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grandma's guidance?

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grandma's guidance?

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Surnames: Mahoney, Heeney, Hanney

I have always been drawn to finding out about my paternal grandparents and my paternal family in general. My dad was in his 50's when I was born and had been orphaned at 13. He never talked in specifics about his family aside from his parents' names, so I knew very little, and he died in 1982. I had always felt a very strong bond to my grandmother, Mary Heeney (Hanney) Mahoney.

In 1985, my husband, son, and I took a driving trip to western New York to visit in-laws, and I decided I wanted to drive across to Portsmouth, NH where I knew my grandparents were buried. I had never been to NH and didn't know the name of the cemetary. We camped a few miles from Portsmouth that night and I noticed on the map there were two ways into Portsmouth. I opted for the north road but my husband took a wrong turn and ended up coming in from the south. We passed a large cemetary named Calvary on the way in. Later we passed a different cemetary. We stopped at a store and asked which was the Catholic cemetary. The lady laughed and said "Oh, everyone here is Catholic!" When we told her what we were looking for she said it was most likely Calvary cemetary we wanted. Coincidence number one.

We drove to Calvary and looked for what appeared to be the older section. My husband parked along the path and I told him to drive farther up so as not to block the way. He ignored me and left the car where it was. I then proceeded to walk the area south of the car while he and our son walked the north side. We had no luck and it was getting late.

I was so disappointed, thinking I wouldn't have another chance to get back to NH. I stood with my back to the car door and looked across the cemetary, where my husband and son had looked and found nothing. I found myself looking DIRECTLY at my grandparents' tombstone! Coincidence number 2!

The weird things were, that my husband and son had completely missed it, and if my husband had parked the car farther up, even by a few feet, my view would have been blocked by other tombstones and I'd have never seen it! It seems like my grandmother wanted us to find them, and wanted it to be me who did the finding. I felt her spirit very strongly during that whole trip!

I feel very strongly that our relatives want to be found and remembered. Since that time I have found more about my dad's family than he himself probably ever knew. I think they are all helping me, but especially my grandmother who I always seemed to be obsessed with, without knowing why!

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