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Stanleys, Coopers and Wells (Romany Romnichel)

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Stanleys, Coopers and Wells (Romany Romnichel)

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Hello, Im a 23 year old Romany girl. my daddis is a Stanley, my mammis's maiden nav was Cooper and her mammis's maiden nav was Wells. My daddis's mammis is Ida. I have just 1 sibling, she is 2 years older then mandy. My immediate folkie jivs mainly in NY, CT and VT.

I dont want to lel to personal on adoy, because ya never jin what kinda dinlos are vaddering at duvver. So i wont get too specific with navving my folkie. So only 1 nav will be dayed. Either first or last nav. Not first AND last.

My mammis and daddis say they are 100% therefore meaning I am 100% gypsy as well.

I would love to jin more about my folkie, like when did my folkie move to the US? Who were my great ancestors? and also i would like to jin more of our language. Like some of the every divis words. In my family when we rocker Romnis, we use english words with it. I want to learn how to rocker whole sentences without having to use English. That way gaudjas wont be able to understand anything im penning. ;-)
Also, i want to learn how to spell the words too.

if anyone can help me, please reply or email me thank you.


(they call me Midgy. but thats not my real nav.. i HATE that suvvin knick nav hahaha)
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