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Benjamin (Ben) JOHNSON b. 1728 VA

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Re: Benjamin (Ben) JOHNSON b. 1728 VA

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Benjamin Johnson and Mary Bolling Moorman. Marriage: abt 1755 in CedarCreek, Hanover, Virginia.
another source: Mary Moorman was born December 19, 1730 in Ceder CreeK,Hanover Co.,VA. and died in Bedford Co., VA. She married Benjamin Johnson ABt. 1755 ( I have 1728) son of Benjamin Johnson and Agnes Clark.
I goofed, I typed all of Benjamin notes on Zachariah Moorman'sfolder.#7120. please look there for them. Thanks
Here are the notes that go to Benjamin Johnson
Encyclopedia of Amrican quaker Genealogy: Virginia p.227 Records page254.

1763, 11, 12. Benjamin & Zacheriah Moorman requested certificate tosouth River monthly meeting for themselves & families; (p. 254) theiraffairs not fully settled; certificate issued 1764, 2, 11.

1763, 12, 10. Mary (former Moorman) now wife of Benjamin, grantedcertificate to Bedford Co., VA.

1764, 2, 11. Certificates issued.------------------------------------------------------------------------Encyclopedia of american Quaker Genealogy: Virginia p. 285 Records(Camp Creek)

1748, 8, 19. Benjamin, Hanover Co.,VA. Marry in a public meeting ofRrs.
Mary Moorman, Louisa Co., VA.

1748, 9, 19. Benjamin reported married to Mary Moorman.

1749, 2, 15. Benjamin & wife taken under care (of Mtg.) of this meeting.----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Encyclopedia of AmericanQuaker Genealogy: Virginia p. 295 Records:

In his Will, probated 9/26/1769 in Bedford Co., VA, the above BenjaminJohnson named each of his children in the order of their births.(excepting the first William who died the next day); also his wife, Mary.As a widow, Mary marry 9married contrary to discipline) 1771 John Millerfor which she was disowned 1771) & had three more child by that name.(Miller). Bell in his book, "Our Quaker Friends of ye Olden Time"(published 1905) lists six child of Benjamin Johnson & Mary (Hargrave)Johnson (marry 1781) as belonging to Benjamin & Mary (Moorman) Johnson,as follows: Lemuel, Anselm, Matilda, Polly, Gerard & Lucinda, all bornafter 1782l This note is to correct that error and avoid confusion.

The Last Will & Testament of Benjamin Johnson probated Sept. 26, 1769,in Will Book 1, page 86, Bedford Co., VA.
"In the name of God, Amen, I Benjamin Johnson of Bedford County & RussellParrish being weak in Body But of Perfect Memory Do Make Constitute &Ordain this to be my last Will & Testament in manner following that is tosay Imprimis

I give & Bequeath Unto my Son, Thomas Johnson, One Horse & a cow and calfwhen married or comes of Lawful age to him his airs or assigns forever.

Item.I give & Bequeath unto my son, John Johnson, a Horse & Cow & Calfwhen Married or comes of Lawful age to him his airs & assigns forever..

Item, I give & bequeath unto my Son, Andrew Johnson, a horse & cow andcalf when married or comes of lawful age to him his airs & assignsforever.

Item, I give & bequeath unto my son, William Johnson, a horse & cow &calf when married or comes of Lawful age to him his airs & assignsforever.

Item, I give & bequeath unto my son, James Johnson, a horse & cow & calfwhen married or comes of lawful age to him his airs & assigns forever.

Item, I give & bequeath unto my daughter, Rachel Johnson, a horse & cow &calf when married or comes of lawful age to her airs & assigns forever.

Item, I give & bequeath unto my daughter, Elizabeth Johnson a horse & cow& calf when married or comes of lawful age to her aires & assignsforever.

Item, I give & bequeath unto my daughter, Mildred Johnson, a horse & cow& calf when married or comes of lawful age to her her airs forever.

Item, I give & bequeath unto my son, Christopher Johnson, a horse & cow &calf when married or comes of lawful age to him his airs forever.

Item, I lend to my beloved wife during the terms of life, a Negro Girlnamed Sarah and her increase & the plantashon whereon we now live & theland containing two hundred & fifty acres be the same more or less withimprovements and appurtance there belonging & also all lthe rest andremainder of my personal estate of what nature orquality soever notherein purticular before given or mentshoned during the Term of life andafter her deceas I desire that my estate may be equally divided amongstall my children above mentioned they, their airs & asines forever.

Lastly I appoint my wife, Mary Johnson, to be my Excutor & I appointCharles Lynch with him & Micajah Terrel Benjamin Johnson L S Teste HenryTate Bowlen Clark Sarah Tate Jesse Tate. At a court held for BedfordCounty, VA. Sepr.
26th 1769.

The within Will & Testament of Benjamin Johnson Decd. was exhibitied incourt by Mary Johnson, Charles Lynch & Micajah Terril Executrix &Executors therein Named & Proved by the Oaths of Henry Tate,Sarah Tate &Jesse Tate & Ordered to be recorded & on the motion of the said Executrix& Executors who made Oath According to Law they have first Entered intoBond with Security & acknowledged the same for their due & FaithfulExecution of the said Last Will & Testament Certificate is granted themfor obtaining a probate thereof in Due former of Law Teste Ben Howard,C.B.C.A. Copy-Teste: (Sgd) U.W. Nichols, clerk of the Circuit Court ofthe County of Bedford, Virginia.------------------------------------------------------------
Will of Thomas Moorman, 1765 - Bedford Co., VA.
(Thomas Moorman 1705-1764 )
In the name of God Amen. I Thos. Moreman (sp) of Bedford County being in perfect health and memory to make Constitute & Ordain This my Last Will & Testament. in Manner and form following.

Item: I lend unto my beloved wife, Rachel Moremen. During her life the plantation whereon I now live with the stocks of all kinds also all my household of every sort (Except such as I shall hearafter set apart for my children.) Also five Negros (To wit) Sambo, Two Molls, Diner & Hanner & Jane.

Item: I give unto my son, Pleasent Moremen, & my son Charles Moremen four hundred acres of land on Permunkey River in Louisa County to them and their heirs forever to be equally devided betwixt them by men appointed also each of them a feather bed and furniture.

Item: I give unto duaghter Aggothy Johnson one negro boy named James to her and her heirs forever whatever else she pocesses that ever was mine.

Item: I giveunto my son Clark Terrell Moremen two negros Peter and Gloster to him and his heirs forever one horse and sadle one feather bed and furniture.

Item: I give unto my son Cilley Moremen two negros Dick and Phillis to him and his heirs forever one horse and saddleone feather bed and furniture.

Item: I give unto my daughter Rachel Moremen one negro girl Jude to her and her Heirs forever one horse and sadle one feather bed and furniture.

Item: I give unto my son Andrew Moremen after his mothers discease the plantation whereon I now live with two hundred acres of land to him and his heirs forever one horse and saddle one feather bed and furniture and its my desire that if any of my children die without heir that their estate be equally devided amongst the rest.

Have given my son Zachariah and Mycajah Moremen what I entented at present. Shall say no more of them yet and it is further my desire that after my wifes discease that my son Mycajah have twenty pound and my daughter Aggothy and my Daughter Rachel ten pound a pease raised of my estate before any division and afterwards the rest to be equally devided amongst them all male and female and I do appoint my wife and Zachariah and Mycajah Executors to this my last Will and Testament given under my hand and seal this twenty second of Junly 1765.
Thos Moremen (seal)
Henry Tate
William Anthony
Christopher Anthony

At a court held for Bedford County November 25th, 1766.
The within Last Will & Testament of Thomas Moorman Deceased was exhibited in Court and proved by the Oath of Henry Tate and Christopher Anthony. Witnesses Thereto and Ordered to be Recorded and on the Motion of the within Rachell Moorman, Zachariah Moorman and Micajah Moorman Executrix and Executors therein Named they having made Oath according to Law, & they having first entered into bond with Security & Acknowledged the same for their due and faithfull execution of the ad. Will Certificate is granted them for Obtaining a Probate thereof according to law.
Teste Ben Howard C. B. C.

Submitted by Mary E. Stewart <>
Four children not listed on will. They died before their father's death.
# 6 Elizabeth Moorman b. 2 Feb 1737 and died 1740
# 8 Thomas Moorman Jr., b. 6 June 1740 and died (before 1765) when will was drawn up.
# 9 Mildren Moorman, b. 25 Nov 1742 and died 1764.
# 12 Charles Moorman, b. 3 June 1747 and died before 1765 date of father's will.
Information from Ed Marsh <>
Information from: Elbert Johnson, Message #1269 December 20, 1999.
His grandfather is John Johnson. Look for Dr. Lorand V. Johnson's book,"The Descendents of William and John Johnson' details.

to my question of:
Subject: Benjamin (Ben) Johnson b. 1728 VA. (#2666)
Posted by Marian:
Married: Mary Bolling MOORMAN, 19 Nov 1748, Bedford, VA.(#7102)
father: Benjamin Johnson, b. 1705, Louisa, VA.(#2373)
mother: Agnes Clark, (#7170)
Would like information on his grandparents???

Replies: Benjamin Johnson --Elbert Johnson 12/20/99.

Marian wrote:
Dear Mr. Marsh:
I think I am related to the Moormans.
Thomas Hackworth born 11 April 1763 in Bedford, Virginia (son of George Hackworth and Ann Leftwich...I think) married Jane 30, 1786.
Elizabeth Johnson born abt. 1764 (daughter of Benjamin b. Johnson, born:abt. 1728 in Spotsylvania, VA and Mary B. Moorman born 19 Dec 1730 inCedar Creek, VA died in Bedford, VA)

Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy: Virginia (p.295) RECORDS.

(Note by W.W.H.) Cedar Creek monthly meeting birth lists show the births of the first four child of this family, the 4th child being William born1756, 8, 12 died next day. the first child listed by South River monthly meeting being, as shown above. Another William born 1757, 12, 22. It was the custom to name another child after the one which died young.Listed with this 2nd William are James born 1759, 12, 20 & Rachel born1762, 3, 26. Three other Children are listed farther on in the SouthRiver Register, viz: Elizabeth born 1764, 5, 15; Mildred born 1766, 7, 4& Christopher born 1769, 3, 4. While it is clearly shown by a minute dated 1762, 8, 21 that Benjamin Johnson was in Bedford co., at that time,it is not clearness with respect to marriage as to the date of his removere moved; nor is it clearness with respect to marriage whether he previously lived in Hanover Co., or Louisa Co., VA.

1764, 3, 17. Benjamin & family received on certificate from Cedar Creekmonthly meeting, VA.

1765, 3, 17. Cert. received recommended for Zachariah MOORMAN &
Benjamin Johnson from Cedar Creek monthly meeting, VA. Which were read & directed to be recorded & they recommended to the notice of theoverseers.

1765, 8, 17 William ((Candler) co for this meeting.

Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy; Virginia (p. 295) RECORDS

1769, 1, 20 William (CANDLER) resigned as overseer of South River Mtg; Benjamin Johnson & Byrom Ballard chosen.
Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy: Virginia Alexandria, Virginiaand Washington, D.C.

l786, 1, 27; Thomas and Elizabeth Johnson. Wm. Hackworth. Surety. Cert of Thos. Leftwich, Married by James Mitchell. Jan. 30, 1786.

Later, Ed.
Information from: Robert (Bobby) Reynolds.
413 Fisher Avenue, High Point, NC 27262
Information from: Richard Reynolds <>
Tues. November 30, 1999
Hi Marian,
Thanks very much for responding to my rootsweb post. My "bible" on Reynolds of Virginia has been Stephen Tillman's book, "ChristopherReynolds and His Descendants," Christopher arrived in Jamestown in 1622,and your Elizabeth indeed is related - she's his granddaughter (herfather is also named Christopher). The senior Christopher is our commonancestor; I'm descended through a different son. I have some informationabout him which I can mail to you, if you're interested.
Thanks again for your response.
Richard Reynolds.
Information from: Robert (Bobby) Reynolds.
413 Fisher Avenue, High Point, NC 27262

#7574 paragraph.
Mary Moorman, of (7573), b. 19 December 1730 and died, 6 September 1814,married 1st: 19 August 1748 Benjamin Johnson who died 1769.
Thomas, b. 14 November 1749.
John, 25 March 1752.
Andrew, 7 April 1754.
William, 22 December 1757.
James, 20 December 1759.
Rachel, 26 March 1762.married John Miller
Elizabeth, 15 May 1764.
Mildred, 4 July 1768.
Christopher,4 March 1769.married Elizabeth Hancock.

Married 2nd: 6 September 1771 John Miller
Susanna, b. 1772
John Pleasant, b. 1804 and died 1856 married: Mary Louise Blount.
Copied from Web site of LSStarr:
(1) AGNES. I begin with daughter AGNES, (Gregory McReynold's line) for she appears to have direct bearing on Bolling and Winefred's later years; but to do this, we have to back track to Bedford Co., Virginia and look at one of the many JOHNSON families to build a "preponderance of evidence" case. "Bowles" CLARK was a witness to the will of Benjamin JOHNSON, recorded 26 September 1769 in Bedford County, VA. [p.8, Bedford Co., VA Will Book 1, abstracted by Ann Chilton].
Benjamin names wife, Mary and children:
Thomas, John, Andrew, James (Elbert Johnson's line -, Christopher, Rachel, Elizabeth and Mildred. -
According to Glenda House, this Benjamin is the son of John Johnson and Lucretia MASSIE;
( I have his father as Benjamin Johnson and his mother Agnes Clark)

His wife, Mary, is the daughter of Thomas MOORMAN and Rachel CLARK (Sister of Bolling).
Glenda House gives the following birth years for the children of Benjamin JOHNSON:
Thomas, b. 1749
John , b.1751
Andrew, b. 1754
William, b. 1756, died young
William, b. 1757
James, b. 1759
Rachel, b. 1762
Elizabeth, b. 1764
Mildred, b. 1766
Christopher, b. 1769

Glenda House adds under Thomas JOHNSON
"Was he the Thomas disowned with Micajah Clark, son of Bowling, for joining the army?"

The Men's Meeting of South River MM drew up a testimony against "a " John JOHNSON 15 January 1774 for being married by a hireling priest. [p.116-117 of original minutes]. Meanwhile, over at the Ladies Meeting in this same time frame, a testimony against "an" Agnes CLARK and Rachel MOORMAN was drawn up. All three were dismissed shortly thereafter. A marriage bond shows Rachel MOORMAN married a non-Quaker by a "hireling priest" as they called salaried ministers.

Although no marriage bond for John JOHNSON / Agnes CLARK has surfaced, and no reason was given for Agnes CLARK's dismissal, Quakers are known to have frowned on marriages between first cousins.

[If we are correct, the groom's mother and the bride's father were siblings.] These same first cousins often were allowed to return to the fold after apologizing to the Meeting for their actions. (But no indication of an apology for their marriage has surfaced either.)

The age of the first born and names of other children of John JOHNSON and his wife, Agnes "suggest" a kinship to the CLARKS; but since he was related to them, this can't be used as proof of anything.

However, the name "Winefred" lends support, but still doesn't prove, her as daughter of Bolling and Winefred (BUFORD) CLARK.

Names and birth dates for their children come from family and census data:
Josiah, b. 4 Oct 1774 in VA.
Jeptha, b. c1777 in VA
Winifred, b. c 1779-1780
Uriah, b. 9 Sep. 1782 in VA
Mary "Polly", b. c 1784 in VA or NC
Rachel, b. c1786 in NC or SC
John Ashley, b. 1788, probably in SC.
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