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Found this in my late sisters jewlery box

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Re: Found this in my late sisters jewlery box

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The first three hieroglyphs in the top line says SRI with a symbol at the end meaning something like concept - which would include a person's name as that is a concept in the sense that there is no particular type of person called a Duncan/Mary/John etc.

I'll now go on to explain all this...

Possibly I could have been clearer in my last posting on this thread, especially as I happen wrongly used cartouche when I meant hieroglyph.

The cartouche is the oval shape bordering the other hieroglyphs and in this case making up the edges of the jewellery. In ancient Egyptian times the cartouche was only used around the names of pharaohs (and only pharaohs were allowed to wear cartouche jewellery).

All pharaohs were gods to the ancient Egyptians, but the god hieroglyph of a flag with a vertical stroke next to it, would not appear in cartouches of pharaohs.

Nowadays cartouche jewellery is widely worn in the context of good luck and warding off evil, as well as for it's aesthetic and souvenir appeal.

I looked at the usual hieroglyphs used for the main Egyptian gods, but I couldn't see anything that fitted.

I then found another hieroglyphs site and the top line says SRI in unilaterals. (Heiroglyphs like Chinese characters are sometimes ideograms and sometimes phoenatics). SRI is close enough to Sarah to make me think that this is what they were getting at especially as hieroglyph phonetics often missed out vowels (resulting in the need for determinant characters like the person at the end of the line to tell you what the word was about as several words could end up with the same hieroglyph sequence without it).

The unilaterals are at the bottom of the following site (which also shows the flag hieroglyph further up on the site).

The man as concept hieroglyph (man-seated: arm to
mouth) is at:

Hope this helps


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