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Can't view images at all - new image viewer download won't install

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Re: Can't view images at all - new image viewer download won't install

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Here is Ancestry respomce to me. (I cannot be bothered - so I am not renewing my subscription)

The following steps have been developed to fully remove the Enhanced Image Viewer and eliminate possible existing errors that may be causing this unusual behavior. Please carefully follow every step listed to ensure this is correctly addressed. There are many steps, but it is very important that you do not skip anything.


There may be a file called MFIMGVWR.OCX on your machine, which may have been created by previous viewings of our Images Online or through other means. If it exists, it will need to be removed by taking the following steps.

A. Click the Windows Start Button (located in the bottom left corner of the Windows desktop), and then click Run from the menu that appears.
B. Type 'command' in the field given (without the quotation marks) and click the OK button. A black screen or window should appear with white text.
C. In the Command window, type ONE of the following depending on what version of Windows you have (or if one of these has already been tried but failed):

On most modern versions of Windows, type:
CD C:\Windows\System32

For some versions of Windows XP or Windows 2000, type:
CD C:\WinNT\System32

For Windows 95, 98 and ME, type:
CD C:\Windows\System

Press the Enter key on your keyboard.

If successful, the command prompt should change to C:\Windows\System32>.

D: Type the following into the Command window.
regsvr32 /u mfimgvwr.ocx

Press the Enter key on your keyboard.

E. A small pop-up window will indicate that the 'unregister' succeeded. Click OK.

PLEASE NOTE: If at this point you get a message that the file is missing, don’t worry, that just means the file is not installed and you will install it later. Just continue on with the instructions.

F. At the command prompt, type Exit and press the Enter key on your keyboard.
G. Click on the Windows Start Button (generally located in the bottom left corner of your screen) and then click on Run.
H. In the field given, type one of the following (depending on your Windows version):

On most recent versions of Windows, type:

For some versions of Windows XP or Windows 2000, type:

For Windows 95, 98 and ME, type:

I. Click OK. (a window should open with a list of files)
J. Scroll almost halfway down the list until you find MFIMGVWR.OCX (the .ocx may be missing on your system). Click one time on that listed file to select it. Again, if you do not find the file “mfimgvwr.ocx” anywhere, don’t worry. It isn’t installed yet.
K. Press the Delete key on your keyboard while this file is selected. (If it is selected, it should appear blue or highlighted.)
L. Confirm the deletion when prompted, then close the System (or System32) folder


Next, you will want to clear your cache (Temporary Internet Files). These are only temporary files stored by your computer; their removal will not harm your system. Please follow these steps.

A. Make sure all Internet Explorer windows are closed completely (not just minimized; they must be closed.)
B. Select Control Panel from the Windows Start menu (you might need to choose Start, then the Settings folder, then Control Panel.)
C. Double click on Internet Options (you may need to choose Network and Internet Connections first.)
D. Click on the "Delete Files..." button, checking the "Delete all offline content" checkbox in the small window that pops up.
E. Click the OK button
F. Once the hourglass goes away, click on the "Delete Cookies..." button, clicking OK in the small window that pops up.
G. Click on the "Settings..." button, choosing "View Objects..." from the next window that appears
H. Delete the "MFInstallClass" file if it is listed
I. Close the window, and click on OK in the Settings window

Next, you will need to verify that your security settings will allow proper coding from our site. This can be accomplished with these steps:

A. If you have closed the Internet Options window from the above steps, follow steps A - C above.
B. In the Internet Options window, click on the Security tab and make sure Internet is selected.
C. Click on the Custom Level button.
D. Check all of the following items to make sure they are set correctly; depending on which version of Windows is installed, some of them may not appear:

1. ActiveX controls and plugins
a. Automatic prompting for ActiveX controls: Enable
b. Binary and script behaviors: Enable
c. Download signed ActiveX controls: Enable
d. Download unsigned ActiveX controls: Prompt
e. Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe: Prompt
f. Run ActiveX controls and plugins: Enable
g. Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting: Enable
2. Downloads: All 2 or 3 items should be set to Enable
3. Java VM or Microsoft VM: Medium Safety
4. Scripting: all 2 or 3 should be set to Enable
5. Click on OK, and answer Yes to the warning message that appears

E. Click on the Privacy tab and make sure the slider is set to Medium (third tick from the bottom)
F. Click on the General tab and choose the "Settings" button
G. In the next window, select the "View Files" button
H. From the File menu at the top of the next window, choose Select All
I. Press the Delete key on your keyboard and click Yes or OK when prompted with a warning about deleting the files
J. Click on the OK button to close Internet Options


If you have software running, such as those listed above, you will want to disable all of them temporarily. In many cases, you can locate an icon for this software in the bottom right corner of Windows (next to the clock). If you see such an icon, right-clicking on it will often provide either a Disable or an Exit option. However, if this does not turn off your software, you will need to consult the instruction manual or Help file for that software for further assistance.


Go to any image in the census database. When asked, indicate that you want to Run the download (not Save or Cancel). Once the installation is successful, click OK, and then click Continue. You should be taken to the image you were attempting to view, (if the image does not load refresh the page by pressing F5 on the keyboard.)

You may get a message the Enhanced image viewer is not installed. There will be a menu across the top of the browser that says "This website is trying to run an add-on" you need to click this menu and select Run for the install to complete.


To be able to better access our site, you will need to clear your Internet cache and your cookie files. Clearing your cache will ensure that you have the most up-to-date versions of pages from our site, and removing your cookie files may improve our site's ability to recognize your access rights. Instructions for clearing your cache files and deleting your cookies on Internet Explorer 6.0 & 7.0 follow. If you are uncertain what Internet browser and version you have, follow these steps:

1. Click on Help from the menu options at the top of your browser
2. Choose the "About" option (e.g., "About Internet Explorer," "About Netscape," etc.) from the Help menu

If you are not using Internet Explorer, please visit our Knowledge Base article for instructions for your browser version, at the following:

Managing your Internet cache and cookies

1. Click on the Tools menu item at the top of the browser window
2. Choose Internet Options from the Tools menu
3. IE 6.0 Under the General tab, Click the Settings button.
IE 7.0 Under the General tab, Click the settings button next to delete.

4. In the next window, click on the View Files button
5. In the following window, click on the Edit menu at the top and choose Select All from the list that appears
6. While holding down the Shift key, press Delete on your keyboard
7. When prompted as to whether to delete cookies, choose Yes
8. Close the Temporary Internet Files window, click OK, then click OK again

Following the steps above should most likely resolve this issue.

If there is anything else with which we might assist you, please let us know.

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