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Catherine Edwards (Nazareth Hill, UEL) Seeking the TRUTH amongst a sea of mystery!!

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Catherine Edwards (Nazareth Hill, UEL) Seeking the TRUTH amongst a sea of mystery!!

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Surnames: Edwards, Hill
Hi, I am looking for facts regarding Catherine Edwards (wife of Nazareth Hill, UEL).

I have recently found very conflicting lineages and pedigress online for Catherine.

One such confusing story is her father was a sea captian, Robert Edwards. That he died at sea.

The conflicting story, is that the same Robert Edwards was the heir to some property in Manhattan and because he died at sea, with NO HEIR (never married, no children), the "fortune" has been fought over for decades by Edwards descendants the world over.

In all honesty, I don't want to deal with lawsuits in Manhattan, no matter how huge the booty is. I just want the honest to goodness pedigree for my lineage so I don't make an error when I present all of my hard work to my family next year at the family reunion.

I need verifiable sources (birth, death, marriage, baptism records, etc) that show Catherine Edwards father (and mother) and his father and mother.

My personal email is:

I am from Prince Edward County, where Nazareth and Catherine resided for a while (that is the "county" part of my email).

Sources I have looked at:
I have googled and looked at family trees posted online. The error (or not) is repeated throughout a significant amount of trees.

I have also found "stories" online (when googling) about the "Edwards misFortune" and that it claims Robert Edwards 2, was not Catherine's father as he died at sea with no heir. This link also tells us that Robert was a Welsh pirate rewarded by Queen Anne for raiding the Spanish ships, by a land grant of property in New York (the centre of the Edwards claim to a fortune).

In the "Hill Manuscript" there is a lot of conflicting information (because it was about the Edwards fortune and the Trinity Church etc, where people falsely claimed lineage and made the manuscript a muddled mess of genealogy)

So, I am asking for HELP!! in for the form of hard-core-provable FACTS!

This is my friends account on ancestry, Jayson is awesome to let me borrow it... but you can call me Tracy and I am the g.g.g.g.g.grand daughter of Catherine and Nazareth, through their daughter Ann who married Charles Minaker:

1. Catherine Edwards & Nazareth Hill, UEL
2. Ann Hill & Charles Minaker
3. Susan C. Minaker & Daniel S. Williams
4. Mary Cecelia ANNIE Williams & John Andrew McLellan
5. Joseph CARMEL McLellan & Annie Alma Morrison
6. Carman Andrew McLellan & Mary Veronica McAlpine
7. John Anthony McLellan & Elaine Ann Hicks
8. Me
9. (and I have a son)

Again, thank you for reading and replying!
Tracy McLellan

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