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Where might the Finnish/Volga-Ural DNA portion come from?

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Re: Where might the Finnish/Volga-Ural DNA portion come from?

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As is always mentioned in these threads, the F/VU might be wayyy back, beyond the paper trail, or perhaps on one of the missing branches that multiply so quickly and are so easy to forget about.

I also have 7% F/VU on here. I got my raw data from another company this week and, after using it to get a BGA from Dr. McDonald and from, I think, every single one of the jillion web-based tools out there (*grin*), my head is spinning a little, lol. I'm everything!

Everyone (except Ancestry and 23andMe) is giving me results for Native American, but the amount is still so small (1% that stands out, with dribbles elsewhere) that I don't think that (in my case) it's what Ancestry is labeling as F/VU.

Every analysis seems to have different "borders," and even those borders are often more of a general impression. For example, I just looked at my MDLP World-22 analysis to see if anything was around 7% and might be what Ancestry calls F/VU. Hmmm, 8% West Asian?

When I check the "West Asian" map on the MDLP website, the lighter sections do overlap the F/VU areas on Ancestry's map. "West Asian" also covers parts of Europe, although those same parts of Europe are more strongly represented by other labels. It seems that thinking with fuzzy borders and migration over centuries in mind is really important.

Dr. McDonald gave me 99% Western Europe, concentrating around Britain. Ancestry gave me 75% British, Eastern Europe (a surprise), and the F/VU plus 3% Uncertain. Other BGA tools reveal many other little bits further east and south. So, who is right? Maybe everyone, depending on how you look at it, haha.

The good news is that Ancestry is going to make raw data available in some form, which means they're listening to us. (I know it might not be in the form we want, but we'll keep giving them "listening opportunities" until they do, right?) When that's available, people will (hopefully) learn more, think more broadly than what they "know" from their paper research, and maybe they'll also nag Ancestry to justify its current BGA labels so we can learn from that. (Sorry, Ancestry! You know we fans criticize you because we love you and want you to be super-awesome, right?)

Just be glad you aren't with 23andMe. Right now they only have three categories: European, African, Asian/NA. They didn't even pick up my smidge of NA, let alone my .28% Pygmy. Harumph! :)
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