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Ellis Island Records

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Re: Ellis Island Records

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Columns 14 and 15 give you ticket info, states she paid for her ticket and she had a ticket (train) to her destination.

Cost not given

All ship's docked at the Port of New York and aliens (unless they had a large sum of money) were then taken by ferry boat to Ellis Island for processing.

Age 16 was considred of age, except in the case of females they needed to be met by a relative... ports had many unsavory characters ready to take advantage of unsuspecting and vunerable immigrants. There is no indication she was traveling with anyone in particular, except that most on that page were Poles from Russia. But no need to be concerned about communications as signage at Ellis Island were in English, Russian, Polish, Croatian, Slovak, German, French, etc. And the processing center employed translators. Contrary to popular belief no names were changed at Ellis Island as the manifest was created at the port of departure.

Examination changed over time, basics such as "checking" for insnanity, senility, traucoma, goiters, etc.. seem to have been peformed beginning sometime around 1900.... but you can google this topic and should find info in that manner. No, there would be no stored records of any examination.

Here is a link to an article that actually has an old Edison film of aliens disembarking from a ferry boat at Ellis Island

And another informative article at Ellis Island org

If she had arrived a few years later, after the end of WWI, new laws would have affected her travel. First she would have been processed before she left Europe at an American Embassy, and post 1924 Ellis Island was only used for detention.

You have a good deal of genealogical important info, which can be used to help with your family tree... what you are looking for is not all that significant in that regards and would only seem important for embellishing her story

Berth? With a capacity of just over 2,500 passengers, 1,756 were third or steerage class. It appears that, as did most of our immigrant ancestors, traveled in steerage, which was mor like a ward in the old days in a hosptial

Here is a link to an example of a ticket issued 1912 for an adult and child.

about steerage


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