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Haunted House...?

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Haunted House...?

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These are actual events that have taken place in my own house. My husband for years discounted that they were happening but when they Recently started affecting him, he now has a bit more curiosity about it. I've Always believed.
My theory is, Why Not? People believe in things they can't see worldwide, so why not ??

One day while loading my dishes in the dishwasher, I had my back to the dining room door (its off the kitchen with a door that can be closed off). My kitty was in the kitchen with me playing with a little ball of hers when all of sudden she hunched all down and was looking up beyond me and she started growling!! Since she was looking at something that was Behind Me, a chill ran through me and so I turned around fully expecting to see someone standing there, but there was Nothing! However my kitty kept growling and stayed crouched down. This cat is a Very Smart cat and has never done this before unless someone was there. When the doorbell rings she growls and runs towards it. (my own Watch

I thought someone must have broken in or something and was hiding in the dining room behind the door because that was the area where she staring. I creeped into the dining room and looked and there was Nothing there, but my cat was still crouched down and staring above my head, so at something or someone clearly taller than me.

I never did see anything but she sure did.

Another day, I was once again in the kitchen doing dishes. I have an eat-in kitchen and next to that area is a large sliding glass door with vertical blinds. On this particular morning, I was once again at the dishwasher but this time facing that glass sliding door when all of a sudden the Shadow of a tall man went across the INSIDE of those blinds...silently and slowly. These are Not sheer blinds so it was Not coming from the outside...this shadow was on the Inside of the blinds and there was no way a light source could project that image.
I just held my breath and again a shiver went through me.

This house is old and has many creaks and groans, but one thing that used to happen that doesn't happen so much anymore, is when I would be back here working on my computer (other end of the house), I would things Crash to the floor, almost like the sound of a box of dishes falling, it was that loud. I would jump clean through my skin thinking my cat must have knocked something over. Always the sounds seem to come from the Dining Room - Living Room area. I would go running thinking my cat might be hurt or something and not one time did I ever find a single thing out of place.

Not to mention, my cat would not even be in that room but was back here with me. This happened at least 5 or 6 times.
These were as I said loud crashes and not one plate or dish would be out of place in the dining room. That always gave me the willies too.

The two most recent events are, one day while going through the hall bathroom which is long and has a long double sink vanity in it. I was moving boxes from that back bedroom which I use for storage now so that I don't have to go up and down stairs all the time. I had placed 2 boxes on the vanity in the bathroom as I was searching for something.
In the top of one of the boxes was my Kittie's baby dish from when she was just a tiny little kitten. (I'm very sentimental), this dish was leaning backwards towards the mirror over the vanity. As I walked back through the bathroom to go get another box, this cat dish Flew At My Head. I saw it coming out of the corner of my eye!! There was Nothing there, nothing hanging out of the box that I caught my arm on or anything like that...I saw this cat dish flying straight at my head off the top of this box and all I could do was duck. It crashed to the floor and I just turned around and picked it up and spoke right out loud and said..."Okay, I know you're here, but I'm busy, now cut it out!"

No more odd things happened that day.

My husband woke up one morning (he gets up before I do) to a pile of his handkerchiefs on the floor on his side of the bed.
They had all been unfolded and taken out of the top drawer of his dresser and placed in a manner that was one on top of the other as if to make a little pillow of them, but all unfolded.
He asked me if I had done this, and I said NO, why would I unfold clean laundry and put it on the floor??

A coffee cup flew off a shelf in his office one day too and thankfully was empty. He has a book shelf right by the door and puts the empties there so he'll remember to bring them to the kitchen. He said the cup was placed well inside the shelf and not on the edge but he saw it fly off the shelf and onto the floor. He said it looked as if someone has Swept it out of the shelf with some force. After that, he has, as I said, started to have a bit a more belief in what I've been trying to tell him all these years that we've lived here.

I just talk to them now, I'm not afraid in the least and now when things are misplaced that we know we've put somewhere and when we find them in the oddest of places we just chalk it up to the Ghosts of the house.

We know many don't believe in such things, and that's alright, but for those who've witnessed it in their own houses, you'll know what I'm talking about.
Happy All Hallow's Eve !

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