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Extracts from inventory of estate of Bartholomew Duverje/Duverge dated 1828

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Extracts from inventory of estate of Bartholomew Duverje/Duverge dated 1828

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Location 1 (Orleans Parish): Plantation situate on the right bank of the Mississippi, opposite the city of New Orleans, measuring eleven arpents front to the River by a depth of 23 arpents on the upper boundary line, and twenty four arpents twenty five fathoms on the lower boundary line, at which depths the said two lines join together and terminate in one single point, adjoining on the upper side to the property of Mr Toussaint Mossy, and on the lower limit to that of the widow Gosselin.

Victoire, congo negress, washer, 29yrs, $1000
Finette, of St Domingo, seamstress & house servant, 40yrs, $800
Adelaide, a creol [sic] of this state, house servant, 25yrs, $1000
Marie, congo, 55yrs, declining state of health, $100
Jeanette, congo, negro-wrench, 35yrs, a seller w/2 children: Pierre (6yrs) and
Coussine? (3yrs), $1100
Eliza, creol negress, 17yrs, house servant, $800
Sally, american negro-wrench, 50yrs, w/3 children: Nancy (11yrs), Lewis (9yrs), and Paul (12mos), $1200
Louis Baudin, creol negro, cow-keeper, 30yrs, $800
Saire?, minan? negro, 40yrs, house-servant, coachman, $1000
Artus, creol negro, 40yrs, shoemaker, $1500
Alexis, congo negro, 35yrs, having a rupture, fieldhand, $500
Valentin, congo negro, 45rs, having a rupture that subjects him to frequent illness field hand, $500
Claritte, congo negress, 28yrs, cook, $800
Philippe, congo negro, 40yrs, a field hand but subject to frequent dispositions occassioned by a rupture, $400
Henriette, negro woman, incapacitated, is not to be appraised

Location 2 (Orleans Parish): Plantation owned jointly with Furey Verret

Louis Bamb?ara, a negro, 45yrs, a good field hand having the end of one of his
feet cut off; $600
Leotine, a creol, 38yrs, an intelligent and good negro, $1200
Jean, 38yrs, a good intelligent creol negro, $1200
Hector, a congo negro, 35yrs, driver and a good field hand, $1000
Eugene, a congo, 30yrs, field hand & servant, $800
Zephir, congo, 30yrs, a smart fellow of very good character, $900
Jean Pierre, congo, 30yrs, field hand, $650
Antoine, congo, field hand, $600
Casimir, congo, 25yrs, a good plantation negro, $800
Artus, 25yrs, field hand, $600
Marguerite, congo, 55yrs, milk & vegetables seller, $500
Catherine, congo negress, 35yrs, field hand, $600

Location 3 (Orleans Parish, bordering Plaquemines): Plantation located at the beginning of the English Turn ... situate on the right bank of the Mississippi, at about four leagues from the city of New Orleans, measuring thirty-five arpents fourteen toises or thereabouts front to the River, adjoining on the upper limit to the plantation of Mr De La Croix and on the lower limit to that of Mr Dessales, the boundary lines of the said plantation running towards each other to a depth of forty arpents at which distance they stop and leave between them [blank] arpents forming the back limit.

Alexander, 50yrs, negro driver, $1000
Rabatte, 50yrs, carpenter having a wound at his right leg, $750
Audate, creol of St Domingo, 25yrs, carpenter, $1100
Celestin, creol, 50yrs, brick layer, $1100
Jean Baptiste, 40yrs, having once run away and having a wound at his leg, brick layer, $600
Zephire, 50yrs, carter & plough man, $600
Charles, 50yrs, driver, $600
Loiseau?/Loiseair?, 20yrs, horse driver & plough man, $1000
Petit Jean Baptiste, creol, 19yrs, $1000
Jupiter, congo, 30yrs, $700
Narcisse, madingo, 30yrs, $800
Hercule, minan, 25yrs, $650
Achille, minan, 20yrs, $800
Laurent, minan, 15yrs, $650
Andre, congo, 30yrs, $700
Clement, congo, 22yrs, $800
Neptune, congo, 20yrs, carter, $700
Citon, madingo, 30yrs, driver, $700
Thibaut, congo, 15yrs, $600
Pedro, Spanish negro of the West Indies, 25yrs, $900
Figaro, guinea negro, 40yrs, $900
Honore, guinea negro, driver, 25yrs, $900
Caesar, guinea negro, 30yrs, $700
Tom, guinea negro, 45yrs, $650
Pierre, creol, 15yrs, $700
Bernard, creol negro, 60yrs, $500
Cook, american negro, 50yrs, $400
Baptiste, spanish negro, 50yrs, in bad health, $500
Joseph, 60yrs, subject to illness, $300
Levielle, madinga, 40yrs, $500
Clara, conga negress, 25yrs, $500
Catherine, congo negress, 35yrs, having a sore leg, $450
Marie, a St Domingo negress, cook and washerwoman, 35yrs, with her children
Eulalie (8yrs), Casimir (6yrs), Joseph (4yrs), $1800
Pauline, negress born at St Domingo, 30yrs, cook & servant, $700
Fine, young negress creole of this country, 15yrs, house servant, $700

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