendent, made Ringling voters a pleasant call.

ZACK STIDHAM, candidate for county commissioner, called Saturday to tell us about his race.

Ringling is putting in a public watering place at the crossing of Main and Fifth Streets where the World War flag pole stood.

HALE BROTHERS are open for the business of auto repairing and gasoline vulcanizing work on Fifth Street South.

W. F. Kerr of Oklahoma City, who was formerly pen pusher for Ringling, made a short visit with MRS. LOVELACE and MISS BEULAH LOVELACE.

MRS. H. H. BILLINGSLEY, who has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. CARTER, returned to her home in Dallas, Texas.

W. B. of Grady was in our city with a wagon load of the choicest peaches we had seen up to that date and while here, he subscribed to the Eagle for 2 years.

J. H. GILLESPIE of Wilson who is always ready with the best eats for his friends who chance to pass his way attended the Hammons lot sale on June 9 in Ringling.

Local News Items

The Ringling Eagle’s Great Word Contest, Bee-Hive Picture Puzzle.. Find the objects in this picture beginning with the letter B.

Lawrence, the little son of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. BARRETT, died at home near Cornish. He was one year, 10 months, and 25 days old. The remains were laid to rest in the Cornish cemetery on Friday June 9, REV. J. W. BULLIS conducting the funeral service at the grave.

Thursday, June 22, 1922

WOODWORTH’s Residence Robbed Thursday Night
W. W. WOODWORTH’s Cornish residence was broken into and robbed last Thursday while they were at church….

Ringling Chamber of Commerce Reorganized
F. M. COLLIER elected president; J. L. HARPER elected manager of the trades’ day.

W. F. JONES Dead
W. F. JONES whose home was a few miles west of Ringling died early Friday morning of congestion and was buried the late afternoon of the same day. Mr. JONES’ wife preceded him a few years ago, leaving five children without parents.

BEN CLINE, a well known citizen of the county, is reported as being found dead in his pasture a few miles east of Comanche Monday evening. Mr. Cline had lived in the southern part of our county for many years and well respected as a pioneer.

The marriage last Wednesday noon in Ardmore of MRS. ALMA DULANEY and O. C. CLOUGH was no surprise to their friends in Ringling. The ceremony was very fittingly performed by DR. CHAPPELL, pastor of an Ardmore Methodist Church at his parsonage. Mrs. Dulaney is a dressmaker and Mr. Clough is the cashier at the First State Bank of Ringling where both parties have many friends who join with the Eagle in wishing them a pleasant journey over the matrimonial seas. They boarded a Santa Fe train for Wyconda, Missouri where they will visit with his relatives.

The marriage ceremony of MISS JULIA MAY BLOODSWORTH and TOM PARSONS, both of Wirt, was solemnized in Ringling last week. They will make their home at Wirt.

Word has just reached this office of the marriage of MISS CHRISTINE CAMBPELL of Temple and HENRY PERCY JONES of Healdton last week. Both reside at Healdton. Mr. Jones is a hardware merchant and Miss Campbell is a teacher in the Healdton school. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F JONES, reside in Ringling

Local News Items

ARCH CARPENTER of Ardmore was in Ringling on business.

DR. S. O. TAYLOR’s son OVERTON was on the sick list.

Mr. and Mrs. J. N. RICE made a business trip to Ardmore where Mrs. Rice has been having her dental work done.

W. L. JACKSON an son JOHN left for the harvest fields Saturday and will be gone several months.

W. H. HODGES and MRS. GUSSIE ROBERTS of the Orr community were in Ringling selling produce last week.

JOE C. VIASAK and family left Monday in company with their sister MISS MAMIE VIASAK of Prague and CLYDE HOLLINGSWORTH for a few days in Medicine Park.

J. O. DRISKILL of Atlee has the finest flock of Johnson Giant Bronze turkeys reported in this season.

MRS. J. B. DOVE and family returned from the rivers and lakes around Lawton where they fished, catching about 60 pounds of the finny tribe.

MISS ODA JONES accepted a position with the Smith Dry Goods Company at Magnolia City.

MRS. E. T. HARRIS and daughters GERTRUDE and MARY LEE HARRIS of Dallas are visiting relatives in Cornish.

J. M. MASSEY of McMann called at the Eagle office Tuesday.

MRS. MARY WARD of Cement is spending a few days with her sister, MRS. MADUE HENSON.

Mr. and Mrs. JAMES OGELVIE of the Dixie neighborhood buried a baby Friday in the Cornish cemetery.

G. C. BYRAM of Boonville and O. H. BYRAM of Dennis, Mississippi have been in Oklahoma for a few days. They were called by the death of a brother W. O. BYRAM of Temple who died June 12 and while here, visited their brother J. E. BYRAM who lives north of Ringling.

South Center Point
Mr. and Mrs. EARL CUMMINS of Cornish were visitors here Sunday.


MRS. BURCH FOX spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. WALTER LOCKWOOD.

MISS IRENE WARDLOW has accepted the position as bookkeeper with the Ringling Motor Co.

MISS DOVA DORSETT of Ringling is spending the week with her cousin LENNIE WILLIAMS.

Mr. and Mrs. H. R. WILLIAMS of Healdton visited their son EULAS WILLIAMS Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. M. B. MOSES and children of Dundee visited with Mr. and Mrs. A. W. HAMMONS Sunday.

GRANDMA DORSETT spent the weekend with her daughters MRS. A. W. HAMMONS and MRS. M. F. WARDLAW.

Mr. A.W. HAMMONS gave a great feast Sunday in honor of his son HENRY who has been in overseas services for three years.

Mr. A. W. HAMMONS gave an ice cream party on Thursday. Those present: Mr. and Mrs. FRANK HARRIS, Mr. and Mrs. T. L. SLOVER, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. DORSETT and children.

V. T. NEWCOMB and family are at Exter, Missouri in a great revival meeting.

Thursday, June 29, 1922

JIM WILLIAMS for Constable
Mr. Williams is a farmer and came here from Texas several years ago. He is a wrestler, a general mixer among the younger set and will well acquainted with the larger number of ‘sports and rounders’ in the Earl Township and the eastside. He pledges full performance of official duty and an active campaign against petty thievery… promises to break up the outlawry that has grown up too common within recent months.

Good Side Money
W. H. HODGES, who lives a short way north of Orr, has made regular crops, excepting cotton, during the past two or more year. From May 26, 1921 to August 26, 1922, this farmer put on the market $214 worth of butter fat at prices ranging from 15 to 35 cents per pound and besides this side line, he produced 3500 pounds of pork. Remember that Mr. Hodges is a crop farmer, who makes feed for his own cattle of about 200 head last year, both grain and forage crops, and raise the corn that grows and feeds his hogs. His living comes to him by the sweat of his brown and this year promises to be his best year.

MR.S C. M. CAGLE and children have just returned form an extended visit and vacation at Kingston and Madill with friends and relatives.

South Center Point
REV. SMITH of Claypool spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. F. L. GLOVER.

M and Mrs. LON LAMBERT took dinner with Mr. and Mrs. F. L GLOVER Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. WHITTLE are the proud parents of a baby girl.

Mr. and Mrs. LEE SMITH of Ringling spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. BRANDON.

MISS MARIE WISE spent Sunday afternoon with MISS GLADYS MCDOWELL.

Mr. and Mrs. EULAS WILLIAMS spent the weekend in Healdton.

MRS. EULA HOPKINS of Healdton attended prayer meeting here Sunday night.

A. W. HAMMONS and four of his sons went to Texas after plums. Mr. HAMMONS bought a new Ford and says he is tired of walking in his old days.

MR. WISE of this community lost two good horses last week with hydrophobia; Mr. COX lost a horse.

GORDON ACOX and MISS THELMA ALBIN decided that their single life was too lonely so they went to Texas and married there, returned back to their home Sunday. The community wishes this happy young couple much happiness and joy in their journey through life.

Local News Items

BILLIE SPARKS of Graham spent Sunday with friends in Ringling.

MRS. LEE MACKY of Fort Worth is visiting her daughter MRS. WALTINE JACKSON this week.


MRS. O. O. HOLLINGSWORTH, MRS. H. M. KIDWELL, and MRS. G. C. HARRIS chaperoned a large number of Ringling’s youngsters on a hike to Turner Falls.

MRS. ANN COX, MRS. LEONA ECHOLS and daughter EVELYN and LAMONT CHADDICK of Ardmore, mother , sister, and son of MRS. H. J. ALLEN, spent Sunday with Mrs. Allen.

MRS. RUBY HUNTER and children left Saturday for McKinney, Texas where they will spend a short vacation with her sister MRS. BONNIE WILLIAMS.

Mr. and Mrs. J. L. SMITH of El Paso, Texas are visiting old friends at Ringling.

Mr. and Mrs. HERSHEL SHAW are the proud parents of twin boys who arrived at their home on June 24. The fine mother and the boys, HERSHEL and HASKELL, are doing quite well but the father was not doing well at the last report.

C. N. HENDERSON, former Ringling resident, and his friends, L. B. ISDELL and R. D. KELLY, all residents of Gainesville, Texas, made the Eagle office a pleasant call on Friday. They were on business that brought them to Healdton, Ringling, and Burkburnett and will soon begin drilling for oil west and north of Gainesville.

MRS. J. M. CURTIS, MRS. G. M ARNER, SAM SNELL and HARRY SNELL are visiting their sister MRS. C. C. GRIGGS in Ringling this week.

Mr. and Mrs. WALTINE JACKSON entertained last Saturday evening in honor of MISS MINERVA THOMPSON of Ardmore at their home in the Highland Addition. Music by the Ringling Orchestra and dainty refreshments were features of the entertainment.

REV. ALBERT MEEK, evangelist, will begin revival meeting at the pavilion next Saturday night. Rev. Meek is well known in Ringling.

After a few weeks vacation in Kansas and Missouri, during which he preached in Atlantic City, Iowa, in Platte City, MO, in Kansas City, Kansas, REV. GEORGE G. HAMILTON returned to Ringling.

Mr. and Mrs. P. H. CARTER and children spent from Saturday to Monday at Medicine Park and gave the place a great name as fishing and recreation grounds.

July 6, 1922

Trades Day Satisfactory, July 31 Next Day
Monday Trades Day was entirely satisfactory as a local enterprise… Not a drunken man nor a quarrel heard’ is the official report for Monday Trades Day. Everybody seemed to find happiness in a more respectable manner.

Healdton Boosters
Both time and space forbade us making any mention in last issue of the visit made our city by the Healdton Boosters who made us a call last week. They were a fine band of lively fellows, and as usual for Healdton, they offered us the best of goods things for July 4. Judging from the number of people who were in Healdton on the Fourth, their call was not in vain.

Dixie Cemetery Working
July 8, the Dixie Cemetery is to be cleared off and other needed work to be done…M. W MOODY, Dixie, Oklahoma

MRS. DORA MOX and sons are spending the week with relatives in Fort Worth.

Mr. and Mrs. O. W. SEAY of Oscar are visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. F. JONES Friday and attending the picnic.

OSCAR GOODE and family have moved from Orr to Cornish.

MRS. J. N. RICE returned from Ardmore where she is having dental work done.

The two days picnic at Cornish on June 30 and July 1 was so good that W. P. HARWELL wants to make it an annual affair.

P. F. BUTLER and family returned from their visit with relatives in Henrietta; he says the grain crops are good.

Mr. and Mrs. PERCY JONES passed through Ringling Monday on their way to Temple to attend the Fourth with the latter’s parents, after which Mrs. Jones will return to school at Weatherford where she will finish Aug. 1.

MISS GERTRUDE POPELWELL and her aunt, MRS. A. H. MCCORD, who has been visiting with her sister, MRS. G. M. FORD, left Saturday for Wynnewood, Mrs. McCord’s home, where Miss Gertrude will spend the remainder of summer vacation.

Local News Items

HUGH ROFF is in Gainesville on business.

ARTHUR L. CROOM of Wilson spent Sunday with MISS ODA JONES.

GUY and FRED POPELWELL are taking their vacation with relatives at Wynnewood.

W. W. NEWMAN of Dixie was a business caller during the Cornish picnic.

E. P. HILL, candidate for Attorney General, was in Ringling pressing his candidacy.

J. H. MORRIS, who has been in Clovis, New Mexico, returned Friday to Ringling.

MRS. ROBERT CADY and her two daughters of Bowie, Texas are visiting relatives in Ringling.

Mr. and Mrs. O. C.CLOUGH have returned from their visit at Wyconda, Missouri and ‘O. C.’ is at his counter.

MRS. MOSS WEAVER of Waurika attended the Cornish picnic, promoting the candidacy of MRS. ORA TROLLINGER for County Clerk.

Mr. and Mrs. J. T. TRIMBLE and their daughter DIMPLE recently returned from a successful preaching tour.

MISS CECILE MOORE is attending the Summer Normal at Edmond.

H. C. RAMSEY of Corn, editor of the Wichita County Enterprise, is visiting his brother, L. R. RAMSEY and family.

MISS LOREE DENNIS of Santa Anna, Texas is spending a few weeks with her sister, MRS. F. S. GILLEY.

Mr. and Mrs. EARL EMBREY of Independence, Iowa are on an extended visit with her relatives, M. E. HARRIS and family. They will visit in Dallas before returning home.

Thursday, July 13, 1922

Prize Winners and Prizes
The following persons won prizes on July 3 Trades Day.
DR. T. F. ALLEN, $5 for largest load of chickens
H. L. TRIPP, 50 lbs. Sugar for largest bunch of old roosters
J. L. STONER, 48 lbs. Flour for best stalk cotton
WALLACE RODGERS, 48 lbs flour for best stalk corn
LUTHER WILSON, 48 lbs flour for best pair brood chickens
M. SELLERS, $5 for best Poland China pig
MISS RUTH BROCKREIDER, double aluminum roaster for best 1-2 gallon jar beets
TOSS INGHAM, $5 for best mule colt
I HARMON, flowered lamp for best bundle of oats
MRS. HAMP HARWELL, gold baby ring for heaviest baby 6 months old
MISS LOUISE BROCKREIDER, stationery for best jar of jelly
MRS. ADA DYE, 48 lbs flour for best pair of Leghorn chickens
WALLACE RODGERS, horse shod for best dozen roasting ears
HARVE ALLRED, aluminum preserving kettle for best 1-2 bushels of peaches
MRS. LUCY JONES, washboard and washtub for oldest lady registered
HENRY BROCKREIDER, $3 for heaviest hen
R. L. MAY, $5 for best Jersey cow
A. T. BLACKWELL, $1 for best peck of beets
S. R. SHULER, 1 dozen quart jars for best quart of blackberries
OTT BUTLER, $2.50 in merchandise for best 1-2 dozen Rhode Island Red frying chickens

W. D. TRIPP, A. W. HAMMONS, and ZACK STIDHAM were the judges.
No one appeared at the Liberty Café to claim the free meal for the being oldest married couple.

Precinct Registrars Named
P. F. DAWSON, County Registrar named the following for precinct registrars: W. H. ROFF for Ringling; J. L. MCKASSON for Cornish; JEP STALLINGS for Asphaltum; LLOYD SAPPINGTON for Grady; WILL FREEMAN for Union Hill; L. L. LEE for Courtney; M. BOURLAND for Petersburg; HENRY CARTER for Oscar.

N. W. MCPHERSON announces his Democratic party candidacy for constable of Earl Township. He had lived in the area since 1900, farmed most of his life, comes from Mills County, Texas to Indian Territory. He served as deputy U. S. Marshal before statehood and has considerable experience as a peace officer since statehood.

Heed This Solemn Warning
One day last week, two brothers, ROY NELL and BURNIE NELL, sons of Mr. and Mrs. L. E. NELL of Courtney, and two friends went to Red River to swim. They reached the sandy river bed and the Nell brothers challenged each other to wade a certain body of water called a ‘cut off,’ made by shifting sands of this treacherous stream, before getting ready for their regular swimming plunge. The younger, Burnie, age 13, plunged in to wade what they thought was shallow water, and stepped into water 15 feet deep. The older brother, Roy, age 17, went to help his brother who seized Roy around the neck and both sank to the bottom. A man was present, plunged to help the brothers who seized him and nearly drowned the three, only with the greatest difficulty, the man managed to survive, but the brothers drowned. We cannot bring these fine boys back to life nor heal the hearts crushed by the awful blow, but a warning may given to the hundreds of other youngsters who swim in the Red River, whose waters are not half so dangerous as the quick sands.

Hog Buyers in Ringling
E. P. REYNOLDS of Fort Worth and his nephew MARVIN DAVIS are in Ringling this week buying hogs for the Southern Live Stock Company of Los Angeles, California. Mr. Davis is spending most of his time in Fort Worth since he was granted a divorce from his wife JEWEL DAVIS in Ardmore in June. The Davis couple had lived near Ringling, but within the Carter County which accounts for the divorce decree being granted in Ardmore.

W. C. LEWIS announces his Democratic party candidacy for State Senator from the 17th Senatorial District. … I am a lawyer by profession, a graduate of a reputable law school, 34 years old, born and reared in Ardmore, practiced law since 1912, married with one child who is 10 years old, served in the office of county attorney in LeFlore and Harper Counties, served as county attorney in Harper County, served in the army and engaged in the World War, property owner, tax payer…

Read the announcement for the Orr-Grady picnic at the steel bridge on Mud Creek. W. B. STAFFORD and W. P. MOYER assure us that plenty of ice water which will be needed if these hot winds keep blowing.

Mr. and Mrs.W. E. BRINLEE and daughter VERA and GLADYS with MRS. J. WARDLOW of Ada are visiting MRS. M. F. WARDLOW and daughter, IRENE, also the family of H. M. DORSETT this week.

Local News Items
J. L. EVANS was in Comanche on business.

J. M. ROBBERSON, candidate for representative, was among the Ringling folks attending the Ryan Trades Days Saturday.

MRS. W. S. GILLEY and two children are visiting MRS. LOVIE BURCH at Lawton.

MRS. C. M. BECKHAM has been quite ill for weeks.

J. H. GILLESPIE of Wilson, the leading café man in his town, was in Ringling.

MISS ANNA ROFF and MISS INEZ ROFF returned Saturday after visiting their sister MRS. JAMES LEFTWICH at Comanche.

W. P. HARWELL’s children entertained their friends Saturday at a dance which the young guests greatly enjoyed.

JOE M. COLSOM, candidate for re-election as constable, went to Ardmore Sunday to attend the funeral of his niece, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. JIM WATKINS.

L. E. ELLISON and family of Mangum have become part of our citizenry and Mr. Ellison will have charge of the Ringling Drug Store. We are glad to welcome to our city men of Mr. Ellison’s type.

MISS VIDA JACKSON, cashier at the G. C.HARRIS Dry Goods Store is vacationing with friends in Gainesville.

Mr. and Mrs. C. W. WALLACE and family spent time on Red River in quest of the finny tribe.

MRS. RUBY HUNTER is back at her station at the telephone office after visiting her sister MRS. BONNIE WILLIAMS at McKinney, Texas.

MISS LUCILE HEIGLE of Healdton spent Sunday with her grandmother, Mrs. J. P. MCGRAW in Ringling. Mrs. McGraw returned with Miss Lucille to Healdton for a short visit then will go to Caddo.

MRS. EDGAR HARRIS, formerly owner of the Ringling Drug Store, finished loading the household goods for Shawnee where she will make her future home.

MRS. SUSIE CUMMINS and daughters MISS ALEEN and MISS JUANITA began a motor drive to Estilene, Texas to visit the HENRY MUNDELL family.

MISS VERA GILLIAM and JACK SIMPSON were married one day last week. The parents of these youngsters reside near Ringling and they have many friends to wish them well in their married life.

Quite a number of Ringling people attended the service at Mountain Home Sunday where ELDER PHILLIPS of Ardmore preached.

CLYDE HOLLINGSWORTH entertained 38 young friends last week. They played games and the host served choice refreshments.

MISS VALLIE RICE of Sherman, Texas returned from visiting with her friend MISS OWETA BETHEL of Hot Springs National park, Arkansas and she and Miss Bethel came to spend Sunday with Miss Rice’s mother, MRS. ELLA RICE in Ringling, then returned to Sherman.

DR. W. J. DOSSEY has moved a Cornish residence near his office and after making some additions, will occupy the improved building as family residence.

Thursday, July 20, 1922

Local News Items
MRS. W. J. JONES and little JOE SCIVALLY JONES of Cherokee, Texas are visiting relatives in Ringling this week.

MISS MCCRORY has been engaged as gospel singer for REV. M. A. COOK’s revival meeting at Madill.

W. B. HEDLUND of Elk City, member of the Ringling Motor Co., was in Ringling on business.

MRS. ALICE SPRADLING and little daughter LOUZELLE spent the weekend with MRS. A. L. MEANS in Wilson

MRS. WESLEY HARRIS and her children E. T., ALEEN, and LEROY, are visiting relatives in Texas.

MRS. H. J. ALLEN, sale clerk with the Kidwell Merc. Co., left Monday for her vacation with friends and relatives in Ardmore and Sulphur.

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. HINKLE of Miles, Texas and Mrs. W. E. RIDINOUR and MISS AVY HINKLE of Oklahoma City, parents and sister of our townsman, C. W. HINKLE, are visiting him and family this week.

REV. A. H. ANGLIN of Healdton and PRESIDING ELDER LAMAR of Ardmore were in Ringling.

DR. F. M. EDWARD left Saturday for St. Louis, Missouri for a course of study and lectures on ear, nose and throat troubles.

R. B. TRICE, candidate for sheriff, was in a happy mood Saturday as he shook hands and chatted with voters.

ED VANCIL of Oil City visited his sister, MRS. G. A TURNBOW/TURNBOUGH and other relatives.

E. L. DILLARD, county judge, was here Monday and presents about the best appearance of any candidate in the field. He has no opponent.

REV. J. W. BULLIS, pastor of the Baptist Church, is holding a protracted meeting at Pike City, north of Healdton, this week.

A. F. WRATISLAW comes to the front as a contractor of work. He moved the steel for the big bridge over Red Oak Creek from the depot in Ringling to the bridge in exactly 490 minutes.

Mr. and Mrs. E. C. BAXTER of Haileyville arrived in Ringling to assume charge of the R. C. BAXTER Tailor Shop during the continuance of the miners’ strike and while R. C. BAXTER is on his vacation.

MRS. C. B. PARKER left Saturday for Oklahoma City where her mother, MRS. L. T HILTON, is undergoing treatment for cancer.

DR. T. F. ALLEN loaded a car of cattle for Oklahoma City. He sold a car load in Fort Worth Monday.

G. M. BENTON, J. E. ROBISON, and W. F. SHIPP were busy among the voters Tuesday, chatting, shaking hands, and exchanging smiles for every word of encouragement.

MRS. W. H. ISHERWOOD, her daughter MISS PEARL, her son FRANK and their friend, MISS LUCILLE BOX, all of Tuskahoma, are visiting Mrs. H. M. KIDWELL.

MISS RENA MOON, who is a teacher of 14 years and a resident of Oklahoma City, is visiting her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. MOON.

BUD HARRIS, tailor, hatter, cleaner, and presser.

Thursday, July 27, 1922

Shotgun Used in Ringling
About the noon hour last Saturday two gun shots were heard on Second Street in Ringling and women seen running hither and thither in a frightened manner. The next person to attract attention was B. K. DUNCAN running away from the place of the shooting, showing signs of pain. Mr. Duncan had been shot in both hands and the thigh by JOE WEST. B. K. DUNCAN is the section foreman on the G. N. M. & P. R. R. at Ringling and JOE WEST is a section hand. The two men quarreled earlier…

A. D. HENDERSON and MRS. ETTIE PARKER of Dixie approached the court clerk’s office at the First State Bank Friday morning, in quest of a marriage license. Soon thereafter they were pronounced husband and wife. They have lived near Dixie and will make their home in the same community.

At the home of Mr. and Mrs. JOE WILLIAMS, MRS. RUBY FRANCES FISHER and WILLIAM B. ROBERTS of Ringling were happily married Friday evening July 21, in the presence of a few friends, REV. A. H. ANGLIN of Healdton officiating. Both contracting parties are well and favorably known in this city. Mr. Roberts holds a position with the First National Bank and Mrs. Fisher is a Kentucky lady who has been spending a few months with her sister, MRS. JOE WILLIAMS. During her stay in Ringling, Mrs. Fisher has taken a leading part in the activities of the Methodist Church. They will reside in Ringling.

Noel Harwell Passes Away
NOEL HARWELL, son of Mr. and Mrs. SMITH HARWELL, died in the Wilson Sanitarium early Wednesday morning, July 26, where he was taken from the family home in Ringling late Tuesday night for an operation… He had appendicitis… Noel Harwell was born at Mena, Arkansas on September 27, 1904 and came here several years ago with his family and was educated in our schools. .. He gave his heart to God and became a member of the Methodist Church several years ago. Funeral services will be held today at the pavilion at 2:00 led by REV. A. E.WATFORD of the Methodist Church and the remains will be laid to rest in the Oddfellows Cemetery.

Thursday, August 3, 1922

Carter County Nominees
W. F. FREEMAN for district judge
W. F WINFREY for county judge
E. C. LONDON for sheriff
J. L. HODGE for county attorney
J. J. LASSEY for court clerk
FRED HAINEY for county treasurer

Ringling Picnic
We were authorized to announce in last week’s paper that a picnic and barbecue would be held on August 16 and 17.

Monday Trades Day Winners
R. CASSILL, $2.50 for best stalk of cotton
J. D.JOHNSON, cups and saucers for best ears of corn
G. M. HENNESY, 48 lbs flour for best melon
W. M. MAC??, No. 3 wash tub for best chickens
LUTHER ALLEN, one dozen fruit jars for best peaches
MACK WRIGHT, $10 for best horse colt
F. HELMS, $10 for best mule colt
TOSS INGRAM, 50 lbs of block salt for best brood mare
S. PRICE, $10 for best pair of matched horses
H. M. GIBSON, $10 for best calf
R. W. SAVAGE, lariat rope for best horse and saddle
The judges were T. J. NOLEN, M. SELLERS, and J. C. HARTSELL.

Notice to Jefferson County farmer, prairie dogs are doomed. I request that all land owners infested by prairie dogs to drop me a card giving the location of land by section lines and approximate acreage infested. J. T. GREEDLEE, field foreman for exterminating ‘dogs’

Local News Items
T. K. MCKASSON, one of our oldest home citizens, has been sick for several days.

Mr. and Mrs. F. A. CRAWFORD of Grady were among our Trades Days visitors Monday.


MISS RUBY MCCLURE of Honey Grove, Texas is visiting MISS LUCILLE MCCRORY.

MISS CECILE MOORE arrived Sunday from Edmond where she attended the Summer Normal.

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. BAKER met here Monday their daughter MISS LILLIAN who was returning from school at Norman.

R. F. BROWN, the first district clerk of this county, was among the voters Monday in R. H. WILSON’s interest.

J. C. DILLARD purchased the IRBY residence and moved into the same a few days ago from his ranch neat Atlee.

MRS. A. C. BARNARD and daughter MISS VIRGIE left for Fort Worth on vacation.

J. M. HARRIS, merchant, tailor and practical hatter, suits cleaned.

MRS. C. A . CUMBIE and children will leave this week for Magnolia, Arkansas to visit relatives.

REV. C. A CUMBIE returned from visiting relatives in Fort Worth, Dallas and Cleburne, Texas.

CHARLIE GARRETT, former resident of Ringling, died at El Dorado, Kansas last Thursday and his remains were buried at Kaufman, Texas.

JOHN IRBY, after selling his property at Ringling a few days ago, moved to Ardmore where, it is reported, that he will purchase the drug store in the MULKEY Hotel Building.

F. M. COLLIER and family are on their vacation and left last week for Chicago, St. Louis and other places.

MISS MORINE RYAN of Ardmore returned home after visiting her friends, the MISSES JACKSON.

Mr. and Mrs. J. P. DELINGER arrived in Ringling after stopping for several days at Sulphur, following their marriage in Oklahoma City three weeks ago.

R. E. SINGLETON of Courtney made us a pleasant call Monday and subscribed for the paper.

MRS. RUEL MITCHELL of Gainesville is the guest of her aunt, MRS. L. B. JACKSON this week.

Mr. and Mrs. RAYMOND URE have rented rooms from MRS. J. F. JONES and moved into them Monday.

MISS QUIDA JACKSON is spending the week with relatives in Gainesville.

Mr. and Mrs. JACK HARRIS of Abilene, Texas are the guests of CHARLES HARRIS and family this week.

Mr. and Mrs. SAM BANNISTER of Duncan are visiting the J. P. DULANEY family.

Mr. and Mrs. C. A. DULANEY of Healdton visited Mr. and Mrs. J. P. DULANEY last Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. PINKNEY TURNER have just returned from Bighart where they visited their daughters MRS. IDA BAUCOM and MRS. HORTENSE TRIPP.

Mr. and Mrs. WILLIAM CARR and their daughter Miss BEATRICE are visiting friends and relatives in Durant.

R. F. MOORE and son will open an up-to-date grocery in the building formerly occupied by the Ringling Drugstore.

Mr. and Mrs. JOE WILLIAMS returned last Friday from visiting friends and relatives near McKinney, Texas.

Mr. and Mrs. R. E. STEWART of Oklahoma City answered the summons last Wednesday to attend the funeral of her brother, NOEL HARWELL, and are visiting here for a few days.

Mr. and Mrs. G. A. TURNBAUGH/TURNBOW/TURNBOUGH and Mrs. FLORA SIMMONS returned from visiting at Oil City.

MRS. W. E. HAMMONDS and son MAURICE who has been in summer school at Ada came home Saturday.

Mrs. D. F. SPRADLING was called to Wilson Monday to the bedside of the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. MEANS, who will undergo an operation for dislocation of the collarbone.

Marietta Man Slain
Marietta, July 31--BILL RHODES, a farmer, was shot and instantly killed within 200 yards of the back door about dusk Saturday evening… Rhodes is said to have been a good neighbor in this section and no object of the crime could be drawn.

Thursday, August 10, 1922

People’s Refinery to Open
E. D. SMITH of Oklahoma City was in Ringling Friday looking after the interest of the People’s Refinery here which has been idle for several months. The company has purchased the eight miles of pipe line from the oil field to the refinery and is in better position for getting crude oil. E. D. PRIDDY, who for five years has had charge of the Nyanza Refining Company at Wilson, will move to Ringling and have charge of the People’s Refinery. It has a capacity of 1500 barrels per day and, when in operation, furnishes employment for a number of men at good wages.

M. J. H. UNDERWOOD and MISS NINA MARY DILLEN were married in Ringling August 8.

EUGENE DAVIS and MISS MARY ALLEN were married in Ringling August 8.

C. of C. Banquet
On Friday night of last week the Ringling Chamber of Commerce gave a banquet for the benefit of the members and the entertainment of their families and friends. This said to be the first of its kind in Ringling and proved a very enjoyable affair. Fifty-four plates were served and many fine speeches made by members and friends.

Eagle Office Robbed
On Monday night the Eagle was broken into and robbed of a large number of word lists of the Bee Hive Puzzle Contest…

Local News Items
J. M. BULLARD, C. S. BULLARD and Z. R. BULLARD of Waurika, who are friends of EDWARD CAPPS, were among the diners at the Editor’s home Sunday, as they were all returning from a visit to Fox.

J. P. DULANEY and family visited HARVE ALRED Sunday near Dixie.

HERSHEL SHAW and family visited with MR. WILLIAMS and family who reside a few miles west of Ringling.

Mr. and Mrs. EDWARD CAPPS and their baby of Waurika with Mr. and Mrs. A. L. MEANS and their baby took Sunday dinner with the D. F. SPRADLING family.

WILL NEWMAN of Dixie was in town transacting business Tuesday.

O. O. HOLLINGWORTH and son CLYDE visited in Chickasha.

MRS. N. A. DULANEY and son HARRY left Tuesday for Antonita, Colorado where they will be joined by MISS BERNICE DULANEY and vacation for a month in Colorado.

Mr. and Mrs. JOE MYERS were transacting business in Ringling Monday. Mr. Myers’ brother had surgery for appendicitis in Chickasha.

A. MCCRORY, J. W. JONES, C. C. WALLACE, and E. J. BEAN attended the meeting of the county Democrats. W. P. HARWELL represented the Cornish precinct.

Mr. and Mrs. J. D. GREENWAY who are visiting in Ringling extended their visit by motoring to Waurika and visiting with another relative, F. E. DRISKILL.

S. H. HARGIS of Ada, father of MRS. L. B JACKSON, is visiting his daughter here. He was 90 years (another item stated 80) old Tuesday and is as active as any fifty year old man.

C. L. MCCOMAS and family of Ardmore spent Sunday with MRS. G. A. TURNBOUGH.

W. F. WALKER of Orr, former citizen of Cornish, was among his old friends Friday.

LUMONT CHADDICK of Ardmore visited his mother, MRS. H. J. ALLEN Monday and then went to Dallas where he will work for the Western Union.

ELVIA WALKER of Orr is visiting relatives in Ringling.

F. E. DRISKILL of Waurika visited the ZACK STIDHAM and his relatives, the J. D. GREENWAY family visiting from Durant.

Monday morning began the marriage chimes anew. MISS PEARLIE DANIELS and C. D. SKAGGS were married. Miss Daniels lived at Hewitt and Mr. Skaggs at Wilson. Both are young and promising futures, beginning their married life at Wilson.

Thursday, August 17, 1922

J. H. DILLARD Entertains
Friday night was made memorable to many by the hospitality of J. H. DILLARD who entertained a number of guests and visiting friends at his home near Ringling. Dancing was a feature of the entertainment. ‘The MORRIS FIVE’ of Ringling furnished the music. For those who thought the evening too warm for dancing, games were arranged. Among the visiting friends, DR. and MRS. JOHNSON, JUDGE and MRS. JAMES H. MATTHEWS of Ardmore, Mr. and Mrs. EARL MORRIS and MISS RUTH BIFFLE of Waurika. Mrs. L. B. JACKSON and MRS. H. M. KIDWELL presided as hostesses and maintained their reputation as hostesses and planning events…

MRS. NANCY UNDERWOOD, former resident of Cornish, visited MRS. WILLIAM DULANEY.

Atlee Rebekah Lodge meets Tuesday evenings in Oddfellows Hall. MRS. MARY LITTLE, president.

B. & C. Oil Company, E. J. BEAN, manager, Phone 23, Ringling

On August 11, in Sulphur, Thelma, the 8 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. P. STEWART of Ringling, passed to her reward on the other shore. She was taken seriously ill July 4 and was taken to Sulphur for treatment. Funeral services were conducted by REV. J. W. BULLIS, pastor of the Baptist Church, Saturday afternoon at the pavilion. Her remains were laid to rest in the Oddfellows’ Cemetery. …

Local News Items

MISS MARY MCNAULTY and MISS HATTIE KYKER are attending the B. Y. P. U. assembly now in session at Falls Creek near Turner Falls which is the regular assembly grounds for the Baptists.

MRS. J. M HARRIS and children have returned from their visit.

MISS OTHELLA and MISS MARIE DULANEY of Fort Worth are visiting friends and relatives here.

MISS OLLIE SAUNDERS of Cornish has been ill.

MRS. IDA BAUCOM and MRS. HORTENSE TRIPP of Bighart are visiting their parents Mr. and Mrs. PINKNEY TURNER.

BRYAN CALLOWAY has returned.

Mr. and Mrs. WILL CANINA of Burkburnett are visiting relatives at Orr.

Mr. and Mrs. RAYMOND HELMS of Davis arrived here Saturday for a short visit with her mother MRS. J. C. COX.

MRS. MARY LITTLE of Atlee visited in Ringling.

Mrs. M. E. HERRINGTON of Orr is spending the week with her son.

NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE PENNINGTON of Sunset, Texas is spending the week with his father S. I. PENNINGTON.

MARTIN GREEN of Pauls Valley, caretaker or guard at the Boys’ Training School there, is visiting his daughter MRS. S. I. PENNINGTON. Mr. Green has been employed at the School for seven years.

M. E. HAM and family and his mother MRS. W. R BARNES are visiting relatives at Lone Grove.

MRS. J. P. JONES and daughter MISS ALMA are visiting the L. B. JONES family.

MRS. RUBY HUNTER made a business trip to Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. JOHN CORNISH of Wilson, who are preparing to make their home in Ardmore, are visiting in Ringling.

Thursday, August 31, 1922

First Cotton in Ringling
Two bales of cotton were ginned at the Dulaney Gin last Saturday and sold on the Ringling market Monday. CLAUDE FLETCHER was the first on the market and sold at 21 cents and the second bale at 22 cents. Ginning and wrapping were free and a premium of $24 was paid on the first bale and $12.50 on the second bale. E. W. KENDELL, manager of the Ringling gin, and J. L. HARPER, canvassed the town for these premiums.

New Babies
Born in the family of HENRY CHAMBLESS, a girl on August 6.
To the family of A. COURTNEY, a boy on August 12.
To the family of WILLIE JONES, a girl on August 14.
To the family of J. D. DAVIS, a girl on August 18.
To the family of CAM PATTERSON, a boy on August 19.
To the family of LON ALLEN, a boy on August 20.
To the family of FRANK BLEVINS, a boy on August 22.
To the family of W. M. COLSON, a girl on August 24.
All the babies are fine and doing well.

Saturday night was the time and Ringling was the place for solemnizing the marriage rites between MISS BEULAH DAVIS and ED THOMAS who reside west of Ringling. Both are young and have promising futures. They will reside near their parents.

Ringling Repeats, Addington Victims
Last Saturday afternoon, the local high school football team defeated Addington 20 to 6.

BLACKBURN Knocked Blind
On last Friday at Healdton, a game played between Marietta and Healdton teams, BILL BLACKBURN, one of the Healdton players, was knocked blind during the progress of the game.

Divorce Notice

A. F. EPPERSON who had moved to Clovis, New Mexico a few months ago in the hope that the western climate would help him recover his health, is worse and MRS. EPPERSON has gone to him in Clovis.

A. J. JONES has moved his shoe shop to the corner of Main and Fifth Street.

A. A. BEARDEN has purchased the Ringling Grist Mill and is prepared to grind you corn into meal or stock feed.

MRS. I. HARMON, who fell from a wagon near her home in Ringling, is able to walk about the house now.

Thursday, October 12, 1922

W. Y. DILLEY for District Judge
W. Y. DILLEY is the Republican nominee for district judge in the 15th Judicial district which comprises Caddo, Grady, Stephens, and Jefferson Counties. Mr. Dilley has lived in Jefferson County for the past 7 years. He is supported by R. C. ARMSTRONG of Ryan, T. N. MITCHELL of Ryan, ED GIBSON of Ryan, W. L. DEW of Duncan, C. A. OWENS of Waurika, and W. S. PRICE of Addington.

On last Friday Ringling took the first defeat of the season by allowing Marietta to get the jump on them. Marietta 36, Ringling 0.

ELDER IRA WOMACK closed the revival meeting at the pavilion on Sunday night. There were 12 additions to the Christian Church by baptism.

Thursday, October 19, 1922

Football at Loco
Ringling football team played the Loco team at Loco on Friday. Loco won 13 to 0. Next Friday Healdton will play the home team at Ringling.

Thursday, October 26, 1922

Bridge Club Organized
A number of Ringling ladies met at the home of MRS. F. M. COLLIER Wednesday afternoon and organized a bridge club to be known as the “Wednesday Bridge Club.’ The club will meet weekly. No prizes will be awarded. Dues will be used for Christmas items for the orphans at the Cornish Home. MRS. D. E. ROLLER was elected president. The home of MRS. O. C. CLOUGH will be used for the first meeting.

Best grade lard and cooking oils. R. F. MOORE & Son, Phone 31, goods delivered.

Local News Items

DR. DOSSEY is repairing a residence near his office on Fourth Street and plans to move here.

JAMES P. KRUMTUM, the baby of Supt and Mrs. J. C. M. KRUMTUM, was reported very sick.

J. C. COXY, formerly in the grocery business here and many years a school trustee, is in critical condition due to cancer.

P. H. CARTER, one of our oldest and most reliable hardware merchants, has returned from Sunset, Texas where he visited his father and other relatives.

A. MCCRORY has been ailing for several days.

R. L. WILLIAMS, former governor of Oklahoma, spent Sunday with Mr. MCCRORY.

W. F. MOORE, who recently moved his business from Ringling to Healdton, was here last week, gathering up the odds and ends and renewed his subscription to the Eagle.

MRS. S. L. KIRKLAND of Muskogee, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. RACHEL, is moving her parents to Muskogee where she can care for them in their declining years.

G. E. ALBIN and family are moving to Harlingen, Cameron County, Texas where they will make their home. Mr. Albin is a successful farmer and we are sorry to lose him, but hope his new home near the Gulf coast will be helpful for his family and him.

SMITH HARWELL and daughter MRS. RAYMOND STEWART of Oklahoma city motored to Madill from here.

Mr. and Mrs. FRED MITCHELL have a fine 10 pound baby girl.

MISS LORENA RAY of Little Rock, Arkansas is visiting her sister, MRS. FRED MITCHELL.

MRS. LOVIE BURCH of Fletcher is visiting her father, W. S. GILLEY and other relatives here.

R. F MOORE and Son have just received a car load of White House flour.

F. S. GILLEY finished a nice painting job at Loco.

G. A TURNBOUGH and family left last Friday for New Mexico and other western points in an effort to improve Mrs. Turn bough’s health.

O. S. DAVIS, manager of the Hudson-Houston Lumber Co., is visiting his mother in New Mexico.

MRS. W. R. HARRIS is ill this week.

MRS. R. E. L. WORSHAM has been quite sick.

J. M. ROBBERSON made a business trip to Ardmore.

J. W VANSICKLE and family recently moved here from Clay County, Texas. MISS ELIZABETH VANSICKLE and SIDNEY VANSICKLE entered school here Tuesday.

W. H. ROFF, real estate and insurance agent, returned from South Bend, Texas where his son, CHARLES ROFF was sick.

B. BANTA of Comanche was here Sunday.

CHARLEY PARKER had the misfortune of thrusting a stick through his foot. A doctor was called.

MRS. MORELOCK moved to Wilson to take charge of the boarding house of F. M. COLLIER.


E. K, JONES and FRANK PRICE, barbers, have changed the location of their shop.

Thursday, November 2, 1922

Last Friday morning, DAYTON GILLEY, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. GILLEY passed away, 14 days old.

HILL WALLING, H. B. LONGEST, O. L. BRANDON, and G. W. WILLIAMS motored from Orr to Ringling on business.

Mr. and Mrs. EARL RACHEL are moving to Healdton where he will be sale clerk for the W. F. MOORE Grocery.

O. W. SEAY of Oscar, candidate for county commissioner of his district, called and renewed his subscription to the Eagle.

Thursday, November 16, 1922

The sad news Monday was that AFTON HARWELL was missing since Sunday and his parents were fearful that something had happened to him. His body was found west of Ringling, shot accidentally by a friend while they using a small target rifle. His is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. HARWELL of Cornish, born at Hatfield, Arkansas Feb. 25, 1908. He was in the ninth grade at Ringling High School. Funeral services were held at the family home Tuesday afternoon and the remains laid to rest at the Oddfellows Cemetery.

MISS ROMA REED and CARL PRICE, both of Ringling, were married in Ardmore Wednesday of last week.

New City near Fox
It is now the opinion of everyone in touch with recent events that the Healdton branch of the Ringling Railway will be extended northwest to a point between Alma and Fox.

Thursday, December 14, 1922

Mother and Daughter Reunited after 23 Years
After 23 years of painful silence MRS. OLLIE COLSON received a letter from her mother a few days ago and telling she was living in Palmer, Texas. Mrs. Colson and her mother, MRS. WAFER, were separated 23 years and no word had passed between them since and neither had known of the location of the other. Two years ago, Mrs. Colson advertised for her mother, hoping to gain some information about here but no word came until this letter. There was not much time before Mrs. Colson was on the train for Palmer and she wrote to her husband after arriving there that she had surely found her mother and she still looked young and was just same as 23 years ago.

Man Seriously Injured
Auto speeding seems to have reached the limit. The last collision occurred between Ringling and Wilson Tuesday night when GABE LINDSAY ran a Buick into a heavily loaded lumber wagon. Lindsay was driving at very high speed and failed to see the wagon in time to avoid it. The wagon was upset but the driver was not seriously injured.

Masons Elect Officers
On Saturday night, Cornish Lodge A. F. & A. M. elected officers; O. C. CLOUGH, W. M.; JOHN PEDERSON, S. W.; R. F. MOORE, J. W.; A C. SWINNEY, Treasurer; JOE WILLIAMS, secretary.

Thursday, December 21, 1922

MISS MINNIE WOLFE, 16, and CLAUDE WHITE, 21, both of Courtney Flat community, were married Saturday in Ringling.

MISS BEULAH BURCH, 18, and DORRIS ROPER, 18, were married Friday. They are residents of Healdton and will make their home there.

ROY CHRISTIAN, formerly employed by the Magnolia Petroleum Co. in Ringling, was here en route to Addington where he will serve his company at their pump station.

R. C. BAXTER of Iowa Park, Texas arrived in Ringling for Christmas holiday.

F. M. MOORE, one of Healdton’s leading grocery men, was here on business.

M. L. DAVIS of Fort Worth, former resident here, motored to Ringling and is looking over business at the ranch east of here.

MRS. E. C. GARNER and little daughter MARTHA RUTH began their Christmas vacation by going to Fort Worth to visit with relatives.

Surprise Birthday Party
The friends of MRS. RUBY URE gave her a surprise birthday party at the home of her brother, BEN BUGG, on the event of her 21st birthday. Dancing, games, and refreshments were featured.

Thursday, December 28, 1922

J. S. MAGNESS quietly passed away Tuesday morning after a lingering illness. MR. MAGNESS was one of the pioneers in Indian Territory and has resided in this section of Jefferson County since statehood. He was one of the few Confederate veterans and was placed on the payrolls of the Oklahoma state Confederate pensioners only a few years ago. Mr. Magness leaves his widow, several children and grandchildren to mourn his death. The remains were laid to rest in the Cornish cemetery Wednesday afternoon.

Oil Worked Killed
GEORGE RAY, employee of the Sinclair Oil and Gas Co., was instantly killed Dec. 26 while engaged in pulling casing from a well on the ANSLEY LESE NEAR Wirt. F. FISH had charge of the arrangements and the body was laid to rest at the Marsden Cemetery Wednesday.

Our good friend, CHARLES LASURE, received a message Monday that his father S. G. LASURE had passed away at the family home in Anderson, Indiana on Dec. 20 and was buried Dec. 23. Charles Lasure had visited his father a few months ago and found him in very feeble health. Mr. Lasure was 84 years old. Two daughters and one son survive him.

JONES’ Turkey Drawing
JONES’ Market and Grocery held the drawing for free turkeys. MRS. JOHN GARIBALDI and MRS. C. L. WRIGHT were the proud winners.

REV. COWAN of Wellington, Texas held Baptist services at the home of WILLIAM DULANY where a large number of relatives had gathered for Christmas.

CARL SAUNDERS, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. A. SAUNDERS of Ringling, died Tuesday evening from injuries received in the falling and wrecking of K. C. DILLARD’s aeroplane early in the morning. Mr. Saunders had moved to Ardmore. He and Mr. Dillard were brothers-in-law and frequently drove autos or flew together. Mr. Saunders leaves a widow and one child, his parents, sisters, and one brother. The remains were buried at Ardmore cemetery Thursday.

Ringling marriages closed the week with the ceremony of MISS NEWLL BAGGETT, 18, and PAUL TIPPS, 28, both of Loco.

HAM & WORSHAM’s free drawing was called Saturday. E. A. MORRIS drew the first prize, a case of apples, and MARGARET HIDGON won the second prize of a box of candy. J. L. SMITH and LEE DILLIAN received the third prize and fourth prize.

MRS. J. F. STEVENS received word Tuesday that her sister, MRS. LOLA HARMON of Loco, was in serious condition from food poisoning.

Courtney Marriages
Among the Christmas marriages may be mentioned the union of MISS FANNIE MAY HOGUE, 18, and ELBERT ROBERSON, 22, both of Courtney, and MISS EFFIE MAYS, 19 and R. E. STEWART, 29, also of Courtney.

Local News Items

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. BAKER were Ringling visitors.

MISS ALMA CUMMINS, teacher of the Center Point School, came home for the holidays.

MRS. MATTIE GIBSON went to Wilson.

MRS. ELSIE PALMER went to Oklahoma City on business.

DEWEY FORE, who has employment in the Fox oil field, came home for Christmas.

F. S. GILLEY, the sign painter, was in Wilson on business.

EDDIE BILLINGSLEY of Madill is visiting friends in Ringling.

Mr. and Mrs. A. MATHEWS took Christmas dinner with her brother CLAUDE RICKETS in Healdton.

MRS. H. WILSON of Hobart is spending the holidays with her sisters, MRS. P. H. CARTER, MRS. J. P. DULANEY and MRS. R. J. CREEL.

Mrs. JOE BRYAN and children from Norman are visiting in Ringling.


STATON MCCRORY arrived home from the Baptist University.

W. J. NEWBY made a business trip to Waurika and Ardmore.

M. E. HARRIS and little son M. E jr. motored from Chickasha to spend the holidays at the Cornish Home.

Mr. and Mrs. THOAMS HIAWACEK (?) of Hammon arrived here to spend the holiday with their daughter MRS. C. W. WALLACE.

Mr. and Mrs. PAUL R. HEDLUND are visiting at Elk City.

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. BAXTER are spending the holidays at Shamrock.

DR. and Mrs. PAUL HENDRIX are visiting in Sayre.

MISS AVY HINKLE of Oklahoma City is visiting her brother, C. W HINKLE, and his family.

HUGH ROFF, attending the Tulsa University, is here for the holidays.

Miss LOUZELLE ASHBY, teacher in the Loco public school, came home for the holidays.

MRS. M. G. MOORE and son ROBERT visited with friends in Ardmore.

MRS. J. W. JONES and children went to Ardmore to spend the week with friends and relatives.

MISS IRENE WARDLOW, secretary at the Ringling Motor Co., spent the holiday at the home of her uncle, A. W. HAMMONS.

S. H. WALLACE, who has been at Breckenridge, Texas, returned home to visit his family.

A. A. WHITE and W. P. HARWELL were in Robberson Saturday closing up some oil leases.

MRS. OVA WRIGHT, who is taking a business course at Fort Worth, is here visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. P HARWELL.

GEORGE ROBERTS, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. M. ROBERTS, and a student at Norman High school, visited home folks.

MRS. AUBRY ADDINGTON and children from Tulsa are visiting with her brother, W. J. NEWBY, and sister, MRS. GIBSON.

JOHN TAYLOR of Gunter, Texas and former resident of Asphaltum, is visiting his old friends.

L. JERNIGAN and CHARLES WRIGHT left for Smackover, Arkansas where their company, The Warren City Boiler Co., will build storage tanks for the heavy oil production in the newly developed Smackover oil fields.

J. T. CUMBIE of Fleetwood was here en route to the inauguration of GOVE. WALTON.

Mr. and Mrs. CHARLES HARRIS and Mr. and Mrs. W. F. MCQUAID are visiting in Gainesville, Texas.

MISS BEULAH LOVELACE is visiting her sister, MRS. W. F. KERR, in Oklahoma City.

CLAUD FLOYD left for Bartlesville to visit friends and relatives.

MRS. ALICE SPRADLING and children visited her daughter MRS. EDWARD CAPPS near Waurika.

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