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Update on the message board cookies on the RootsWeb side...

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Re: Update on the message board cookies on the RootsWeb side...

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Thanks. As was shown in the past threads, there appears to be something that is interfering with the browser updating the cookie or clearing it out when you run a general clear cache and cookies. Unfortunately, there are too many variables that differ between users who experience this or do not experience it for the developers to nail down what it is aside from not being from the server.

In the past, the bad cookie was keeping a setting from the past (I think a thread said Dec 2011 with it expiring the same day but further into the future). So, any attempts to change the settings to the boards were not being saved. Again, as shown on the past threads, for those that didn't have the problem, when they made a change, it updated not only those changes but the expiration updated to the current day but 20 or so years into the future.

Neither I nor the developers were able to duplicate this. We tried all the supported browsers (Firefox, IE, Chrome) and in Windows, Mac, and Linux. Using all the mainstream security programs (MacAfee, Norton, AVG, etc). So we're stumped on what other combinations we could try.

So, a shot in the dark, the bad PREFS cookie isn't deleting when you tell the browser to clear all cookies. But, you also have the options to view and delete specific cookies individually without touching any. I find this easiest in Firefox and Chrome. Since you said you don't use Chrome but use Firefox I will explain it out for Firefox so we can do the same steps you and I. Most of this will be overkill but I've never believed computers to be intelligent or perfect ;) so I usually do some overkill steps just to be safe.

1) Only have one web page open and have it be anything EXCEPT or RootsWeb. The reason is that we want the browser to be finished with the cookies for Ancestry/RootsWeb. Extra overkill is to sign out of both sites and then leave them completely.
2) In the Firefox Options window go to the Privacy tab.
3) Click on the Individual cookies link.
4) Search and delete manually every cookie involved with anything with or RootsWeb.
5) Close the browser completely and then open it again. Check the individual cookies again to make sure there isn't anything with RootsWeb or there.
6) Go to the boards at RootsWeb and login and make your settings.
7) Close the browser completely (you can even check your Task manager to make sure all instances of Firefox are gone.
8) Open again try the boards again. Check and send me what the PREFS cookie says.

Thanks for the patience. I'm doing the same on a separate computer not connected to the corporate internet connection.

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