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Oct. 28, 1879

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Oct. 28, 1879

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Tues Oct 28 1879: Local Items.

T.R. Congdon has a fine second crop of peas in his garden, self-sowed from the first crop.

The Columbia brass band, J.D. Jillson, instructor, A.A. Hunt, leader, has a new set of instruments.

J.L. Hunter, Dr. Fox, E.A. Buck and C.S. Bliven are delegates to the democratic senatorial convention at Plainfield, to-day.

Mr. Wm. P. Baldwin of Boston, who fell from the roof of the Willimantic Linen Co's mill last Wednesday, is recovering. He fell about 50 feet.

It is reported that the telegraph company which has set poles through this village, has failed and that the property has gone into the hands of the Western Union Company.

2552. Tues Oct 28 1879: At the Republican caucus yesterday in this village, Dr. William A. Lewis of Plainfield was nominated for Senator from this district, receiving a majority on the first ballot.

2553. Tues Oct 28 1879: Prof. Johnson has analyzed the stomach of the deceased Mrs. Riddle of Norwich, and found sufficient arsenic to cause death. The hearing of Riddle has been put down for today.

2554. Tues Oct 28 1879: The Windham County Medical Society had a large and interesting meeting at the office of T.M. Hills last Tuesday. The next meeting of the society will be held at Putnam in January.

2555. Tues Oct 28 1879: Miss Jennie D. Stacy is meeting with marked success in her canvass of the village for Buffalo Bill's life. She has secured a number of our prominent names and has promise and prospect of quite an addition to her list this week.

2556. Tues Oct 28 1879: Jas. M. Hibbard of Windham and Joseph A. Lewis of Willimantic, were chosen representatives at the Prohibition caucus on Tuesday evening, Oct. 21st, and delegates were appointed to attend the Senatorial Convention at Plainfield.

2557. Tues Oct 28 1879: The preliminary hearing on the charges preferred against the three men arrested on Saturday for illicit distilling, will be held for trial on the following dates: in the case against Lillibridge, Oct. 30; against Grant, Nov. 10; against Pearl, Nov. 12.

2558. Tues Oct 28 1879: Joseph Wood expects to have his job dye-house in operation the latter part of this week, and will be ready to receive orders for dyeing anything that can be dyed from a silk necktie to a horse blanket. Mr. Wood has had a long experience in the business, and ought to know how to do work in a manner that will please the public. Now let our people patronize home institutions.

2559. Tues Oct 28 1879: On Saturday United States Marshal Bates of this city and Deputy Collector Royce of Norwich discovered an illicit distillery in Coventry. It was in an old house on an unfrequented road. Morton Lillibridge was found in charge of the premises, and investigation disclosed the existence of the apparatus, which was located in what was formerly the kitchen of the old house. It was very well fixed for purposes of concealment. Lillibridge confessed that he had been running the establishment since July, making New England rum from molasses. Only a small amount of distilled liquor was found on the premises. Subsequently Marshal Bates arrested John E. Grant of Mansfield and A.H. Pearl of Willimantic on a charge of being concerned with Lillibridge in the illegal business. All the parties were brought to this city and taken before Commissioner Waldo, and bail was fixed at $1,000 each, in default of which they went to jail.--Hartford Courant Oct. 27.

2560. Tues Oct 28 1879: Coventry Chips.

Mr. James S. Morgan is laying the foundation for an addition to his silk mill.

Mr. Geo. P. Lincoln delivered a discourse on the evils of intemperance in the Methodist church on Wednesday evening last.

Mr. B.B. Brown has sold out his interest in the new livery stable to Mr. Dunham of Eagleville, Mansfield, for eight hundred dollars.

M.A. Washburn is improving the sidewalk in front of his house by filling in with gravel to the depth of one foot.

Mr. R.W. Barber is building for himself a nice house on the site of the one destroyed by fire a few months since.

2561. Tues Oct 28 1879: Mansfield Mites.

As Mrs. Beach, wife of the Congregational pastor of the North church, was returning from a sociable held at Mrs. Thomas' last Wednesday evening, one of the lines suddenly broke and the horse running, the wagon was overturned near the church, and Mrs. B's leg was broken below the knee. The other occupant of the wagon, a niece of Rev. Mr. Beach and the gentleman driving, escaped with severe bruises only. The team belonged to Mr. Thomas.

The speakers engaged for the lecture course at the Baptist church, Spring Hill, and their subjects are as follows:--Rev. Dr. Chaplin of Boston, Tuesday, Oct. 28, subject, "The Gypsies." Prof. Robert Turner of Boston, Tuesday, Nov. 11, "A Trip through Europe." Illustrated by as Stereopticon with views of European Scenery, Rogers' Statuary, etc. Rev. Dr. Bronson of Putnam, Tuesday, Nov. 4, "Curiosities of Character," Rev. Dr. Phelps of Hartford, Wednesday, Nov. 19, "Egypt and the Nile." The speaker will dress in Oriental costume and exhibit relics of ancient Egypt at the close of the lecture. Tickets for the course, 50 cts.

2562. Tues Oct 28 1879: North Windham Notes.

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas re rejoicing at the birth of a son.

The residences of Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Gray is being ornamented by the addition of a beautiful bay window.

E.H. Hall and son are repairing and beautifying their tenement houses.

The slaughtering of swine has commenced. S.C. Flint taking the lead in the spring pig weighing 305 pounds.

Farmers who are blessed with white birch timber, are cutting and drawing them away as fast as possible. They being one of the few things which bring the ready cash.

2563. Tues Oct 28 1879: Pleasant Valley Prunings.

The winter term of school, Chestnut Hill district, will commence Nov. 3. Mr. Storrs of Coventry Village, teaches.

Mr. David P. Jacobs has recently made great improvements, by building an addition to his barn and repairing his house. It is now one of the most convenient houses in the neighborhood.

Now that Mr. V.B. Jordan's horse Drovier, and Dr. Hamlin's mare Little Romp have been sold, Pleasant Valley Park is just a little lonesome.

2564. Tues Oct 28 1879: Scotland Squibs.

Messrs. Wm. F. Palmer, and Wm. M. Burnham were appointed delegates to the Republican Senatorial convention at Willimantic.

Capt. Messenger, son and daughter were in town over Sunday. He has purchased a house and garden in Elizabeth, N.J., and expects to settle there for the present.

The Ladies' society will meet on Wednesday evening of this week with Mrs. Wm. F. Palmer.

Mr. Henry Lincoln has been appointed acting school visitor for the coming year. It was voted that the compensation of the acting visitor should be $1.50 per day for the time actually employed.

Mr. J. Henry Greenslit has concluded to remain in Nebraska, and will soon offer his farm for sale, and settle up his business in this town.

2565. Tues Oct 28 1879: The body of George Burr, the aeronaut who made an ascension with Prof. Wise a few days since, has been found on the lake shore and identified. Nothing has been heard of Prof. Wise.

2566. Tues Oct 28 1879: A grand jury has indicted several Mormons for polygamy. One apostle is reported to have said in a public harangue: "In spite of the President and the government, and its officials, we will do as we please. We will not submit to the President, nor to the government, nor to any judge, marshal, sheriff, constable or any government official. We will see them in hell first." To this there was uttered a hearty "Amen" all over the house.

2567. Tues Oct 28 1879: Married.

Harris-Halwick--In Willimantic, Oct. 27, by Rev. A.J. Church, Joel T. Harris of Eastford and Mrs. Christiana Halwick of Willimantic.

2568. Tues Oct 28 1879: Died.

Lyon--In Ashford, Oct. 21, George Lyon, aged 9.

Bissell--In Hebron, Oct. 26, Ralph S. Bissell, aged 58.

Mottell--At Eagleville, Oct. 26, Minnie Mottell, aged 18.

Clark--In Chaplin, Oct. 20, Charles A. Clark, aged 3.

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