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Cherokee Genealogy Project

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Cherokee Genealogy Project

Quohadi (View posts)
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Dear Friends,
In order to maintain the quality and integrity of our message boards, it is important to keep message systems on topic and it is very important to maintain relevancy in regards to our archived queries for the purpose of searching and storage in our archives.

As an ongoing effort to bring our visitors the quality that we have so far enjoyed in using these systems, it becomes necessary to administrate these systems based on relevance for the purpose of genealogical excellence.

To keep things in their proper perspective according to the goals of the project, for which these boards were created, the following information is for the purpose of clarifying the reason these boards exist and their proper use in connection with our project.

It is important to clarify that this project was NOT designed to limit Cherokee Research to the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, nor is it the goals of this project to limit the research to the Eastern Band of Cherokee in North Carolina, or the United Keetoowah Band who are the federally recognized Cherokee Nations.

The Cherokee Nation has professionals who aid the public with their family genealogy, and we recommend that researchers who are interested in learning more about their policies and their enrollment procedures contact them directly for more information.

The Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma & the Eastern Band both have their own genealogical projects that are well suited for such research. Queries concerning these government entities should be addressed to them directly.

This project was designed to provide a means of research for those Cherokee people who are not affiliated with the federally recognized Cherokee Nations, this is a project designed to aid families in their research within the areas traditionally known to be inhabited by Cherokee Indians in history.

This project is NOT designed to provide a means to enroll individuals in ANY Indian Tribe whatsoever, this is an independent project dedicated to families who seek to learn more about their family history by the means of utilizing technology to their advantage.

While we do indeed provide information to those seeking enrollment with the federally recognized Cherokee Nation, it is not the sole purpose of this project, nor is it within the scope of this project to usurp or replace the Cherokee Nation's own well known genealogical projects that are provided to the public.

These tribes provide a means for people who desire to enroll, and they are best suited to handle the queries of individuals who are seeking tribal enrollment. Both the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma and the Eastern Band have their own query systems that are for these purposes.

The Cherokee Nations already have their own systems and they work quite well.

This independent project is designed to provide information for other locations in the traditional Cherokee Territories prior to removal as is made clear from our website.

The Dawes Rolls are important post removal records; this project focuses mostly on families who are documented prior to Dawes and the Forced Removal.

It is for this reason we provide the information that we do concerning ALL of the Cherokee Rolls, including the Dawes. Yet this project focus is NOT the Dawes Rolls.

In an effort to combine as much information as is available on ALL Cherokees, we provide quality searches through the Dawes Records as provided by the National Archives in several areas of our website, as well as information pertaining to pre-removal documentation.

In addition, we are happy to provide FREE lookups on other important Cherokee Rolls as well as the Dawes & Miller Rolls.

We have attempted to collect as much data and provide the public with research tools that they may use from the comfort of their own home for researching their ancestors in the vast lands once occupied by the Cherokee Indians. We shall not limit the scope of this project to families who are qualified for enrollment, but rather those people who also are Cherokee by blood who have been disenfranchised.

We have made provision to the general public to do lookups on the Dawes & Miller Rolls in addition to our query systems. We also offer additional lookups via our FREE roll lookup system that is both efficient and suited to the needs of our genealogical project.

You may search the Dawes Rolls for all five of the Civilized Tribes & the Miller Rolls on-line, along with other additional information provided at no cost at the following link:

On this page you will find much information and excellent links to aid you in your family research along with the opportunity to search the Dawes Rolls very easily from your armchair without the hassle of using the complicated NAIL system at the National Archives.

On another note...

There have been many unsolicited and often offensive replies made to family query posts whereas folks have been seeking additional information on a family, where they have been consequently offended by individuals who utilize this opportunity to offer unsolicited lookups in Dawes when they have not been requested, and then utilize the lack of information found in the Dawes on the family for the purpose of denouncing one's family as Cherokee Indian.

This is not acceptable, and any and all such message will be deleted.

In essence, people are receiving unsolicited lookups not pertaining to their query from individuals using the Dawes Rolls when their query had nothing to do with Dawes era whatsoever.

Several instances the replies have been completely irrelevant to the family query, which is especially true when you consider that names of Cherokees being queried had lived over 100 years prior to the Dawes Commission.

You will not find Kentucky Cherokees, Virginia Cherokees etc. on the Dawes Rolls, yet they existed and our project seeks to provide information irregardless of these families NOT appearing on Dawes.

Therefore please understand that our forums were not designed for Dawes Lookups, we have provided a quality search engine for families to do their own lookups without assistance. We also have provided additional lookup information in connection with Dawes that may be requested by following our simple rules.

This is how our system operates efficiently, and it was designed this way for the purpose to keep information as relevant as possible without discrimination.

This is why we do things in this way as there has been way too much abuse in the past by others towards unenrolled Cherokee people who are truly seeking their heritage.

This project will NOT post lookup information on this system that is why we utilized our lookup system in the way we do. We believe in excersizing discretion and common sense, as we are all too aware of the hateful attitudes that so many unenrolled Cherokees have encountered in the past.

Discrimination in connection with the Dawes Rolls is a well known issue, and we have provided families with a way to do the research on their own without being forced to suffer further humiliation by those bent on causing strife with unenrolled Cherokee people.

I hope this helps to clarify the goals of this project.

Many Blessings!

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