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3 classifications for hints, not just 2

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3 classifications for hints, not just 2

Posted: 1380476202000
Classification: Query
I would like to be able to classify hints that I don't act on right then to a "Pending" category.

Either I review and accept the hint right now, or I ignore it. I have *lots* of hints to go through every day. And, I don't just add every hint I see, I look at it, make sure I want it, save the image to my computer, and then add it. (because if I don't save it before I add it, it's a real pain to get back to it.) So, I have to "ignore" it, so I can look at it when I have the time (about once a month).

REQUEST: Three Actions for each hint

Review (takes me through the record abstract comparison)
Hold (Puts it on my "To be reviewed" tab, and removes from queries)
Ignore (Puts it on my "Ignored" tab, and removes from queries.)

ALTERNATIVE: Let me delete from my "Ignore" list.

Currently, I use it for my "Hold" and "Ignore". So, I have to wade through all my ignored 'Rev War Soldier" pictures, "End of Line" graphics, "State Flag", "Family Crest" (15 different ones for one individual on one of my trees) to find the ones I'm really interested in. And, of course, there are the parents of my individual that Ancestry thinks I might be related to because the name and age range are so close.) So if it's on my Ignore List, I say "Delete", ask me if I'm sure, and then set a "do not display" flag so it won't show up under Ignore, but you will still know that I don't want to see it.

Benefit: Faster Hint List Display because you don't have to display the deleted entries.

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