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Aug. 12, 1879

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Aug. 12, 1879

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Tues Aug 12 1879: Dissolution Notice. The copartnership heretofore existing under the firm name of W.Y. Buck & Co. is this day dissolved by mutual consent. William Y. Buck, Jr., Frederick P. Webb. Willimantic, August 11, 1879. The above business will be continued by the undersigned, who have this day formed a copartnership under the firm name of W.Y. Buck & Co. William Y. Buck, Jr., Frederick P. Webb, Albert T. Green. Willimantic, August 11, 1879.

2393. Tues Aug 12 1789: Local Items.

Mr. Wheeler Avery, has removed to To[]lsborough, Iowa.

F.O. Picquett has taken the vacant portership at the Hotel Commercial.

A Thief Detecting Society has been organized in Stafford Springs with fifty members.

The newspapers are trying to see which will tell the biggest snake lie. The latest inventions would make the sea serpent liars blush.

A very few prosecutions would stop the practice of bathing in the borough, and it is said that the offenders are to have a dose of law if they do not stop exposing their carcasses.

J.D. Jillson has returned from Point Judy where he has been smelling salt water for a few days.

2394. Tues Aug 12 1879: Mrs. N.W. Leavitt's health has so far improved that she was able to bear the journey home last week. She arrived here on Tuesday, and went to her home in Scotland the same day.

2395. Tues Aug 12 1879: We have tested the Vegetable Ointment prepared by Samuel Chittenden of this village, and find it to be superior to anything of the kind we ever tried. Our druggists sell it; try it yourself.

2396. Tues Aug 12 1879: The reunion of the Eighth Regiment, C.V. will be held in Hartford Sept. 17. The eleventh annual reunion of Company K. Twenty-fifth Regiment C.V. will be held in Hartford on the same day.

2397. Tues Aug 12 1879: Wm. Sisson, the shoemaker formerly located on Walnut street, has moved his shop to Main street, near Carpenter's store. He taps and heels men's boots for 75 cents, and other work in proportion.

2398. Tues Aug 12 1879: The camp meeting boarding house, H.C. Hall, proprietor, will be open for business Aug. 15. Board will be furnished by the day or week, or by the meal at reasonable prices.

2399. Tues Aug 12 1879: Lou. Chesbro while out driving with one of D.H. Clark's teams last Friday evening in company with two persons of the opposite sex, ran the carriage off a bridge in Coventry and smashed up the carriage. No cards.

2400. Tues Aug 12 1879: N.W. Leavitt, who has been laid up in Ohio during the illness of Mrs. Leavitt, started out with a newly organized troupe of Bell Ringers on Wednesday of last week.

2401. Tues Aug 12 1879: James Lee, a switchman working in the N.Y. & N.E. railroad yard, slipped while attempting to get on a car yesterday, and his foot went under the wheel. The bones in his foot were cracked, and his foot badly bruised, but he saved himself from further harm by his agility in getting out of the way.

2402. Tues Aug 12 1879: Sunday was a beautiful day to go to church--cool and pleasant, but preaching was scarce. Our Protestant clergymen are all on vacation and Father DeBruycker was attending the consecration of Bishop McMahon at Hartford. The Congregational and M.E. churches held Sunday schools as usual, and the Congregational church held a conference meeting in the evening. The Baptist church had the regular services, Rev. Mr. Chaplin of Spring Hill officiating. Next Sunday it is expected that Rev. Dr. Church will be at home and preach at his own and the Cong. churches.

2403. Tues Aug 12 1879: Andover Atoms.

Mrs. Joel Reed and family, formerly of Albany, N.Y., but now of Watch Hill are in town as guests of Mr. Edward Reed.
Dr. Bennett and brother held a council last Wednesday on the case of Mrs. Loomer who is quite ill.

Miss Emma Ames of Everett, Mass, is the guest of Mr. W.C. Walker.

Mrs. W.N. Cleveland is piecing a Centennial bedquilt. It will be composed of 1776 pieces.

Mrs. Edward Button, who has been quite ill, is now recovering.

Mr. Albert Lyman is recovering from his illness and is frequently seen on our streets.

Mrs. L.D. Post has arrived home from the West.

2404. Tues Aug 12 1879: Columbia Clippings.

A fishfry and picnic was held near the residence of Albert Brown Esq., attracted a good number of our citizens, about 125 persons being present.

The hymeneal fever has again broken out, Mr. Geo. Andrews and Miss Etta J. Fuller of this place being the latest victims, having been married Sunday morning, with the Rev. A. Sharpe of Hebron as officiating clergyman. It is rumored that they intend to take in Fishers Island on their wedding trip.

Mr. W.H. Yeomans second of this place is enjoying a sojourn at Block Island.

Rev. A. Sharpe of Hebron, supplied the pulpit at Cong. church Sunday forenoon and the Rev. J.K. Hazen of Richmond, Va. in the afternoon.

2405. Tues Aug 12 1879: North Windham Notes.

Mr. & Mrs. Flint, Mr. & Mrs. Merrit Welch and Mr. Edmond's wife returned on Wednesday from a few days sojourn by the sea.

Mrs. Sophia Flint has been quite sick, but is recovering. She has been quite smart for a lady of 80 years, having the past year pieced two bedquilts, each containing over one thousand pieces.

Mrs. Jerusha Ingraham living in the family of Martin Flint is in her ninetieth year.

Mr. Parley Phillips and family have moved to Hop River.

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel C. Flint are deeply afflicted in the death of two children by that dread disease diphtheria. Freddie aged four, dying July 27th, and Clara, aged six, dying Aug. 5th.

2406. Tues Aug 12 1879: Pleasant Valley Prunings.

Mr. Arthur L. Perkins has accepted a position in the office of Messrs. Kenyon & Barber of South Coventry.

Miss Bessie Atwood found a swarm of bees last week, but the family had previously lost three swarms from the hives. Very probably the one Miss Bessie found was from their own hives.

Last Thursday, a party of fishers consisting of Mr. O.S. Perkins, wife and child, Mr. Dwight H. Perkins and wife, Mrs. E.C. Humphrey, Miss Emma Spencer, Mr. C.H. Barrows, wife and child, Misses Clara and Emma Cathers of Penn., Mr. D. Perkins, Miss Mattie Perkins, while a part of the party were on the shore Mr. O.S. Perkins, wife and child, Miss Emma Spencer and Mattie Perkins were enjoying the sport in the boat, when it capsized, plunging the five into the water, giving them a thorough wetting. The water was quite deep, and it is a wonder that all escaped with their lives.

There was a large attendance at the meeting of the Farmers' Club, last Saturday at Mr. J.A. Lewis', and all present were in favor of holding a fair. It was voted to hold a fair Sept. 16, 17 and 18. Messrs. J.J. Andrews, Jared Stearns and David Jacobs were appointed a committee to build seats to cost not more than $50, also to build or repair the privies etc. A vote was passed appointing a committee of one from each town to be an executive committee, and shall meet next Saturday with the officers of the club at Mr. J.A. Lewis' and appoint a committee to judge all articles exhibited. The executive committee consists of the following named gentlemen:
C.W. Hatch, Coventry.
Nathan Gallup, Windham.
Horace E. Brown, Scotland.
Nathaniel Brown, Lebanon.
George L. Rosebrooks, Mansfield.
W.H. Yeomans, Columbia.
Merrick Barton, Chaplin.
Charles Stearns, Andover.
Ezra Knowlton, Ashford.
William H. Holt, Willington.
D.W. Deming, Hampton.

2407. Tues Aug 12 1879: Scotland Squibs.

The funeral of Mr. George Ashley, brother of Samuel and the late Gilbert Ashley of this town, was attended from the church in Chaplin last Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. N.W. Leavitt and Master Burton Leavitt arrived in town from Ohio last Tuesday evening. They will remain at Mr. Kingsbury Cady's for the present.

A lady 70 years of age, visiting at the house of her brother, Mr. Alfred Simonds, slipped and dislocated her hip last Saturday evening. Dr. Sweet was called and reduced the dislocation.

Samuel Hughes has the new L on the hotel plastered and nearly ready for occupancy. This will give much more room for sleeping apartments etc.

Mr. John B. Bacon killed a mink on Saturday in the act of killing a hen by the roadside.

Mr. Henry Bingham and wife are to have charge of the Capt. Messenger place after the family leave for New York.

Mr. S.S. Buckland is spending a few days at Block Island.

2408. Tues Aug 12 1879: On New London Harbor. Pequot Avenue is a very pleasant seaside resort. The avenue leads from New London City to the Pequot hotel and lighthouse. There are a number of very fine and costly residences along on either side of the avenue, and among them stands a beautiful cottage, which is occupied by Mrs. F. Marble of Willimantic, and is kept by her as a summer resort for those who make it their practice of spending a few weeks each season at the harbor. It is one of the pleasantest and most quiet seaside homes within our knowledge any where on the New England coast. From three sides of the cottage a fine view of the entire harbor is had, also that of Fort Trumbull, the City and Groton Heights on the summit of which stands the towering monument that tells of valorous deeds. The house is situated within a few steps of the beach, and the facilities for bathing are unsurpassed. Mrs. M. is kind and obliging and spares no pains to make her guests' stay at her house pleasant and agreeable, and never fails of her object, for all who have ever shared the comforts of her summer resort, say on departing for home. "You have done us good and we shall surely come again." Her tables are bountifully laden with every variety of shore, as well as upland food, and her cookery cannot be surpassed at any of the leading hotels. To all who contemplate spending a few weeks at the salt water this season, and prefer a quiet and well managed place, we will say that we know of no other shore resort on the sea coast more adapted to their wants and tastes, than this one of Mrs. Marble's. Books and newspapers are furnished for boarders at this house, and among them with pleasure we find the Willimantic Enterprise. Mr. D.G. Lawson, a guest here, is the owner of a first-class sail boat, and his services as boatman, he tenders to the guests of the house, which are readily and gratefully accepted, and many a pleasant sail is enjoyed by them at twilight, under the skillful management of the boat by Mr. Lawson. Following are the names of those who have been this season--and the most of them are now--stopping with Mrs. Marble:--Leonard Hale, wife and child, Lucy Hale, Fred Hale, Hartford; Mrs. Redfield, N.Y.; Mrs. Bolls, Cleveland, O.; Mrs. McDugal, Mrs. McMartin, Mrs. Rayside, Mrs. McCallan, Miss Jennie McCallan, Ontario, Canada; Mrs. W. W. Coit, John Coit, Norwich; Mr. A.W. Barrows, wife and baby, Willimantic; Annie Hubb, Annie Ruside, Lizzie McCan, John A. Campbell, James Trotter, James Rogers, Geo. Davidson, John Turkinton, Manchester; Mrs. Vandike, N.Y.; Mrs. Ives, Washington, D.C.

2409. Tues Aug 12 1879: S.S. Foss, for forty years editor of the Woonsocket, R.I., Patriot, died on Thursday. He was the first man to apply steam to printing in Rhode Island, and besides being a practical printer of thoroughness, was a man of literary ability and a poet of excellence. He has a brother and sister living on the old homestead in Mansfield, and Mrs. C.N. Andrew of this village was his niece. Mr. Foss has made the Patriot one of the best papers in New England, and during the forty years of his editorship, scarcely a paper has been issued which did not contain more or less of interesting matter from his pen.

2410. Tues Aug 12 1879: Died.

Barber--In So. Coventry, Aug. 5, Arthur M. Barber, aged 6 mos.

Southworth--In Mansfield, Aug. 11, Fatama Southworth, aged 89.

Ormsby--In South Windham, Aug. 6, Hellen J. Ormsby, aged 37.

Flint--In North Windham, Aug. 6th, Clara L. Flint, aged 6.

Hughes--In Willimantic, Aug. 9th, Julia A. Hughes, aged 19.

Ashley--In Chaplin, Aug. 9, George Ashley, aged 60.

2411. Tues Aug 12 1879: Sweet's Magic Salve, manufactured by D.K. Sweet, Iverton, Willimantic, cures Burns, Bruises, Sore Nipples, Sore and Flesh Wound of all descriptions. Sold by W.C. Fuller, Walden & Flint, and Fred Rogers, Druggists.

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