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American Indians of Blood Classified as Black Negro or Mulatto on Census Records

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American Indians of Blood Classified as Black Negro or Mulatto on Census Records

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Since the beginnings of the Africa slave trade in America many Native American persons have unfortunately, to the detriment of Indian Heritage, were listed as Black Mulatto or Negro In order for white slave owners to keep an am ample supply of slaves. Many blood Indians have lost a God given Heritage due to slavery in Southern state in which approximately 24,000 or more full blood American Indians of color, men women and children alike, were forced by white slave owner to take part in slavery, and with that travesty starting from the first census ever taken in America Indians were falsely listed on all census records as (Negro) Black or Mulatto, an error which was passed down from generation to generation to the present. If you know your Indian and don't know why you can't find census records stating this, it is because of white census takers being instructed to ignore Indian heritage and paint mostly southern states in America with either Black or White populations. Go over you grandparents oral history and If you are a person of color and have a strong family history of Indian blood and census records that don't match, you are more that likely of Indian Heritage and have had your Heritage striped from you. Reclaim it.
"Native Americans were alternately ignored and categorized down to tiny fractions of black and white "blood."[7]"
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" Chesterfield County, VA (Orders 1767-71)
6 APR 1770…On motion of Sibbell, an Indian woman held in slavery by Joseph Ashbrooke, have leave to prosecute for her freedom in forma pauperis.
- Sibbell an Indian wench V. Joseph Ashbrooke, for pltf. To take deposition of Elizabeth Blankenship and Thomas Womack.
- Sybill a Mulatto V. Joseph Ashbrooke – dismissed.
(Sibell was most likely less than full blooded Indian…she was described as Indian up to the point it was determined that she was legally a slave, then she was described as mulatto…use of the term is influenced by the status of her servitude)
Dinwiddie County, VA
18 AUG 1794...registered free papers of “Nancy Coleman a dark brown, well made mulatto woman..freed by judgement of the Gen’l Court of John Hrdaway being a descendant of an Indian.”
10 FEB 1798…registered free papers of “Daniel Coleman a dark brown free Negro, or Indian…formerly held as a slave by Joseph Hardaway but obtained his freedom by a judgment of the Gen’l Court.”
14 AUG 1800…registered free papers of “Hagar Jumper a dark brown Mulatto or Indian woman short bushy hair, obtained her freedom from Stephen Dance as being a descendant of an Indian.”
27 MAY 1805…registered free papers of “Betty Coleman a dark brown Negro woman…formerly held as a slave by John Hardaway…liberated by judgment of the Gen’l Court as descended of an Indian.”
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Native induction or adoption of non bloods into tribes.
He was "ADOPTED" into the tribe by the chief Yonaguska, learned much of the Cherokee ways, and was named by the chief as his successor.


"Cherokee and other Native Americans were classified on the
colored side and suffered the same racial segregation and disfranchisement as former slaves. They also often lost their historical documentation for identification as Indians, when the Southern states classified them as colored."
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