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Sept. 23, 1879

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Sept. 23, 1879

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Tues Sep 23 1879: Local Items.

Henry Robinson has taken board at Mr. Lewis Gager's in Scotland.

The Danielsonville Sentinel is to change its publication day from Wednesday to Friday.

J.A. Stillman is selling out his stock of dry and fancy goods at cost, intending to close out his business here.

One of the heavy team horses belonging to the Willimantic Linen Co. broke its neck in the stable on Sunday morning.

The addition to the mill No. 1 of the Willimantic Linen Co. is going up rapidly. The workmen are on the fourth story.

F.H. Shaffer has a second hand Smith American organ for sale cheap. See advt. on last page.

2486. Tues Sep 23 1879: Some of our citizens suffered from pickpockets at Hartford Wednesday. Mr. Amos Hall lost a valuable gold watch, and Mr. Philip Wilson lost his pocket book containing $45 or more. It is probable that others were robbed who did not make the fact public.

2487. Tues Sep 23 1879: An oyster saloon will be opened in Gilbert's confectionary store, on Saturday of this week. This department will be under the direction of the Briggs Brothers, who ought to understand the business well. An oyster range will be put in this week, and oysters will be cooked to order in any style and in any quantity at short notice. Oysters will also be sold by the quart or gallon.

2488. Tues Sep 23 1879: The marriage of Dr. I.B. Gallup of this village to Miss Marietta Hebard of Scotland, which took place in Boston last Tuesday, was a complete surprise to all except a select few. The Doctor is in the habit of keeping his private business to himself, and prevented the gossip usual in cases of this kind by going to another state, and returned with his bride before anyone suspected what was in the wind.

2489. Tues Sep 23 1879: W.Y. Buck & Co., the combination platers in O.B. Smith's building are doing a lively business in plating cutlery. They have agents in several of the principal cities of New England taking orders for work and five men are busily engaged at the shop in filling orders. The plate is not as smooth and handsome as silver plate, but it wears as well, with proper care, and cannot be tarnished by anything eatable or drinkable. The cost is only about one-fifth that of Silver plating.

2490. Tues Sep 23 1879: There was a very pleasant gathering at the house of Mr. Allen Lincoln last evening, on the occasion of the marriage of Mr. Frank F. Webb and Miss Nettie Lincoln. About thirty guests were present. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Horace Winslow. The newly wedded couple took the train for New Haven after the ceremony, and will spend a few days in New York and Saratoga.

2491. Tues Sep 23 1879: Chaplin Chat.

Several of our town's people went to Hartford, the 17th, and some of them fell among thieves. Rev. F. Williams had his pocket picked while coming down the State house stairs. He loses something over $15. Origen Bennett, our old friend among the teachers, lost some two or three dollars in change from one vest pocket and his return ticket from the other. Mr. Austin Ross of Florence lost a gold watch. Mr. Ross is a brother of Wm. Ross of this place, formerly resided here.

Rev. Chas Hodge of N.J. is in town, and is a guest of his brother, Mr. Wm. Hodge. Mr. Hodge has recently returned among us from Penn., where he went about two years ago, and where his daughter Ida, died.

There is a school district in town, which rejoices in the name of Bedlam. A stranger drove up to the post office door one day, threw down his reins and ran in, seemingly in great haste. The first thing on which his eye rested was the word Bedlam over one of the boxes. He exclaimed, "If I am so near Bedlam I will be going," ran out, jumped into his carriage and drove off, and has never been seen since.

2492. Tues Sep 23 1879: North Windham Notes.

Mr. and Mrs. Hewlit celebrated their fifteenth anniversary on the eye of the 13th. A little five year old daughter is quite sick with fever.

Another child of Mr. and Mrs. S.C. Flint has been quite ill with diphtheria, and has nearly recovered.

Mrs. Geo. Polly is suffering from general debility.

Mrs. Fitch Polly returned on Saturday, from visiting friends in R.I.

Miss Hattie Flint has gone to Mansfield Hollow to work in the thread shop.

Messrs. Eaton are very busy gathering their stock of cranberries, which is unusually large, and nimble fingers find plenty of employment. They employ fifty pickers a day, many of whom will pick two bushels a day and some as many as three.

The familiar form of Amos Lillibridge is again seen in our village, he having returned from the shore where for the past month he has been rusticating and plying business with pleasure.

2493. Tues Sep 23 1879: Pleasant Valley Prunings.

Born--In Windham, Sept. 21, a daughter to Amos B. and Grace E. Potter.

The Willimantic Farmers' Club Fair opened Wednesday morning and closed Friday evening. The club has money to pay its expenses and premiums promptly, and it was hoped it would have enough left to pay for the use of the hall at the meeting of the State Board of Agricultural which meets at Willimantic Dec. 10, 11, and 12, which it has not. In previous years some liberal souls have given their premiums to the club, and we believe they have not all yet expired. Mr. Chas. P. Bidwell leads off by donating his premiums to the club, which is very liberal on his part.

The reports of the various committees are in and we make the following extracts from the report on Horticulture, written by Mr. Ferdinand West of Columbia: The committee on Horticulture, after careful examination of the various fruits submitted for their inspection, would say, that they were much pleased with the excellent display of fruit and flowers, especially when they consider the scarcity of many kinds of fruit this season. There were on the book 124 entries. Some specimens worthy of notice may have been overlooked, indeed we find on re-examination of the entries, that, that noble flower, the Helianthus, (sunflower) two specimens by Ralph Williams, were overlooked and your Com. Make amends by honorable notice of the same, they being of the largest caliber, grown in deep soil. Success to the Helianthus. Let it ever have a place in your exhibition. Likewise, eggplant, exhibited by the same gentleman was not seen by the Com. Furthermore, cranberries by D.W. Fisk, should have been noticed, as a fair specimen, of the kinds. The show of apples was very fair; 75 varieties is a large number for one individual to collect and exhibit, yet Levi Warren of Mansfield, found and produced them, making a fine display. Mr. Arnold Warren of Coventry had 20 varieties, which in quality, nearly or quite equaled those first mentioned.

2494. Tues Sep 23 1879: Scotland Squibs.

The old veterans in this town, with many citizens, were present in Hartford on Battle Flag day. Mr. Samuel Ashley had a few dollars taken from his pocket by thieves.

Miss Emily M. Adams of New London is visiting at Mr. Lewis Gager's.

Mr. and Mrs. John Ashley celebrated the Fifth anniversary of their wedding in Monday evening of this week. About forty guests were invited.

Married--In Boston, Sept. 16, by Rev. O.T. Walker of the Harvard street Baptist church, Dr. I.B. Gallup of Willimantic, and Miss Marietta Hebard of Scotland.

Born--In Scotland, Sept. 21, a daughter to Charles and Sarah Beckwith.

2495. Tues Sep 23 1879: Village Hill Varieties.

We are pained to announce the death of Miss Sadie Delap which occurred on last Sunday, after a short illness. The funeral services were attended on Tuesday afternoon by Dr. Church of Willimantic. The floral decorations were abundant and varied. We heartily sympathize with the grief stricken parents, with the mother especially who is in very poor health herself.

Henry Bailey is improving in health. He has suffered a great deal in the time he has been sick.

2496. Tues Sep 23 1879: Born.

Kennedy--In Willimantic, Sept. 22, a daughter to J.J. and Anne Kennedy.

2497. Tues Sep 23 1879: Married.

Gallup-Hebard--In Boston, Sept. 16th in Harvard street Baptist church, by Rev. O.T. Walker, Isaac B. Gallup M.D. of Willimantic and Miss Marietta Hebard of Scotland.

2498. Tues Sep 23 1879: Died.

Demar--In Willimantic, Sept. 15, Delia Demar, aged 49.

Cooke--In Hebron, Sept. 16th, Bennett Cooke, aged 82.

Simpson--In Lebanon, Sept. 20, Judy Simpson, aged 83.

2499. Tues Sep 23 1879: For Sale. A Smith American Organ, nearly new and in perfect condition. To be sold cheap for cash. It can be seen at F.H. Shaffer's, on Temple street, Willimantic.

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