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MtDNA for Elizabeth Lee, 1607-1687 Lynn, MA, USA

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MtDNA for Elizabeth Lee, 1607-1687 Lynn, MA, USA

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Surnames: Lee, Ballard, Knights, Breed, Jenks, Graves, Wormwood, Olney, Copp
I am trying to start up a MtDNA project for Elizabeth Lee, abt 1607-1687. She was born in England and died in Lynn, Massachusetts. She had three husbands 1) William Ballard, 2) William Knights and 3) Allan Breed. She had at least 4 daughters from these marriages.

Mitochondrial DNA (MtDNA) is DNA test that tests the portion of DNA that only gets passed through the female. So every mother passes her MtDNA to her offspring, but only the daughters then pass it on. In theory it is passed unchanged through the chain of daughters but due to mutations, it does occasionally change. I am no expert, but it looks like an interesting use of technology. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of MtDNA projects out there, so most of the tests just point back to a general "homeland". The reason there are not a lot of projects is that women are harder to trace because every generation has a different surname.

I have tried to trace all of Elizabeth Lee's "umbilical" descendants - that is daughters of daughters. It is like skipping a stone across a pond - every generation the surname changes!

These are surnames I have encountered so far:
Abbott, Abrams, Adams, Aldrich, Alexander, Allen, Allison, Almy, Alsopp, Amidon, Andrews, Appleby, Archer, Arnold, Ayers, Babcock, Bailey, Baitz, Baker, Ballard, Barnes, Barstow, Bartlett, Bauer, Baur, Beard, Beaverstock, Bennett, Beran, Berry, Berube, Beverstock, Bickford, Bidwell, Binney, Bishop, Bixby, Black, Blackinton, Blaker, Boorn, Bowne, Boyer, Boynton, Brackett, Bradley, Braman, Brayman, Bread, Breed, Briggs, Brockaway, Brown, Bruce, Brundage, Buffum, Bullock, Burch, Burgess, Burt, Bushnell, Buswell, Butterworth, Cahoon, Campbell, Card, Carpenter, Carter, Case, Cass, Castle Chambers, Chandler, Chapman, Chard, Chiarella, Claflin, Clark, Clemence, Coapman, Coburn, Coffeen, Colburn, Cole, Collier, Converse, Cook, Copp, Corey, Cotton, Couch, Courtney, Craig, Cramer, Crandall, Crapp, Crook, Cross, Currier, Cushing, Daggett, Dainard, Daniels, Danley, Darling, Davidson, Davis, Day, Dean, Deck, Devin, Dickson, Dodge, Douglas, Downing, Dudley, Dunn, Dygert, Ellingwood, Elliot, Embree, Emerson, Ericsson, Estabrooks, Evans, Ewing, Fairbrother, Farquar, Farrington, Faulkner, Fawcett, Ferris, Field, Fines, Fisher, Fleinsner, Fletcher, Foster, Fred, Freeman, Fullerton, Gallutia, Galvin, Garfield, Garnsey, Gaskill, Gates, Gavitt, George, Getchell, Gettings, Gibson, Gill, Gilliam, Giltner, Goddard, Goodall, Grant, Graves, Greene, Greenleaf, Griffin, Hadley, Hagaman, Hall, Hamel, Hammond, Harriman, Harrington, Harris, Harrison, Hart, Haskell, Hastey, Hawks, Hayward, Heaton, Heffner, Herrick, Hewson, Hibbard, Hicks, Hill, Hinckley, Hobbs, Hodges, Hopkins, Horstman, Howe, Howie, Huber, Hutchinson, Inglis, Ives, Jackson, Jenckes, Jencks, Jenkes, Jenks, Johnson, Jones, Joslin, Joyce, Judkins, Kelly, Kendick, Kidder, Killam, Kimball, Kindlen, Knights, Knower, Knowles, Knowlton, Krumrei, Kunkel, Lanphear, Lanpher, Lanphere, Larkin, Latham, Laufenberg, Lawrence, Lee, Lewis, Littell, Loring, Lovell, MacDonald, Man, Mann, Marble, Martin, Mason, McAlmon, McFarlin, McGehee, McIntyre, McNair, McQuarters, Medbery, Medbury, Merel, Merriam, Merrill, Meyers, Middaugh, Millard, Mills, Montgomery, Moore, Morrell, Morris, Morrison, Morse, Mower, Mowry, Mulligan, Mumford, Munro, Murdock, Murphy, Muzzey, Myles, Nash, Newell, Newton, Niles, Noragon, Nowland, O'Keefe, Oliver, Olney, Orebaugh, Orton, Osgood, Oswalt, Otis, Packard, Page, Paine, Palmer, Park, Parker, Parmelee, Parmenter, Partridge, Patch, Peak, Pearson, Peck, Peckham, Peirce, Peo, Perkins, Perry, Pettis, Phillips, Phinney, Pickering, Pierce, Piper, Plummer, Pomeroy, Pope, Porter, Post, Powell, Pratt, Prentice, Prescott, Pugsley, Rasque, Ray, Raymond, Read, Reed, Reid, Reynolds, Rice, Richardson, Richmond, Roberts, Rockwell, Rodman, Roe, Roen, Rogers, Root, Ropes, Rossell, Rottler, Rowley, Rudd, Rummel, Saben, Salisbury, Sally, Sayles, Schaffer, Scott, Seaman, Searles, Sears, Segur, Sheldon, Shepard, Sherman, Shirley, Skeels, Smith, Snider, Snudden, Snyder, Soles, Southwick, Spence, Stacey, Staples, Starkey, Steere, Stevens, Stillman, Stocker, Stover, Straight, Strickland, Stull, Stumpf, Sutton, Swan, Sweeting, Sweetland, Swift, Taft, Talbot, Tanner, Tate, Taylor, Tefft, Terry, Thompson, Thornton, Tibbs, Tillinghast, Tingler, Tingley,Tompson, Towne, Trout, Tucker, Tuttle, Twitchell, Tyler, Vangoor, Viscount, Walden, Waldon, Waldron, Ward, Warden, Warner, Warren, Watson, Webber, Webster, Weeks, Wells, Wentworth, West, Westbrook, Wheeler, Whipple, White, Wightman, Wiley, Wilkinson, Williams, Williamson, Willigar, Wilson, Winters, Witter, Wittum, Wood, Woodward, Worcester, Wormwood, Wright, Wry, Yound, Young, Zacijeck, Zeller

As far as locations, it starts in Lynn, Massachusetts and fans across the United States and Canada from there. A lot of concentrations in RI, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, NH, VT, NY, OH, IA and WI.

Please, please contact me if you would like to participate or if you think you are a descendant of Elizabeth Lee.

- Maureen Graves Anderson

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