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July 29, 1879

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July 29, 1879

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Tues Jul 29 1879: Wanted--An energetic gent to act as general agent in Windham County. One who is capable of managing agents, and who can control sufficient capital to pay for his goods as he orders them. A good margin will be allowed a suitable party. Call on, or address with references, W.I. Davids, Willimantic, Conn.

2362. Tues Jul 29 1879: Local Items.

George Rood came in with a carload of horses last week.

Rev. James Tregaskis and family of Gurleyville are on a three-weeks vacation at Fishers Island.

Capt. Sturdivant addressed the Band of Hope at Room No. 4 Bank building on Sunday afternoon.

The Camp meeting boarding house and restaurant has been let to H.C. Hall, whose bid was about $100 higher than any other.

James Preston of this village and Henry Kingsbury of South Coventry have bought out the Jewelry establishment of G.B. Brigden of Norwich.

Dion the French barber until recently located in Commercial block, has closed up his shop and has taken a situation with Dimmock & Dougherty under Crandall's bookstore.

2363. Tues Jul 29 1879: Lost:--July 24, on the road between Columbia Green and Willimantic, a man's coat. The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving the same at T.R. Congdon's store in Willimantic.

2364. Tues Jul 29 1879: Prices for musical instruments have touched bottom. Kennedy has a rosewood piano fo $10 and Rollinson & Andrew offer a melodeon for $2. Beatty and Horace Waters may as well sell out.

2365. Tues Jul 29 1879: Miss Carrie S. Dodge, daughter of William and Arabella Dodge of this village passed away from earth last Sunday evening after a long illness. The funeral will be held at Mr. Dodge's residence on Prospect street, to-morrow (Wednesday) at 1 o'clock.

2366. Tues Jul 29 1879: E.B. Sumner Esq. has brought an action against the executors of the John C. Shea estate, claiming twenty-five dollars, for services rendered in presenting the will of said Shea for probate. The executors resist payment on the ground that it is not customary to make any charge for such service, inasmuch as Mr. Sumner received twenty-five dollars from Mr. Shea for drawing the will. The proceedings will be before Joel R. Arnold Esq. next Saturday in the Bank building. A jury of six is to be summoned to determine the case. It will doubtless be a novel and interesting trial.

2367. Tues Jul 29 1879: William E. Bullard returned from Nebraska yesterday. Among other trophies from the promised land he brought a pair of gophers which were captured in infancy by Mr. James Witter.

2368. Tues Jul 29 1879: C.W. Church of the Constitution is publishing a history of Middletown. It will be published in four parts of about 150 pages each at $1 a number. Who will be the lucky man to write up the history of ancient and modern Windham?

2369. Tues Jul 29 1879: William Huntington hired a team at Potter's livery stable in South Coventry last Wednesday, and not returning when due, was followed up. He went to Norwich, where he picked up a friend, and the two proceeded down stream to the shore, and then down the coast to Madison, where Huntington was arrested on Friday. He gave the name of Maxwell. The other man got away. The horse was secured. Huntington is the same fellow who stole a horse from Geo. Parks last year.

2370. Tues Jul 29 1879: Andover Atoms.

Services at the Baptist church last Sabbath were of quite a novel character, there being a splendid floral dislay. The singing was superb, led by S.H. Daggett and Mrs. Remington.

2371. Tues Jul 29 1879: Colchester Chit-Chat.

We hear that the Colchester Cornet Band is to give us weekly outdoor concerts hereafter. Mr. G.G. Standish has been re-elected leader of the band.

A number of city guests have arrived at the Hooker House, and it has room for several more. Anyone who is looking for a pleasant home and good fare during the summer months, cannot do better than to stop with Mr. Hooker.

2372. Tues Jul 29 1879: Scotland Squibs.

Mr. Andrew Maine killed a large racoon near his house last week. Several young ones have been seen in the neighborhood this summer. A number of turkeys have been killed in the vicinity lately, and it is thought that the coons had something to do with the foul deed.

Mr. Edwin B. Gager and wife from the West are visiting at Mr. William Gager's.

Capt. Messenger has exchanged his property at Apaquag for city property in New York, and expects to leave us in a short time.

Died--July 22, after a life-long illness, Frank B., Son of Amos and Martha Burnham, aged 5 months and 14 days.

Rev. S.A. Davis will preach at the Universalist church next Sunday, Aug.3. subject:--The ten virgins as recorded in Mathew, 25th chapter.

Mr. Rufus T. Haskins who has suffered greatly for several months from an abscess on his face, has now fully recovered.

On Sunday, Mr. Martin Bushnell and wife of Woodchuck Hill were thrown from their carriage while on their way to church. The ankle of Mrs. Bushnell was dislocated, and Mr. Bushnell received a scalp wound five inches in length, and other injuries.

2373. Tues Jul 29 1879: Versailles Verities.

A large number of families have left the village since the stopping of the factory, and the famers are complaining of the want of a market for their garden truck.

Rev. Mr. Cliff who is supplying the pulpit at Newenton, will preach at the Lovett school house on the second Sunday in August at four p.m. There will be a conference meeting at the close of the service. All are invited.

2374. Tues Jul 29 1879: The remnants of an old town library, formed in 1806, have been brought to light in Willington and added to the new one. Forty per cent of the books on the old catalogue were purely theological and devotional. Deacon Thomas Tayler was fined four cents for getting a drop of tallow on "Edwards' Sermons." All the stories they had were "Charlotte Temple," "Children of the Abbey" and "Vicar of Wakefield." The rest consisted of such histories as Rollin's, such poems as Young's "Night Thoughts," and biographies of eminently good men.

2375. Tues Jul 29 1879: Born.

Welden--In Willimantic, July 27, a son to A.E. and Florence L. Welden.

2376. Tues Jul 29 1879: Died.

Richardson--In Coventry, July 22nd, Sally S. Richardson, aged 91.

Dodge--In Willimantic, July 27, Miss Carrie S. Dodge, aged 2[the age was either 23 or 28].

Flint--In Windham, July 27, Freddie F. Flint, aged 4.

Clark--In North Coventry, July 21st, John H. Clark, aged 35.

Bissland--In Willington, July 26, Miss Maggie Bissland of Thompsonville, Ct., aged 21.

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