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Westfield 1910 census enumerators

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Westfield 1910 census enumerators

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Surnames: Clark, Wall, Taggart, Baker, Klopf, Englehart, Durand, Toucey, Fitch, Miller, Gilby, Tuttle, Pierson
The census enumerators for Westfield are Samuel A. Clark, Jacob W. Wall, Frank C. Taggart and F.R. Baker. They will begin their work on April 15th next. Miss Julia P. Klopf has received the appointment for Mountainside and Henry Englehart for Fanwood.

Published by The Westfield Leader on March 16, 1910.

The Census.

The census begins on Friday, April 15th. The general public is requested to aid the enumerators in every way, so that Westfield will get a complete census. Interesting points, regarding the census, are as follows:

The census begins April 15 and must be completed in thirty days.

The enumerators will wear a badge inscribed "United States Census, 1910."

The law requires every adult person to furnish the prescribed information, but also provides that it shall be treated confidentially, so that no injury can come to any person from answering the questions.

The Census Bureau, prior to April 15, will distribute to every farm owner and tenant in this state a blank or schedule containing the Census questions relative to farm operations and equipment. This should be filled up, if possible, not later than the morning of April 15, but if anyone has been unable to fill it up by that time, he should do it as soon afterwards as he can.

People who do not speak English or who do not understand the schedule completely should get help from others, if possible, in filling it up.

The President has issued a proclamation, calling on all citizens to cooperate with the Census and assuring them that it has nothing to do with taxation, army or jury service, compulsory school attendance, regulation of immgration, or enforcement of any law, and that no one can be injured by answering the inquiries.

It is of the utmost importance that the farm census of this State be complete and correct.

Therefore every farm owner and tenant should promptly, fully, and soonrately fill up the "Advance Farm Schedule" and carefully perserve it for the enumerator when he calls.

Published by The Westfield Leader on April 13, 1910.

Westfielders Go South.

It is fortunate for Westfield and unfortunate for Melrose, Fla., that the census was taken in June instead of December, else the following would be included in the latter's poplulation: Mr. and Mrs. L.M. Pearsall, Miss Edna Pearsall, Miss Harriett Pearsall, Miss Rose Sackrider, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Thompson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Edwards, Miss Catherine Edwards and Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Whitehead, who sail away on the City of Montgomery, November 13, for Melrose. A second large exodus occurs the last of December. A few years ago Westfield was named little Brooklyn, because of so many residents who came from that city. We are wondering what honor Melrose, Fla., will bestow upon Westfield for its contribution to her inhabitants.

Published by The Westfield Leader on October 26, 1910.

Census About Due.

Director Durand Sends Telegram to Leader.

For sometime in the past questions have been asked regarding Westfield's census. The Leader has used every endeavor to get these figures and last Sunday wired E.D. Durand in Washington, who has the matter in charge. A telegram was received from him as follows:

Washington D.C. Dec. 5, 1910.

Figured requested will be available in a few days. Will wire moment ready.

E. Dana Durand, Director.

The New Jersey census has been later than most of the others. The recount which was necessary at Atlantic City had much to go with this, it is said, but by the next issue of the Leader, the citizens will learn just what the population of Westfield really is.

Published by The Westfield Leader on December 7, 1910.

Census Not Given Out For Towns

After many requests to the Supervisor at Washington D.C., the Leader was unable to date to get the census for Westfield for this issue. The population of towns and cities in the State of New Jersey have not as yet been given out. Mr. Durand has promised to send a telegram so soon as the news is out.

Published by The Westfield Leader on Decemeber 14, 1910.

The Population 6,420

Westfield Gains 2,092 In Ten Years

Gain Was Not Quite So Much As Was Expected.

Last Friday afternoon at a little after two o'clock, the following telegram was received at the eLader office:

"Leader, Westfield, N.J., Westfield town population thirteenth census, 6420, E. Dana Durand, director."

This total is somewhat less than that expected by the majority of residents, although it shows a good substantial gain, and as has been remarked, what gain there was has been made with good substantial citizens attracted by the possibilities of Westfield and its advantages rather than by an indecriminate boosting of the population with undesireables.

The census of 1900 gave Westfield's population as 4323, and the more unofficial census of 1905 rather estimated it at 5,265, distributed as follows: First Ward, 1,759: Second Ward, 743; Third Ward, 1,444, and Fourth Ward, 1,309. This showed a gain of 21.6+%.

The present figured show a gain over 1906 of 21.9+%, or a little better than the previous five years. This figure also confirms the old method of reckoning five people to a voter, or in round figures, if there are 1,300 voters in the town there should be 6,500.

Westfield's growth, as shown by figures, has not been sporadic, as is generally supposed, but a healthy kind.

Published by The Westfield Leader on December 28, 1910.

The Census Muddle.

There is no doubt whatever that the census of Westfield, as taken last year by the government is inaccurate and does not represent the actual population of the town. The disposition on the part of the census authorities at Washington has been to ignore such claims even when backed by names and figures showing inaccuracy, but it should be investigated as a matter of right.

Westfield's claims are not unreasonable and backed by figures and averages that are usually accepted, it would seem that sufficient basis has been shown to justify a recount.

Taking the census of a nation is no simple undertaking, but if it is attempted there is no reason why it should not be done properly and accurately. The Leader is heartily in accord with the advocates of a recount and the Board of Trade is the organization ti keep the matter going and accomplish the desired result.

Published by The Westfield Leader on January 28, 1911.

Be Considerate.

With the Census Taker - Questions Asked.

The census man will soon be busy getting a new record for Westfield and a perfect one. The committee, which has charge of this work respectfully request that every citizen be as considerate as possible with the enumerators and assis in every possible way. To be cheerful and willing in answering the questions will be greatly appreciated.

There will be three major questions asked:

1. The number of people living in the home.
2. The name of each individual.
3. Whether adult or minor.

There will be a few minor questions besides which will help the committee.

The enumerators selected are W.B. Toucey, A.C. Fitch, Jonas S. Miller and Edward F. Gilby. These gentlemen will each have a letter of authorization signed by Hon. William E. Tuttle, Jr., president of the Board of Trade, and A.N. Pierson, chairman of the Census Committee.

Official Notice of Census.

Washington D.C., Feb. 1.

The Westfield Leader, Westfield, N.J.

Westfield town total population thirteenth census - First, 2249; Second, 1097; Thirs, 1532.

E. Dana Durand, Director.

(Mr. Durand in his telegram does not give figured for Fourth Ward, and we give them (1542), the amount necessary to complete total telegraphed to us some time ago. - Ed.)

Published by The Westfield Leader on February 1, 1911.

From Cranford Chronicle.

"The Westfield Board of Trade is considering the advisability of reising $150 to meet the expense of a recount of the town's population, announced by the census bureau to be 6,420, but believed by the residents to be nearly 8,000. Possibly the enumerator did not think it necessary to count the 'no-accounts' of the place." - Chronicle, Feb. 2.

Published by The Westfield Leader on February 8, 1911.

The Census Matter.

The vigorous way in which the Board of Trade of Westfield has faced the census injustice is another evidence of the usefulness of that body. There is little doubt that the inaccouracy of the figures given by the Federal enumerators will be shown conclusively and while the figures of the local enumeration may never be accepted by the self-satisfied authorities at Washington, the people of the town will accept the last collected figures as accurate, and the result of honest endeavor.

As a matter of fact the increase in population, as shown by the Federal census is of itself quite flattering to the people of the town, but Westfield is one of those towns that believes it should have credit for its full value in every respect. It will not be many days now before we will know how many people there really are in Westfield.

Published by The Westfield Leader on February 8, 1911.

Tends To Show Increase.

Local Census Takers' Figures Are Larger Than Official Count.

The Board of Trade Committee retaking the census will meet this evening to complete their work and hand out to the public their findings. It will not be announced until this evening just what the figures are, and at present three of the four reports are in.

It can safely be said, however, that an increase will be shown the official count. In the Fourth Ward many of the Italian residents have moved away and yet the recount more than covers the former count.

The committee will add up their data this evening and have agreed not to give out any figures until everything is in. From the attitude of those on the committee it is conjectured that the increase will be conservative.

Published by The Westfield Leader on February 15, 1911.

Census Gain Large

646 Increase Over Official Count

Many People Left Out in Former Count and Now Included.

Westfield has 646 more inhabitants than the official count by the government gave it and this last census, under the surpervision of the committee of the Board of Trade, was made under accurate conditions. The total number of heads counted was 7066 against the government total of 6420.

The enumerators were W.B. Toucey, A.C. Fitch, Edward Gilby and Jonas Miller. It took these gentlemen only seven days to check up each resident in the town and the approoximate cost was only about $150. This money is being raised by individual subscriptions and by the Board of Trade, whose committee consisted of Arthur N. Pierson, chairman; A.L. Alpers and H.G. Mooney. The headquarters for the enumerators was at the real estate office of E.S.F. Randolph, where the data was collected and counted last Wednesday evening.

Chairman Pierson was exhuberant over the results and has been the most active worker in disproving the official census. He stated that the errors in the former count could have been made by the vast number of questions on the official blank or by the untactfulness in approaching the foreign population. He further stated that he felt this result to be satisfactory and was certain of its accuracy.

The Third Ward was the big gainer in population with 336 more names, while the First Ward followed with 150 more. The Second Ward showed the least gain with 58 and the fact that in no ward was there a falling off but a gain, clearly demonstrates the inaccuracy of the official count.

It has been rumored that it was the custom in this district to lop off a number of names from the offical enumerators's report to "make sure" and be conservative and it was said that one of the U.S. enumerators lost 150 names in this manner. The result of the recount goes far to confirm this rumor which it would be hard to verify otherwise.

The results also tend to conform with the increase in school statistics and instead of Westfield's gain being 48+% in the last ten years it is 63+% or 15% more.

The concensus of opinion about town seems to be satisfaction over these figures and the voting list as well as the school statistics help in the confirmation.

Published by The Westfield Leader on February 22, 1911.

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