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Are all Stewart's Scottish?

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Re: Are all Stewart's Scottish?

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continuing the discussion....

"The Heraldry of the Stewarts, with notes on all the males of the family, descriptions of the Arms, plates and pedigrees" a rare book authored by G. Harvey Johnston begins with an
Introduction that opens with the following.

"The name of Stewart is derived from the high office held by earlier members ofthe family --- namely, that of High Stewart of Scotland --- and owing to the long connection of Scotland and France the family went to the latter country. In the French alphabet there is no "w" and so "u" replaced it, the name thus becoming "Steuart," and as the "e" was then superfluous it was dropped, anthe name was shortened to "Stuart". ..."

The opening chapter as shown in the Table of Contents as "The Stewarts from the Earliest Times to their Succession to the Crown of Scotland" is headed as "The Royal Stewarts"
and begins as follows.

"Back to the earliest recorded ancestor, the Stewarts are always found occupying a position of prominence, and the proverbial "first mean man" of this ancient race is still to be discovered. Alan "dapifer" seneshal or steward was probably the first of the race, so far as our present knowledge extends, and his eldest son is supposed to be Alan "dapifer"at
Dol in Brittany, who took part in the Crusade of 1097, and died apparently without issue. He was succeeded by his brother Flaald (the Fleance son of Banquo of Shakespeare), who had a shon Alan Fitz Flaald, who is believed to have accompanied King Henry I to England. There he was made Sheriff of Shropshire, and founded Sporle Priory in Norfolk. His third son, Walter, accompanied King David I. from England to Scotland, being then appointed High Stewart, an office which later became hereditary in the family. The third High Stewart adopted the name of his office as his surname --- "Stewart." Walter the sixth High Stewart commanded part of the victorious Scottish Army at Bannockburn in 1314, and the following year he married Marjorie, daughter of King Robert the Bruce. Their son succeeded to the throne as King Robert II --- the first of the Stewart kings. ..."

Walter was the name of the third High Stewart of Scotland, son of Alan, second High Stewart, grandson of Walter, first High Stewart.

Alan's brother Simon is claimed (without proof) as ancestor of the Boyds. Simon's son Robert, cousin to Walter, third High Stewart, is the progenitor of that surname.

The first "Robert Stewart" would appear to be Robert, Duke of Albany, son of Walter, third High Stewart. His father having already adopted the surname Stewart. In the old naming ways, Walter would be yet another Walter Fitz Alan and his son would have been Robert Fitz Walter.

"Arms --- The Seal of he second High Stewart attached to a charter dated 1190, shows the fesse chequy on the shield."
This would be the checks that Paul refers to. Fess refers, in heraldic terminology, to the position of being centered on the shield.

"France," as we know it, did not exist at the time the name was adopted.

The Royal Stewart line is considered the main or original branch of the Family. There are no "McAlpin" "or "Black" branches. There may be Stewart tartans under these names, but no family branches or cadets exist, to my knowlege, that bear these identifiers.

Mere geographic location does not supplant the need to actually *do* your genealogy to determine which Branch or Cadet of the Stewart family you may descend from. The
Sept or Associated Family names are well known. There
are no less than 100 names so far identified as Septs of
Clan Stewart. Of these, they are identified with a particular
branch or cadet of the family. You will find a list of Septs
on the CSSA website:

The main branchs or cadets of the Stewart family are: Stuart of Bute, Stewart of Appin, Stewart of Atholl and Stewart of Galloway.

Yours Aye,

Chair, Genealogical Committee
Clan Stewart Society in America
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