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First Italian War for Independance--Garibaldi

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First Italian War for Independance--Garibaldi

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Surnames: Entz, Claymond
John Adolphus Entz

John Adolphus Entz was supposed to have been born in Milan, Italy December 16, 1828. Have also found given: 1825, 1831.
He died on April 20, 1907. His Michigan death certificate states:
Father’s name is given as: George Entz, born Switzerland.
Mother’s name is given as: Angeline Claymond, born Italy.

His Italian military service:
His military service first came to light with the discovery of his printed newspaper obituary undoubtedly published shortly after his death in 1907. The account given is quite dashing. He served under the famous Italian leader: Giuseppe Garibaldi. The pertinent part will be transcribed here:
“John A. Entz was born in Milan, Italy, December 16, 1828. Here he grew to manhood and served as a soldier in the Italian army, and was with the Italian forced under that most intrepid and daring Italian generalo Garibaldi. Was one who helped to deliver Italy from Papal dominion; was in no less than three important battles, where there was pitted against the little handful of Italian liberals, the united armies of Hungary, Austria and France. They invaded the enemies’ country and fought the battle of SanGull; another in the Alps on the borders of Switzerland, another in Woldoria where they were compelled to retreat back to Rome. Here they held out for four weeks until they were simply overpowered by the enemy. There they beat a retreat to the coast where Garibaldi escaped on a fishing smack. But Mr. Entz, with 250 others were taken prisoners and thrown into a dungeon to await death by hanging. He with four companions were being taken to the gallows when he knocked the guards down and escaped. He came to America and landed in New York in 1850.”

Facts in need of verification:
1. His military service.
2. The following military actions:
a. SanGull
b. “another in the Alps” on the border with Switzerland
c. Woldoria
3. I am especially interested in his capture and escape. (The 250 as
mentioned above.) If this really took place it most likely is to be
found in newspapers and history books.
4. His parents.

Wife: Sarah Gibson, (September 10, 1843). Born in Ireland. She came to America in 1848. They married November 28, 1858, Hillsdale, Michigan. She died April 19, 1929.
Mary Entz, (1865-1937). Mrs. William J. Wilson, of Lichfield
Mina Entz, (1866-1936). Mrs. David William Lige, of Liberty
Jenuia Entz, (1868-1946). Mrs. William J. Rountree, of Hanover
George Entz, 1870-1894)
Angeline A. Entz, (1872-1967). Mrs. Henry Woodllliff, of Hanover

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