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Flower, Swift, Connerly family connections to Mullin clan moving from Goochland County, VA to Guilford County, NC to Franklion County, GA, 1700s...

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Flower, Swift, Connerly family connections to Mullin clan moving from Goochland County, VA to Guilford County, NC to Franklion County, GA, 1700s...

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Surnames: Connelly, Connely, Mullins, Mullin, Flower, Swift
John Mullins "Sr" (born before 1743) of Franklin county, GA..... and Elizabeth Connelly & John Mullins, Goochland, VA 1750’s.

Below are names of my g.g.g.g.grandfather and connected individuals.... family ties to Franklin County, Georgia, Guilford, North Carolina and to Goochland, Virginia....

John Mullin Sr.:
John Mullin Sr. of Franklin County, Georgia (b. in VA, prior to 1743) married to Elizabeth (possibly a Swift), received a land grant in Guilford, NC in 1761, was closely associated with David Flower Swift, Thomas Mullin, and Thomas Sparks in Guilford, NC. lived in Franklin County, GA by 1785, closely associated with David Flower Swift and Thomas and Millie Sparks, in Franklin County, GA… (and Walton relations from Goochland, VA). Their two known children are: 1. John Mullin Jr (b. circa 1770-1772). and 2. Swift Flower Mullin, (b. 1775). Other children of John Mullin Sr. could be: Abba Mullin (b. 1788), Charles Mullin (b. prior to 1799 based on his marriage date in the Franklin County, GA), a Henry Mullin of Franklin County, GA and a James E. Mullin who was later associated with John Jr. in Alabama/Mississippi).

John Mullin Jr. :
John Mullin Jr. (my 4th great-grandfather) was born circa 1770 in NC (probably born in Guilford) son of Elizabeth and John Mullin Sr who moved the family to Franklin County, Georgia in the 1780s). John Mullin Jr. married Martha Farmer of Granville, NC (born 1770s), but she might be a 2nd wife and mother of only John Jr’s 5 younger children (including my g.g.g.grandmother). John Mullin Jr’s eight proven children are: Sena “Senny” Mullin-Bosewell (born 1792), Lottia “Lathy” Mullin-Taylor (b. early 1790s), Ira Mullin (born 1798), Swift Mullin (born late 1790s or early 1800s), Thomas J. Mullin (b. 1806), Lucy Mullin-Nash (b. 1807), John N. Mullin (b. 1819), and Perry Mullin(b. 1820)…. Another son might be Charles Mullin of Franklin County, GA mentioned below. I have photographs of Ira Mullin, Lucy Mullin-Nash, and Perry Mullin…. and possibly a photo of Sena Mullin-Bosewell.

Charles Mullin :
Charles Mullin of Franklin County, GA, married Sarah Jones in Franklin County in 1817 (so Charles was born at least before 1799). Charles could possibly be another son of John Mullin Jr. …. But if so he died before his father and left no heirs to share in John Jr’s estate. Charles Mullin could also be a son of John Sr. who married late (and so a brother of John Mullin Jr.) or perhaps a son of one of John Sr's brothers who remained in NC.

Abba Mullin :
Abba Mullin of Franklin County, GA, was born in 1788 in NC (probably Guilford County) her husband Patterson Dodd was born in 1780, VA, md 1810 in Franklin County. Although her parents at present are unknown, she could be a younger daughter of John Mullin Sr. (b. circa 1740). However, Abba can't be a daughter of John Mullin Jr. as neither she or her children are mentioned in estate records. Abba Mullin-Dodd had known children and grandchildren… I’ve communicated with a descendant.

Henry Mullin:
Henry Mullin, of Goochland VA, married Fransis Walton, had a son named John Mullin all dead by 1802. Henry had close Mullin relatives (possibly brothers) named Thomas and Connely Mullin (note to check into the Mullin-Connely family connection)…. And Henry had nephews in Franklin County, Georgia who shared in his estate: Killis Walton, Robert Walton, George Walton and Joseph Martin (note Martin surname) & w. Mary, and Wm. Walker Walton -------- living in Franklin County, GA in 1802. Therefore, we know that Henry Mullin left no surviving descendants (and that his son John predeceased him)…. And that Henry was brobably not a brother of John Mullin Sr. (or else John Sr’s children would probably had equal claime to Henry’s estate with the Walton nephews… unless the Walton boys were favored nephews).

Henry Mullin :
Henry Mullin of Franklin County, GA …lived in Franklin County, GA in 1790s but could be same Henry Mullin as Henry of Goochland discussed above... which would tie in more clossely with Goochland County…However, if not the same Henry Mullins of Goochland, he could be the father of Abba Mullin and/or Charles Mullin of Franklin Cty, GA. (both discussed above).

...........More on Family Connections of John Mullin Sr of VA, Guilford County, NC and Franklin County, GA..............

John Mullin Sr. (b. prior to 1743 in VA, died in circa early 1800s in Franklin County, GA)1. John Mullin Sr’s possible siblings include (these include the adult Mullins residing in Guilford County, NC in 1770s and 1780s): Henry 2, William (b. 1745) 3, Connely 4, Thomas (b. prior to 1854) 5, Flower Mullin (b. 1859) 6, Priscilla 7 …. and possibly a Mary (although I personally have found no evidence of a Mary). Currently I am guessing they are either the children of Partick and Mary Mullin or of an elder John Mullin (making my line either Patrick > John Mullin Sr. > John Mullin JR..... or else John Mullin “the elder” > “John Sr.“ > “John Jr.” ).

Notes (some of research from Will Murray posted on his website and subsequent discussions w/ his cousin Forrest):
1 John Mullin Sr. obtained a land grant in Orange County, NC (on county border) from Lord Granville in 1761…presumedly John mullin Sr. was at least 18 at this time, hence I list him as born prior to 1743. Note that John Sr’s son Swift Mullin names a son “Granville” Mullin.

2 Henry Mullin and Henry’s son John left an estate administrated by Thomas and Conelly Mullin (note: what is his connection to a CONELLY family) which was disputed in 1802 by Henry’s nephews (Jesse Walton’s daughter Frances Walton married Henry Mullins in 1762 in Goochland Co., VA): Kellis Walton, Robert Walton, Geo Walton, Joseph Walton of Franklin County, GA… they were (Henry’s wife) Fransis Walton’s nephews. Note that William W. Walton of Tenn obtained land in Franklin County Ga from my g.g.g.g.grandfather John Mullin Jr. in 1810.
Notes on Henry Mullin’s Goochland county, VA. estate and Waltons’ claim on it below:
GA – Franklin County 1802 Franklin County records, p. 1372 Power of Attorney, 9 Nov. 1802 by Killis Walton, Robert Walton, Geo. Walton, Joseph Martin & w. Mary, all of Franklin Co. to our brother, Wm. Walker Walton, to empower the latter to recover from Thomas & Conely Mullins, administrator of estates of Henry and John Mullins, dec'd. in Gugeland (Goochland) Co., Va. Claimants said they were heirs at law of Henry and John Mullins, referring to them as our said Uncles and Cousins. Wit: Jeremiah Sparks, J.P., Rec. 12 Nov. 1802.
Also note the following Franklin County Walton-Mullins connections: (1) Franklin County, GA, 1807 Wm. W. and Elizabeth Walton to John Hooper $500. Recorded on Nov. 1, 1807 conveys 100 acres on Estonolla Crk adj. John Mullen, Estate. John Mullins, J.P. (John Mullin Jr was Justice of the Peace) as witness. Deed book RRR. Estonolle Creek is now is Stephens County. (2) GA - Franklin County 1810 Recorded Jan. 15, 1810, deed book T - Larkin Cleveland of Franklin Co., Ga. To Wm. W. Walton of State of Tenn. $50 conveys 200 A on Tugolo River adj. Land of John Hooper and John Mullin . (This refers to the Walton's as having moved to Tennessee. The John Mullin mentioned here is probably my g.g.g.g.grandfather John Mullin Jr as his father John Mullin Sr. seems to be gone after 1806… or perhaps John Mullin Sr’s estate was still in probate, but if that where the case the entry would have probably referred to the property as ‘land of the estate of John Mullin’). Note: John Mullin Sr.’s estate record may be the John Mullin estate record left in Abbeville, SC… I need to obtain this.

3 William Mullin: William Mullin, who along with John Sr, John Jr, Swift Flower Mullin, and the Franklin county, GA Henry Mullin (who might be John Sr’s son) is only other Mullin listed in Franklin County…. See also notes under 6, Flower Mullin below.

4 Connely Mullin of Goochland, VA: named as administer of Henry Mullin’s Goochland estate in 1802.

5 Thomas Mullins: also named as administer of Henry’s estate in 1802… also note that 30 years earlier back on May 11, 1772 John Mullins Sr sold 140 acres in Guilford County, NC to a Thomas Mullins for £10…. That particular Thomas Mullins became a Reverend in NC (presumedly this Thomas Mullins was at least 18 years of age when buying land from John Mullins in Guilford… and so born prior to 1753). However, he may or may not be the same Thomas Mullin who administered Henry Mullin’s 1802 estate in Goochland…. But might be worth checking out.

6. Flower Mullin, There was a Flower Mullins that served in the Revolutionary War from Guilford Co., NC (Pension application # S1557). He was born 1759 and moved up to Hawkins Co., TN where he lived about 30 years. He had an older brother, William, who also served in the Revolutionary War (R7483). William moved from Guilford to Wilkes and Ashe Cos., NC and must have died before 1810 because his property was being sold and the proceeds split up among claimants. The Guilford County, NC connection is the only connection between these men and our John Mullin Sr that I have found (other than considering John Mullin Sr. named a son Swift Flower Mullin… a connection that can also be attributed to David Flower Swift mentioned below—LR).

7 Priscilla (Mullin?) Swift: Note that David Flower Swift and wife Priscilla are closely linked to my g.g.g.g.grandfather John Mullin Sr. in both Guilford, NC (land transfer of 54 acres for 10 pds in 1880) and later in Franklin County, GA (land transfer). Based on fact that family groups often traveled/immegrated together, I suspect that Priscilla was a Mullin…. And that she was a younger sister of John Mullin Sr. I also suspect that Priscilla’s husband, Flower Swift (aka David Flower Swift of Franklin County, GA), may have been a brother of John Mullin Sr’s wife Elizabeth…. Hence the given name of “Swift” used for one of Elizabeth and John Mullin Sr’s sons and used as names for both of their sons’ children (but also note that there was a Flower Swift who was probably John Mullin Sr’s younger brother… so the Swift-Mullin family connection could be a generation earlier.

Children and Grandchildren of John Mullin Sr..........

John Mullin Sr. married Elizabeth (Swift?) Mullin… hypothesis that Elizabeth was a Swift is based on close association with Flower Swift in Guilford NC and Franklin, GA and this accounts for “Swift” naming pattern of one son and then grandchildren and great-grandchildren in two known lines.

Children of John Mullin Sr: proven sons John Mullin Jr. (b. circa 1870) and Swift Flower Mullins (b. 1875) … also possibly Henry Mullins … and William Mullins ?… (and possibly a James E. Mullin later of Alabama or Mississippi in 1820s -1830s)

1 John Mullin Jr. (proven son), born 1870-1872, married Martha “Patsey” Farmer. John Mullin Jr’s children were: Lottia Mullin-Taylor, Sena Mullin-Boswell, Ira Mullin, Swift Mullin (named after brother of John Jr.), Thomas J. Mullin, Lucy Mullin-Nash, John Newton Mullin, and Perry Mullin. Note: John Mullens Jr and father John Mullins Sr appear on a list of residents of Franklin County that drew in the 1805 land lottery. John Jr drew a prize… Franklin Cty, GA deed records also specify a John Mullin Sr and John Mullin Jr.

2 Swift Flower Mullin and Betsy Anna Bean’s children: William Martin Mullin (note close family association to Martin family connection mentioned earlier), Swift Flower Mullin, Granville Mullin (grandfather John Sr. received grant from Lord Granville in NC), … and Thomas Jefferson Mullin by 2nd wife. Note: GA - Franklin County, 1800, John Mullins Senr. sells to Swift Mullins for $50 silver dollars, estimated at 110 acres on which John took up in 1786, in Franklin County, GA. This land is described as "in the County of Franklin Being on the waters of Toogaloe". This was not recorded until February 17, 1802, Book O, Franklin County, GA, Deeds.

3 Henry Mullin (remotely possible...but definately not a proven son of John Sr.). Henry’s possible children include: Abba Mullin Dodd and Michael Mullin (who married Sarah Jones)? Franklin County, GA, 1790 Federal Census (Reconstructed) of Franklin County, GA, lists John Mullins, Henry Mullins, and John Mullens. This Henry is not recorded in Franklin County after 1791… he could be the same Henry who had died by 1802….if so Abba and Michael could not be his children as that Henry Mullin left no surviving children.

4 William Mullin (not a proven son of John John Sr.) William may have had a son named James (but I don’t recall where I got this information… perhaps the William I mention hear is the Rev War veteran William Mullin, proven elder brother of Flower Mullin and listed by me above as a sibling of John Sr….. and so he should not be listed in this generation)…. However, I found a record of a James E. Mullin later associated with my John Mullin Jr. in 1820s in Mississippi/Alababma… … that James E. Mullin could be a brother or nephew.

James E. Mullin (not a proven son of John Mullins Sr)…. James E. Mullin was later associated with John Mullin Jr. in Alabama/Mississippi…. perhaps a brother, cousin or uncle who survived him. Note: Perhaps Abba Mullin Dodd and Michael Mullin (who married Sarah Jones) mentioned under Henry Mullin above could also be possible children of James E. Mullin.

Additional notes:

Re: John Mullin Sr. born early 1740s… John Mullin Sr. may also be the John Mullin who had property listed in 1782 in Kent Va…. Perhaps there are estate/property transfer records that should be investigated there…. One theory has our Mullin line originally coming from nearby Goochland County, VA… as indicated by the Martin/Mullin connection in Goochland, VA.

Since John Sr’s GA property bordered SC (part of which actually became part of South Carolina) we should also be on lookout for records in SC that might further clarify Mullin family relationships.

One of the Waltons of Franklin Co., GA switched off doing Justice of the Peace duties with John Mullins Jr., Larkin Cleveland (son of Col. Benjamin Cleveland) and William Swift. (I'll look for rest of this section in my notes).

Franklin County, GA 1805 On April 13, 1805 - An assignment of title by Thomas Sparks, Sr. to Jacob Scott on 130 acres on Estonolla Creek. This land adjoined John Mullins, Sr. Non consideration is mentioned as the purchase price. The deed was signed "Thomas Sparks" and "Milly Sparks" This was recorded on Dec. 7, 1805, and witnessed by Alexander Saxon, and John Mullins, Jr….. Now, here is something interesting: Notice that Milley Sparks lived next to John Mullins Jr. in Franklin Co., GA. Back in Guilford Co., NC John Mullins, Flower Swift, and Thomas Sparks all lived next to each other. (Milley Sparks might be a widow, born a Mullins that married a Sparks neighbor boy back in Guilford Co., NC--but no proof). In Spartanburg Co., SC 1800 Matthew Sparks lived next to Malone Mullins, who is probably a son of Thomas II, son of Thomas I and Anne (Malone) Mullins… a Bud Mullin is enumerated on the previous page. There may be an earlier Sparks-Mullin connection in VA.

Please look this over and identify any additional connections, inconsistencies or errors you may see in the connections I draw from this… also you may have additional information to add. It will be appreciated.

Sincerely, Len

P.S. Concerning John and Elizabeth (Connely) Mullins.... please note the connection of Henry Mullin once of Goochland to relatives in Franklin County, Georgia.... and that one of his executors was a "Conelly Mullin".

I do have quite a bit more compiled on the Va Mullins that I will send....but it concerns Mullins family members I've not connected to my 5th great-grandfather John Mullin Sr. Have you seen will Murray's webpage on the VA Mullins familiy?.... however the last time I looked there were a feww errors.... items not updated by info his cousin Forrest had found or that I had provided... but many good clues for further research or items to order copies of from archives.

Any comments, observations or connections concerning the above info you (or other Mullins researchers have will be appreciated.

Sincerely, Len R.

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