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FTM2012 Well-formed GEDCOMS

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Re: Re: FTM2012 Well-formed GEDCOMS

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I copied the following from kj_norway 11 Aug 2012 10:05 post

“For example in very recent threads in this board several people have given their individual way of recording specific pieces of data. One example is street address. Do you put it in the address tag, the place tag or the "description" field? Do you put it in several places so the information is correctly documented? A best practices document for FTM should be produced to tell everyone where the best place for this data is AND why.”

I agree with the statement, [A best practices document for FTM should be produced to tell everyone where the best place for this data is AND why] and would like to use the “concept”/idea discussed here to further explain some of the concepts I have been discussing in a few of the posts I have made on this thread

Basically the thrust of my discussion has been:

1- I agree that a best practices document should be developed
2- The best practices document should be the responsibility of with interaction from the user community
3- Best practices developed by users are sometimes workarounds to overcome the deficiencies of the system and takes the responsibility away from and in a sense give the responsibility for the best way to do things [example FTM 2012] to the users themselves

I would like to go a little further on item 3

Not only do I think they take away the responsibility from I think that in some cases when they are used to show other users how to do things they can lead to incorrect results.

I am just going to use one example to make this case and it is the example indicated in my response to AGHatchett in my 10 August 2012 10:58 posted on this thread, partially extracted as follows:

“--- one SMALL example. The software used to generate the Ahentafel(?sp) report is incorrect/wrong and does not agree with long established standards for handling a case where a female has a child out of wedlock and then subsequently gets married to a person[who is not the father of the child born out of wedlock] and then has a child . The output in this case is wrong and should not be used”

What I did not indicate in my response to AGHatchett was the issue of handling “out of wedlock” was/ is an issue that has been discussed many times on this forum. And in some cases many different “best practices” were shared with other users on how to handle these cases. But in some cases these “best practices” were incorrect and if they were used they just “hid the problem.” So if a user accepted that [incorrect] best practice/way of handling the situation and used it the system was still incorrect and would still generate incorrect reports [and very importantly the incorrect best practice takes the onus/responsibility/priority away from for solving the issue]

And the only way to solve this example problem is for FTM to take the responsibility for fixing the problem and then issue “their best practice” on how to really to solve the problem[which by the way will require software changes]

kj, I apologize for including this here and possibly mudding the water on the discussion of GEDCOMS, but your statement did provide the opportunity, which I just couldn’t pass up, to discuss this important subject

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