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Ancestry DNA Survey

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Re: Ancestry DNA Survey

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Thanks Jim for the heads-up! (And Matt for the follow-up!)

Below are the questions I was asked in the survey available just now. (Noon Perth time.) Some questions may not have appeared to me based on how I answered, and likewise some questions may not appear for others. (And my copying and pasting may have been imperfect.)

For those of you who took the first survey before they closed it, is anything noticeably missing or changed?

What kind of DNA test(s) have you taken in the past? Check all that apply.
* Mitochondrial DNA
* Autosomal DNA
* I don't know

How familiar do you consider yourself with DNA testing and the types of tests available?
* I can write a textbook on it
* I am very familiar
* I am somewhat familiar
* I am not familiar at all

What did you expect to learn from your AncestryDNA test?
(text box)

Of the following choices, what was the primary reason why you took the Ancestry DNA test? (Select one)
* Get the most out of my Ancestry membership
* Break through a brick wall in my family tree
* Make new discoveries about my family history
* Try out new technologies
* Learn about my ethnic and geographic origins
* Find new relatives
* Learn about my family where there are little or no records
* I am adopted and want to know more about my family history
* Other

OK, these next few questions are about your reactions to the overall experience with AncestryDNA.

What is your overall satisfaction with AncestryDNA?
(scale of 1-10)

How well did AncestryDNA meet your expectations?
(scale of 1-10)

How much do you agree or disagree that AncestryDNA is a good value for the money?
(scale of 1-10)

How likely is it that you would recommend AncestryDNA to a friend or colleague?
(scale of 1-10)

How likely are you to continue subscribing to, as a result of your AncestryDNA experience?
(scale of 1-10)

Please tell us how AncestryDNA has affected your overall experience on
(text box)

Thinking about your overall AncestryDNA experience so far, to what extent would you agree or disagree with the following statements?
(scale ranging from completely disagree to completely agree)

- It was easy to use the DNA sample kit to collect my DNA.
- It was easy to activate and ship my DNA sample kit.
- I was satisfied with how long it took for me to receive my DNA results.
- The AncestryDNA website is easy to use.
- The AncestryDNA website clearly presents my DNA results.
- The AncestryDNA website makes it easy for me to connect with other Ancestry members who may be DNA matches.
- I feel confident that my DNA information is kept private and secure.

What was your overall satisfaction with your DNA ethnicity results?
(scale of 1-10)

Which best describes your current membership status on
* I have never registered or subscribed
* I have registered for free (with my name and email address)
* I am currently in my 14-day free trial (using my credit card)
* I have taken a free trial in the past, but never subscribed
* I am a current paying subscriber
* I have been a paying subscriber in the past, but I have cancelled my subscription

How accurate do you think your ethnicity results are?
(text box)

How accurate do you think your DNA match results are?
(scale of 1-10)

Did your DNA results tell you something new about yourself and/or your family history?
(text box)

Now that you have your DNA results, have you shared them with others?

Which parts of your DNA results did you share?
* Ethnicity results
* DNA Matching results
* I don't remember
* Other

With whom did you share your DNA results? Select all that apply.
* Friends
* Family
* Facebook friends
* Twitter
* message board (INTERESTING. -S)
* I did not share this information
* Other

You’re almost there! Just a few last questions, and then you’re done.

Have you contacted AncestryDNA Member Services with any inquiries related to your AncestryDNA test?
* Yes
* No

(I said "No" because even though I have used the "Question" option on the Beta Feedback button a couple of times, I'm aware that it's a one-way street. After answering "No," my progress bar shot from about 70% to the end. I don't know if the progress bar is really "to scale," though.)

To help us improve our service, we may contact you for more information. If you’d like to be contacted, please enter your information below.
- Name
- Email address
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