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Leatherman, Hans Dewalt

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Frank, Do you have info that Hans Peter, son of Hans Dewalt or Diebold, is the father of Nicholas Leatherman, Sr? See below: Charles--- Washington County, Hagerstown, MD

Descendants of Hans Diebold Ledermann/Letherman/Leatherman

Generation No. 1

1. Hans Diebold1 Ledermann/Letherman/Leatherman was born Bet. 1685 - 1690. He married Anna Maria Engler.

Notes for Hans Diebold Ledermann/Letherman/Leatherman:
Hans Diebold and family, with the exception of eldest son Hans Peter, and the youngest (born PA) immigrated in 1727, arriving at Philadelphia, Penn aboard the ship 'James Goodwill' (master David Crocket) on September 27, 1727. He qualified Sept. 30, 1727, Philadelphia.

Fact 1: 1727, first Leatherman to arrive in United States from Rotterdam
Fact 2: ship of arrival, the James Goodwill, port of Philadelphia from Rotterdam,
Fact 3: Sep 30, 1727, qualified
Fact 4: 6 in the family
Fact 5: May 19, 1735, Warrant of Survey for 100 acres, Philadelphia Co, Pa
Fact 6: Weaver by trade
Hans Dewalt(Theobald) came from a small village by the name of Mattstall, Germany; however, it is now
in present day France. It is about 30 kilometers west of Karlsrule. I have been to the small village and also to Lembach where they attended church. They arrived in Phil. on Sept. 27,1727. They lived in Pa. and then Maryland. The youngest son Nicholas came to NC in 1762 with his older brother, Rev. Daniel
Leatherman leading a wagon train of Brethren and later Rev. Daniel returned to his family in Maryland.
am the 9th generation of Hans and we still live in the same area of NC. We are sure based on land
records, wills, births that we are correct in our analysis. I also visited the town of Trippstadt, Germany
where Hans was married to Anna Mara nee Engler.

Frank Leatherman <>
No Leathermans(Lederman) presently live in either Lembach
or Mattstall. Sept. 2000
Children of Hans Ledermann/Letherman/Leatherman and Anna Engler are:
2 i. Hans Peter2 Leatherman, born September 16, 1711 in Mattstall, Alsace, France; died March 28, 1774 in Frederick Co., MD. He married // Thomas.

Notes for Hans Peter Leatherman:
It is not known why Hans Peter did not accompany the family on their immigration in 1727. Perhaps he was serving an apprenticeship, and was under an obligation to finish it. His age, and the length of time it took him to follow the family suggest that could be the case. Or, perhaps he was tending to family business, or tending an elderly relative.

from Springfield twp, Bucks Co, PA

Springfield was organized in 1743.
The earliest purchase of land that has met our notice, although there were settlers there several years before, was made in 1737, when the tract on which Houpt's mill stands was surveyed to Hohn Hughes, but it was patented to William Bryan in 1758.

Names of families living there in 1743, German and English, namely: James Green, Stephen Twining, William Crooks, Brien Conniulin, Hugh Orton, Joseph Blair, Richard Jonston, Jacob Mason, Jacob Abel, Samuel Hillborn, John Leister, Christian Levy, Conrad Fahr, Peter Lester, John McCoy, Thomas Folly, Thomas Adamson, Joseph Bond, Joseph Unthank, Conrad Flores, James Williams, Peter Ashton, Christian Shock, Michael Dort, Peter Ademose, Thomas Blair, Michael Gold, Thomas, Lloyd, Michael Dillard, Christian Spug, Peter LEATHERMAN, Simon Carey, John Greasley, George Hazeley, Daniel Stout, Stephen Acorman, Henry Hornel, Philip Roup, Jacob Maure, Jacob Huber and Michael Gould.

Springfield is not only one of the largest, but one of the most populous, townships in the county. In 1784 it contained 979 inhabitants, and 160 dwellings.

Subj: Leatherman
Springfield Mennonite Church (Circa 1753)
Surnames from a small graveyard contributed by: Donna Lindeman
Cornerstone: J Moyer / A. Sliefer 1824

LEATHERMAN *(and more)


2 Apr 1746 Jacob CRIEST 50 a. in Rockhill twp near Adam SHEAVER's Mill adjoining Peter LETHERMAN in Bucks Co. RP
Possibly this Peter?? Yes, I am sure of it now. ( Helen Cadd Benter )

In going through my Good family papers, I just found some more Leatherman data. Peter Leatherman, gr grandfather of Nancy, was buried on "Bussard Flats", d. 1774. (Frederick Co, MD.) Peter married the dau of Gabriel Thomas Sr. who patented this "Stony Lick Farm" (Bussard Flats) in 1749. Peter bought the farm from his father in law in 1757. (third hand from Leah Spade, local historian, Frederick Co, MD)
Burial: buried on Cotoctin Mountain, in shadow of Camp David
Fact 1: Sep 20, 1711, Baptised - Lembach Lutheran KB
Fact 2: Sep 21, 1731, Immigrated to United States aboard ship Brittania
Fact 3: Sep 24, 1762, naturalized Citizen at Heidelberg Twp., Lancaster, Pa.

More About Hans Peter Leatherman:
Baptism: September 20, 1711, Mattstall, Alsace

3 ii. Maria Ursula Leatherman, born April 17, 1714 in Mattstall, Alsace, France; died 1714 in Mattstall, Alsace, France.

Notes for Maria Ursula Leatherman:
Twin. Fact 1: baptized - Lembach Lutheran KB

4 iii. Stillborn Leatherman, born April 17, 1714 in Mattstall, Alsace, France.

Notes for Stillborn Leatherman:

5 iv. Catharina Barbara Leatherman, born January 25, 1714/15 in Mattstall, Alsace, France.

Notes for Catharina Barbara Leatherman:
Fact 1: Jan 28, 1715/16, baptized - Lembach Lutheran KB

6 v. Hans Daniel Leatherman, born November 06, 1718 in Mattstall, Alsace, France; died 1798 in West Bethlenem Twp, Frederick Co., MD. He married Katarina Boyer; born 1720; died Aft. 1797.

Notes for Hans Daniel Leatherman:
Baptism: Nov 06, 1718, Langesoultzbach Lutheran KB

7 vi. Johann Melchoir Leatherman, born April 23, 1721 in Mattstall, Alsace, France.

Notes for Johann Melchoir Leatherman:
Fact 1: Apr 23, 1721, baptismal date - Langesoultzbach Lutheran KB.

8 vii. Ann Catherina Leatherman, born May 17, 1723 in Mattstall, Alsace, France.

Notes for Ann Catherina Leatherman:
Fact 1: May 17, 1723, baptized - Lembach Lutheran KB

9 viii. Johann Nicket Leatherman, born September 07, 1724 in Mattstall, Alsace, France.

Notes for Johann Nicket Leatherman:
Fact 1: Sep 07, 1724, baptized - Dehlingen Lutheran KB.

10 ix. Johhann Christian Leatherman, born August 27, 1730 in PA.

Notes for Johhann Christian Leatherman:
Fact 1: Oct 04, 1730, baptized - Rev. John Casper Stoever's Records,
Fact 2: Thoebaldt Ledermann in Falckner Schwamm had a son
Fact 3: (American Records)

Descendants of Nicholas Leatherman, Sr.

Generation No. 1

1. Nicholas3 Leatherman, Sr. (Hans Peter2, Hans Diebold1 Ledermann/Letherman/Leatherman) was born Bef. 1755 in Frederick Co., ( Washington Co., MD, and died Aft. 1790 in Hampshire Co., (now Mineral Co., WV). He married Susanna Roderick, daughter of Ludwig Roderick and Catharine. She was born Abt. 1755 in Frederick Co., (Washington Co., MD), and died Abt. 1798 in Hampshire Co., (now Mineral Co., WV).

Notes for Nicholas Leatherman, Sr.:


Across the road from Sonny Dawson's Campground, approximately 3/10 mile from Larenim Park.
Surveyed 22 November 1999 by Mike & Patti McDonald
This cemetery is in very poor condition.
There is one "In Memoriam Stone" and the rest are scattered field stones, some with letters hand engraved. There are 15 or more unmarked field stones.


Fact 1: Soon after the Revolutionary War he moved to Hampshire Co, Va.
Fact 2: Apr 28, 1784, Sold land in Frederick Co, Md.
Fact 3: Aug 10, 1784, Bought 185 acres from Peter Neau, part of tract No. 12,
Fact 4: and part of Patterson Creek Manor,
Fact 5: and 331 acres from Okey Johnson,
Fact 6: all of tract No. 11 on Patterson Creek
Fact 7: The farm was between Burlington and Headsville.
Fact 8: 1790, Buried with wife in family plot on the farm.
Fact 9: Known as Biser Cemetery, farm now owned by George Biser (1993?)

Notes for Susanna Roderick:
LUDWIG 2 Roderick

SUSANNA 3 Roderick

Susanna, daughter of Ludwig 2 . was born about 1755 or earlier. She married Nicholas Leatherman. Considerable information on this family and descendants is found in "All Leatherman Kin History" by Rev. John Leatherman and Annie Leatherman Candler (1940) from which the following is abstracted:

Nicholas Leatherman was born and reared near Hagerstown and farmed first in Frederick County. He sold his land there on 28 Apr 1784 and on 10 Aug 1784 bought tracts of 185 and 331 acres on Patterson' Creek in Hampshire County, Virginia, now West Virginia. Lewis Roderick or Rotruck, his brotherin-law, also moved to Hampshire County, where Lewis stayed for nine years and then moved to Ohio. Nicholas Leatherman settled on a farm located between Burlington and Headsville in what is now Mineral County, formed out of Hampshire County in 1863. The history cited above states that Nicholas died in 1790 but this appears to be an error as Frederick County Deed Book L p 464 refers to Susanna wife of Nicholas Leatherman on 28 Nov 1798. Nicholas and Susanna were buried in a family plot on the farm, owned later by a Biser family.

Children of Nicholas Leatherman and Susanna Roderick are:
2 i. Peter4 Leatherman, died 1864. He married Elizabeth Stover.
3 ii. Joseph Leatherman. He married Unkown.
4 iii. John Leatherman. He married Susanna Fink 1893.

More About John Leatherman:
Burial: Leatherman Cemertery on Patterson Creek, Mineral Co., WV

More About Susanna Fink:
Burial: Leatherman Cemertery on Patterson Creek, Mineral Co., WV

More About John Leatherman and Susanna Fink:
Marriage: 1893

5 iv. Catharine Leatherman. She married Daniel Stover; born 1789; died 1864.
6 v. Daniel Leatherman, born March 01, 1774; died January 10, 1853 in Patterson Creek, Mineral Co., W.Va.. He married Catherine Rawlings; born August 04, 1781; died September 29, 1854 in Patterson Creek, Mineral Co., W.Va..

Notes for Catherine Rawlings:
Catherine, daughter of Benjamin Rawlings

7 vi. Hannah Leatherman, born Abt. 1775 in Patterson Creek, Mineral Co., WV. She married Elijah Lewis Rawlings; born Abt. 1770 in Patterson Creek, Mineral Co., WV.

Notes for Elijah Lewis Rawlings:
Page 69 of the Roderick Book by David Paul Roderick. List Hannah married Lewis Rawlings.

8 vii. Lewis Leatherman, born 1780. He married Elizabeth Staggs.

Notes for Elizabeth Staggs:
Daughter of John and Hannah Staggs.

9 viii. Abraham ( Abe ) Leatherman, born January 23, 1783 in Near Hagerstown, Washington Co., MD; died Abt. 1862. He married (1) Margaret Hershman; born October 19, 1781; died 1834. He married (2) Rachel. He married (3) Julia Ann Fogle March 1848 in Drmkard Church; died 1901.

Notes for Abraham ( Abe ) Leatherman:
Fact 1: Dunkard
Fact 2: Farmer
Fact 3: lived on farm between Burlington and Headsville, Hampshire Co, Va, now W Va
Fact 4: had 24 children with three wives
Fact 5: Jun 10, 1806, Bought 119 acres from Daniel Stover and wife Catherine, Abe's sister
Fact 6: and 19 poles of land on Patterson Creek Manor,adj land of Dan'l Letherman
Fact 7: Apr 26, 1815, 25 acres granted by patent by the Commonwealth of Va.
Fact 8: These lands adjoined lands of Dan Leatherman, Daniel Whip, and others
Fact 9: Nov 01, 1817, An adjoining 13 acres granted by patent by Commonwealth of Va.
Fact 10: These three tracts are on the east side of Patterson Creek.
Fact 11: Jun 28, 1823, These lands all deeded to John Leatherman
Fact 12: All children by first marriage, except Polly and those who d. moved to Indiana.

More About Abraham Leatherman and Julia Fogle:
Marriage: March 1848, Drmkard Church

10 ix. Nicholas Leatherman, Jr., born March 03, 1785; died November 21, 1872 in Mineral Co., WV. He married Elizabeth Fink; born September 15, 1787 in Mill Creek, Hampshire Co., VA ( mineral Co., WV; died 1865.

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