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Oct. 7, 1879

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Oct. 7, 1879

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Tues Oct 7 1879: Found--On Pleasant street, a laprobe and shawl. The owner can have them by proving property and paying charges. Enquire of Geo. Tracy.

2511. Tues Oct 7 1879: Local Items.

Mr. Ralph Pelton and son killed 15 rattlesnakes one afternoon last week near Lyman Viaduct. Can't we have one more picnic this year?

Mrs. Ephraim Herrick died suddenly yesterday morning from heart disease. She had felt well all the morning, and said she felt "just like work," but before noon she was found near her work--dead.

Children are handy to have in the house. A little two-year-old seated in her high chair the other day, invited her big sister to sit in her lap. "O, I can't sit in your lap," said the big sister. 'Why did you sit in John's lap last night?" said the little angel. That child retires early now.

2512. Tues Oct 7 1879: Robert Pettis, the greatest oyster dealer in Rhode Island has a wholesale store in Providence 100 feet deep and four stories high, from whence he sends oysters all over New England. He has upwards of 160 acres of oyster beds and grows the finest oysters in the world! Avery, in the post-office room sells his oysters in Willimantic.

2513. Tues Oct 7 1879: The canvass for the Willimantic Directory, which is now progressing, will include all the residents in the township, as well as Colchester. Every house is personally visited and every one requested to spell their own names, so as to secure accuracy. All organizations, societies, with their names of officer, will also be embraced. Dillon & Co. of Hartford are the publisher. It will be desirable as a book of reference and advertising medium.

2514. Tues Oct 7 1879: The illness of Mr. Geo. Burnham, at the house of Rev. W.A. Fenn in West Winfield, New York, resulted in his death last Saturday. The body was brought home, and the funeral services were held in the Baptist church yesterday afternoon. The church was filled with sincere mourners, for he was a man whom everybody knew, and, as far as we know, everybody liked. We shall miss his tall form from our midst, but we believe that for him to die, was to exchange a life of pain and weakness for a life of health and growth which shall never end.

2515. Tues Oct 7 1879: Last Saturday the Willimantic Rifle Club met for the first time for regular target practice. Several of the members have not yet procured guns and were not present. Five members appeared, fired off-hand ten rounds each. Distance, 200 yds. Time, one hour. Possible score, 50.
Frank M. Wilson, 5444444343 Total 39
Geo. H. Clark, 4344234434 Total 35
Joel R. Arnold, 1244443334 Total 35
T. Morton Hills, 3434343423 Total 33
Thos. Sprague, 0203223433 Total 22
It is only just to say that Mr. Sprague's ammunition was found to be defective. Hereafter the range will be open for practice on Monday at 3 P.M. and on Saturday at 2 P.M. The range is for the exclusive use of the members of the Club.

2516. Tues Oct 7 1879: William B. Riddle, formerly paymaster in the employ of the Willimantic Linen Co., from which position he was dismissed for keeping false pay-rolls, was arrested in New London last week for wife poisoning. Mrs. Riddle died in May 1878, under suspicious circumstances, and Riddle was married again a few weeks ago. Since leaving this village, Riddle has been engaged in the manufacture of twine and yarn in Norwich, employing about 30 girls. He had removed his machinery to New York and was on his way to that city when arrested. A long and nasty trial is in prospect, and Norwich is happy.

2517. Tues Oct 7 1879: The Election. The town election yesterday resulted in a democratic victory, that party electing nearly the whole ticket. There were six straight tickets in the field, namely: Democratic, Republican, Citizens', Citizens Temperance, Prohibition, and Greenback labor. The Citizens' ticket was selected from the Republican and Democratic; the Temperance ticket from the Republican, Democratic and Prohibition tickets. The Greenback was nominated by Mr. Samuel C. Davis in caucus convened and its candidates averaged about 6 votes each. The straight Prohibition vote was about 40, the Temperance vote about 25. The vote on license was For, 470, Against, 300.
Biennial Sessions amendment, For, 49, Against 745.
Judges amendment, For, 29, Against, 765.
The vote for town officers was as follows:--Those elected marked with a star.

Edwin A. Buck dem * 416
Henry Page dem * 452
William B. Avery rep * 399
A.T. Fowler rep 392

Don F. Johnson dem * 417
M.M. Welch dem * 406
Wm. Swift rep * 412
Roderick Davison rep 391

Board of Relief.
Charles T. Barstow dem * 450
J.G. keigwin rep * 401
F.S. Fowler rep * 386
E.C. Pinney dem 381

Town Clerk.
H.N. Wales dem * 459
Horace A. Adams rep 354

Town Treasurer.
H.N. Wales dem * 457
H.A. Adams, rep 355

H.N. Wales dem * 453
H.A. Adams rep 357

Registrar of Voters.
Patrick Cunningham dem * 423
J.G. Keigwin rep * 371

L.J. Hammond dem * 433
E.F. Casey dem * 418
Wm. Dodge rep 401
E.H. Hall Jr. rep 412

Treas. Town Deposit Fund.
Chester Tilden dem * 419
Wm. C. Jillson rep 381

Grand Jurors.
G.H. Alford dem * 417
J.M. Johnson dem * 435
W.C. Avery dem * 457
Geo. Lincoln dem * 419
G.B. McCracken dem * 428
A.R. Morrison dem * 427
E.E. Burnham rep 375
H.N. Bill rep 390
L.C. Kinne rep 412
Mason Lincoln rep 411
E.P. Kenyon rep 412
David H. Clark rep 390

L.J. Hammond dem * 423
E.F. Casey dem * 439
Luke Flynn Jr. dem * 427
M.E. Lincoln dem * 409
E.H. Holmes Jr. dem 385
J.J. Mahoney dem 399
G.T. Spafford dem 397
Wm. Dodge rep 397
G.W. Phillips rep 386
T.J. Roberts rep * 433
L.M. Sessions rep * 414
D.A. Lyman rep 377
E.H. Hall Jr. 399
Wm. Swift rep 379

School Visitors.
J.L. Hunter dem * 415
Fl. DeBruycker dem * 400
W.C. Jillson rep * 409
E.E. Burnham rep 377

J.E. Hayden dem * 421
R. Davison rep * 381
The whole number of votes for town officers was 886.

2518. Tues Oct 7 1879: Rev. Dr. Woods, of Andover, was once giving his class some instructions about preaching in such a manner as to gain attraction and applause. "Young gentlemen," said he, 'It's all contained in a nutshell. When you go to preach in the city, take your best coat; but when you go to preach in the country, take your best sermon."

2519. Tues Oct 7 1879: Andover Atoms.

Rev. Mr. Miller spoke last Sunday morning to the children. His talk was timely and very interesting.

A large congregation came out to the Union meeting at the Cong. church last Sunday eve. to hear Rev. Mr. Ayer of Quarryville, but he was ill and unable to come, so Rev. Mr. Miller, and Rev. H.A. Morgan led the meeting. Remarks were made by Mr. T. Hodgson of Bolton, Mr. Loren Maine, Mr. John F. Bingham, Messrs. Hyde, Phelps, Cleaveland, F. R. Chapman, Miss Mary Brown, and others. The speaking was interspersed with singing from Gospel Hymns.

Mrs. J.M. Elmer and family of South Windsor, who has been on a visit to her sister, Mrs. Roscoe Bishop, returned home last week.

Mrs. W.C. Walker's mother and daughter, Mrs. Babcock of Westerly arrived in town last Thursday.

Miss Nellie Daggett of this place has been on a visit to East Hartford and New York.

Mrs. N.B. Remington and daughter arrived home last Tuesday, after a protracted visit to friends in New Britain. It will seem good to hear her voice in the choir again.

Miss Oney Cleveland is quite ill. She is attended by Dr. Bennett of Coventry.

Miss Mary Hyde of this place is on a visit to friends in Chesterfield.

The Andover Literary society is warned to meet at the Conference house, Oct. 10, at 7 o'clock. The following will e the order of exercises:--Select reading by Miss Eliza S. Phelps and Miss Hattie Isham; declamations by Willard Fuller and Frank Johnston, "Is capital punishment ever justifiable?" Affirmative, Erskine Hyde, D.M. Burnap; Negative, E.K. Post, C.L. Backus.

2520. Tues Oct 7 1879: North Windham Notes.

The district school of this village will open on the first Monday in Nov., with a Mr. Avery from South Windham as teacher, and Miss Marcia Hunt of this village as assistant.

Mr. Charles Spafford has commenced his school in the district called Bricktop.

Mr. Mason Bates will teach in Chaplin the coming winter.

Mr. Hewlit has two more children sick with fever.

Mr. Hezekiah Utley has broken ground for a new barn upon land recently purchased of E.L. Burnham.

Mrs. Sophia Flint is visiting friends in Putnam.

Mr. Simon Abel and son have been visiting friends in this village the past week.

Mr. Brookman has taken board for himself and child with Mrs. C.H. Buckingham.

Mr. P. Wyllys took several premiums at the late fair at Brooklyn on peaches, husk-mat, clothes-frame, etc.

Mr. Eben Whitney has returned to the steam saw mill to labor again.

Mr. E.L. Burnham has workmen at work repairing the mill which he has purchased of the Lincoln Bros., building new flume &c.

Mr. Martin Flint is laying new pipe to bring water into his barn yard.

2521. Tues Oct 7 1879: Pleasant Valley Prunings.

The school in the 3d district will commence Oct. 13th, Mr. Henry Avery instructor. We bid fair to have one of the largest and best attended schools we have had for a long time.

Mansfield's Drum corps is to have a new uniform. Mr. John Bowman gets them up in his best style. The presidential election is not fair off, when the fife and drum will be needed at political lectures to help confuse the voters, the same as people drum on old tin pans when bees swarm, to make them light so they can be captured, and if they make honey, rob them of it.

2522. Tues Oct 7 1879: Scotland Squibs.

The Sunday School picnic last week was held in Mr. Henry Cary's yard. About 80 were in attendance.

A temperance service was held in the Congregational church last Sunday afternoon. An address was given by Rev. E. Byron Bingham, who has been spending a few days in town.

Mrs. N.D. Fisher expects to return to Brooklyn, New York the latter part of this week, having spent the summer in Scotland with her sister, Mrs. Wm. Davison.

Rev. S.A. Davis preached at the Universalist church last Sunday.

Mr. H.H. Hatch, our violinist, has an engagement to lead a brass band in Danielsonville for the winter.

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