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Where might the Finnish/Volga-Ural DNA portion come from?

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Re: Where might the Finnish/Volga-Ural DNA portion come from?

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The family tree dna ydna test gave the R1b1a2 etc haplogroup smack dab in the middle of Spain. It gave a close relative last name Chavez from New Mexico. We have been searching for my grandfather since forever. She never told us who he was ever. Great grandma said he was Paiute and French. French could include Basque and fit the haplogroup or she could have been mistaken.

I have calculated the percentages I should be on paper and the papertrail is deep and wide except for this one grandfather that we know now for sure based on deep clade testing of the ydna sample that he was Spanish/Basque via New Mexico.

My maternal grandmother was half English and quarter Spanish and quarter Italian. My maternal grandfather was of English descent. My paternal grandmother was half English and half Danish. The Danish is well documented, both parents were from Danemark, both had Danish parents. Then there's the mysterious grandfather X. But now we know he's half Spanish at least and that would leave about half Native American, based on him being a migrant farm worker on great grandpa's farm.

Those percentages for me Add up to 12% Native American, 25% Southern Europe including Spain and Italy from my mother's side and the portion from my unknown Chavez grandfather. I'm half English. Finally 12% Scandinavian. I have rounded so ignore the half percents.

My Ancestry dna test states I'm half English, so far so good. A neat 25% Southern Europe as predicted. Then it says 6% Scandinavian which could only be so if the test were wrong, the interpretation were wrong or my great great grandfather were not dna supplier after all. Finally it states that I am 18% Finnish/Volga-Ural.

I'm inclined to think that there is just no way to have that high of a percent of Hun or Mongol or Magyar in my family. It's just not there. However, the Native American didn't show up at all. And that's where I have to say, the interpretation of the test is flawed.

I would expect at least a 12% Native American based on family lore and the other dna test.

I would expect at least 12% Scandinavian based on the paperwork.

If one of my great great grandparents were Finnish/Russian which could of course be so, then I have to ask what percentage would show up? Not the full 6% that I would get from that parent unless both of their parents were Finnish/Russian. But they weren't both Finnish/Russian for either of them. Neither of them had even one. Not even one. For that to show up as a dna coming from the Scandinavian lines would require a very recent influx of dna. Otherwise we're talking very low percentages indeed.
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