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1752...A list of slave traders and their ships

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1752...A list of slave traders and their ships

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A List of Vessels trading from Liverpool to the Coast of Africa, with
their Commanders and Owners Names , what Part of the Coast each
Ship goes to, and for what number of Slaves. December, 1752.

Africa, -- Hallison, Benin, John Welsh and Company,.....250
Antigua Merchant, Robert Thomas , Angola, James Gildart and Co,.....206
Annabella, Wm Harrison, Wind. and Gold Coast, W. Dobb & Co,.....260
Anglesea, J Caruthers, Wind. and Gold Coast, T Farrer and Co,....180
Alice Galley, R. Jackson, Wind. and Gold Coast, Robert Cheshyre and Co,.....350
Ann Galley, Neh Holland, Callabar, William Whalley and Co,.....340
Adlington, T. Perkin, Windward and Gold Coast, J. Manesty & Co,.....320
African, John Newton, Windward and Gold Coast, J. Manesty and Co,.....250
Allen, James Strangeways, Windward and Gold Coast, John Brooks and Co,.....250
Achilles, Thomas Patrick, --, Henry Hardwar and Co,.....450
Barbadoes Merchant, John Wilson, Angola, G. Campbell and Co,.....500
Betty, Samuel Sacheveril, John Robinson,.....200
Blake, Alexander Torbett, Callabar, John Bird and Co,.....460
Boyne, William Wilkinson, Bonny, Edward Forbes and Co,.....400
Beverley, William Lowe, Angola, Edward Lowndes and Co,.....200
Brooke, Thomas Kewley, Old Callabar, Roger Brooks and Co,.....400
Barclay, John Gadson, Old Callabar, John Welsh and Co,.....450
Bulkeley, C. Baitson, Wind. and Gold Coast, F Cunliffe Sons & Co,.....350
Britannia, James Pemberton, Wind. and Gold Coast, Leatherbarrow and Co,.....300
Bridget, --- Hayston, Wind. and Gold Coast, F Cunliffe Sons and Co,.....250
Chesterfield, Patrick Black, Old Calabar, William Whalley and Co,.....440
Clayton, (taken by Pirates & retaken by a Por. M.W.),--, J. Clayton & Co,.....440
Cumberland, John Griffin, Gambia, Ed. Deane and Co,.....260
Charming Nancy, T Roberts, W and Gold Coast, W Davenport and Co,.....170
Cavendish, R Jennings, W and Gold Coast, Rd Nicholas and Co,.....170
Cecilia, Rd. Younge, Gambia, Fr. Green and Co,.....120
Duke of Cumberland, John Crosbie , Bonny, James Crosbie and Co,.....450
Dolphin, Joseph Pederick, Wind. and Gold Coast, Ed. Forbes and Co,.....200
Enterprize, Samuel Greenhow, Gambia, (missing) John Yates and Co,.....130
Elijah, ---, Windward and Gold Coast, Edward Lowndes and Co,.....200
Elizabeth, William Heys, Gambia, Samuel Shaw and Co,.....200
Ellis & Robert, R Jackson, W and G. Coast, F. Cunliffe Sons & Co,.....320
Eaton, John Hughes, Angola, J. Okill and Co. (wood and teeth),.....550
Fanny, Wm Jenkinson, Wind. and Gold Coast, J. Knight and Co,.....120
Florimell, Samuel Linecar, Callabar, Richard Townsend and Co,.....320
Frodsham, James Powell, Angola, Nish. Torr and Co,.....450
Fortune, Hugh Williams, Bonny, Henry Townsend and Co,.....450
Foster, Edward Cropper, Benin, Foster Cunliffe Sons and Co,.....200
Ferret, Joseph Welch, Windward Coast &c., John Welch and Co,.....50
George, Charles Cooke, Angola, G. Campbell and Co,.....250
Grace,--, Old Callabar, Edward Forbes and Co,.....400
Greyhound,--, Windward and Gold Coast, R. Savage and Co,.....120
Hesketh, James Thompson, New Callabar, R. Nicholas and Co,.....260
Hector, Brook Keelsall, New Callabar, William Gregson and Co,.....480
Hardman, Joseph Yoward, W. and G. Coast, John Hardman and Co,.....300
Jenny, Thomas Derbyshire, W. & G. Coast, J. Knight and Co,.....450
Judith, N. Southworth, Bonny, John Welch and Co,.....350
James, John Sacheverill, Wind. and Gold Coast, James Gildart,.....120
Knight, Wm. Boates, Wind. and Gold Coast, John Knight and Co,.....400
Lintott, Ralph Lowe, New Callabar, Richard Nicholas and Co,.....400
Lord Strange, Edward Smith, Benin, Wm. Halliday and Co, .....230
Lovely Betty, G. Jackson, W. and G. Coast, G. Campbell and Co,.....140
Little Billy, T. Dickinson, W. and G. Coast, John Knight and Co,.....60
Mersey, John Gee, Benin, John Kennion and Co,.....300
Middleham, John Welch, Old Callabar, Richard Gildart and Sons,.....320
Methwen, John Coppell, Wind. and G. Coast, James Crosbie and Co,.....280
Minerva, Thomas Jordan, Gambia, James Pardoe and Co,.....400
Mercury, John Walker, W. and G. Coast, Konnien and Holme,.....100
Molly, Richard Rigby, W. and G. Coast, Richard Golding and Co,.....320
Neptune, T. Thompson, Old Calibar, Joseph and Jona. Brooks & Co,.....450
Nelly, John Simmons, Old Calibar, William Williamson and Co,.....340
Nancy , John Honeyford, Bonny, Thomas Kendal and Co,.....400
Nancy, Robert Hewitt, Bonny, Peter Holme and Co,.....400
Nancy, Thomas Midglev, Gambia, Knight Mairs and Co,.....300
Orrell, James Griffin, Gambia, William Whaley and Co,.....120
Ormond Success,--, Angola, William Williamson and Co,.....300
Pardoe,--,Windward and Gold Coast, James Pardoe and Co,.....240
Priscilla, William Parkinson, Angola, John Welch and Co,.....350
Phoebe, W. Lawson, W. and G. Coast, A. and B. Heywood and Co,.....280
Prince William, John Valentine, Angola, P. Gildart aad Sons,.....200
Rider, Michael Ruth, Angola, Richard Gildart and Sons,.....300
Ranger, J. Sander's, Wind. and Gold Coast, W. Farrington and Co,.....300
Sterling Castle, Charles Gardner, Bonny, John Backhouse and Co,.....300
Sarah, A. Lawson, Bonny, Thomas Crowder and Co,.....550
Salisbury, T. Marsden, Old Callabar, Robert Armitage and Co,.....350
Samuel and Nancy, J. Lowe, W. and Gold Coast, R. Savage and Co,.....220
Swan, Peter Leay, Bonny, John Tarleton and Co,.....400
Sammy and Biddy, R. Grayson, Wind Coast &c., J. Blundell & Co,.....150
Schemer, Robert Grimshaw, Wind Coast &c., T. Chalmers and Co,.....120
Stronge, T Cubbin, Bonny, M. and J Stronge and Co,.....300
Tarlton, J. Thompson, Bonny, John Tarlton and Co,.....340
Triton, Charles Jenkinson, Bonny, Levinus Unsworth and Co,.....240
Thomas, J. Hutchinson, Gambia, George Campbell and Co,.....200
True Blue, Ben Wade, Benin, John Cheshyre and Co,.....300
Thomas and Martha, J. Gillman, W. & G Coast, G Campbell & Co,.....200
Vigilant, W. Freeman, W. & G Coast, (missing) J. Bridge and Co,.....160
Union, T. Anyon, W. & G Coast, James Pardoe and Co,.....350
William and Betty, Thomas Barclay, Angola, Samuel Shawe and Co,.....400

Source: The 1805 Directory of Liverpool, by Gore. pp 112 thru 115

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