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Corbin DNA

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Surnames: Corbin
I recently began looking into some Corbin ancestry. I found some interesting posts on a Corbin DNA project. After reading these posts I have the following comments, which apply to DNA testing for genealogy in general, not just to the Corbin DNA project. I approach this topic with a lot of skepticism. How do we even know that someone who presents their DNA result is who they say they are? How do we know they sent in their own DNA? How do we know the DNA was properly tested? Even if the person is who they say they are, how do we know they are who they think they are? For example, someone could be adopted and not even know about it. Perhaps most DNA results are reported accurately, but when a sweeping conclusion is based on a single result, this is not enough for me. Second, I have been seeing many articles recently about how DNA can change over time. I would like to see a recent peer-reviewed scientific article on DNA testing for genealogy that confirms its usefulness. I think lots of people are throwing around terminology from genetics, but that doesn't mean they understand the science. I have a strong background in science, but not in biology in particular, so I don't consider myself qualified to speak about DNA. I would only trust the views of bona fide scientists who, as I mentioned earlier, have published on the subject in peer-reviewed journals. Finally, just as a privacy matter, I would not currently submit my own DNA to anyone voluntarily. I would be too concerned about potential misuse. This is actually my biggest concern. So if anyone has any hard evidence to answer my questions and concerns, as opposed to opinion, I would be delighted. Because I really would like to participate in many DNA studies. But, as they say, safety first.

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