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Kern County, California War Memorial Help Needed

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Kern County, California War Memorial Help Needed

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November 11, 2007, Kern County, California will dedicate a War Memorial listing Kern County men and women who have been killed in action / combat.

If you have a family member who was from Kern County and was killed in any of the Wars, please see the list below and make sure your relative is appearing - with correct spelling and correct hometown. Final data must be to the engraver by the end of September 2007.

Reply to this e-mail or contact Ken Hooper at

List of Kern County Service Men Killed-in-Action (KIA)

For our identification purposes, each serviceman is assigned a “case number.” The number at the beginning of his case number indicates in what conflict he perished. Please note this list is a work in progress and is updated as new names or information is discovered.

This list is comprised of men and women who were killed in combat or in support of combat operations. The list excludes men killed in training, accidents, natural causes, disease, etc. No disrespect is intended nor implied to the men or their families for those who perished under the listed conditions.

Key: 1 World War I
2 World War II
3 Korean War
4 Vietnam War
5 War in Afghanistan and Iraq

Date last updated: 9-15-07
Last number used: 5.576 Ramon A. Villatoro, Jr

World War I Branch Hometown

1.1 Harold Brown Army Bakersfield
1.2 Sam Girado Tehachapi
1.3 Francis Thomas Grisedale Army Bakersfield
1.4 Warren R. Hageman Marines Rosedale
1.5 Howard Kahl Army Taft
1.6 Frank Shelly Reynolds Army Bakersfield
1.7 Claude G. Shankland Army Delano
1.8 Scott Macilister Sheets Marines Bakersfield
1.9 Paul Sheffield Army Bakersfield
1.10 John Quinlan Sullivan Army Lost Hills
1.11 James Trail Army Bakersfield
1.12 Fred Wegis Marines Bakersfield

World War II

2.13. Robert R. Abel Army Taft
2.14. James D. Abercrombie Army Shafter
2.15. Aubrey Warren Ackley Navy Bakersfield
2.16. Loyd Agee Army Bakersfield
2.17. Calvin O. Allen Army Bakersfield
2.18. Carl H. Allen Army Bakersfield
2.19. Horace L. Allen Marines Rosamond
2.20. Fred Anaya Army Bakersfield
2.21. Robert B. Anderson Army Shafter
2.22. Dan Andreotti Army Bakersfield
2.23. Nicholas T. Angeles Army Bakersfield
2.24. Leroy C. Appling Jr. Marines Taft
2.25. George Joaquin Avila Navy Bakersfield
2.26. Lester Bailey Army Bakersfield
2.27. Lloyd C. Ballard Army Taft
2.28. Roy L. Barker Army Bakersfield
2.29. Carl Ellis Barnes Navy Bakersfield
2.30. Fred A. Barnes Army Delano
2.31. Robert Leon Barr Navy Bakersfield
2.32. Herbert L. Bayless Army Bakersfield
2.33. Marion L. Becking Jr. Army Bakersfield
2.34. Gordon B. Beecroft Army Bakersfield
2.35. William M. Behrent Marines Bakersfield
2.36. Sydney W. Bennett Army Bakersfield
2.37. Adolph Bernacchi Army Bakersfield
2.38. William Udell Bishop Navy Bakersfield
2.39. Jaril G. Black Army Bakersfield
2.40. Vernon Blue Army Taft
2.41. Lester V. Bonkosky Army Delano
2.42. Charles S. Bowman Marines Bakersfield
2.43. J.T. Brackeen Marines Bakersfield
2.44. Arthur F. Brand Army Oildale
2.45. W. Rex Brashear Army Bakersfield
2.46. Wilson T. Bristol Marines Oildale
2.47. Eugene E. Brock Army Shafter
2.48. Donald M. Brown Army Bakersfield
2.49. Ronald M. Brown Army Taft
2.50. Syndey L. Buaas Army Bakersfield
2.51. Walter C. Buaas Army Bakersfield
2.52. George Edward Burleson Navy Taft
2.53. Joe W. Burleson Army Lamont
2.54. Alfred Bushell Navy Bakersfield
2.55. Manuel N. Cabrera Army Bakersfield
2.56. James D. Callahan Army Mojave
2.57. Louis R. Candelaria Army Bakersfield
2.58. Joe Mary T. Castro Army Bakersfield
2.59. Chester M. Cauvel Army Bakersfield
2.60. Gayle Taylor Cheney Navy Mojave
2.61. Dennis Cimental Marines Bakersfield
2.62. William C. Clausen Navy Oildale
2.63. Walter E. Collins Army Bakersfield
2.64. Albert Combs Army McFarland
2.65. Gerald Elvin Cone Navy Bakersfield
2.66. Everett M. Coram Army Shafter
2.67. John Lawson Corbell Navy Bakersfield
2.68. Harold E. Cox Army Bakersfield
2.69. Wilford J. Cullen Navy Bakersfield
2.70. Walter Adolf Dahlen Navy Bakersfield
2.71. Joseph E. Davis Marines Bakersfield
2.72. William M. Davis Army Bakersfield
2.73. Forest Marvin De Lano Navy Arvin
2.74. Paul J. Delfino Army Bakersfield
2.75. Lawrence E. Dennison Army Bakersfield
2.76. John C. Donowho Marines Taft
2.77. Robert F. Doty Army Delano
2.78. William D. Durgy Army Bakersfield
2.79. A.R. Dyke Navy Mojave
2.80. Walter H. Eastberg Marines Bakersfield
2.81. Earl C. Edgar Army Oildale
2.82. Alonzo John Elledge Navy Bakersfield
2.83. Elmore Jean Elliott Navy Bakersfield
2.84. Daniel Benjamin Erico Navy Bakersfield
2.85. Frank J. Espitallier Army Bakersfield
2.86. Mike J. Etchart Army Bakersfield
2.87. Renato J. Fanucchi Army Buttonwillow
2.88. Joseph G. Ferrel Army Bakersfield
2.89. Bobby E. Fields Marines Arvin
2.90. Owen H. Filkel Army Bakersfield
2.91. David Joseph Fitzpatrick Marines Mojave
2.92. Richard William Ferdinand Navy Oildale
2.93. R.B. Ford Marines Arvin
2.94. Clarence A. Fore Army Bakersfield
2.95. Samuel Waldo Frantz Navy Wasco
2.96. Robert S. Fulton Army Taft
2.97. John Frederick Gafner Navy Wasco
2.98. Lupe M. Gallegos Marines Delano
2.99. Opie Gamble Army Arvin
2.100. James Benjamin Garretson Marines Taft
2.101. Forrest C. Gess Army Bakersfield
2.102. Robert James Gilbert Navy Delano
2.103. Rayburn N. Gillespie Army McFarland
2.104. Dorrel E. Gilmore Army Bakersfield
2.105. Carl Smith Gobble Jr. Navy Bakersfield
2.106. Doyle E. Gray Army Taft
2.107. William M. Gray Army Bakersfield
2.108. Donald E. Griffin Marines Tehachapi
2.109. Byron Dean Griffith Navy Bakersfield
2.110. Leland G. Griffith Army Bakersfield
2.111. Guy Loyd Hail Navy Bakersfield
2.112. Paul Hail Army Lamont
2.113. Rollin F. Harlow Army Bakersfield
2.114. Daniel H. Handy Army Bakersfield
2.115. George W. Harper Army Bakersfield
2.116. John B. Harris Army Buttonwillow
2.117. Donald T. Hasper Army Oildale
2.118. Edward Ursa Haubrich Navy Tehachapi
2.119. Harvey Linfille Havins Navy Shafter
2.120. Harty P. Headrick Army Bakersfield
2.121. Robert G. Hess Army Taft
2.122. Jack R. Hillary Army Taft
2.123. Theodore Thorton Hinkle Navy Delano
2.124. Lee Henry Hobbs Navy Bakersfield
2.125. William H. Hoffman Army Bakersfield
2.126. James L. Hughes Army Edison
2.127. Raymond Lloyd Hughes Navy Bakersfield
2.128. William T. Hukill Marines Shafter
2.129. Ernest Alameda Isaia Navy Bakersfield
2.130. James N. Jackson Marines Oildale
2.131. Otto Kenneth Jackson Navy Taft
2.132. Benjamin Jenkins Marine Corps Delano
2.133. James B. Jenkins Marines Delano
2.134. Gordon Ward Jewett Navy Bakersfield
2.135. James E. Johnson Army McKittrick
2.136. Leland E. Karpe Army Bakersfield
2.137. Floyd Thomas Kelley Navy Taft
2.138. James Mathew Kelley Navy Bakersfield
2.139. Thomas R. Kennedy Army Bakersfield
2.140. Fred Lee Kent Navy Ridgecrest
2.141. Raymond A. King Army Bakersfield
2.142. Harold R. Klassen Army Shafter
2.143. Robert L. Kleinknight Marines Bakersfield
2.144. William A. Kolb Jr. Army Delano
2.145. L. B. Kriner Army Bakersfield
2.146. Floyd J. Kruger Marines Bakersfield
2.147. Ward A. Kuentzel Army Delano
2.148. Jule Kuentzel Merchant Marines McFarland
2.149. Angelo Augustine LaFrati Navy Delano
2.150. William M. Lahey Army Onyx
2.151. Alvis B. Land Army Delano
2.152. Herman R. Ledbetter Army Los Angeles, CA
2.153. Doyle W. LeMay Marines Bakersfield
2.154. Benjamin T. Lenord Marines Bakersfield
2.155. Joseph Coverdale Lindsay Navy Bakersfield
2.156. Arthur M. Lingo Army Bakersfield
2.157. Joseph R. Livermore Marines Bakersfield
2.158. Douglas Henry Norman Lockyer Navy Bakersfield
2.159. Mike A. Lopeteguy Army Bakersfield
2.160. William Francis Lovitt Navy Bakersfield
2.161. Orval Dean Lowrimore Navy Delano
2.162. Arthuro Lucero Army Bakersfield
2.163. Bill M. Lueder Army Bakersfield
2.164. Manuel J. Markes Jr. Army Bakersfield
2.165. Thomas O. Marshall Army Bakersfield
2.166. Benjamin Martinez Jr. Army Tehachapi
2.167. Robert L. Mathews Marines Bakersfield
2.168. Ralph Mathisen Army Tehachapi
2.169. Raymond McCarty Army Bakersfield
2.170. Samuel H. McCawley Royal Air Force Delano
2.171. Darvin Curtis McDaniel Marines Bakersfield
2.172. Bernard J. McDonald Marines Bakersfield
2.173. Donald D. McEachran Army Taft
2.174. Carl Lee McGuire Navy Bakersfield
2.175. Thomas W. McManus Army Bakersfield
2.176. Lowell Dudley McNeely Navy Taft
2.177. Carl McPherson Marines Bakersfield
2.178. Dwayne E. Mears Marines Bakersfield
2.179. Johnny L. Melvin Marines Shafter
2.180. Max J. Miller Army Bakersfield
2.181. Jack K. Mitchell Army Bakersfield
2.182. Leonard S. Montezuma Army Bakersfield
2.183. Elijah Winston Moore Navy Bakersfield
2.184. Albert R. Morgan Army Taft
2.185. Carroll Eugene Morris Navy Bakersfield
2.186. Richard D. Mosey Army Mojave
2.187. Robert Frederick Mulvana Navy Bakersfield
2.188. Lawrence M. Muro Army Bakersfield
2.189. Lawrence W. Myer Army Delano
2.190. William K. Neill Marines Bakersfield
2.191. Clarence G. Neumann Army Shafter
2.192. Oran Newton Jr. Navy Bakersfield
2.193. James S. Nix Army Bakersfield
2.194. Edward W. Nolan Army Taft
2.195. Henry E. Nolatubby Marines Bakersfield
2.196. Glen E. Nottingham Army Rosedale
2.197. Arthur M. Nutt Army Bakersfield
2.198. Alvino S. Orona Army Arvin
2.199. Louis O. Ortega Army Bakersfield
2.200. Ivan M. Osborne Army Bakersfield
2.201. Stewart Vincent Ours Marines Taft
2.202. Gene L. Oxford Army Taft
2.203. Gus A. Pappas Marines Bakersfield
2.204. Mike R. Pappas Army Cantil
2.205. Francisco A. Parra Army Bakersfield
2.206. James Franklin Patterson Navy Maricopa
2.207. Clarence W. Paulsen Jr. Marines Taft
2.208. Carl R. Peahl Army Taft
2.209. Gail Reed Penney Navy Fellows
2.210. Beryl Loyd Pennington Navy Bakersfield
2.211. Raymond W. Permenter Army Bakersfield
2.212. Thomas Posey Navy Delano
2.213. Daniel S. Prendez Army Shafter
2.214. James T. Price Army Taft
2.215. William A. Price Army Bakersfield
2.216. Peter J. Pulos Army Tehachapi
2.217. Alvin F. Pyeatt III Army Wheeler Ridge
2.218. John Pyle Army Delano
2.219. Arthur A. Raines Jr. Army Bakersfield
2.220. Gabino G. Rangel Army Arvin
2.221. John B. Ray Jr. Marines Delano
2.222. James H. Reed Army Tupman
2.223. Jerrold Winfred Reed Jr. Navy Taft
2.224. Frank Reina Jr. Army Tupman
2.225. John Rice Army Bakersfield
2.226. Willis J. Richey Army Taft
2.227. Leland R. Ricker Marines Bakersfield
2.228. Ray E. Sanders Army Arvin
2.229. Thomas J. Scanlon Marines Bakersfield
2.230. Walter R. Schmidt Army Taft
2.231. Everett W. Schmitt Army Taft
2.232. Erwin Edward Schmitt Navy Bakersfield
2.233. Jack Shea Army Ford City
2.234. Donald Arthur Shiffer Navy Bakersfield
2.235. Harry Shultz Army Shafter
2.236. Nathan V. Shumaker Marines Bakersfield
2.237. Theodore M. Sesmas Army Arvin
2.238. John Simos Army Bakersfield
2.239. Jene C. Sims Army Maricopa
2.240. Walter Raymond Smith Jr. Navy Oildale
2.241. William Monroe Smith Marines Maricopa
2.242. Vernon E. Smith Jr. Army Bakersfield
2.243. Charles B. Smoot Army Bakersfield
2.244. Thomas M. Snider Army Arvin
2.245. Oliver W. Snook Army Taft
2.246. Alfanso Soto Army Bakersfield
2.247. Ardith H. Souders Army Bakersfield
2.248. Donald C. Spalinger Army Bakersfield
2.249. Norval E. Sparks Army Fellows
2.250. Duane Stafford Spicer Navy Delano
2.251. Eldon Wesley Sponaugle Navy Bakersfield
2.252. Clyde A. Spradley Army McFarland
2.253. Oran H. Stalcup Army Taft
2.254. Robert Owen Stankey Navy Wasco
2.255. Hobart N. Starbuck Army Taft
2.256. Albert C. Stewart Army Arvin
2.257. John William Stimbert Navy Delano
2.258. Darmon Roy Stiner Navy Bakersfield
2.259. H.C. Stroud Marines Bakersfield
2.260. Roy Earl Sumners Navy Tehachapi
2.261. Jack R. Swimmey Army Delano
2.262. Robert N. Sylvester Army Bakersfield
2.263. Clark A. Tavener Army Bakersfield
2.264. Charlie Eugene Taylor Marines Delano
2.265. Herbert E. Thompson Navy Taft
2.266. James Henry Thornber Navy Bakersfield
2.267. Donald R. Tolson Marines Bakersfield
2.268. Alonzo William Tripp Navy Bakersfield
2.269. John R. Tungate Army Kernville
2.270. Trinidad Vasquez Army Tejon Ranch
2.271. Milton N. Vedder Marines Bakersfield
2.272. Edward S. Verdugo Army Delano
2.273. John J. Vlahakis Army Bakersfield
2.274. George Andrew Wagner Jr. Navy Bakersfield
2.275. Neal M. Waite Army Bakersfield
2.276. David Welch Army Bakersfield
2.277. Lester Harvery Welch Navy Kernville
2.278. Paul Adolphus Westerman Navy Oildale
2.279. Leo White Marines Bakersfield
2.280. Neil Howard Whitson Navy Bakersfield
2.281. Vinton A. Williams Army Bakersfield
2.282. Bill Willson Navy Bakersfield
2.283. Robert W. Wilson Army Taft
2.284. Virgil W. Winter Army Bakersfield
2.285. Herbert L. Womack Army Bakersfield
2.286. Wing D. Wong Army Bakersfield


2.287. Alfredo B. Arias Army
2.288. Henry R. Avara Army
2.289. Eddie Baggett Army
2.290. Howard L. Barnett Army
2.291. Halbert E. Bishop Army
2.292. Charles Borjon Army
2.293. Henry A. Bosh Army
2.294. Raymond R. Bradshaw Army
2.295. Loyd L. Bryan Army
2.296. Claro L. Cadena Army
2.297. Esteban L. Carrillo Army
2.298. Joseph W. Carter Army
2.299. Earl K. Castner Army
2.300. Conyard C. Chapman Army
2.301. Donald C. Chong Army
2.302. Lorne R. Cole Army
2.303. Frankie U. Cordero Army
2.304. Lorenzo Cotinola Jr. Army
2.305. Carl T. Cross Army
2.306. Henry L. Culver Army
2.307. Carl L. Curtis Army
2.308. Francisco P. Daniels Army
2.309. Robert A. Dunlap Army
2.310. Chester M. Durham Army
2.311. Tommy Eidson Army
2.312. Haldeman J. Flud Army
2.313. Robert S. Flynn Army
2.314. Simon A. Francis Army
2.315. Robert M. Frazier Army
2.316. Johnnie B. Garland Army
2.317. Wallace J. Giles Army
2.318. Blaine R. Girod Army
2.319. Jesse L. Graham Army
2.320. Floyd Green Army
2.321. Oliver W. Harmon Army
2.322. Oliver W. Harrington Army
2.323. Marion H. Henning Army
2.324. William D. Hobbs Army
2.325. Earnest J. Howard Army
2.326. Wayne Howard Army
2.327. Ralph W. Jennings Army
2.328. Jake Kachadoorian Army
2.329. Waldo S. Lacy Army
2.330. Paul V. Lahmers Army
2.331. Charley B. Langston Army
2.332. Edward L. Lawson Army
2.333. Manuel T. Lopez Army
2.334. Escolastigo Manubag Army
2.335. Bill Meadows Army
2.336. James M. Murray Jr. Army
2.337. Gerald G. Musick Army
2.338. Peter T. Motta Army
2.339. Anthony F. Nardi Army
2.340. Orlando J. Narducci Army
2.341. Harry O'Neal Army
2.342. Benjamin G. Padilla Army
2.343. Earl O. Parish Army
2.344. Daniel R. Parker Army
2.345. Woodrow W. Pyle Army
2.346. William J. Ravey Army
2.347. Howard L. Rishel Army
2.348. Louie A. Rivas Army
2.349. James D. Rowland Army
2.350. Steven J. Samargun Army
2.351. Odis V. Sanders Army
2.352. Harry N. Saylor Army
2.353. James S. Secobia Army
2.354. Oscar E. Shepherd Army
2.355. Buford E. Smith Army
2.356. Harold D. Smyth Army
2.357. Wilburn S. Snider Army
2.358. Max J. Snyder Army
2.359. Charles M. Strong Army
2.360. Earl Sullivan Army
2.361. Vanis Tanner Army
2.362. Charles B. Tibbetts Army
2.363. Dee R. Tillman Army
2.364. Winston L. Toews Army
2.365. Kelvin E. Vaden Army
2.366. Jules Vazquez Army
2.367. John S. Waters Army
2.368. Arthur H. Weddel Army
2.369. Melvin F. White Army
2.370. Utah D. White Army
2.371. Lee V. Willesford Army
2.372. Antonio R. Yniguez Army
2.375. MIA as of June 1946
2.376. Charles William Davis Marine Corps Bakersfield
2.377. Beauran Roy O’kane Navy Bakersfield
2.378. Floyd Walker Navy McFarland

Korean War

3.363. Robert W. Adams Marine Corps Bakersfield
3.364. Thomas W. Blackmon Jr Marine Corps Oildale
3.365. Paul L. Blair Marine Corps McKittrick
3.366. Eldean E. Boese Army Bakersfield
3.367. Carlos P. Borunda Army Bakersfield
3.368. Napoleon Bradley Army Bakersfield
3.369. Carrol Broyles Jr. Army Bakersfield
3.370. Jesus B. Castro Army Bakersfield
3.371. Roosevelt Clark Army Bakersfield
3.372. Robert G. Coffee Air Force Taft
3.373. Junior R. Collins Army McFarland
3.374. Scoop O. Collins Army Bakersfield
3.375. Loyd Cowden Jr. Army Bakersfield
3.376. Richard L. Danel Army Bakersfield
3.377. Phillip R. Diaz Army Bakersfield
3.378. Howard A. Duck Army Bakersfield
3.379. Joseph G. Faria Jr. Army Bakersfield
3.380. Arthur W. Fregeau Army Bakersfield
3.381. Kyrle S. Fryling Jr. Army Bakersfield
3.382. Jose M. Garcia Jr. Army Bakersfield
3.383. Beverly A. Gardner Army Bakersfield
3.384. Jim Gipson Army Bakersfield
3.385. Nicholas N. Gombos Army Bakersfield
3.386. Martin L. Granillo Army Bakersfield
3.387. Leroy S. Hall Army Bakersfield
3.388. Otis M. Harwell Marine Corp Bakersfield
3.389. Eldon E. Hash Army Bakersfield
3.390. John D. Holland Army Bakersfield
3.391. John C. Howard Army Bakersfield
3.392. Gilbert L. Howell Army Bakersfield
3.393. Veloy G. Humphrey Marine Corps Mojave
3.394. James H. Kasinger Army Bakersfield
3.395. Jack S. Kennedy Navy Bakersfield
3.396. Clarence A. Killian Army Bakersfield
3.397. Loyd King Jr. Army Bakersfield
3.398. Richard H. Klase Army Bakersfield
3.399. Roy D. Klein Army Bakersfield
3.400. James W. La Forge Army Bakersfield
3.401. Roy L. Mathis Army Bakersfield
3.402. Billie J. McCarrell Marine Corps Bakersfield
3.403. Theodore E. McCormick Marine Corps Taft
3.404. Kenneth McDonald Army Bakersfield
3.405. Thomas L. McGinnis Marine Corps Wasco
3.406. Carl L. Norman Army Bakersfield
3.407. Richard N. Olague Army Bakersfield
3.408. Eddie L. Payne Army Bakersfield
3.409. Calvin R. Potter Army Bakersfield
3.410. Aubrie Roberts Army Bakersfield
3.411. Raymond L. Roberts Army Bakersfield
3.412. Nolan H. Snelling Marine Corps Bakersfield
3.413. Glen L. Spradley Air Force McFarland
3.414. Pat M. Stanley Jr. Army Bakersfield
3.415. Clifford Townsend Army Bakersfield
3.416. J.D. Tucker Army Bakersfield
3.417. William A. Tulk Jr. Marine Corps Bakersfield
3.418. Leroy Wands Army Bakersfield
3.419. Cecil Wedworth Marine Corps Tehachapi
3.420. Robert L. Wheeler Marine Corps Bakersfield
3.421. Edward H. Whittaker Marine Corps Bakersfield

Vietnam War

4.422. Robert L. Aday Army Bakersfield
4.423. Leonard L. Alvarado Army Bakersfield
4.424. William T. Andersen Jr. Army Tehachapi
4.425. Raymond H. Apellido Army Bakersfield
4.426. Henry F. Asuncion Marine Corps Delano
4.427. John T. Baker Army Marysville, CA
4.428. Robert A. Banks Army Shafter
4.429. Ferdinand O. Barger Jr. Army Bakersfield
4.430. Ronald R. Beaman Army Oildale
4.431. Robert W. Benson Army Bakersfield
4.432. Walter Blalock Army Big Springs, TX
4.433. Joey L. Boles Army Wasco
4.434. Alvin R. Bozarth Army Lamont
4.435. Thomas P. Brady Army Bakersfield
4.436. Robert J. Calvillo Army Bakersfield
4.437. Phillip G. Cantrell Marine Corps Delano
4.438. Jimmy Carrillo Army Bakersfield
4.439. Manual Casares Marine Corps Tehachapi
4.440. Steven D. Chambers Navy Fresno, CA
4.441. Stephen Chavira (MIA) Army Wasco
4.442. Melvin H. Conner Jr. Marine Corps Riverside, CA
4.443. Larry J. Cox Marine Corp Weedpatch
4.444. Winford R. Crabb Army Shafter
4.445. Charles C. Crow Marine Corps Bakersfield
4.446. Roger E. Dalrymple Marine Corps Bakersfield
4.447. Ernest F. Davidove Army China Lake
4.448. Eric M. Dewey Marine Corps Bishop, CA
4.449. Ernesto Dominguez Army Bakersfield
4.450. Alan R. Duke Army Bakersfield
4.451. Dennis E. Dyer Army Taft
4.452. Terrece E. Edgar Marine Corps Oildale
4.453. Mickey E. Eveland Army Los Angeles, CA
4.454. Clayton A. Fannin Army Bakersfield
4.455. Michael T. Foust Marine Corps Victorville, CA
4.456. Patrick O. Ford Navy San Francisco, CA
4.457. Ralph E. Foulks Jr. Navy Ridgecrest
4.458. Mark Corrie Frazer (Mark Lane Corrie?) Marine Corps Aptos, CA
4.459. Billy G. Fry Army Bakersfield
4.460. Arnold G. Garza Army McFarland
4.461. Lonnie J. Gay Marine Corps Bakersfield
4.462. Alan S. Goff Army Bakersfield
4.463. Richard A. Gonzalez Army Bakersfield
4.464. John Heber "Jack" Gordon Army Bakersfield
4.465. Donald E. Gore Marine Corps Ventura, CA
4.466. Larrie J. Gotcher Army Citrus Heights, CA
4.467. Albert Graham Jr. Army Bakersfield
4.468. Richard L. Hatch Marine Corps Bakersfield
4.469. Leroy E. Halbert Jr. Army Delano
4.470. Miquel Heredia Marine Corps Bakersfield
4.471. Oscar Herrgesell Army Bakersfield
4.472. Ramon A. Hernandez Army McFarland
4.473. Douglas E. Hobbs Navy Bakersfield
4.474. Bobby R. Holley Marine Corps Bakersfield
4.475. Brent E. Holte Marine Corps Bakersfield
4.476. James B. Howard Navy Bakersfield
4.477. Calvin G. Hunt Army Bakersfield
4.478. Gerald L. Johnson Marine Corps Mojave
4.479. Kenneth P. Johnson Army Bakersfield
4.480. Larry R. Johnson Army Buttonwillow
4.481. Kenneth H. Jones Army Florence, OR
4.482. Randolph R. Jones Army Bakersfield
4.483. Tommy Jones Army Bakersfield
4.484. Edward Joujon-Roche Army Bakersfield
4.485. Jesse G. Juarez Army Wasco
4.486. Ronald J. Kinkeade Army St. Louis, MO
4.487. Henry C. Knight Army La Habra, CA
4.488. Donald V. Lawson Jr. Army Bakersfield
4.489. Myron D. Lucas Army Bakersfield
4.490. Jerry W. Manning Marine Corps Lamont
4.491. Larry J. Martin Army Arvin
4.492. Gerald G. McGinley Marine Corps Concord, CA
4.493. Danny J. McGriff Army Fresno, CA
4.494. John W. McLemore Jr. Army Fresno, CA
4.495. James B. Mills Navy Bakersfield
4.496. Joe A. Miranda Army Bakersfield
4.497. Gilbert L. Mitchell (MIA) Navy Tehachapi
4.498. Roger C. Mitchell Army Delano
4.499. Jimmy C. Montana Army Lamont
4.500. Ramiro M. Mora Army South San Gabriel, CA
4.501. Ronald B. Mos Marine Corps Lamont
4.502. Jim E. Moshier Marine Corps Bakersfield
4.503. Carl Nacca Jr. Army Bakersfield
4.504. Baldomero A. Nadal Army Delano
4.505. Chester L. O'Brien Jr. Marine Corps Taft
4.506. Frank A. Oster Army Taft
4.507. Ronny L. Palmer Army Bakersfield
4.508. Bennie F. Parker Army Bakersfield
4.509. John W. Perich Marine Corps Bakersfield
4.510. Donald L. Perry Army Taft
4.511. Larry S. Pierce Army Taft
4.512. John S. Pinney Army China Lake
4.513. Terry D. Pitts Marine Corps Bakersfield
4.514. John H. Pohlman Army North Edwards
4.515. Robert B. Ray Army Bakersfield
4.516. Stephen L. Ragsdale Army Wasco
4.517. Larry W. Rasey Army Taft
4.518. Ronald D. Reyes Marine Corps Edison
4.519. Clyde M. Ridgway Army Rosamond
4.520. Timothy J. Rizzardini Army Ridgecrest
4.521. Johnny F. Roach Navy Friendswood, TX
4.522. Louis Rodriguez Marine Corps Bakersfield
4.523. Gene K. Ross Army Boron
4.524. Paul E. Rytter Army Bakersfield
4.525. Jose A. Sanchez Army Bakersfield
4.526. Steven R. Sandlin Army Chowchilla, CA
4.527. Donald B. Smith Marine Corps Bakersfield
4.528. Larry W. Smith Army Bakersfield
4.529. Thomas Soliz Marine Corps Bakersfield
4.530. William E. Stone Army Fellows
4.531. John R. Taylor Army Taft
4.532. Harry E. Thomas Navy Taft
4.533. Delbert C. Totty Army Wasco
4.534. Atilano V. Tovar Army Wasco
4.535. Daniel Tramell Army Bakersfield
4.536. Amado A. Valencia Army Austin, TX
4.537. Clement Valencia Jr. Army Los Angeles, CA
4.538. Francisco Villanueva Jr. Army McFarland
4.539. Richard L. Vines Army Bakersfield
4.540. Caspar M. Walsh III Army Chicago, IL
4.541. Robert G. Washburn Marine Corps California City, CA
4.542. Dennis R. Waterson Army Oildale
4.543. Christopher C. Webster Army Great Falls, MT
4.544. Paul Wilson Marine Corps Bakersfield
4.545. Raymond W. Wilson Marine Corps Jacksonville, FL
4.546. George M. Wisham Jr. Army Bakersfield
4.547. Noel B. Witmer Army McFarland
4.548. George W. Woodall Army Los Angeles, CA
4.549. William R. Youngblood Army Bakersfield

Source: Vietnam War memorial, downtown Bakersfield


5.564 Brian Cody Prosser Army


5.565 Osbaldo Orozco Army
5.566 Marvin Sprayberry III Army
5.567 David Scott Perry California National Guard
5.568 Brian S. Freeman Army
5.569 Clay Patrick Farr Army
5.570 Rhys W. Klasno California National Guard
5.571 Alberto Garcia, Jr Army
5.572 Angel de Jesus Lucio California National Guard
5.573 Lester Domenico Baroncini, Jr Army
5.574 Ricardo Barraza Army
5.575 Adam Zanutto Marines
5.576 Ramon A. Villatoro, Jr Army

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