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Gaelic name changes in Scotland

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Gaelic name changes in Scotland

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Surnames: Kelly, Campbell, Drain, Shannon, Littleson, Lang, Stalker, Carmichael, Brody, McSwan, O'Dinnie, McA'Chalies, M'A'Chalies, McO'Drains, McO'Shanaig, McFigans, O'Loynachan, McO'Stoker, McO'Levechel, O'Brolochan, Tighernac, Fergus, artin, Johnston
I wasn't sure where to put this post, but thought it might be of help to some people of Gaelic roots whose ancestors names were anglicized. The following are quotes from "Southend Through the Ages" by K. Johnston. I found it at:

The book/booklet seems to focus mostly on the history of Southend, and the Kintyre region of Scotland starting from 81 A.D. A few paragraphs later she says: "There are four ancient Irish chronicles, the oldest of which that Tighnernac ... is the most important." "The first entry in Tighernac annals in 502 'Fergus the Great, Son of Ere, held a part of Britain with the Dalriadic nation and died there'."

"There are those who think the Clan O'Dinnie of Lochodh (now the clan Campbell) may. like the McA'Chalies, be of Scandinavian origin. O'Dinnie means Odin -- 'which is a Scandinavian name'."

"...M'A'Chalies or in English MacSwan ... has lapsed into Kelly ... in Presbyterian records the name is spelt MacSwen ...Scandinavians use an 'e' where we use an 'a'."

"McO'Drains ... are now called Drain."

"Mc'OShanaig ... changed their name to Shannon."

"McFigans now call themselves Littleson."

"The O'Loynachan ... eventually became Lang."

"The McO'Stokers are now Stalkers."

"The McO'Levechels are now Carmichaels: O'Brolochan become Brody."

K. Johnston (whom I believe is Katie "Katherine" nee Martin) also made reference to: "The following Old Celtic names in Kintyre extracted from MSS of the Rev. Donald Kelly, M.A. Minister of the parish of Southend, are very interesting. These notes appeared in the Campbeltown Courier."

The front cover of "Southend Through The Ages" has been date-stamped 31 October, 1947. It was Printed by Civic Press Ltd., Glasgow.

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