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Clan Bell Status and Burkes Map

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Clan Bell Status and Burkes Map

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Dear William:

You raise some good points in your email. You are being
somewhat modest in your work to get the Clan Bell

The web site has this:

The specific source of our classification is the Clan and Family Encyclopaedia written by George Way and Romilly Squire (both eminent scholars and 'officials of the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs'.)
*** = Officially registered clans, with Clan Chiefs, that are registered with the Lord Lyon Court.
** = Officially registered clans, without Clan Chiefs, that are registered with the Lord Lyon Court and hence are described as armigerous.
* = These are clans that are in the process of applying for registration.

Bell **

So the Clan Bell is registered with the Lord Lyon court.

That then links to the excellent article that you submitted with the details of
the Clan. I would highly recommend that every one with interest in the Clan
Bell should read that article.

Some suggestions that I would submit for your consideration.

A: post updated messages to the Clan Bell message boards
here at Rootsweb. As you know, Rootsweb is far and away
the largest genealogy site on the Internet today. These mailing list
and message boards sometimes receive a million messages a month.
The message boards and mailing list here is for the benefit of the
Clan and can help provide a long term means of allowing Clan
members to communicate on gatherings, music, culture etc etc.
These boards and mailing lists are specifically outside the
normal restrictions of being tied only to genealogy.
B: The message boards are linked ( gatewayed) over here to the
mailing list for that distribution and more importantly, the
ability to have all messages archived.
C: The message boards provide a long term visibility of the messages
so that interested parties can easily review that content. Your
excellent articles would be a good start.
D: I can provide a tag line on the bottom of each outgoing message
on the mailing list. My suggestion would be to link to the
URL for the Clan Bell as you noted. That way each post gets
some publicity for that web site. I merely need an email from
someone from the Clan Bell to do that.
E: As you know. we are into a DNA testing program for the
Scottish Clans. That may be another way to assist in
providing both some interest and some identity to the
Clan members.

Thanks for your thoughtful message and will look forward to
assisting in getting the Clan Bell the full recognition it deserves.

BTW: There are 4 Bells listed in the Burkes Registry

Best Regards
John A Hansen
List Admin

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> Subject: [CLAN-BELL] The Burke's Peerage Map
> Dear Cousins
> I fail to see what is so wonderful about the Burkes map by Harper Collins
> Publishers as it excludes the Bells from their rightful place within the
> Scottish Families.
> May I remind you that the Bells were one of the largest Border
> Families whose territory incorporated most of Annandale.
In 1609, when Middlebie Parish was created, there were
only Bells within its borders and the name, through the
> various Clan branches, spilled over into many other area surrounding
> Middlebie. Remember the old saying, "As numerous as the Bells of
> Middlebie."
> Burkes used a map prepared by Harper Collins Publishers. They
> are the actual culprits; however, Burkes should know better
as they are using Hugh Peskett as an historical source
concerning the Scottish Clans. Mr. Peskett is the
> "Expert Witness" hired by Douglas Bell, C.B.E. in 1990 to prepare
the petition to the Lyon Court requesting an appointment of a Chief
> of the Bells as our last Chief, William "Redcloak" Bell of Blackethouse
died in 1628. Twelve years have past and the petition is not yet
> Where are the expert historians when it comes to the accuracy of
> our name and location? Apparently out to lunch, as we are
ignored with a finality that is most flagrant and frustrating!
> Since 1985, the objectives have been to have a Chief of the Bells
> appointed by the Lord Lyon, and, to establish a Clan controlled,
viable, dedicated genealogy data base to which all Bells can
contribute their Ancestor Charts so family matches can be made.
> There are 13 countries around the world in which International Bell
> Representatives are now located and forming their own Bell organizations.
> You must be interested in your heritage or there would not be
> this site. For your edification, may I recommend to you the Clan Bell
> International web site on the internet. Please check it out at your
convenience to see what is going on with Bells who are Clan
oriented. Go to: . I am
> sure you will be surprised at the various facets in which Bells
> are involved.
> When slights to our name are identified, such as the Burkes proffered map
> from Harper Collins, please take the time to click onto the sites
> "Contact Us" and complain. After all, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
> Using this method, many "slights" have been corrected and
our 'search and correct' program will continue for as long as it takes.
> Just another Bell named William

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