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Are all Stewart's Scottish?

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Re: Are all Stewarts Scottish?

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Dear Stephanie:

Mostly folks would think so, however, as Stewart is derived from
the job steward, this is not always true. I think more properly it
can be said that most Stewarts have Scottish Ancestry.

The origin of the name in Scotland is traceable to the grandson of
Walter, First High Steward of Scotland. Alan, 3rd High Steward of
Scotland is the first recorded to use Stewart as a surname. This
occurred by the 12th Century.

As steward is a job name, much like Butcher, Baker, Cooper,
Shoemaker, etc. one will find that not all Stewarts (no matter the
spelling - there are some 16 spellings) are related. And you will also find in your genealogical quest that Stewarts that spell their
names differently *may* be related. As you look at records, be sure to remain open minded and don't get caught up in the thought
that "our family only used the .... spelling." You may miss something important!

You will find Stewarts in all parts of the UK -- even England as
you asked. The United Kingdom came into existance with
King James VI of Scotland/ I of England. This son of Mary (Stuart), Queen of Scots, not only inherited the Realm of Scotland from his mother, but also the Realm of England from his cousin, ElizabethTudor. Stewarts are also to be found in Ireland... the
history of the Governance of this country does not so readily come to mind at the moment, however you will find descendants
of Walter Fitz Alan, First High Steward of Scotland, in the Stewart of Appin line --- a cadet or branch of that main or original family have enjoyed a long presence in Ireland.

Others that carry the name Stewart are:

Douglases that come from the line that changed their name from
Stewart. The time frame escapes me at the moment, however,
I think this was around the 12-1500s.

Mentieths/Menteth that come from the line that changed their name
from Stewart. Again the time frame escapes me at the moment, however, I think this was around the 12-1500s.

MacGregors that changed their name to Stewart when their own name of MacGregor was outlawed, not only in Scotland and what
became the UK, but also in America prior to its becoming the United States of America, Canada , Australia and New Zealand.
Keep all Brittish Territories in mind. MacGregors also changed their name to Walker, which is a Sept or Associated Family of the
Stewart of Appin line/branch/cadet. Time frame would be 1700-1800s.

Moving forward in time and changing geographic location, you
will find that others may have been "assigned" the name Stewart
(no matter the spelling). Native Americans were given the name as
were slaves. Or they chose to adopt it. These ethnic groups also either married or bore children of the Scottish Stewarts. For whatever reason -- mixed at times -- these folks can be found
referred to as "tri-racial". If doing North American research, you
may want to consider this origin.

I am unsure of the practices of assigning names in other parts of
the Stewart populated world -- Australia, etc. Perhaps others more
familiar can add to the knowledge base for their area. At any rate,
coming into more modern times, it is possible for anyone to choose
to adopt a name and may seek a formal change via the court system.

I hope this has been of some assistance.

Yours Aye,

Lauren Boyd
Clan Stewart Board Admin
Chair, Genealogical Committee, Genealogist, Clan Stewart Society in America
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