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sharing my private tree

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Re: sharing my private tree

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There is absolutely no way you can "check" all the data or even a small portion of what you are "copying." You keep implying that all folks family trees online should be correct in all their data, because after all, it is their family. You are exactly the type of person who is publishing all the inaccurate data for more like you to copy again and again. EVERY SINGLE PIECE of data, whether scanned photo, or any factoid. should be checked for the accuracy of that single piece of information, as it pertains to the tree you are composing. A persons name does not have to be as common as "John Smith" for there to be inaccurate assumptions as to identity. I am still, after years, searching for a relatives line, who bears the same name,including middle name, birth year, fathers name, town of birth, and wife's first name as someone else, and that name is uncommon. This is not unusual, and you would know this, IF, YOU SLOGGED THROUGH REAL RESEARCH to look. The internet is a tool. It is not a finished, researched, accurate portrayal of all you seek. I am unwilling, unlike you, to accept the information without proof. Proof in the form of birth cert, death cert, and the like. people who just assume a person "sounds" like its their relative, because all the basics match are NOT doing genealogy. Packing large amounts of information together, making your borrowed tree public, pictures and all, then patting yourself on the back and acting like your the epitome of generosity, is a sham. You seem very proud of yourself because you scanned photos and made them public for all to copy. I wonder, do you bother to publish along with your photo shopped, scanned images if you have altered them in anyway? If you think it is generational to care how accurate facts are, when applied to this discipline, you have some learning to do. I work with people at the college level and those still in high school, who grew up on the internet. And although clearly more at ease than some older tech users who are members of ancestry and other web sights used for genealogy research, (BTW, there are plenty of very savvy, knowledgeable "older" individuals who have all technology comfortably at their fingertips.) these young people are extremely aware of their responsibility to provide accurate information when doing research. They are mature individuals, mature in manner, not in years. Some people will live a long life and will never be considered "mature."It takes a mature individual to show restraint, to curtail their enthusiasm, to tread carefully when finding a clue. To research that clue to the conclusion, which may take years. They understand what the job is. They don't see it as taking too long, they would never take a short cut just to have something to copy down on paper and say,"look what I did!" The very thought of using unproven inaccurate data is repugnant to any real researcher. It is a cheat. And although we all know there are plenty of them out there. I just have to hope that there are enough people who care about the quality rather that the quantity of the information they gather. It will be everyone's loss if more people believe that, "The end justify the means."
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